Best Concrete Bonding Agent

Concrete bonding agents are made of synthetic or natural materials. It works to bond new and existing concrete surfaces. Even better, you could use it to bond any successive layers made of concrete. That’s said, the chemicals are effective to let concrete surfaces bond just like a single unit.

Additionally, there are three types of bonding agents for the concrete below:

  1. Epoxy Bonding Agent. It works to bond concrete layers and to join both concrete and steel.
  2. Acrylic latex. This bonding agent is good to bond fresh concrete with existing concrete. You will need rollers, trowels, or brush to apply it on the surface.
  3. Polyvinyl Acetate (PVA). Effective to repair concrete. It is also compatible with cement. [Source]

Why do you need concrete adhesive? When the floors damaged, you have to demolish the floor to start again. Otherwise, you should resurface the existing materials. Of course, removing the floors could be expensive, and it takes a lot of time. Also, if the floors are still good for their structure, it is wasteful. Therefore, adding new concrete on the old surface could be a solution.

It is good to know that cement does not contain natural bonding agents. That’s said, fresh concrete on the top of old concrete will not bond together. Even though the new concrete is on the top of the old surface, but they create a separate layer. It also means that you will not get a strong floor.

About using bonding agents, simply paint it on the old concrete first to make sure that the new concrete will adhere. [Source]

10 Best Concrete Bonding Agent Reviews

1. Larsen WCQ06 Concrete Bonding Agent

You could use it to bond new concrete, tile, or stucco in any surface. Also, it is good for both the outer and inner parts of your house. Anytime you want to use a bonding agent to concrete walls, blocks, bricks, marble, or other materials, this is what you need.

If you wonder about using it to a painted concrete wall, it works. But, it is important to clean any loose paint before applying it. Also, it is effective to resurface any concrete block wall with new stucco even though you have peeled the stucco off the block. Even better, if you have a sealed floor, you could apply it to lay new tiles.


  • It works very well.
  • You could use it to bond different materials

2. SIKA 187782 Bonding Agent For Concrete

Do you need the best bonding adhesive for concrete? Try Sikaflex R. this is a bonding adhesive as well as an acrylic fortifier. You could use it for different purposes. The mixture also allows you to resurface the existing concrete with the new ones.

Additionally, the adhesive is strong, thanks to the specially-designed chemical for mortar and concrete. Since it is a prep product, it works as an etching primer. It means you could not add any sand to this product to apply it to bricks.


  • Strong bonding agent
  • You could use it to pool plaster, bonding agent for basement, and others


  • Packaging issue but the product quality is good

3. Damtite 04072 Concrete Bonding Agent Waterproof

Having problems with cracks and holes in masonry, brick and stone, and concrete? You could use this waterproof and permanent concrete bonding agent to solve your matter. It is also available with high-strength performance.

As a waterproofing mortar, you could use it to repair, resurface, and patch concrete, stucco, or brick with the thickness for more than 1 inch in a single application. In this container, you will get liquid and powder.

It means you should mix the liquid and powder. Make sure that the container is clean. Using this product means you will get a super sticky bonding agent to aluminum, wood, and glass.


  • Simple to use
  • It could solve large chips in the concrete floor
  • It is easy to set up


  • The company should improve the instruction details

4. Quikrete Bonding Agent for Concrete

With a high level of durability, this concrete bonding adhesive is easy to use. It works by bonding new concrete, stucco, and plasters to the existing surface permanently. Additionally, when you are using this product, you do not have to rough the surface. Therefore, it helps you save your time.


  • Good for concrete resurfacing
  • Quick dry
  • Effective to reduce the cracks on the wall


  • It comes in a quart, not a gallon

5. Quikrete 990201 Concrete Bonding Agent

Just like the previous product, Quikrete also offers this concrete bonding agent with high ease of use. It works to bond new concrete, stucco, and plaster. Even better, it helps you save your time since roughing the existing surface is not necessary.

This product is what you need since it works for both outdoor and indoor. Simply, paint it on to allow new concrete bonds to the existing concrete. To do so, you will need a brush and allow it to dry before applying to the new concrete.


  • It could deal with the weather
  • Good for loose concrete steps, and for patching any area


  • It comes in quart, not a gallon bottle

6. Drylok 22212 Concrete Bonding Agent From Latex

Move onto the next product, Drylok has this latex bonding agent. You could use it to repair purge walls, slabs, patios, concrete driveways, and steps. Anytime you want to repair the interior of your house, you could use it as well.

Drylok is also an effective adhesive that adheres to difficult surfaces such as slick, dense, or porous concrete, drywall, stone, plaster walls, and hardboard. Having such a bonding agent helps you a lot to repair any damages outside and inside of your homes.


  • You could use it as an additive in the concrete mix, or use it to repair plaster from the lath.
  • Good stabilizer for old plaster
  • For the best result, use Drylok Latex Bonding Agent with DryLock Plug by mixing these products.

7. DAP 02131 Bonding Agent For Concrete

If you are looking for a concrete bonding agent that is easy to apply, try this. It would not take much to apply. You could use it as a bonding agent for tiles to concrete as well. Keep in mind that it is not an additive. That’s said, you have to add it to the concrete mix.

If you have a problem such as loose stone steps, try this. This adhesive is also effective to fix areas with concrete or bad mortar. It means that you could save about $2500 by using this affordable solution.


  • Good bonding agent to repair the swimming pool
  • Works best to add new cement over existing cement
  • Ideal for concrete patch


  • If you are looking for this product to adhere to concrete blocks for your patio or wall projects, it is not the ideal choice.

8. Elmer’s E862 Concrete Bonding Agent And Fortifier

Another choice is available for you. This is an adhesive that dries quickly. Also, it offers a strong bond between any old and existing concrete. This product is also good to provide a fortifier by providing resiliency.

If you wonder whether it is indoor or outdoor, it works both!


  • Good to repair gargoyles, broken patio, and tiles
  • It could deal with freeze and thaw
  • Easy to use

9. PC Products 72561 Bonding Agent for Concrete Epoxy

What you will get is a two-part adhesive paste from epoxy. This product answers the needs of filling and repairing cracks for concrete. If you want to anchor bolts, threaded rods, and dowels, blocks, and masonry, it also works.

Besides, this paste is strong enough to deal with moisture. That’s told, you could apply it even in any damp environments. Also, you could use it for vertical applications. Even better, this adhesive is ideal for indoor and outdoor.

When you apply it, you should allow the adhesive dries for 4 hours. Having this bonding agent means that you could repair any cracks in factory floors or warehouse without closing the working area.


  • Good to connect new concrete to old concrete, loose brick.
  • Dry quick
  • Strong adhesive


  • If you want to get the best result, you should clean the old surface first.

10. Gorilla Concrete Bonding Agent Epoxy For Multipurpose

This is the last choice when it comes to the best concrete bonding agent. It has a strong adhesive that you use it to fill any gaps. Since it is great for any surface applications, it is the right choice for you who need multipurpose bonding agent.

Once the adhesive dries, it looks clear. That’s told, it is a great and clean finishing. Even better, this product only needs five minutes to set. Other interesting features of this product are water-resistance, and it is perfect for indoor or outdoor.


  • It dries quickly especially in a hot climate
  • It is also effective on copper
  • The product comes with the included cap which means it is still good for your next project.


  • You may need practice when you want to apply it.

Concrete Bonding Agent Buying Guide

Is it your first time to buy the best adhesive for concrete? We recommend you to read this buying guide to help you decide. Here are the key factors to decide the best choice:

1. High Holding Power

This is an important feature to consider. Spend your time to research products with less number of nails and screws to do the job. If you are using concrete adhesive to do paneling or any projects about fiberglass panel, make sure the product has high quality.

For example, you could search for certified products with good air quality. Also, pay attention to its safety for kids.

2. Odorless

Make sure that the product has no smell that could be too strong and sensitive for people with an allergic reaction. Odorless means that it is a safe choice for people at home.

Additionally, it is better to find products with more polyurethane. The more it is, the more flexible your product. Also, it has better holding power on wood, plastic, fiberglass, metal, glass, and others.

When you are choosing the best concrete bonding agent, it also means you should choose a product with chemical resistance. By this feature, the product will not show a reaction with the surface.

3. Safety

Another important thing when you are looking for the concrete adhesive is to check its safety. You should be able to consider whether it is good for your kids or not. You are about to use it at home. For this reason, it must be safe for all people and even pets at home.

4. Dry Quickly

The crucial feature is the concrete adhesive must dry quickly. This is good to help you save your effort and time. It must be effective on the wet surface, as well.

5. Waterproof and Water-resistance

It is important to make sure that the product is 100% waterproof. That means the product has a good bonding quality anytime even though the surface is wet.

When the surface gets freshwater, the bonding agent should resist water. This is crucial, in which the bonding agent will not damage.

6. Easy to Clean

You do not want any visible mess after doing this task. Therefore, the concrete adhesive should be easy to clean. You need to mist the bonding agent with water to clean it. Other than that, you should wear gloves while applying concrete adhesive to make sure that it does not stick to your fingers.

7. Temperature Resistant

The best product means that you could use it inside and outside of your home. It should deal with hot and cold temperatures. Therefore, make sure that the product has a strong bonding formulation that will let you use it for outdoor space and any condition.

Keep in mind that the surface should be free from oil, grease, dirt, and debris before using the concrete adhesive.

Final Verdict

1. Larsen WCQ06 Concrete Bonding Agent

Anytime you want to work with concrete, stucco, tile, and any surface, it is a bonding agent for different materials. You could use it outdoor and indoor. Keep in mind that you should clean the loose paint before applying it to a painted concrete wall.

2. SIKA 187782 Bonding Agent for Concrete

Sikaflex R is a strong bonding agent and an acrylic fortifier. You could use it to work for the basement, pool plaster, and other purposes. Keep in mind that it is a prep product which means you should not add any sand to this bonding agent.

3. Gorilla Concrete Bonding Agent Epoxy For Multipurpose

This epoxy bonding agent is like glue. It has a strong adhesive that is perfect for gap filling. Even better, it dries quickly and works in different materials. Since it only takes five minutes to set, make sure that you spend a little time practicing first.