About UsIt’s important to describe who we are and what for we are here. In addition to that information, we will also discover our backgrounds and some other things such as how the reviews are conducted.

The Persons behind

Moonpicker.com is a human-made review blog that is created by a group of professionals claimed themselves as product reviewers. We are also backed up with great backgrounds.

1. MH (Founder)

MH has the kind of person that; even though he is a male, could spend a lot of time just to decide to buy a single product online. He doesn’t want to lose any money because of buying the wrong one. He loves to compare and his analytical thinking helps him a lot during the selection.

Actually, he holds a bachelor’s degree in Electronic Instrument under the Physics Department. During the college, MH was involved in a team of students that attempting to convert water into a new energy source (hydrolysis process). In addition, MH is also an internet enthusiast. He blogs since college.

2. Zee (Content Creator)

Zee is graduated from the English Department of Teacher Training and Education Faculty. She is a smart mom of a beautiful cheerful toddler. She is also a preschool teacher and volunteer. As a female, she knows that shopping requires a lot of good skills to decide which one to buy. She won’t lose even a penny.

The role of Zee is important here. She makes sure that the content could cover the required information to the readers. Besides, she is a fast writer.

Our Missions and Goals

The main goal of this blog is to gather the top 10 lists of a specific product so that buyers are not overwhelmed with flooded choices.

Afterward, we put some reviews on each product. This is important to give an idea to the readers what the product looks like. If they are interested in the product through our review, they could continue to visit the sale page to read the entire description of the product and check the price by the provided link.

Even further, if available, we will also put more than one link to let readers compare the price from different merchants or online shops. So they can save some money.

After the top 10 lists section, we commonly fill it with buying guidance and, in some cases, some QA content. This will enrich the information so that the buyers know exactly what they really have to pick.

Finally, we hope that our listings, reviews, and buying guidance could help speed up the deciding process of product purchasing. Along with that, a quality purchase is gained through the process.

How do We Conduct the Reviews?

We collect information about the product from the seller’s product description, customer reviews, video, forum, articles, etc. These are basically human reviews that we can find on the web.

When it comes to product features, we prefer the seller’s product description. When it comes to scoring or deciding whether it’s worth sharing, we gather the information from customer reviews.

That said, basically, we don’t own the products. We don’t buy the top 10 products to review them one by one.

Instead of buying the products, we decide to evaluate the products from the customer reviews. Even though this could be subjective, however, it’s way better and more accurate in our perspective. The quality of product manufacturing cannot be entirely the same. The one that we receive may be the bad one. Therefore, by evaluating the customer reviews, we pick the average score of the product.


During the content creation, we acknowledge that trust is critical for our readers. When we review a medicine product, we are definitely unauthorized to give any suggestions to that kind of topic. However, we may cite a trusted author in this case. However, we will be careful when covering this topic. Even we will avoid it.

We are not experts in everything, just a great team, therefore we highly understand that referencing is crucial in this case. When we mention a fact, we have to be able to prove its truthness. Therefore, we will put some reference links on the articles where they can find the authoritative person or organization or community states those facts.

Our topics vary. However, our basic goal is to review small priced products. This is considered safe for some reasons.

Get in Touch with Us

Any feedbacks that build this web blog better in the future is highly appreciated. We are a small business that tries to step forward and never gets back. Progressing from one checkpoint into another higher is our mission. We insist to give value while getting benefits from this business. Contact us on this page.