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Beyblade is an amazing battle game between two or more Beyblades held in an arena called beystadium. The winner is the fastest player who successfully gains 7 points among the other opponents.

Warning! Studying is more useful and meaningful for your future than playing.

best beyblade launcher
Beyblade Launcher by Marco Verch

This game consists of: bey, launcher, and stadium. The bey is the main piece that spins and collides. The launcher functions to land the bey into the arena. And the stadium is the arena that has a concave floor in order to bring all the beys to collide each others.

As mentioned, this game needs a tool that functions to drop off the Beyblade into the beystadium that is called launcher. There is a lot to be said for the launcher as it determines your winning in the future.

One of the most highlighted is the rotation it could give to the bey. The more rotation it could give, plus the faster you pull, the more speed the bey will spin. This also affects the power and stamina of the bey when fighting in the battle.

Therefore, it’s highly important to use the best Beyblade launcher tool. What is considered as the best Beyblade launcher? Simply, it has a good ripcord/ring length. It impacts directly to the rotation it gives to the bey. The next thing is product quality. Even though it’s long, it will be useless if skips or wears out easily.

In terms of comfort, the launchers can be mounted with an additional grip. This grip will be very useful to generate a stable handle while pulling the string/ripcord.

If you are reading this page, it means you enjoy our Beyblade launcher reviews. We have read and researched a lot of Beyblade launchers out there and finally narrowing into these 8 products.

Basically, there are only two best brands that produce Beyblade launchers: Takara Tomy and Hasbro. Here you will see some of Takara Tomy and Hasbro Beyblade launchers that we consider as the best ones.

Warning! Please, keep in mind that we never agree that you use your time just for playing. Playing is important but taking too much is far away from its true purpose. You have to spend more on studying. Use this game to take a break only.

TOP 8 Best Beyblade Launcher

1. LR Launcher from Takara Tomy Beyblade B-129 Cho-z Achilles

Fall in love with LR string launcher but wants the string to be longer? This is your dream come true. It’s able to provide up to 10 rotations, bro! It may be way closer to the long winder ripcord length. Hereby, you don’t need to be worry to execute it with your full pull. Most importantly, you could win the battle more easily.

However, the same with Revive Phoenix launcher, it’s not for sale as single equipment. You have to buy the bey as well. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is we get this long string.

Moreover, it’s versatile with left and right spinning beys. The only drawback that we see is no attachment place for the grip to be mounted on the right side. There is the LR switch which is quite annoying. It surely doesn’t allow left-handed players to use this if they depend on the additional grip to handle the launcher.

In summary, this is the must-have launcher you have to purchase now. It’s recommended to use it in an important battle.


  • Longer string; 10 rotation
  • More speed and power
  • For left and right spinning beys


  • No place for the grip to be mounted on the right side

2. Takara Tomy B-93 Beyblade Burst DIGITAL Sword Launcher Blue

If you are looking for the most powerful launcher, then there is no hesitation to end up your decision in this best Beyblade launcher.

The easiest reason to address why this launcher has so great strength is the long ripcord. If you compare it to Takara Tomy B-70 launcher, the difference is spotted easily. See the video here. Also, quality remains the most undeniable reason for sure.

Whenever you need maximum speed for an attack in the battle, then you must use this digital sword launcher.

Aside, another useful feature of this tool is the digital RPM where you could monitor the spinning speed of the bey. Once the bey got launched to the stadium, the screen will show up the rpm score of the bey. Surely, having this feature will allow you to keep practicing until reaching your maximum speed.

It’s worth noting that this launcher is amazingly versatile. That means either your bey spins right or left, it’s compatible. There are two slots where you could insert the ripcord. One is for right spinning bey and the next is for left spinning beys. It’s so intuitive for you to understand.

Takara Tomy B-93 is so much an important launcher for you, for your important battle. It’s big and will suit your handgrip. The shape is also ergonomic and comfortable in the palm of your hand. We highly suggest collecting this launcher. If you like the red color, then the red one B-94 is also available.


  • Powerful
  • The speed is monitorable
  • For right and left spinning beys


  • Less durable than the original sword launcher

3. Launcher from Takara Tomy B-117 Beyblade Burst Revive Phoenix

Do you think that your ripcord is the longest one? Wait a moment. You have to see this one. The launcher that comes with this Revive Phoenix bey is way longer even compared to the ripcord of B-45 long winder.

As we know that longer ripcord means better speed and power. Especially, if you practice pulling it fast, you could increase the speed. Gaining more speed will affect power. Great power is needed for an attacker bey.

However, you have to buy the launcher along with the beys. Otherwise, you can’t get it. We think that’s not a bad option though.

The shape of this launcher is similar to the B-45 long winder. Therefore, you may need an extra grip for a wider handle. Even if you have a small hand, we recommend buying the grip. The place to attach is available both on the right and the left side. It’s for sure that you won’t be upset if you buy this launcher. If you want to see the look closely, you could watch through this Youtube video.


  • Longer ripcord
  • More speed and power
  • Suits left-handed players


  • Need to buy along with the bey

4. Takara Tomy B-45 Light Launcher & Long Winder

This is the smoothest yet strong launcher ever that you must have. It’s strong, light, simple, comfortable and relatively smaller than usual launchers.

What makes it stands out is the ripcord which is longer than usual ripcords. That said, it allows you to give more rotation and transfer power to the bey. As a result, the bey will spin longer and the stamina increases.

In addition, the ripcord handle is also amazing. It’s rotatable. You could set as you want what position that matches with your finger grip.

For some people, they may find this launcher relatively small for their hands. But it’s not the reason to avoid this launcher. You could buy an extra grip and mount it on the side. For left-handed users, it’s very possible for you to mount the grip on the right side.

It’s highly suitable for younger players as it is light and small. Moreover, it’s also suitable for left-handed players. However, it’s released for right spinning beys only. In terms of versatility, it suits all Beyblade burst series.


  • Smooth
  • Longer ripcord
  • Comfortable
  • Suits left-handed players


  • It needs an additional grip for a big hand.

5. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-70 Sword Launcher Blue

This is the most recommended launcher due to its durability. It won’t easily fall apart or wear out or get stuck like the others. In terms of power, it exceeds good power and customizable. Quality build is highly recognizable.

If you are going to attend a battle, never leave out this launcher. You don’t want to lose the match because your launcher suddenly breaks and you have no other one, would you?

Another great thing is the gear (teeth) on the ripcord which is double-edged. One side has more gears while the opposite side has fewer. This design allows you to select which spinning speed you want.

If you use the side that has more gears (selecting power mode), the bey will spin faster due to more rotation given by the launcher gears. Conversely, you select the fewer gears to choose the normal mode (slower speed than power mode). This is nice as you may encounter some condition that forces you to control the speed.

Unfortunately, it’s made for right spinning bey only. Moreover, it’s not compatible with all bey tops. As we see, it doesn’t work for metal fusion Beyblade.


  • Highly durable
  • Strong
  • Suits left-handed users


  • For right-spinning beys only

6. Takara Tomy B-88 LR Bey Launcher

On the next list, we have B-88 LR Bey Launcher from Takara Tomy which is a type of string launcher. With this model, the string will return itself after the bey launching. Moreover, it comes with a switch allowing you to change the spinning direction.

When you select this string model, it means that you prefer the quick launcher. Unlike the ripcord, this model doesn’t need to slide the string into the slot every single time you want to launch the bey. It will return itself. You can launch as quickly as you want.

However, you may need to be familiar with it by taking more practice. Since it doesn’t provide a long string, you have to be careful when pulling it out. In many cases, the string won’t turn back because they keep pulling the string strongly when the string length has been fully pulled. Don’t do that!

There is another great advantage of this launcher. It’s versatile and compatible with both left and right spinning beys. There is a black colored piece that is switchable.

Slide until the “right” word appears to apply the right spinning bey mode. Conversely, slide until appears “left” word to activate the left spinning bey mode. Don’t forget to slide the white piece as well on the backside for every switch change you’ve made.

This kind of launcher best works for heavy Beyblades. The string is as sturdy as it sounds. There is a model that is similar to this one from Hasbro. It’s a dual-threat launcher. Both of them have the same size, but we prefer this one due to its quality.


  • Versatile for the left and right spinning bey
  • Easy and quick to launch a bey
  • The string is sturdy
  • Great for heavy beys


  • Loudy
  • Needs some practice to be familiar with

7. Takara Tomy B-108 Beylauncher Red Right Spin

Another best string launcher you have to know is this B-108 Red Beylauncher from Takara Tomy. Even though it’s quite smaller than the Takara Tomy B-88 LR launcher and Hasbro dual-threat launcher, that is the advantage. It’s suitable for younger kids or those whose small hands.

We believe that string type launcher has a huge amount of fan. This launcher is quick and simple. Due to the built-in rotating worm, the string attracts itself after you pull it out. So you don’t need to reload the string every single time.

It’s also a perfect launcher to install the grip on any side you want. It could left, right, and at the front. In case it’s too smaller in the palm of your hand, it’s a wise option to purchase the grip. However, the grip doesn’t come along with this launcher. It requires a separate purchase.

In regard to the power, we notice from the original package that it possesses the same power as the Takara Tomy sword launcher has. From our observation, we could see it’s able to transfer 7 rotations to the bey in a full-length pull. Since it’s not the most powerful launcher, we consider it could give a more controlled bey shooting.

However, this launcher is dedicated to the right spinning beys only. If you like this but want the LR type, then you could purchase the Takara Tomy B-119 Blue launcher. It’s the same shape and looks but provides both left and right rotation.


  • Powerful
  • Quick and easy to use


  • Needs a grip for older players

8. Beyblade E0724 Burst Evolution Dual Threat Launcher

Both this launcher (from Hasbro) and B-88 (from Takara Tomy) have several similarities. First, the size is almost identical. Second, they are string typed launchers. And third, both of them are LR launchers.

However, there are some differences that we can spot easily. The differences are the LR switch, price tag, and quality. If you think that Takara Tomy B-88 LR bey launcher does cost you so much money, then the alternative is this Hasbro launcher.

The LR switch of this launch takes place on the correct side in our opinion. That said, it permits you to mount the additional grip on any side you want. Especially if you are a left-handed that needs to mount the grip on the right side, it’s possible for you. Unlike B-88, there is no place to mount the grip on the right side.

Talking about the price, surely this one charges more affordable than the B-88 launcher from Takara Tomy. I would suggest purchasing this if the price matters for you.

However, the drawback comes from the build quality. In terms of quality, there is no hesitation to turn around and choose the B-88.

In short, this dual-threat launcher is great for a left-handed person. It’s suitable for right and left spinning beys. And the price will not rob your bank. So, grab it soon!


  • Great for left-handed players
  • For left and right spinning beys


Things You have to Take into Account

1. Type of Launcher

Keep in mind that there are several types of launchers. However, the most commonly used is the ripcord and the string model.

Ripcord is the type of launcher that uses gears (teeth) to rotate the beys. While string launcher uses a kind of rope that retracts itself after the pull. The difference is located at the end of the ripcord and string.

The use of ripcord lets you pull it as hard as you want but needs to reload every single time. Conversely, the string makes it free from reloading but limit your pull. It needs careful control while pulling the string. So, you need to practice to become familiar.

This is only about preference. You could pick the most comfortable one for you.

2. Cord/String Length

Whether it’s a ripcord or string typed launcher, the length takes a very important impact on the speed of your bey. The longer it is, the more rotation it gives to the bey. The more force you pull, the more power transferred. This results in increasing stamina of your bey. It’s good for stamina and attack bey type.

3. For Left or Right Spinning Beys?

Some launchers are only designed for right spinning beys. Meanwhile, the right spinning beys will not compatible with a left spinning launcher. In this case, the best way is to collect the launcher that is suitable for both left and right spinning beys.

4. Build Quality

This is a determining factor to consider. Even though the advertising offers a huge amount of features, if the quality is terrible, it won’t work and end up useless.

5. For Left-Handed Users?

This may become so much important question that you have to ask when buying a certain launcher especially if you are a left-handed person. A left-handed person will pull the ripcord/string by using their left hand and handle the launcher by using their right hand. It really matters when you want to install the additional grip on the right side but there is no place to attach. Considering this is necessary when you need great comfort to handle the launcher.

6. Is It for Any Bey Generation?

Keep in mind that a certain launcher can only be used for some certain bey tops as well. That means the launcher you are using today may not be suitable for the first bey generation. Vice versa, you have to always update your launchers for today’s beys. Be aware of this will save you from buying the wrong launcher for your lovely burst Beyblades.


The Bey launcher is an essential part of a Beyblades game. It doesn’t only make sure that the bey spins as it’s supposed to be, but also plays a determining rule to win the battle.

As there are some important things to consider, suiting the launcher with your needs should be the highest prioritize. Surely, you’ll avoid a light launcher when picking light Beyblades, right?

Moreover, preference also matters. Between ripcord and string style launcher, you should know what is the most comfortable one for you.

In short, the best Beyblade launcher for each individual could be different based on the needs and preferences. You may need some experience; perhaps buying more than one launcher to really know which one suits you most.

So, what is your favorite best Beyblade launcher from our list above? Do you have an idea to pick what? Come on! Don’t take it too hard.

If you don’t have the idea yet, let MoonPicker choose it for you. We will select it as general. You have to find the one that:

  1. is compatible with left and right spinning beys
  2. has long ripcord/string to ensure better speed
  3. suits left and right-handed players

Warning! Studying is more useful and meaningful for your future than playing.

In this case, the launcher that comes with Takara Tomy B-129 Beyblade Cho-z Achilles has those specifications. The only drawback is the left-handed cannot install the grip on the right side of it. But it’s not a serious problem. The left-handed players are still able to use it.

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