Best Chandelier for Bedroom

A bedroom is a comfortable place for you to refresh your mind after long hours of working. It is why you will need the best chandeliers for the bedroom. You need to create the right balance of ambient, accent, and task lighting in your bedroom. Once you create the right balance, of course, it will help you do different activities.

If we talk about the best chandeliers for the bedroom, it means that we are talking about ambient lighting. It is not easy to find the right ambient lighting. So, you must have your efforts just like seeking for flush mount, pendant light, or ceiling lights. This lighting type needs enough lighting for activities with focused light. In short, it should not be too bright.

When you hang a chandelier in the center of your bedroom, it is important to choose the right size. Also, you should measure first about how low you should hang the chandelier from your bedroom ceiling. Hanging a chandelier over your bed or in the center of your bed will add a romantic feel in your room.

Now, there are many chandeliers to pick. You can find chandeliers in many sizes, shapes, and styles. With so many designs available, chandeliers for bedroom should add a touch of romance and glamour to your space. If you have no time about finding the right option, we have collected ten best chandeliers below.

Top 10 Best Chandelier for Bedroom

1. Surpars House White Feather Crystal Chandelier 4-Light Pendant Light

Presented by Surpars House, this is a beautiful chandelier to complete your bedroom. The height is about 59 inches. Meanwhile, the length and width are 19.6 inches. it is what you need if you are looking for a contemporary chandelier.

Additionally, the chandelier has a white painted finish, which is good to add a timeless look to any style of your bedroom décor. The material is from crystal with linear shape. Buy this product means that you should buy 4 bulbs separately. Keep in mind that it is not a dimmable lighting fixture.

The main highlight of this product is the crystals. Also, it offers a beautiful shade with a white feather. For this reason, it looks perfect for your bedroom décor since it adds elegance. Even better, you can use it for other areas. It looks perfect when you use it as a living room chandelier, as well. Please note that the chandelier only works with 4 candelabra base bulbs (E12).


  • Easy to install
  • The crystals are not plastic, but real glass


  • It does not come with a dimmer, but it is okay to add dimmer to make it functional.

2. Hile Lighting KU300107 Crystal Chandeliers

This ceiling light can be the alternative for you if you think that you cannot go with the first option. The chandelier looks beautiful with the modern or contemporary design, thanks to its crystal combine chrome finish. The height and length are 11 inches. Meanwhile, the width of this chandelier is 11.8 inches.

With the cone shape, this is not a dimmable chandelier. Additionally, you need 3 bulbs to use this chandelier. Each bulb should have 40-watt. Please note that the product does not come with the bulbs. So, if you want to add instant glam to your bedroom with modern lighting, this is what you need.


  • It is a perfect choice for a small bedroom with low ceiling design
  • The crystals are glass and you will be happy with the price


  • Even though it is time-consuming to do the installation, but you will love its final look.

3. Tadpoles 4-Bulb Vintage Plug-In or Hardwired Mini-Chandelier, White Diamond

Next, this is an elegant white chandelier with vintage style manufactured by Sleeping Partners. It is a beautiful chandelier with a frame made of metal. The acrylic dangles and beads are there to give more accents to your bedroom décor. Even better, you can use this chandelier for any area in your home to give a glamorous touch.

Additionally, this product comes with a cord cover made of satin. This satin cover works best to cover the chains and the cords before you attach the fixture to the bedroom ceiling. It does not matter if you cannot find the E12 LED bulbs because it can go with many different bulbs. When you buy this product, the company does not include the bulbs. It means you have to buy it separately.

Other things to know about this product are that it does not come with an off-and-on switch on its cord and it is not a dimmable chandelier. We recommend it as one of the best chandeliers for the bedroom to consider.


  • It comes with a super long chain that you may need to deal with the ceiling height
  • Easy to install


  • Please note that the product is not glass, but acrylics and still looks good

4. ZEEFO Crystal Chandeliers Light for Daughter Room

There are some reasons why ZEFO Crystal Chandeliers are still one of the best chandeliers for bedrooms. First, it comes with crystals that offer a beautiful and impressive look to this chandelier. With the design of mini-style, it is what you need to complete the contemporary or modern design.

As of the size of this chandelier, it offers 6.7 inches of height, 7.8 inches of width, and 7.8 inches of length. Since the design is so beautiful, you can use it to complete a contemporary, modern, or classic bedroom. With the cone shape and chrome finish, it gives a beautiful touch to your room easily. However, it does not come with E12 bulbs, so make sure you buy them separately.


  • An ideal choice for those who need a nice chandelier but do not break the budget
  • Easy to install


  • The instruction manual does not help

5. MEEROSEE Sputnik Chandeliers Modern

With a diameter of about 31.5-inch, this is a dimmable chandelier made of high-quality metal and wired aluminum. Meanwhile, the shade of the chandelier is constructed from glass. This sputnik chandelier has a chrome finish that adds an elegant and luxury touch to your bedroom decor.

Additionally, this chandelier requires 12 bulbs. It is good to choose G9 bulbs with110V. Use 12V of 69 bulbs is not the ideal choice since the bulbs can burn out. Unlike other products, when you buy this chandelier you will get dimmable bulbs. This is the ideal choice to add a modern touch to your room.


  • Easy to install
  • It is so much fun that you can play with its design


  • This is not a dimmer

6. Dellemade Sputnik Chandelier

Are you looking for a beautiful and modern chandelier? Well, this sputnik chandelier should be the right answer. The company created the branches from acrylic pears. It offers an attractive and luxurious design. Also, it has eight lights so you can use it to complete your mid-size bedroom.

Additionally, the chandelier has an ideal size with 15.7 inches of diameter. The height is also adjustable. Even though it works with 8 lights, it does not come with the bulbs. Make sure that you purchase G9 bulbs to make this chandelier works. Please note that it is a plug-in lamp so you do not have to deal with the installation.


  • Easy to install
  • You do not have to mount it to a ceiling box


  • For some people, the light may be too bright for a bedroom

7. Saint Mossi Modern Chandelier K9

This chandelier works with 3 bulbs E12, and each should have 49W maximum. But, the company does not include the bulbs for this purchase. It is a flush mount chandelier with crystal raindrop design. It is the ideal choice if you want a chandelier that adds a modern touch to your room.

The raindrops are from crystal and the frame is from stainless steel. These materials are perfect for high-quality chandelier. To install is easy because you just have to spend a few minutes.


  • The chandelier has a very subtle light that can cast all over the bedroom
  • It is okay to use a compatible light bulb, but make sure that the bulbs are not more than 40 watts. So, the total rating should be 120 watts.


  • The instruction to attach the chandelier crystals are not clear

8. Gypsy Color Pink Chandelier 4-Light

One of the best chandeliers for the bedroom is available here. This is a vintage chandelier with acrylic crystal beads to add beauty to your bedroom interior. It works best if you want to create more statements to the entire space of your room.

Talking about this chandelier, it is made of acrylic crystals and beads with the glass stem and metal frame. Also, the acrylic beads look sparkling. So, it is important to know that it is not glass crystals, but polycarbonate. However, no one will notice that it is not glass once you installed it in your bedroom.


  • Easy to install
  • It looks perfect if you want to add a little bit of gothic feel to your room.


  • The instructions can be a real issue for lamp installation

9. Edvivi Belle Chandelier 4-Light

Take this simple yet beautiful flush mount chandelier to add an elegant touch to any room. It adds a dramatic look to space, thanks to the chrome hardware, the woven drum shade, and the cascading crystal that features the chandelier. It is what you need if you want a chandelier adds mood to your room.

As of the dimension, it offers 15.7 inches with 9 inches of height. Also, the quality is exceptional that you can install it easily. Even better, there is a dimmer switch. So, it answers your needs if you are looking for a dimmable chandelier. Please note that it works with four candelabra bulbs with 40 watts maximum for each. It means you should find the bulbs first because the company does not include it here.


  • Easy to install, without reading the instructions
  • It adds a modern look to your bedroom


  • Hanging the crystals take patience but not difficult.

10. Light Society Grammercy 5-Light Chandelier

This is the last option we recommend, but it is not the least. Take this chandelier if you think that your room needs a mid-century touch. The design of this chandelier is attractive with the presence of global orb shades. Also, the frame is sleek so it looks perfect to complete your bedroom design.

Presented by Light Society, this chandelier has a modern style with a white finish. The globe shape looks beautiful and it is from the glass. Additionally, you will need five lights to buy separately. If you are looking for a dimmable chandelier with a unique design, this is the right answer.


  • Easy to install
  • High quality


  • Make sure that you complete it with short LED bulbs so they can fit in the shades

How to Find The Best Chandelier For Bedroom

Here are the things to consider before buying any chandeliers for your bedroom;

1. Size

The right size of a chandelier depends on the size of your bedroom and the height of your bedroom walls. To start, add the length and width of your bedroom together. After that, change the result as inches, instead of feet. Then, you will use the number for the number of inches.

Here, you will be able to decide the right diameter for your chandelier. If you want to know about the height of your chandelier, you can calculate it at 2-3-inch per vertical foot of the wall.

For instance, your bedroom is 12 by 14 foot and the height of the ceiling is 10-foot. It means that you can complete the room with a chandelier that has 26-inch of diameter and 20- to 30-inch length. It means that 30-inch is the lowest point. So, you need to mount the chandelier to the ceiling and it should be 7 1/2-feet to hang above the floor.

2. The Function

Just like buying a chandelier for your dining room, buying a chandelier for your bedroom means that you should know the purpose of adding it to your room. There are many reasons why people add chandeliers to their bedrooms. For example, they want to add ambient lighting. So, it should be bright and it works with an electrical switch to ensure the maximum lighting power.

Other than that, people may buy a chandelier for their bedroom because they want to add mood lighting. Most of us use chandeliers for a bedroom because we want to add an ambient lighting fixture. For this reason, we install the chandelier on the ceiling in the center of the room.

On the other hand, if you choose a mood chandelier, it means that it goes with a dimmer switch. So, you can adjust the light levels for your mood. Make sure that you can turn the chandelier on and off. In this case, the light switch should be reachable and accessible. You cannot place the light switch behind your tall drawers, something like that.

3. Wattage

It is important to know the right wattage of your bedroom chandelier. To start, measure the width and the length of your room, then multiply. Once you find the result, multiply it by 1.5. So, you will get the total wattage you must have to light your bedroom.

For example, your bedroom has 12 feet by 14 feet, so the total wattage is 252. Keep in mind that a chandelier should carry the right bulk of wattage if it is the main source of your bedroom lighting.

Just in case you have two bedside lamps with 60-watt, you should subtract it from 252. So, you will get 130 watts you need for a chandelier. Then, the common chandelier bulb offers 20 to 25-watt. It means the chandelier you need should be a chandelier with six bulbs. Each bulb offers 25-watt.

4. Style

The last thing to consider is the style that you want to add to your bedroom. Your bedroom style becomes an important factor that will help you choose the right light fixtures you need.

For example, if you have a modern bedroom, it means that you should go with a metal or sleek chandeliers style. Other than that, a traditional or antique bedroom style will need a crystal fixture. Alternatively, go with a chandelier from antlers or wagon wheel if you have a bedroom with western-themed design.

If you like a modern chandelier, it also looks good to complete transitional or contemporary bedroom décor. Note that you can use elements in your chandelier to give a more appealing look to your bedroom’s theme.


After reading the reviews above, it can be confusing to choose the best chandeliers for bedroom. Therefore, we make it more specific. Here, we think there are three top choices to go with;

1. Surpars House White Feather Crystal Chandelier 4-Light Pendant Light

This chandelier looks beautiful, easy to install, and the crystals are the real glass, not plastics. It looks perfect if you think that it is okay since it does not come with a dimmer. You can still modify it with dimmer to meet your needs.

2. Hile Lighting KU300107 Crystal Chandeliers

This is a nice solution if you have a small bedroom with a low ceiling design. Also, the crystals are from the glass. The price will also make you happy. Even though it takes time to install the chandelier, but you will never regret its final look.

3. Edvivi Belle Chandelier 4-Light

Just like others, this chandelier is easy to install even you do not have to read the instructions. It is an ideal choice if you like to add a modern touch to your bedroom lighting. Even though you have to spend several minutes to hang the crystals, but you will love the result.

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