Best Butane Fuel

Having the best butane fuel helps you a lot doing many tasks for daily routine. For example, you need it for cooking, repairing, RV-ing, camping, welding, and many things. If you choose the right product, it means it makes your life easier than ever.

Anytime you buy a new lighter, you spend more expense for that. That is why a refillable lighter is much more popular at this time since you save some dollars. What you have to do is to buy the butane fuel for that.

It goes the same when you are working with a cooking torch. You still need butane fuel to make sure that it works properly. The right butane fuel will determine the flame, as well. This one can affect your cooking experience.

So, it helps you a lot if you want to invest your money to get the best butane fuel, you can check these ten products. At the end of this review, you will see the ultimate buying guide.

10 Best Butane Fuel Reviews

1. Ronson 99146 Butane Fuel Refill Large Lighter

This is one of the best butane fuels with ultra-design. It comes with a universal tip. That’s told, it is easy to use for kitchen, torches, and lighters. The reason why you should have this product is that it contains safe contaminants.

As you know, you do not want to have any butane fuel that can cause clogging. Therefore, using this product means that you will make the task completed faster with good flame height, as well. The can is made of aluminum and it contains butane fuel that is enough for 20 lighters.


  • Ease of use: good
  • Nice flame
  • No impurities
  • Good smell and it burns cleaner than others


  • It needs a little effort to refill, but for its quality surely you will love it and buy it again.

2. Zippo Butane Fuel For Candle Lighters

Another popular option, it is 78 grams of the can that contains butane fuel for flex necks, candle lighters, and utility lighters for your outdoor activities. The universal tip design makes you use it for all butane lighters, as well.

Additionally, Zippo produces it with safe contaminants so it does not clog the burner valves. Therefore, you will have a good flame height and good flame performance.


  • Works for all lighters, thanks for the filling spout design
  • Easy to use: put the lighter upside once it is empty and then push the butane so it goes into the lighter to refill.
  • Good for torches, butane beasts, lighters, and gas-powered devices.


  • It does not come with directions

3. Colibri Best Butane Fuel for Lighter

Choose this product and you will get premium gas. This butane fuel is available in 3 packs, and each can contains 50 grams of butane. When you use it to refill your lighter, it does not affect the flavor of your tobacco or cigar. Even better, it is the ideal choice to reduce any clogging problems in the burner valves.

Any torches you have, as long as the torches work with Butane, this refill is 100% effective. Keep in mind that you should put the cap on. This is good to prevent leak out.


  • Easy to fill up
  • Clean burn
  • Good without impurities


  • Small for its size which means you will not get much butane

4. Xikar Butane Fuel For Lighter

Coming up with the various nozzle designs, you can use it for all lighters. Even it can refill a clipper lighter, as well. It comes with a ring under the lid with the function to fill the different types of holes in different lighters.

The weight is 1.9 Oz (55 g). For this reason, it is good for a couple of months of usage. The level of impurity is low. According to the official site, it’s less than 15 parts per million. This is important to maintain the lighters last longer.


  • Burns clean
  • Easy to use
  • It contains 15 ppm of contaminants, that’s good!


  • Small for its price, but good quality

5. Neon 11X Ultra Refined Butane Fuel

You will get 3 cans of butane fuel, and each can offers 10.4 Oz. It comes with a built-in nozzle into the can so it can work for different items. For example, you can use it for refilling a kitchen torch, a pencil torch, and soldering iron.

Even better, the cap has five adapters that let you use it easily. Simply, snap it off and it fit for various butane-powered items.


  • Clean burning
  • The tips are from metal which is good
  • The caps have many usable fittings so you can use it for different valves


6. Vector KGM Refined Fuell Butane for Gas Refill

Vector offers this product with Formula 14, and this butane gas is the refined product. You can use it to refill lighters and torches. The butane offers ultra-clean burn so you will have high and efficient flames.

Talking about the nozzles, it is made of metal standard material, and the adapters are from plastic. Keep in mind that it only works with a torch or lighter with a universal valve. Even better, you can find several adapters in its lid.


  • Good for a jeweler or people who uses a torch quite often
  • Burn clean
  • Useful nozzle adapters for refilling


  • Problems with plastic tips

7. GasOne Butane Fuel 12 Packs

Works for lighters, this butane fuel is also good for candle lighters, torch lighters, and cooking torch. If you have the right adapter, it helps you refill the fuel easily and quickly. This can is butane and it does not contain lead. For the burning quality, it is clean. Even better, you can use it to refill butane stoves.

If you are asking the dimension to decide whether this fits your stuff or not, then the height is 7. 25 inch and the cross diameter is 2. 6 inch.


  • A must-have-item for campers
  • A perfect substitute for an expensive and hot stovetop burners
  • Economical solution


  • The cans are not full

8. LaveHome Butane Fuel for Camping Gas Burners and Stoves

Along with its compact, affordable, and lightweight design, this can is only about 8 Oz. The fuel source is stronger compared to propane fuel. This is what you need if you like spending your time on outdoor activities such as outdoor cooking or camping.

Additionally, it is available with a different variety of camp stoves. If you wonder about the burning time, each can supports you for two to eight hours. Keep in mind that you cannot use it to refill torch lighters. This butane canister comes out with a safe design because it has an explosion-proof safety.


  • It is packable and it can last long
  • Easy to use
  • This product has more fuel than others


  • Does not last quite long

9. Blazer Butane Fuel Refill

You will get six cans, and it contains refined gas. It will not clog and you will get 150 gr of butane in each can. You can use it for butane torches and lighters refill. To start using it is easy.

Simply, use the nozzles and find one that fits with the refill can and then put the nozzle on the can. After that, turn the torch and you can start refilling it by pressing the nozzle over the tube of the torch. Press hard for ten seconds or until the gas stops.


  • No leakage, and no clog
  • Good for jeweler
  • Effective for other butane appliances as well


  • Good quality fuel but it is difficult to fill without spills

10. Neon Lighter Gas Best Butane Fuel Refined

Requiring more options? Well, this is the last choice we think good to choose. Coming out with ultra-refined gas, this gas lighter fill has a universal design. Neon also includes a nozzle adapter to make you easily use it. As long as the tip in the lid can fit with your lighter, then you can use it. Best of all, the company added adapters in the lid. Simply, insert the tip in the adapter you want.

For the tip of this can, it is made of metal. This is good since metal is more durable compared to plastic tip. If you have different torch lighters, try this product.


  • Since the tip is made of metal, not plastic, it would not break
  • Supports various refills
  • Burn clean and no odor


  • Even though this product works great, the company should give clear description especially on the purity

Butane Fuel Buying Guide

At this point, you have 10 best products and a review of each product. However, if you think that it is hard to decide the right choice, we think you should read this.

1. Pure Gas

When you are looking for the best butane fuel, make sure that it has clean gas. You should find some information that tells you the product is pure butane. Why do you need pure butane fuel?

This fuel helps a lot to prevent any clogging in your burners so it can last long. It also affects the quality level of the flame. Additionally, butane gas with contaminated elements can affect your health. Keep in mind that it is good to spend more, as long as you are getting pure and clean gas.

2. Safety

Make sure that the cans are durable. You do not want to get any accidents because of the low packaging quality. Additionally, it should come with a leak-proof design. Check out the label information to know that it does not contain harmful chemicals.

If you are finding the right butane fuel, it is free of any risks, like a fire accident. It is good to purchase pure fuel that keeps you safe, as well. For example, it does not emit smoke and it does not affect the air quality in any room. Some cans available with a reseal feature that allows the product to close perfectly when you disconnect it from the torch or the stove.

3. Versatile Design

It should support you with different functions. Also, it should come with an adapter so you can connect it to different lighters easily. With the presence of an adapter, you can use it with convenience.

Some devices also have five adapters to complete various torches and lighters. It means that the design should be versatile.

4. Durable and Good Quality

How to say that your butane fuel has good quality and durable design?

You can see the quality of the performance. It should have zero impurities. Butane fuel with impurities will clog the jet lighters. That’s said, it will determine the flame height.

Having a pure and clean butane fuel means that it is odorless. It means that the fuel still makes you feel comfortable when you use it. Additionally, it is good to find one that can last quite long.

5. Product Value

Remember that the product value should be equal or a little bit higher than the money you would like to spend. Many brands offer different values. Make sure that you get the benefits you need by spending your money on it.

Fuel with fewer impurities usually is more expensive than the others. Meanwhile, products with more contaminants and odors may offer a more affordable cost.


Cannot decide everything yet? The products of the best butane fuel below get the high ratings. Even better, they are the best choice at the time of writing this review:

1. Ronson 99146 Butane Fuel Refill Large Lighter

You will get 3 pieces of best butane fuel in this offer. It is easy to use and it can produce a good flame. Since it has safe contaminants, it does not bring harm to your environment. You can use it anytime you need it.

It smells better and it burns cleaner compared to other products. However, you need a little effort when you want to refill, but for its fuel quality, surely you will love it!

2. Zippo Butane Fuel for Candle Lighters

There is nothing better to have butane fuel for all lighters because of the universal filling design. Once your lighter is empty, push the butane fuel and refill it. Even better, you can use it for butane beasts, gas-powered devices, and all torches. However, for a non-smoker, they need time to learn how to use it because it does not come with instructions.

3. Colibri Butane Fuel for Lighter

This product from Colibri is the last we recommend if we talk about the top 3 to pick. You will get three cans and it is easy to fill up your lighter using this butane fuel. It also produces clean burn and it does not have impurities. Keep in mind that the size of the can is quite small so you should use it carefully. Use it for important things only, otherwise, you need to spend more on buying more.

In the end, make sure that you are choosing the right product for your needs. Not all butane fuels help you refill your lighters. Some products are only for stoves, for example. For this reason, make sure that you read the product description. Also, you can use the question and answers given by the seller to find some important information to help you consider whether it is the right product or not for you.

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