Best Bread Lame

If you like serving homemade bread, then you should invest your money in the best bread lame. A lame is a handle that has a double-sided blade to slash the top layer of the risen dough. You will need this tool if you like baking bread.

A bread lame is important for scoring, an important step to let the dough expand evenly during baking. Also, it helps a lot control the direction of how your bread blooms for a good presentation.

Of course, this tool is very important in artisan baking, especially for bread scoring. It is the most intricate style and each baker has its unique way to do so. It is all about the aesthetic of the bread and the best way to provide more space for expansion during the bread baking.

Moreover, there is no limit when it comes to scoring techniques for bakers. Mostly, they choose curved lames, but some also choose straight blade lame. If you have no ideas to choose from, just make sure that you are using sharp or thin best bread lame to score on your dough.

In case you have a big passion for artisan baking like a pro, it is good to have the high-quality bread lame. Below, we have collected 10 top products to choose from. Each of the products has its pros and cons to help you decide the right one based on your needs.

10 Best Bread Lame Reviews

1. Saint Germain Hand-Crafted Dough Scoring Tool Bread Lame [Best Overall]

The first highlight of this product is quality. The company explained that it has a premium wooden handle, and it is a handcrafted item. The quality is undeniable, from the material used for this product, which is stainless steel.

You could hold it firmly to get the best scoring result and replace the blades anytime with the included standard razor blades. Therefore, it is available if you are looking for a bread lame to last.

The company also included the hand-made product with original, protective leather. This cover helps you store it safely after use. Best of all, the company provides you a product warranty. Just in case it does not meet your expectation, you could return this product for a 100% refund.


  • A must-have-tool for beginners bread makers
  • Easy to create smooth cuts and the blade stays firmly
  • Comes with nice pouch to store away

2. Bread Bosses Bakers Bread Lame Slasher

What is better than having a bread lame that performs nice clean, deep slices? For all bakers, they like serving their homemade breads with professional look.

This one is very popular, makes it perfect for a gift. You can feel great when your hands hold the handle. It gives you complete control. As a result, the sourdoughs look beautiful since it helps you create very smooth cuts.


  • Included wooden box to store the lame
  • Wooden handles and solid stainless steel stem for its durability and high-quality design.
  • Perfect for a professional chef


  • Problems with the sharpness of the blades.

3. Baker of Seville Straight and Curved Blade Lame For Serious Bakers

Next, this straight or curved blade lame has a good design. It lets you choose whether you want to use it for a curved or straight blade to get a nice scoring. It means that you have two lames at once.

Since confident scoring is very crucial for preparing your dough before baking, you need the right blade lame without issues. For example, secure and non-slip blades will help you create beautiful loaves and a clean cut.

Even better, it helps you easily and safely changes the blades because the blade replacement is quite easy. You could store it in the included storage case after use.


  • Design: Sturdy, solid, and very ergonomic to hold.
  • Even if you unintentionally drop the case, it will not fall out.
  • Extra blades included.

4. Jillmo Stainless Steel Bread Lame with Extra 10 Blades

A sturdy and a safe bread lame that is made of 304 stainless steel. Eventually, it is dishwasher safe and it has a sturdy design. For a professional baker, the handle of the scoring tool is very important. It should be easy to hold. Just like this product, it lets you slash your bread confident and faster. Using this lame means you will get clean and perfect cuts.

The next thing to know is the total weight. This scoring tool has 100 grams of weight and it provides a nice balance in your hands. Also, you will see the small narrow part that lets you put your finger there to provide steady control, comfort grip, and accurate cut.

Now, it is about the blades included in this product. You will get ten extra blades for replacement and they are rust-proof. The stainless steel blades are also dishwasher safe.


  • This product is clean, easy to use, effective, and great for its price.
  • Better than wooden bread lame
  • The dough does not stick on it


  • The large handle can be a problem for senior people because they need more effort to grip and stir constantly.

5. Aeaker Hand Crafted Bread Scoring Tool with Extra 5 Blades

Looking for a premium scoring tool? This slashing tool for bread has a beautiful design. It helps you a lot if you are a baking artist and you need a handcrafted tool to get a nice scoring result.

The first thing to know about this product is the blades. You could replace it easily since the company includes five standard blades. Even better, the company includes a storage box. Once you are ready to store it away, you can keep it in its box safely.

Well, yes you can use a serrated knife when it is all about the function. But, if it is all about the razor and the handle, it lets you create intricate designs.


  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions
  • The blades are manufactured in the U.S.A, and there are 5 included blades
  • Comes with a storage case to store it safely.


  • The blades come off easily

6. Wertioo Bread Lame Kit For Professional Bakers

What you will get here is a 9-inch of proofing basket, dough scraper, bread lame, and linen liner cloth. The materials are from rattan, which is free from dye, chemicals. It is 100% safe and it does not hurt your hands.

The rattan here is natural and it has a high quality. There are no wood chips and it is easy to mold. Just make sure that you keep it dry after use. This basket set for bread with lame helps a lot, especially for a professional baker.


  • The proofing basket creates clear marks into the dough, even you don’t need a liner
  • The lame is easy to handle.
  • Included with weaved basket, bread lame, and mesh cloth


  • It would be good for the company to provide good quality control for the included accessories.

7. NINI’s Premium Hand Crafted Slasher tool for Scoring Sourdough

A hand-crafted slasher tool for scoring patterns. This hand-crafted lame is made of oak hardwood with a grain pattern for a beautiful look. Additionally, the craft design looks nice around the wooden handle and the ergonomic design makes it feel great to hold.

It is quite easy to score bread by using this lame since it lets you score precisely. The lame lets you slice cleanly and deeply in the dough to make your bread look that it is from the bakery.

When it comes to the material, it offers stainless steel, which means that it does not rust. The included five razor blades let you replace the blade anytime you need. Even better, the leather case helps you store it safely.


  • Good for a beginner bread maker
  • Great value: included cover and extra blades
  • Better than a sharp knife


  • If you are still learning, this is for you. But, it is not for a professional bread baker.

8. Upkoch Wooden Handle Cake Cutter

Alternatively, you could take this bread lame as your choice. It is an ideal kitchen gadget to support precise cutting and carving. When it comes to the design, it offers a wooden, comfortable handle to support outstanding scoring results.

It does come with replaceable blades. You will also get five standard razor blades included in this purchase. Once you are done, you could store it in the included storage box safely.


  • Clean cuts
  • Replacement blades included
  • Fit the standard safety razors


  • Quality control of this product is important because it is okay.

9. Z&C Bakery Bread Lame With 6 Blades

With the premium handcrafted bread lame, this product comes with a wooden handle. Since it is handmade, it comes with an ergonomic and comfortable handle. The company explains that they provide six standard razor blades to replace.

Once you complete the scoring, you can store it in hand-made protective leather included in this purchase. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a light, classic, and airy baker.


  • Secure blade
  • Leather sheath
  • Perfect for the straight lame, not for curved

10. O’Delice Stainless Steel Lame for Scoring with Protective Cover

With premium and solid design, this stainless steel with the perfect precision, extreme balance, and ideal weight. It offers you a good way to create nice bread scoring results.

The blade design is safe and secure that will not slip during use. The handgrip design helps a lot which lets you slash the dough easier than ever. Even you can find the instructions inside the box.

Whether you are a home baker or a professional, it offers you a curved lame for various angle degrees, and it is almost straight. Therefore, you can use it to create different effects and scoring techniques. With the ten additional stainless steel blades, it is also easy for you to replace them.

Other interesting facts about this product is that you can clean the bread lame since it is dishwasher-free and there is a nice linen bag to help you store it after use.


  • Work much better compared to a safety razor
  • The handle design has a good quality
  • It offers a nice case


  • If the razor is getting stuck and your cuts are not deep enough with a little mess on the top of your bread, it could be because you have an issue with your technique.

Best Bread Lame Buying Guide

Shopping online means that you will find different shoppers, and it is important to know the following things before purchasing anything. By reading these factors, you can easily figure out the right seller to pick for the best bread lame.

1. Price

It is one of the most crucial things for you to consider. You are looking for a high-quality product you could afford. If the price is too expensive, you may want to wait for a promotion, discount, or buy in bulk.

Price is not the best factor because you get what you pay for. For example, if you buy an inexpensive item, it may not durable.

2. Brand

Generally, people care about a lot of brands before buying any items. Popular brands durable and high quality-items are worth more money. On the other hand, an unknown brand is possible to sell a good item. In the end, purchasing from a major brand lets you know easily the quality of the product.

3. Service

If the blade does not work, will the company replace it with the new sharp one? Check out the service policy. Make sure whether they provide a money-back guarantee or not. Nobody wants to spend their money on something that does not work.

4. Warranty

This is very important to consider, especially if you purchase the best bread lame with a fantastic price tag. Make sure that you will get the replacement if it does not function.

Warranty is also a good sign that the manufacturer has a good commitment to offering a high-quality product. If they are unwilling to replace it with the new item, you should be wary not to buy more from them.

Final Verdict

1. Saint Germain Hand-Crafted Dough Scoring Tool

The big reason why we recommend this product is because it works for a beginner and professional. It helps you a lot to create smooth cuts because the blade stays firmly. Additionally, you can use the pouch to store it away after use. Keep in mind that it is a curved lame. It does not offer the same function as the straight lame.

2.Bread Bosses Bakers Bread Lame Slasher

Available with the wooden box to store the lame after use, this lame has a solid stainless steel stem and wooden handles. That’s said, the product has good quality and durability.

Unlike the first option, this one is what you need if you are a professional chef. However, we advise that the company requires quality control to check the product regularly.

3. Baker of Seville Straight and Curved Blade Lame for Serious Bakers

With the sturdy, ergonomic, and solid design, it is very nice to hold the lame. Purchasing this product means that you will also get a storage case and extra blades. Even better, the case is perfect because even though you drop it, the lame will not fall out.

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