Best Chandeliers for Living Room

chandelierThe living room is an important area that you spend lots of time in there. It is a place for gathering, entertaining friends, reading, watching TV, and even talking. Therefore, you need to add the best chandelier for the living room.

According to Aditi Shukla, the Senior Interior Designer at Interior Design on Quora, the ideal living room in the US is 330 square feet. However, it depends on the square footage of the home. When you are looking for the best chandelier for the living room, the size of your living room is a matter.

If you have 10 x 13 ft of living room, then we categorize it as a small living room. On the other hand, it is a medium living room if it has 12 x 18 ft. But, if you have a living room with 15 x 20 ft, you will have a big living room. If you choose a small chandelier for a big living room, it does not look good. It goes the same if you have a small living room but you choose a big chandelier. It sounds too much.

Also, before buying a chandelier for the living room, you need to find a light fixture that you can hang perfectly from the ceiling. It should create a beautiful statement to space as ambient lighting. Since there are many things to consider when you want to find the right option, of course, it can be frustrating. For this reason, we are here to provide you ten best products of chandeliers for the living room. So, enjoy your seat!

Top 10 Best Chandeliers for Living Room

1. GDNS Chandeliers Firework LED Light Crystal

Take this chandelier as the first option. GDNS presents this chandelier to transform your living room for its elegant and modern design. With the white light color lighting, this chandelier has a 23.5-inch of diameter. Also, this product comes with a sling made of steel with the length at 59-inch, and it is adjustable.

When you take this chandelier to complete your living room, it needs 8 pieces of bulbs. You can replace your old chandelier with this modern solution. The polished chrome finish makes it great for your living space. Please note that it is a round chandelier with corded-electric powers source and it is not a dimmable chandelier option.


  • Easy to install
  • It is the ideal choice for 10 x 16 living space


  • Instruction is not clear

2. LOG BARN Large Farmhouse Chandelier Handmade

From LOG BARN, a timeless wood chandelier, and this is a handmade product that will add a huge difference in your living room. This orb chandelier comes with a distressed white finish, openwork quatrefoil birch, and chandelier frame from natural solid wood. The design is amazing that offers a soft and glamorous lighting design to your living space.

When it comes to the dimension, the length of the chandelier is 21.7-inch. On the other hand, the weight is 1.7-inch and the height is 24.2-inch. This is a hanging light fixture with an adjustable chain in size of 59-inch. Use this chandelier to your living room and you will need 4 bulbs to buy separately.


  • It offers a unique look because of the rich wood finish in this rustic lighting
  • The chandelier creates an instant update to the living room


  • The wood is a little bit darker

3. KALRI Modern 42” Crystal Chandelier Ceiling Fan

Do you need a luxury or modern best chandelier for the living room? This is a crystal ceiling fan design with four retractable blades made of acrylic. The diameter is 42-inch when you extend the blades of the fans. Best of all, this chandelier comes with remote control.

It means that you can use the controller to adjust the fan speed and the light. Even better, the light makes you able to adjust from white light, warm white light, to neutral. When you are turning the fans on, it does not create noises.


  • The light does not hurt your eyes
  • It is quiet while operating


  • The instructions are a little bit unclear

4. Ridgeyard Modern Luxurious Crystal Chandelier

It is one of the best chandeliers for the living room because Ridgeyard makes it compatible with any type of bulbs. You can use LED bulbs, halogen bulbs, and others. Also, the chandelier has a cognac crystal and bulb base made of silver metal finish to give a beautiful look.

About the body, it looks sparkling, thanks to the elegant and luxurious design. once you add it to your living space, it adds elegance to space. The last interesting thing about this chandelier is the installation. You can see the instructions on YouTube to start installing it.


  • It is the ideal choice for vintage and elegant chandeliers in the living room
  • The chandelier has a solid and heavy design


  • It is better to hire a professional to do with the electrical work if you do not have this expertise.

5. 7PM Modern Crystal Chandelier

Move to the next choice, the chandelier is from 7 PM. It is a crystal chandelier with a canopy made of stainless steel and polished chrome design. Also, the length of the chandelier is 40-inch with the width at 40-inch and the height is 14-inch.

Take this option if you think that you need a crystal chandelier to add a modern style to your living space. Using this chandelier means that you will need 25 bulbs. Even better, you can use this chandelier for other areas, as well.


  • The light bulbs are not dimmable but you can choose halogen lights.
  • The design is so modern and it looks stylish


  • The chandelier is very heavy that it may take time to install

6. Hile Lighting Modern Chandelier for Small Living Room

With 10.43-inch of height and 8.66-inch of weight, Hile Lighting presents this pendant ceiling light with something stunning. Also, it only uses one bulb and modern design. It transforms your living space instantly, thanks to the chrome finish.

Additionally, this cone-shaped ceiling has no dimmable feature. The shade is made of glass so you should handle it carefully during the installation. The light direction is downlight, and you can operate this chandelier by using the corded-electric system.


  • It is a chic, yet a classic chandelier for living room
  • It offers not too bright light.


  • The installation is not easy.

7. POPILION Modern Crystal Chandelier

There are three color options available for this product. POPILION offers this chandelier with 11.81-inch of weight and 8.66-inch of height. When you are using this chandelier, it means that you will need 2 bulbs.

It comes with a modern style with a silver finish. The design is so much fun that you will love the cone shape. Additionally, the material is made of crystal. Once you have installed the chandelier, you can operate it from the corded-electric.


  • The shade is so beautiful
  • It is the ideal choice if you are looking for a retro fixture for your living room.


  • Be careful when you are working with the crystals since they are easy to break.

8. Dinggu Flush Mounted Chrome Modern Chandelier

Complete your living room décor with this flush-mounted chandelier ceiling design. The height of this chandelier is 13.78-inch. On the other hand, the length is 23.62-inch the same as the width.

It is good to know that it offers a modern style with multicolor design. This circular ceiling light also comes with chrome finish. The materials are crystal and metal. The last thing to know is the bulb is not dimmable.


  • The chandelier creates beautiful lighting
  • It looks more expensive than the real price tag.


  • Hard to install

9. SOTTAE Elegant Crystal Chandelier

Next, this is a crystal flush mount chandelier with a modern style. It offers beautiful lighting for any room, including the living room. Additionally, it is the best way to upgrade the lighting to make your living room looks dramatic.

The diameter of this chandelier is 11.8-inch and the height is 4.72-inch of height. Make sure that it is what you need if you are living in 12-20 m of room. If you want to make your living room gets a romantic mood, this is what you should add to space.


  • Easy to install
  • The design is so cool


  • Small

10. Hsyile KU300142 Modern Chandelier

Here is the last option when it comes to the best chandelier for the living room. Besides, the chandelier works with three lights you must buy separately. If we talk about the installation, it is easy to do. Additionally, the chandelier has glass crystal and chrome silver.

Use this chandelier if you want to modernize your living room with the silver finish. Also, the cone design looks perfect with the support of glass, metal, and chrome materials.


  • The instructions are easy to follow
  • The chandelier adds glam to space


  • Small

Living Room Chandelier Buying Guide

After reading all the product reviews above, you may need this buying guide to choose the best option for your family.

1. Check the Ceiling

It is important to make sure that your living room ceiling is high enough. You will use the ceiling to hang the chandelier. If your living room has a low ceiling, make sure you go with a small chandelier. For this reason, you should use a measuring tape and measure the ceiling.

Next, you should measure the height of the living space. It helps you determine the right chandelier to invest in. Also, taller ceilings look perfect for larger fixtures. Hire a professional worker to measure the height of the ceiling if you are not sure about doing this.

2. The Features of the Room Chandelier

We recommend you to think of the size of your chandelier. You can go with small or big chandeliers. Also, make sure that you limit your list. For example, you will only take ten options on your list.

Additionally, it is good to know that small chandeliers are perfect for low ceiling living room design. On the other hand, the tall ceiling is the best match for huge chandeliers. Not only that, but you should also think of the design and the form of the chandelier. Make sure that you know the style of chandeliers to buy.

For further details, think of the bulbs. The bulbs will also determine the ambient light that the chandeliers can create. You should also read the products you want to buy carefully by finding the information about the wattage the bulbs need.

3. Think of the Living Room Furniture

Your next job is to make sure that the chandelier can create an unmatched look by complimenting the living room furniture. So, we are talking about the living room table. For this reason, make sure that you measure the size and the shape of your living room table.

The rule is that you should not let the chandelier overpowers the table. Also, it should complete the entire space. Keep in mind that the ideal choice of the chandelier is at least 12-inch narrower compared to the table that is below the chandelier.

Additionally, you must measure the existing furniture items as well. For example, it is about your sofa. You can use the size of your sofa to choose the right chandelier. So, it is good to measure the width and the height of your existing furniture before hanging the living room chandelier. By doing this, you will be able to decide the right size of the chandelier you need.

4. Measure the Width of Your Living Room

Not only the height but also the width of your living room to measure that will help you find the best chandelier for the living room.  This rule is the same as the way you buy a chandelier for dining room. This way can help you decide whether the chandeliers are too big or too small for the size of your living room. Keep in mind that you complete your observations by evaluating the living space carefully.

5. Budget Plan

You will invest your money in this product, and for this reason, you should make a plan for your budget to spend. To start, set your budget. How much you want to spend on the living room chandelier. Go for the price and compare some products based on design, size, and brand.


After reading those reviews along with buying guides, it can be challenging to decide which one is the best chandelier for the living room. Well, today, we would like to help you more by making the list is more specific than before. We are not talking about ten reviews above. But, it is about our selection of the three-top choices below;

  1. GDNS Chandeliers Firework LED Light Stainless Steel Crystal – Take this option if you want to get a chandelier with a unique design. Also, it is easy to install the chandelier especially if the size of your living room is at 10 x 6. Nevertheless, the instruction is unclear, so you have to read it carefully.
  2. 7 PM Modern Crystal Chandelier – Do you need a crystal chandelier? We think it looks good as the next option. It is the right choice for you who need modern chandelier design with no dimmable light bulbs. The lighting looks stylish and stunning that will add more value to your living room décor.
  3. Hsyile KU300142 Modern Chandelier – This is the last option for us to choose from. The chandelier comes with the modern design presented by Hsyile. Even better, you can follow the details of the instruction easily because the steps are clear and easy to follow. Once you add it to your living room, it adds glam to the entire space instantly. Nevertheless, the size is a little bit small.

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