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According to Milo Cress, Americans’ use of drinking straws counts on 500 units per day. By this number, it’s highly possible to create some environmental problems in the future, especially if the straws are the disposable ones.

Being totally free of straw seems impossible. People concern hygiene. They prefer to drink through the straw because it’s more trustable. They don’t want to take a risk by sipping directly through the mouth of a can or bottle. There are some issues out there that said there can be rat urine. In addition, the issue of cleaning the glass improperly, a glass of a drink is used by countless people.

Fortunately, the reusable straws are considered able to reduce this number. It becomes more eco-friendly. Even, it’s safer to use because we control its cleanliness.

However, carrying around a conventional long straw may look weird. In this case, it has to be designed collapsible so that it’s storable in a case. If we need it to sip, we lengthen it. After finish, we can shorten it again and put it into the case.

It could extend several times longer that allows you to adjust and choose the length you want. They commonly look very stylish and could be your next lifestyle.

In this post, we are glad to share with you our 10 best collapsible straws along with the reviews. Hopefully, you get the idea of they are and find them useful to be your next collapsible straw purchase.

Top 10 Best Collapsible Straws

1. Doboli Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw

The first best collapsible straw that we find from the market is Doboli collapsible straw. There are lots of satisfied users that use this straw. This straw is made from stainless steel. It’s reusable and simple. If you love simplicity, then we suggest this one.

This product comes with two packs and fortunately, it’s designed with a keychain so it’s easy to carry and feel confident to carry it around. As there are two, if one is lost, you still have the reserve.

It’s easy to use. You just need to extend the length and sip. It can extend three times from its initial length. This straw will not send you to bankruptcy. It costs just some little pennies but makes you happy. There are several colors that you could choose from. For women, there is a rose gold color that should match with your preference.

2. Anpro Collapsible Reusable Metal Straw

The second straw that we share is from the Anpro brand. Similar to Doboli, it’s made from stainless steel. However, what we love from this Anpro collapsible straw is the design. You could unscrew it at the middle length of the straw. So, you could brush the internal tube properly. As a result, you can be confident that it’s completely clean. Another benefit is the food-grade silicone tip, it gives a soft sense when sipping the drink.

It also comes equipped with a short cleaning brush in the case. By this brush, you could use it again in the next moment surely after you clean it. There will be two sets of straw. Each one comes with the case. This one is small and will fit in your small bag.

3. Eco-Pals Collasipble Reusable Straw

Another interesting collapsible straw is Eco-Pals. Eco-Pals straw is a stainless steel collapsible straw that can extend up to 9.25″. If it’s collapsed, then it can shorten up to 4″.

It’s also featured with a collapsible cleaning brush. So you don’t need to worry because it will reach all areas inside the straw tube. There are several color options that you could pick. The case is made of aluminum alloy so it’s strong yet lightweight. Overall, if you are looking for an elegant look collapsible straw, this is the right choice for you.

4. Vantic Stainless Steel Collapsible Straw

Vantic collapsible reusable straw is a nice way of sipping the drink through a straw. This straw is made from stainless steel which means last longer not easily rust. In addition, we love the look. It’s very basic and simple. It comes with a brush so you could wash it when getting home, and then use it again for the other next time.

The bigger diameter is 0.35 inch and the smaller diameter is 0.27 inch. The maximum length when it’s fully extended is 9.25 inch. This Vantic straw comes with a case that can be hanged on your bag.

5. Yoocaa Collapsible Metal Straw

The last stainless steel collapsible straw we pick from the market is Yoocaa metal straw. Yoocaa is simple but stylish. It comes with a carrying case and the key chain that makes it possible to get into your bag or hang on your belt.

You could extend the length of the straw up to 9.5” from its minimum length of 3.1”.  It’s made of 304 stainless steel. The cleaning brush is collapsible as well. So, it allows you to put the brush in the silicone case which is good for traveling. A purchase of Yoocaa collapsible straw consists of two straws that will make your life more stylish and eco-friendly.

6. Vantic Collapsible Reusable Silicone Straws

A silicone straw is another type of collapsible straw that we recommend to use. It’s flexible and bendable. You could carry it on your bag, and use it for lots of times to avoid using the disposable ones.

There are lots of advantages to using a collapsible silicone straw. Firstly, as an insulator, it’s heat resistant until 500 degrees. This means you could use it for drinking hot coffee. But, be careful when the hot coffee reaches your tongue because it’s still hot. If you think drinking coffee through stainless steel straw could impair the taste, then this is the next great option to have a try.

Secondly, it’s also more eco-friendly than plastic. Thirdly, it’s durable. When you have to wash it using a dishwasher, it’s okay.

7. Yoocaa Reusable Silicone Collapsible Straws

Save the turtles on the ocean by using this Yoocaa collapsible silicone straw. This is durable and reusable. It comes with the little brush to easily clean the internal side of the straw.

Yoocaa straw is very affordable when we visit the sale page. But, you don’t need to worry because it’s safe and BPA free. As advertised, it’s free from phthalate, cadmium, lead, mercury, etc. If you think you drink a lot, then a typical reusable straw can be used up to 1000 times. So, this can save money rather than buying the made-of-plastic ones and save the ocean as well.

8. Lumeko Collapsible Reusable Straws

Another model for the silicone straw that we pick from the market is Lumeko foldable food grade silicone straw. According to the advertising, a unit of Lumeko silicone straw can save 584 plastic straws. That means it can used for 584 times. By this number, you are only saving the world but also save money rather than buying the plastic ones.

It’s foldable. So it can fit to get into the case. There is a slot for the cleaning brush as well. The case is nice and you could carry it anywhere you want.

9. Muslish Collapsible Silicone Straws

Muslish collapsible silicone straw is unique and cute. As you could see, there is love. If you are feminist, then this is a great option to pick up. It’s easy to bend in order to get into the case. That said, this will fit in your travel bag and you could definitely take it around.

10. Doboli Collapsible Silicon Straw

The last choice is Doboli’s collapsible silicone straw. This one looks very basic. A purchase you make, you could get two units of silicone straw.

As usual, it comes with carrying cases (2) and cleaning brushes (2). The length of the straw is 10 inches.

No matter your drink, whether it’s hot or cold, this one is versatile. You could enjoy your drink without harming the environment. Since it’s equipped with the cleaning brush, it can be packed and carried during your travel. Save your health from unwanted rat urine that could be in the mouth of the drinking can.

Buying Guide of Collapsible Straw

It’s very common when buying something we consider the important factors of it. It’s such a step by step process of taking a decision. In this section, we are going to cover some points on how to choose the best collapsible straw.

1. Material

So far, there are three types of straws based on the material that we know: 1. plastic straw, 2. metal straw, 3. glass straw, and 4. bamboo straw.

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. However, the most possible ones to get designed collapsible are the metal and plastic ones.

In most cases, plastic straws use silicone material. Its flexible property

On the other hand, the most recommended material for metal straw is stainless steel. It’s considerably anti-rusting material. So it’s safe to use for a long time. Furthermore, you could save money because the durability of this material is undoubtedly better than silicone.

2. Cleaning Brush

Since you intend to sip through it again on the next time, you have to use brush the inside straw after the use. Never miss out to purchase the straw that comes with a cleaning brush so you don’t need to buy again separately.

If possible, prefer the one that is collapsible as well. This will allow you easily brush every side of the inside straw no matter it’s near or far.

3. Length and Diameter

The length of the straw is expected not too long or too short. And also, the diameter of the tunnel should be not too small or too big.


Some people concern about the hygiene of their drink. They don’t want to put their lips to the glass. In addition, people worry maybe there could be animal pee on the drinking can. Straw is considered safe to use for this case and they are comfortable with it.

It’s up to you to decide. However, you are advised to concern the environmental issues it could lead to as well. Therefore, we highly recommend you using the reusable collapsible straw. The 10 collapsible straws above are the options available on the market which we narrow from a lot of choices available. You are now a lot easier to select.

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