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best candle waxWe use candles for many things such as celebration, creating romance, and soothing the senses. They are used as an accent for home decor as well. In fact, adding its soothing light will change the ambiance of an indoor and outdoor setting.

Instead of buying candles in the store, somehow we prefer to make them ourselves. It’s actually easy. Buy the candle wax, melt them in wax melter, put in the wick, and let them be solid. Even better, to simply the purchase, you could buy the candle making kit. It contains all the things that you need to make an awesome candle.

The candle has several benefits for us. There are many therapists using candles for healing and soothing properties. Therefore, when you see massage therapists, they provide candles to create a relaxing atmosphere in the therapy rooms. Candle wax soothes your mind because of the gentle glow and the flame.

Many people try to find the best candle wax because they really want to create candles for their own needs. You can create them from soy wax, palm wax, paraffin wax, beeswax, and even rapeseed wax. For this reason, it is good to know some tips and other information about candle wax you want to before choosing the right one for you.

With the endless options available on the offline or online market, we tried our best to give you this information. We have collected the top ten best candle wax products here. Also, we complete each of the products with real reviews from buyers’ experience. We hope this article can help.

Top 10 Best Candle Wax Reviews

1. Beesworks® Beeswax Pellets Beeswax

This is natural and premium yellow beeswax. It offers a high-quality grade for cosmetics, as well. Additionally, you can use it as a safe and effective choice for DIY cosmetics, DIY hobby, and DIY crafts. There are some benefits you may find in this product.

Let us tell you that Beeswax offers antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory agents. It is what you need as your healing properties to create DIY lotions, DIY waxes, DIY body butter, and others. With the high level of Vitamin A, this product can help you dealing with some health problems.

This is what you need to make sure that your body can deal with cell turnover, wrinkles, and age spots. Also, it can be a perfect choice for skin moisturizer. By using this product, you can make it for candles, lubricants, soap making, furniture, countertop polish, and others.


  • Useful for many DIY projects
  • Easy to use
  • Can blend really well with a carrier oil and essential oils


  • It is not the best choice if you really have a problem with the strong smell

2. The Candlemaker’s Store Natural Soy Wax

The next best candle wax is from Candlemaker’s Store. This one is the type of soy way.

If you are looking for a good container with an amazing hot throw? Then, it is good to use this product. This is what you need to create something like tarts. According to the seller, this product offers 10 pounds to use. Even the wax supports you with the presence of a 15% fragrance.

We considered it as the best soy wax for scent throw option here. It is because the customers explained that they did not notice any weaker throw. So, they considered it a good soy wax. If you have a big interest in aromatherapy, this is a good product to start.


  • Good for aromatherapy
  • Super easy to use
  • Melt quickly


  • The bags were not 10 pounds, so the bags were smaller than the real weight.

3. Sky Organics USDA White Beeswax Pellets

Next, it can be your option if you want to create some DIY projects. This is a pure and unbleached product for those who need beeswax pellets. Also, you do not have to cut large blocks just like other wax products. It is so simple to use this product since you just have to meltdown this wax.

Additionally, it can be a good option if you want to make DIY craft or beauty projects at home. As the natural essentials, this is a product you must have because it is good for your body, face, and hair. Surely, you can trust the natural ingredients in it.


  • 100% organic certified option
  • Easy to use
  • Great for DIY projects
  • Natural aroma


  • The smell is odd, but you can still use essential oil or cocoa butter to mask its smell

4. Stakich Beeswax Pellets All Natural Pure White

According to the product review, Stakich Beeswax Pellets is available as a high-quality product. It is the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy DIY crafts and DIY cosmetics. This product contains natural properties. Also, it has a good capacity to hold water. For this reason, it suits to make lip balms, lotions, and skincare.

For sure, Stakich Beeswax Pellet provides you some benefits. First, you can use it as a beauty treatment. It works to moisturize your skin. Additionally, you can melt the product down for DIY aromatic candles. So, this product is the real answer for those who need a candle wax with super easy-to-use.


  • Wonderful texture and clean wax
  • Easy to use
  • Great for DIY projects
  • Heat the wax candle up enough so it can combine with oils


  • The smell is not good, just like missing a warm aroma related to beeswax.

5. Stakich Beeswax Block Natural Yellow

Take this option as the alternative when it comes to the best candle wax. Stakich Beeswax is available for those who try to create some DIY cosmetics or crafts. This candle wax is available with some natural properties. Even better, the company highlights it with the capability to hold water.

Up to now, it is the popular option, and it becomes the oldest product on Earth. This beeswax is what you need to create candles. When you use this wax for beauty treatment, there are some benefits, as well. It softens and soothes your skin. Well, that is not the end yet because the wax also protects your skin from dehydration.


  • Great for the price
  • Perfect for waterproofer
  • It is the ideal choice for those who need best candle wax with no smell
  • Easy to melt


  • It is hard to cut

6. Beesworks® Yellow Beeswax Bars

This product is a premium yet natural beeswax that will give you a high-quality solution. The company offers it as yellow beeswax, and it becomes an effective choice for DIY cosmetics, DIY crafts, and DIY hobbies. Additionally, there are some benefits to find from this product.

For example, this beeswax offers an anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial solution. It is why this product becomes the popular option for chopping it up. Or, you can meet it to create some DIY products. This product lets you make a homemade lotion, balm, deodorant, wax, and others.


  • It is a good product because it can do the job.
  • The price is great
  • Easy to melt


  • If you want to make it oily, you need olive oil to drop to improve the texture

7. Texas Beeswax Filtered Wax

This beeswax is the ideal choice for men, pregnant moms, women, and kids. Also, it is the perfect choice for those who love creating some DIY products for beauty treatments. Indeed, you can use this beeswax filtered wax for beauty treatments, lip balm, moisturizer, soap, candles, and others. Best of all, there is no limited shelf life on it!

There are some benefits you will get from texas beeswax. First, it is available with anti-inflammatory agents. It is more than enough to give protection to your skin. Therefore, it is the solution to deal with the environmental assaults. It can moisturize your skin while reducing dryness.


  • Healthy agents perfect for skin
  • High level of vitamin A
  • Great moisturizer


  • The block is big that it can be difficult to shave it down

8. White Beeswax Pellets 1 Lb By White Naturals

Take this if you need more ideas about the best candle wax for your needs. The quality of this product is no doubt. It is free of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals. In fact, there are some benefits to using this product. Since it is 100%, it is safe to use for all ages.

Additionally, pure wax pellets are the perfect choice for different things. For example, you can use wax for homemade cosmetics. It is the real solution to deal with acne, dry skin, and eczema. On the other hand, it will make your skin better, smoother, and even softer than ever. You will have healthier skin than before.


  • For various DIY projects
  • Honey Scent
  • 100% Pure


  • Even though some buyers explained that the size is too big, but others have no problem with that. So it was only a personal issue

9. XYUT Natural White Beeswax Pellets

This is a beautiful wax with fragrant. Also, the clean wax comes out as a filtered product. So, there will be no muddy color or debris you can find from this product. You can use it for DIY cosmetics, body care products, lotions, and others. Simply, melt the pellets down to make DIY aromatic candles.


  • Premium quality for DIY projects
  • With fragrance and 100% natural product
  • Good for the price


  • At least two buyers explained that the color of the product was not as true as white.

10. Mary Tylor Naturals White Beeswax Pellets

Lastly, you can take this offer as the best choice. It is great for you to make DIY Hair and skin treatment. The level of vitamin A in this product is high. You can use it as a moisturizer. Also, it smoothes down your hair and it keeps moisture out of the hair. It is what you need to stimulate your hair growth.


  • Great quality with many health benefits
  • Great for DIY projects
  • Super easy to use


  • A buyer explained that the pellets were melted together. Therefore, it was not easy to measure.

Candle Wax Buying Guide

With so many options available, what can you do to decide the best product to pick? Well, we think that there some points to consider. In fact, there are several factors that will help you decide the best candle wax. So, you can use it to form the candles you want. Here, we provide you the buying guide to help:

1. Understand the Form of Candles To Make

There are many forms of candles for your DIY projects. For example, you can create pillar candles, container candles, taper candles, jewelry candles, etc. If you go with pillar candles, it means that you can use some waxes like palm wax, beeswax, or paraffin. Even you can make pillar candles from wax blends.

For comparison, pillar candles are different from container candles. Container candles cannot stand on. For this reason, you need various waxes to make this candle. You may need more waxes such as soy wax, paraffin, beeswax, and palm wax to make DIY container candles.

What if you want to make votive candles? DIY votive candles mean you will make it in a small container made of glass. Since they are not freestanding glass, you need various waxes to start. Votive candles are great to make by preparing natural waxes such as wax blends, beeswax, soy wax, or palm wax. So, decide first the form you want to make.

2. Know the Types of Candle Wax

Considering that you want to start DIY candles, it is worth for you to know more about the types of wax. There are many high-quality waxes for the candle to form. In this case, if we talk about soy wax, you can make it from 100% natural wax made of hydrogenated soybean oil. However, soy wax candles are different from paraffin wax candles.

Paraffin wax is also popular as straight wax. There are no additives and the least-expensive choice available on the market. Also, you can use paraffin for many types of candles. Paraffin is the first choice for those who want to make the DIY container, votives, pillars, tapers, tealights, and tarts candles.

3. Comes with Fragrance

One of the considerations why people try to make their own candles and start searching for candle wax is the fragrance. The interesting is sometimes they require those with no fragrance. It means they are going to mix the candle wax with their favorite candle fragrance. Since fragrance is personally. Further, it is all about memories and feelings.

4. Consider the Benefits of Candle Wax

What do you want to get from the candle wax? Are you going to use it for others, as well? Some candle waxes let you use it for craft activities like candles. But, beeswax pellets, for example, let you create something more. You can use it for cosmetics and various hobbies.

5. Consider the Scent Throw

It is important to think of the scents when you want to buy the best candle wax. Well, it is something personal that will evoke memories. Since it is something personal, of course, each of you has a different feel to scents. You may want to have light scents such as herbs or citrus.

If we talk about scent in candle wax to make candles, it is also about the scent throw. What is scent throw? The sign that your candles have a good scent throw is because your DIY candle can fill the room with the fragrance. You need more candle wax for big candles so the room gets is full of the fragrance.


In conclusion, the wax candle is available in many brands and options. But, we recommend you to buy a candle wax made of 100% pure natural ingredients because it is safe for anyone in your home to use it. From those 10 products, we agree to say that here are the three best options:

1. The Candlemaker’s Store Natural Soy Wax – Take this if you need the best candle wax for aromatherapy. It is easy to use, and it melts quickly even though there is something wrong with the product description, especially for the weight. It is smaller yet it is effective to use.

2. Beesworks® Yellow Beeswax Bars – This is a good product at the right price. The product is also easy to melt. But, you may need a few drops of olive oil to have better texture.

3. White Beeswax Pellets 1 Lb By White Naturals – 100% pure with a honey scent that you can use for various DIY projects. Some say that it is too big, but others feel okay.

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