Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

chandelierIf we have to mention a single object that can transform any room easily, then our answer is the chandelier. Chandeliers for the living room even for the bathroom add a glamorous look. It is what you need to create a grand statement for the room. Now, the question goes to “how to find the best chandeliers for the dining room?”

Adding the best chandelier in your dining room, it means that you can try something offbeat. It adds a playful design to your dining room. So, everyone gathers with the nice lighting from the chandelier. Also, it can be a nice conversation piece that adds a whimsical look to space.

Since the chandelier designs are countless, how can you choose the best one for your dining room? Choosing this floating object can be a little bit tricky. It attracts people’s attention and for this reason, it is important to choose carefully and pick the best option. You do not want to hang a chandelier that goes too far from your dining room design and style.

The best chandelier means that it illuminates your dining room properly and it adds a style to enhance your dining room decor. Just like other decorative pieces, the right chandelier creates a huge difference in the feel and the look of your dining room. If you have a small living room and you add a large chandelier, of course, it will only overwhelm the space and it does not look good.

Fortunately, we have collected ten best chandeliers for dining room. Even, we add real reviews from buyers. At the end of this article, we provide you a buying guide about the factors to know before buying a chandelier. Hopefully, this article can help!

10 Best Chandeliers for Dining Room

1. Westinghouse Lighting 6333600 Stella Mira 6-Light Indoor Chandelier

Do you think that your dining room needs a rustic chandelier design? If so, take this option as one of the best chandeliers for dining room. This is a chandelier with six bulbs, and it comes with industrial style. Also, it is a perfect addition to entryways.

If we talk more about the design, this Barnwood chandelier has two tones. The length is also adjustable so you can adjust the position anytime you want. With the presence of an oil-rubbed bronze finish, this chandelier gives a vintage look instantly to your space.

Additionally, the diameter of this chandelier is 24 inches. With the chain about 36-inch and the cord is 60-inch. Once you add this chandelier to your dining room, it gives a dramatic look to the entire space.


  • Easy to install
  • It comes with a stylish design to complete other nickel handles and fixtures.


  • It does not come with a down rod.

2. Progress Lighting P400048-143 Briarwood Island/Linear

Another choice to take, this chandelier is from Progress Lighting. There are two colors available which are black and bronze. You can use the chandelier to add a statement to your dining room. Also, the farmhouse design offers a cozy and comfortable atmosphere to your space.

When you choose this product, you will get a chandelier that needs five bulbs. The height is 9-inch with the width 38-inch and the length of this chandelier is 10-inch. Also, the chandelier features with metal light bases, with a comfortable glow and x-brace design. We think it is the ideal choice for a country or farmhouse dining room design.


  • Easy to install and it looks nice with 5 Edison-style LED bulbs.
  • It can complete an oversized farmhouse dining table.


  • You need to open the chains with pliers that can cause minor damage to its paint.

3. Westinghouse Lighting 6343300 Iron Hill Four-Light Chandelier

Do you need a vintage industrial chandelier? Well, take this indoor convertible chandelier. This design comes out with a semi-flush fixture. For this reason, it is perfect for home interior, including the dining room.

The height of this chandelier is about 16 inches with a 60-inch cord and 36-inch of the chain. Also, it features rich oil, bronze finish and metal shades that will highlight your dining room design. Once you have installed this chandelier, it offers ambient lighting.

It works for both low and high ceilings, as well. Keep in mind that it works with four light bulbs in medium-base design. We are sure that it looks great for your dining room to remodel.


  • A lampshade with very nice light
  • Easy to install


  • The mounting plate is a little bit flimsy.

4. Light Society Morley 4-Light Kitchen Island Pendant

There are some good things to find in this chandelier from Light Society. First, it is easy to adjust. The company designed it so that you can install it in various hanging conditions. For example, you can hang to sloped ceilings or flat ceilings.

With the charming design, the chandelier can increase your dining room. Thankfully, it has a classic industrial design from glass and wood. Even though it is made of wood, the wood itself is from the highest quality.

Buyers can choose two different finishes that are natural and walnut wood tones. Move to the dimensions, the chandelier has 60-inch of cord, 12-inch of weight, 31.5-inch of length, and 73-inch of height. To use this chandelier, you will need four light bulbs.


  • It helps you create a transformation for a formal dining room makeover.
  • The light is beautiful and trendy


  • The glass installation is a little bit difficult, so it is better to handle it beforehand.

5. Kira Home Weston 24″ Contemporary 5-Light Large Chandelier

Take this if you need a transitional or contemporary chandelier style. This chandelier looks perfect with five light bulbs you must buy separately. Also, the chandelier has an alabaster shade made of glass with the fixture arm in a sleek design. Other than that, this chandelier looks great with a brushed finish made of nickel.

This is what you need if you are looking for a bright and elegant chandelier over your dining table. It is the ideal choice for a fresh and contemporary dining room design. If we talk about the size, it offers 21-inch of height, 24-inch of length, and 24-inch of width.


  • Bright chandelier, solid and durable design for its quality
  • Easy installation


  • Chipped glass parts

6. Hardware House Bristol 5 Light Chandelier (Under $100)

Move on this choice, this chandelier is from The Hardware House. It is a beautiful chandelier with alabaster glass and a five-light fixture. Also, it comes with a classic and contemporary design because of the Art Deco style.

You can see the refined satin nickel completes the glass bulb shades. Since it has 24-inch by 15-inch size, it is a perfect choice for a dining room. Even though it comes out with Art Deco style, it does not mean that it offers a boring look. The chandelier has a modern flair because of the clean lines and the glass feature.


  • The chandelier is easy to assemble
  • Attractive design, with a nice glow for the lighting


  • The difficult part of the installation is when you have to bend the link to attach the fixture to the ceiling. You need to remove the links and then use needle-nose pliers.

7. Kira Home Sienna 18″ 3-Light Metal Drum Chandelier Glass Diffuser

This is a transitional chandelier that comes with glass diffuser, brushed nickel finish, and drum shade made of metal. The design is unique, lattice, and intricate with the sleek inner shade in white color. As a result, it is stylish and modern style to complete your dining room.

When you want to use this chandelier to your dining room, it is good to know that the chandelier needs three lights. Also, another good thing about this product is the presence of wired shade.


  • Once it is completely installed, the chandelier looks good
  • The lamp has unique design


  • The instructions are not clear enough

8. 7PM Modern Linear Rectangular Island Dining Room Crystal Chandelier Lighting Fixture (Large L40″)

Take this modern chandelier as the alternative for you. This is one of the best chandeliers for dining room. It comes with polished chrome canopy and frame, stainless steel, along with clear crystal.

The chandelier has a 40-inch length, 8-inch of width, and 16-inch of height. The pendant wire is also adjustable which is in size of 59-inch. If you want to take this option, it requires 8 bulbs which are not included in this package.


  • The chandelier looks beautiful that becomes the statement piece in your dining room.
  • The crystals are beautiful, and you can hook them up easily on the dimmer switch.


  • Packaging issue, the seller did not pack the crystals more cautiously. It would be better if they put the crystals in a different package

9. Lika 4-Light Chandeliers 15.7″ Farmhouse Rustic Industrial Pendant Lighting

Add more character to your dining room with this chandelier. It works in any room with various styles such as traditional or contemporary. Even better, it looks good to complete your industrial dining room or vintage dining room. You will love how the chandelier can transform the entire space instantly.

Talking about the chandelier, it is from iron. In the package, you will find the instruction, mounting hardware, lighting fixture kit, wire connector, and the last is the ground wire. Also, you can adjust the chains anytime you need it. You can fix four light rings by screws. Therefore, you can adjust the rotation in any way to get the right look you want.


  • It is the ideal choice for beautiful and modern chandelier
  • It offers a high-quality finish and easy to install


  • It does not come with a hook for the ceiling.

10. Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier

Take this as the last option. This chandelier has real crystals, not acrylics. It comes out with a modern design made of glass and chrome finish. Therefore, it will be the right choice if you are looking for a glamorous chandelier for your dining room.

The height of this chandelier is 19-inch, with the width is 19-inch. In this package, you can find the ceiling plate and fittings. It is easy to install so you can immediately install the chandelier to add a beautiful statement to your dining room.


  • The quality of constructions will make you love it.
  • A stunning piece that will complement your dining room


  • A little issue with the instructions, so watching the videos on YouTube may help.

How to Choose Chandeliers for Dining Room

Here are the things to consider before buying chandeliers for the dining room:

1. Diameter

If you want to find the best chandeliers for dining room, the first thing to do is to find the correct diameter. In this case, if you want to find the right choice for your dining room, it means that the diameter should be about 12 inches less than the width of the table. It is good to go with a big chandelier, instead of too small.

2. Length

The length of the chandelier is also important to consider. If the ceiling is taller, then the chandelier should be taller, too. Also, if you use a foyer chandelier, you need to hang it about 7 feet off the floor, starting from the bottom of your chandelier.

Also, if you have a chandelier above the dining room table and it is suspended, it should be 30 inches starting from the bottom of the chandelier to the tabletop of your dining table.

3. Style

Well, you want to add the chandelier to complete your dining room, not to detract the current theme there. So, it is good to know about the style you want to add. Make sure that the style of the chandelier can complete the dining room design. For example, if you have a rustic dining room, it is great to add a chandelier with faux antlers or twigs.

What is the right chandelier to complete your shabby chic dining room? It is also good to use a chandelier with antique glass sconce and distressed finish. Even at this time, many people go with drum chandelier features dangling glass for a modern dining room design.

4. Height

The first thing to do is to remove the links in the chain by using pliers. Then, coil up the extra electrical wire. It does not matter if the chandelier does not come with a chain. Sometimes the cord has a sliding adjustment. The sliding system supports you to double up the cord and to shorten the electrical wire.

5. Double or Never

It is perfect if you find a chandelier with the perfect size to complete your dining table. However, it is better to add two or even three than one. Adding two or three chandeliers above your dining table is important, especially if you have a long table.

Why do you have to add two or three chandeliers above the long dining table? Well, it is because the lighting should illuminate the center 2/3 of the dining table. In this case, few smaller chandeliers are better than one big chandelier.


After gathering the ten best chandeliers for dining room, here we made narrower options than before. Here are the best three tops to go with:

1. Light Society Morley 4-Light Kitchen Island Pendant – Create a big transformation to complete your dining room with this chandelier. It offers trendy and beautiful light that will add a focal point to the ceiling. Keep in mind that you should handle the glass installation beforehand and do everything carefully so you will get the best result.

2. 7 PM Modern Linear Rectangular Island Dining Room Crystal Chandelier Lighting Fixture (Large L40″) – This chandelier is beautiful with crystals. Also, you can hook the chandelier up easily and there is a dimmer switch.

3. Saint Mossi Modern Contemporary Elegant K9 Crystal Glass Chandelier – What makes us choose this chandelier as one of the best chandeliers for the dining room is the quality. The company constructed this chandelier quite well. So, you can use the chandelier to complement your dining room. There would be no issues if you do not mind watching the instruction tutorial on YouTube.

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