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The best candle wick is one of the most important elements in candles. Perhaps, we are not aware of this because we are focusing on the shape, the color, and the fragrance of the candles when we buy these things. So, what is a candle wick? Why does it important to decide?

The role of a candle wick is to deliver the wax or fuel to the flame; it works just like a fuel pump. It brings the liquefied wax up into the flame. Then, the candle burns.

The wick size can determine the quality of the candles. Different sizes can determine the amount of fuel to deliver. Too large is too much as well as too little will never work.

Picking a high-quality candle wick gives you some benefits. First, a high-quality wick ensures the burns at the best optimal level. Second, a good candle wick gives an effective and reliable scent throw.

How can you say that your candle wick has good quality or not?

Simply, you should know the four signs that your wick candle has a proper performance. It should give you an even burn pool. The burn spreads to the edge of the candle container with a depth of 1 cm in size. Additionally, a good wick candle offers great fragrance and scent.

What if your candle wick has a small flame? It does not matter, as long as the flame does not flicker.

Burn time is also important. If your candle wick has a reliable and constituent burn time, you can say that it is a good quality product. Well, we do not want to confuse you with so many options of candlewick. Instead, we think it is better to provide you the best candle wick based on the real review.

Top 10 Best Candle Wicks

1. EricX Light 100 Piece Cotton Candle Wick 6″ Pre-Waxed

This is a tabbed, pre-waxed wick with a length of 6-inch and the base diameter is 12. 5 mm. There are some good things about this product. Made of cotton, this wick has no lead, no zinc, and no other metals.

If you want to make a DIY candle, it can be a perfect choice. Pay attention to the dosages of the scent and dye when you are making the candle. It is because if you take too much dosage, it can affect the burning effectiveness, lowering the ability of the candle to lit, and causing smoke.

This candle wick is the ideal choice if you use paraffin, beeswax, palm wax, and soy. Also, it works great in most containers and pillars. Any type of candle system you have, this candle wick is the way to go.


  • Consistent, slow burn and the wick does not emit a lot of smoke.
  • Flexible wick


  • If you want to make candles with a 3-inch diameter, this wick should not be your choice.

2. EricX Light 8 inch Candle Wick

Take this product as your next choice. This is a tabbed and pre-wax candlewick contains 60 pieces. The length of the wick is 8-inch with the base diameter is 12.5mm. For the material, the wicks are made of 100% cotton with no zinc, no lead, and other metals. Additionally, the products come with wick stickers from Heat Resistance Glue that will keep the wicks in place.

Additionally, you will get a device that will help you keep the wick in the center. Therefore, when you do this DIY project alone, it is easy for you to complete it. Again, it is important to pay attention to the dosages of scent and dye. Because, when you are adding too much, it can affect the burning effectiveness.

If you are looking for the best wick for beeswax candles, this can be the ideal choice. Also, you can use it for paraffin, soy, and palm wax.


  • Work properly and no issues with the function of these wicks
  • Easy to use and the centering device is helpful


  • This is not your choice if you want to make a DIY mason jar-sized candle that is about 16-ounce of weight, but it looks perfect for 8 ounces candle.

3. DGQ 6-Inch Natural Candle Wicks

Next, these are 100% wicks from cotton with non-toxic materials and biodegradable. The length f each wick is 1-1/8 inch and the base diameter is 12.5 mm. It contains 100 pieces per lot. Additionally, it is free from paraffin, lead, zinc, and other harmful materials.

Since it is a tabbed and pre-waxed candlewick, it is easy for you to use it to complete your DIY candle. Simply, cut the wick out to the desired length. Also, the wick is specially designed with processing technology. As a result, it does not smell or produce black smoking.

The last thing to know about this wick is about the function. You can use it for any type of wax such as paraffin, palm wax, beeswax, and soy. With the nice burn stability, it works well in pillars, containers, and votives.


  • The wicks have 15 cm long so you can cut them to complete your needs.
  • The wick burns clean and smoke-free.


  • The burn speed is too fast

4. Charm Moi 100 Pcs 8 inch Candle Wick

Just like the previous option, this best candle wick comes with 100 pieces per package. It is what you need if you are looking for a smaller wick because the length is 8 inches in size. Additionally, the package contains 50 pieces of a metal base with a 12 mm base diameter to completely different needs.

The candle wicks are from 100% natural cotton and there are no additional chemicals. Also, the wicks are metal-free. For this reason, it is what you need if you are looking for a healthier and safer wick to use. You can use it for DIY candles, too.

Other important things to know about the wicks are the stable flame, the harmless materials, and the longer burning time than the common wicks. When you are using the wicks, there is no odor or no smoke they produce.


  • Easy to use
  • It does not have a scent so it does not interfere with the fragrance you used


  • It does not burn long

5. EricX Light #24PLY/FT Braided Wick

Do you need more options? This is unwaxed wick from cotton with 200-foot Spool. It is what you need if you are looking for candlewick for medium 2-3 inches pillars or tapers. Also, it is an effective option in paraffin.

A good thing about this product is it has nice burn stability. Therefore, you can use it in containers, pillars, and votives. Other than that, it comes with metal candle tabs for the base of the candle.

When you are using this wick, make sure that you pay attention to the dosage of the scent and the dye of your DIY candle. The proper dosage will give a good impact on burning effectiveness.


  • A great option if you want to make various candle sizes
  • Clip to any length you desire


  • You have to cover it with wax

6. The Wooden Wick Co. Crackling Wood Candle Wicks

This option is quite different from the previous ones. This product contains 100 wicks per package. It is the ideal choice if you are looking for medium-sized wicks. It means that the wicks have the 4-inch thickness and 5-inch length. You will need it if you want to make a DIY soy wax candle at home. Note that it is not for vegetable blended or paraffin wax.

Why should choose this product? It is different from cotton wicks because it offers smokeless choice. Also, it can perform more consistently. Even it can burn cleaner. Simply, trim the wick so it has 3 /160-inch of height above the wax. This will increase the performance of the wick. Even better, the package contains wick clips to hold the wicks in place.

The last thing to know is the wicks are from 100% natural wood. During the production, the company adheres to the wooden wick with the toxic-free process. It is the best option in candle kits, especially for soy wax blend.


  • Easy to use, slip this wick into the clip and that is all.
  • It burns beautifully in several hours


  • If you are using a 3-inch container, the wick can be too small

7. EricX Light Organic Hemp Candle Wicks

Move on this product, full organic hemp, and a full natural beeswax candlewick. It is a tabbed and pre-waxed candle with 8 inches of length and 19 mm of base diameter. The size is extra long. Therefore, this candle wick is what you need to make any DIY candle sizes.

This package contains 100 pieces of candle wicks. It is also safe because of no lead, no smoke, and no bad smell when you burn it. Therefore, it will make you love it when you use it for your candle making projects.


  • Good and natural product
  • This wick performs better if you are making soy, parasoy, or paraffin candles


  • It would be better if it has sticky tabs for the bottom of the candle wick

8. CozYours Candle Wicks for Candle Making

Are you looking for a premium quality candle wick? Well, take this candle wick made of 100% natural cotton. It does not contain heavy materials and other chemicals. With the sturdy, thick, and stable flame, this wick is the right choice if you need wick for candle projects. Use this wick and you will love how it is smokeless and burning slowly.

Additionally, the wick is great for many things such as votive, tealight, container, and pillar candles. Even better, the wick works well for soy, palm, coconut, paraffin, and gel waxes. If you are looking for the best wick for beeswax candles, you can pick it too.

Another good thing to know about this product is the application. Pretabbed and pre-waxed wicks are easy to use. It is because you just have to secure them in the container and then pour the wax. For the size, the wicks offer 150 mm of length and 2 mm of diameter. For the metal base, the diameter is 12.5 mm.


  • Wide base to hold better
  • It is the right choice for candles in a small jar with 2 to 3 diameter.
  • The candles are coated with wax to offer a steady burn without smoke or soot.


  • It does not burn well in soy candles

9. 23 Bees 100% Organic Hemp Candle Wick

With 100 pieces of candle wick stickers and low wicks, this package also comes with a 3 centering device. The lengths of the wicks are 8 inches with the base diameter is 0.79 inch. Additionally, the wicks are from 1005 natural cotton. The company uses natural soy wax as the coating for the wicks. Of course, there is no lead, zinc, and other harmful materials.

For the wick stickers, there are from Heat Resistance Glue so that the wicks will be in place. You can use the centering device to keep the wicks in the center when you are making candles at home.

With 100 wicks you get, you can use many candles in different ways. It can be wax containers, jelly jars, soda cans, teacups, coffee mugs, and others. Please note that the excessive dosage of wax, scents, and dye can affect the performance of these wicks. Therefore, make sure you make your DIY candles carefully.


  • It works best in leftover soy wax
  • The wicks burn slowly


  • If your candles are small, the wicks can be too thick for you.

10. EricX Light Beeswax Hemp Wick

Last but not the least option is hemp wicks. The wicks are from organic hemp and beeswax. The wicks offer slow-burning without dripping. For the length, it reaches 200 feet with a diameter of 1.0 mm. If you want to use these hemp wicks for DIY candle making and you want a bigger flame, it is okay. Simply, braid two to three threads together.

Additionally, the wicks have no additional chemical taste. You can use it for DIY candle making with no external flame. Also, it is the ideal choice if you want low-flame burning wicks on the market.


  • This is a perfect choice for candle making the diameter less than 2.5 inches.
  • No smoking flame


  • If you take the single wick, it does not stay lit for quite long, so you should braid it first with two wicks or more.

Candle Wick Buying Guide

If you cannot decide the best choice yet, it is good to use this buying guide:

1. Understand the Type of Wicks

There are five different types of wicks to know. First, it is flat wick with knitted or flat-plated design. Commonly, the wick is made of fiber. The good things about this wick are the consistent burning and the self-trimming effect in its flame. You can find this type of wick in pillar or taper candles.

Next, the square wick can curl in the flame. This knitted or braided wick has a more rounded look with a more robust design compared to flat wick. Well, it is the best wick for beeswax candles since it can inhibit clogging.

Cored wicks, a knitted wick that offers the main material to keep the wick upright and straight while burning. With the round cross-section and with the use of various materials, you can feel the stiffness effect in this wick. There are some common materials for cored wicks such as paper, zinc, tin, or cotton. Besides, you can find this type of wick in pillars, votives, devotional lights, and jar candles.

Next, try wooden wicks that are the popular option because of the appealing look and the soft-cracking sound. There are many options available for this type of wicks such as curved, multi-layered, or single-ply wicks from 100% wood, fibrous material, semi-wood, cotton, or wood combinations.

The last is the specialty wicks that are available to complete the standard of burn-in specific applications like insect-repelling candles or oil lamps.

2. Diameter of Candle

It is something simple. You should not ignore the size of the wick when you need it for your candle. If you have a large diameter of the candle, it means that you will need a large wick as well.

3. Type of Wax

It is the next essential factor to know to help you decide the best candlewick. There are many wax types. Soy wax, paraffin wax, pillar wax blends, gel wax, beeswax, and others are available on the market. Of course, since they have different characteristics, they will also have different melting points or densities. If the wax is denser and the melting point is higher, it means you will need larger wick.

4. Other Factors to Consider

If the candle has more fragrance oil and more colors, of course, you will need a large wick. Also, a large wick is what you need if you want the candle to be burned in a shorter period, such as an hour. It is because the wax in the candle first needs to burn outwards to form the burn pool. After that, the candle starts to burn down.


After reviewing all products above, we agree that here are the top 3 best candle wicks to pick. But keep in mind that this is just our opinion. You may end up with another choice. The following 3 wicks are important to help you narrow the options to be 3 only left to choose from.

1. EricX Light 100 Piece Cotton Candle Wick 6” Pre-Waxed

Take this option if you are looking for flexible wicks with consistent, less smoke and slow-burn wicks. This is a good choice. However, it does not support DIY candles with a 3-inch diameter.

2. EricX Light #24PLY/FT Braided Wick

The candle wicks come out for those who want to make various candle sizes. Simply, cut any length you want for your DIY candle-making projects. Since it does not come with coated wax, you should cover it first manually.

3. EricX Light Organic Hemp Candle Wicks

As a good and natural product, the wicks here perform better especially if you use parasoy, soy, and paraffin candles. But, it does not come with sticky tables at the bottom of the candle wicks.

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