Best Cooling Hat

Do you like spending your time to do outdoor activities? Whether you want to go fishing, hiking, traveling, or others, still you should protect yourself with the best cooling hat. When the weather is nice, of course, it becomes a special day for you to enjoy your outdoor plans. Why should you wear a hat when you go outside?

Cooling Hat
Cooling Hat

Hats are stylish. But, this type of hat, cooling hat, can do more. If you wonder how it works, it supports the way your body can cool automatically, which called perspiration. This hat comes with a padded sweatband. This feature absorbs perspiration. As a result, it alerts your body to cool itself by doing more perspiration.

Additionally, it is interesting to know that the hat is from a breathable micro-mesh. In another word, this hat is very breathable from the brim to the crown. When you hold the hat up to the light, you can even see the holes. This system lets the hot air escape. Additionally, we are using Arpansa to test the layer of the material. The result showed that it provides you 50+ Protection.

Move to the next question, something like ‘Why should you wear a hat during your outdoor activities?’  It sounds like a simple yet meaningful question. Going out in the sun is harm that you need to protect your skin with sunscreen with SPF30 at least. The sun’s rays can harm your hair, eyes, and skin because of the UV rays. Therefore, it is good to protect your head with the best cooling hat. So, you can feel fresh and comfortable all day long. Here is the review of all the best products when it comes to the cooling hat.

Top 10 Best Cooling Hats

1. Mission Performance Cooling Hat [Best Overall]

This hat is perfect for morning activities like jogging, late-night runs or other outdoor activities in the summer. The cooling performance lets you do more. With the support of a high-technology spin on the traditional headwear, this hat is what you need right now.

Also, it comes with proprietary technology that cools instantly once the hat gets wet. It is simple to activate the hat’s cooling properties. What you can do is to sweat or wet it. After that, wave this hat in the air a few times. So, the airflow through the cooling zones will start working. You will love how cooling technologies decrease the rate of evaporation.

The product has some promising features such as adjustable closure, lightweight, and it is made of ultra-wicking fabric. The UPF 50 protection completes your hot summer days.


  • It has cooling panels in the front two panels of this hat and the sweatband
  • This hat has soft material that does not cause itching


  • The headband is not quite wide

2. Ergodyne Cooling Ranger Hat [Second Best]

Take this as your next option. The cooling technology in this hat supports you for four hours. To activate this technology, re-wet it and the cooling duration will increase. For this reason, it is great for camping, outdoor sports, boating, playing at the beach, and others.

There are some good features to this product. For example, the brim is wide that helps you block the sun and protect your face. Since it is reusable, the materials are durable that you can use it again and again. Simply, re-wet it until it is soft and it is ready to use.

So, before wearing this hat, it is good to soak the Evap material in the cold water for one minute. After that, wear the material inside and make contact with your forehead. Wear it outside, if you do not mind. Also, you will need a bottle of water and re-soak anytime you need. Note that the hat is for heat relief on the hot weather. You should not wear this hat when the evaporation materials are still stiff.


  • It has a wide brim with the extra cooling property so it can support you in low humidity
  • It keeps you cool during the hottest days in the summer


  • You need to wet the inside of the hat constantly to maintain the coolness

3. Mission Cooling Bucket Hat- UPF 50, 3” Wide Brim, Cools When Wet

You will also need it as an alternative option when you need the best cooling hat. This is a 100% polyester cooling hat that cools instantly. To activate the cooling performance, you need to get it wet, then wring the hat out and wave it. It makes you feel cool for two hours and more. The brim has a 3-inch width and it offers UPF 50. Therefore, it is what you need to stay active and comfortable during your outdoor activities.

Additionally, this is a portable and adjustable hat with a lightweight design. The soft structure lets you fold it. Therefore, you can pack it easily and instantly. The brim is also reinforced with the quilted stitching design. It will not flop down and let you in trouble. The cord chinstrap also has an elastic design. You can adjust it anytime to give you the ultimate comfort.


  • It has nice material with the lightweight design, ideal for hiking and fishing
  • The adjustable chin cord is a helpful feature in this hat


  • It may be too big to your head.

4. Mission Cooling Performance Hat- Unisex Baseball Cap, Cools When Wet

Stay active and do your outdoor activities even when the weather is hot. This invigorating and cooling hat cools instantly. Also, it requires three simple steps to activate it quickly. Wet, wring, and then wave it! As simple as that and it will stay cool for more than two hours.

This cap is lightweight with an adjustable hook design that makes it comfortable. The loop tab is on the back so it offers you a perfect fit. Additionally, cooling has no chemical that may harm you. With the capability to offer UPF 50, this hat is machine washable, reusable, thanks to the permanent chemical-free cooling technology.


  • The hat has a stylish and comfortable design
  • It is lightweight and fits well that you just soak it down and then cool off


  • The hat is a little bit larger

5. Headsweats Performance Race/Running/Outdoor Sports Hat

Try this popular hat to complete your activities. Whether you are a runner, athlete, hiker, rower, or others, this is an elegant cooling hat with a technical innovative design. It offers you a superior fit that makes it comfortable to wear. The presence of terry sweatband promotes good airflow. This material also dries four times faster than cotton.

If you are looking for a cap that you can wash by the washing machine, this is the right choice. The rear buckle has an adjustable design for a ponytail. Even better, the black undervisor feature helps you reduce glare. A classic that makes you stay active all day long.


  • The functionality of this hat is impressive that can wick body moisture away.
  • The hat keeps your eyes clear and it lasts long


  • The fit different based on colors and size

6. Arctic Hat Evaporative Cooling Hat with UV Protection As Seen On TV

If you think that the harsh rays beat you, and you think that your ordinary hat cannot save your life, take this best cooling hat. With the evaporating cooling design and UV protection, it keeps you cool and fresh. What you must do is to wet the inner Liner. After that, put on the hat so you can enjoy the cooling relief instantly.

Additionally, the hat comes with a built-in UV barrier. This feature blocks more than 99% of the sun’s VU rays. Even you are working on the hottest days; the hat keeps you comfortable for long hours. This hat is made of breathable, lightweight, and durable fabric with ventilation panels. Therefore, it makes excess air to flow freely.


  • It gives you best protection during all hot summer days
  • You will love the brim design


  • A little bit stiffer

7. Clape Ultra Thin Cooling Baseball Hats [Third Best]

Unlike the previous options, this cooling hat comes with many colors to choose from. The design is light and breathable, thanks to the super-light choice. Additionally, it comes with a nice fabric that wicks moisture. Therefore, it keeps you cool and comfortable all day long.

For the rear closure, it comes with an adjustable design. So, it is easy for you to custom fit it based on your head size. Other than that, this hat is what you need when you want to do outdoor activities. You can go hiking, camping, biking, or others.


  • It is a lightweight and comfortable hat
  • It saves your head on a sunny day.


  • Not waterproof

8. Sports Cooling Sun Hats for Golf Cycling Running Fishing

Do you need more options? Try this! This is a superlight hat with a moisture-wicking material. It makes you cool and comfortable for many hours. Since it has quick-drying fabric, the hat can dry out quickly so that you can use it every day. Additionally, this foldable hat lets you pack it easily. At the back of the hat, there is an adjustable closure to support a custom fit.

The big reason why you should go with this hat is sun protection. It has anti-UV fabric to give you the best protection. The Mesh design increases the breathability to make it perfect for hot days. The last interesting feature is a water-resistant fabric.


  • Well-made design to keep you cools in the summer days
  • Keep your sweat out of your eyes


  • You may find trouble adjusting the size

9. Fancet Cooling Japanese Sun Hat Summer SPF 50 Safari Fishing

For women, this cooling hat comes with an adjustable string. You can knot it at the back to make you feel comfortable. The brim has 4-inch width and the flap gives you enough shade to protect your face and neck. It is because the hat has SPF 50+ and UPF 50+. As a result, it can block 97.5% of the UV rays; a nice hat for traveling.

Since the design is fashionable, you can wear it at the beach, safari, or other outdoor activities. If you want to maintain its durability, we recommend you hand wash it. Whether you want to wear it during summer or spring, this hat makes your fashion looks better.


  • It keeps the sun off your neck and face.
  • The cord helps your hat stay


  • If your head size is below average, you may experience some bunching

10. Kool Breeze Solar Cooling Hat for Gardener

This is the last choice to go with. This straw hat looks great for both men and women. It comes with a compact design that will keep your head cool. Also, it protects your head and face from UV rays. The bands are carefully selected.


  • This hat can keep you cool
  • The design is fascinating.


  • No chin strap string

Best Cooling Hat Buying Guide

Since the choices are quite many, here are a few factors to consider. So, you can choose the best cooling hat.

1. UV Protection

The first thing to consider is UV protection because it protects your eyes from cataracts. Also, it works to prevent your skin from Melanoma. Other things that caused by UV lights are skin damage and advanced aging. For this reason, it is good to find a hat with UPF and SPF levels.

UPF – Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which means, it measures the possible amount of ultraviolet that reaches the skin after it penetrates your skin through your clothing.

SPF – Sun Protection Factor is usually in cosmetics, creams, and sunscreen. The role is to measure the time it needs for this protection to wear off and the skin starts to redden before it gets a sunburn.

The fabric of your hat, especially the tightness of the material, what material the hat is made from, and the color of your hat can determine the UPF.

2. Color

Light colors can reflect the UV RAYS. It is good to go with beige, cream, and white. Alternatively, choose light olive, tan, or grey cooling hat. If you go with a light color, it is okay to find hats with a splash of other colors at the rim of your hat. It adds a more stylish look, but please note that the hat color is better in the bright-colored option.

On the other hand, dark colors like black will only absorb the heat. Therefore, it will only make you feel extra hot. Even it can cause headaches.

3. Weaving Tightness

The tighter the weaving material in your hat, the better it is for you. If you go with floppy straw hats featured with big holes, it looks good. But, it will only let a lot of moisture. Also, it makes the sun penetrates through your hat. Hence, it does not provide enough protection.

4. Material

A breathable material that is good for your cooling means that it is tightly woven. You can go with cotton, cotton blend fabrics, and polyester. There are some comfortable materials to wear all day long in all colors with a lightweight design, as well. A foldable and crushable hat makes you easy to pack it, too.

5. Other Things to Consider

With the adjustable cords and straps, you can pull and tighten your hat around your head. This is good, especially if there is a chin strap so you can keep your hat stay in its place when the wind is strong. Also, the Skin Cancer Foundation explains that the ideal width of your hat should be 3-inch at least to give enough shield to protect your face, neck, and ears. Even you should consider moisture-wicking lining. It works to draw moisture away from your head and your face. So, there will be no rash that makes you feel uncomfortable.


After seeing the ten products above, it can be confusing to find the best cooling hat. But, here we give you the three choices we think best to pick:

Mission Performance Cooling Hat – This hat has a lightweight design with soft materials that will make you feel comfortable. The UPF 50 protection gives you the best protection from the harm of the sun rays.

Ergodyne Cooling Ranger Hat – Even though you have to soak the inside of the hat constantly in the water, but the function still works. The wide brim gives a cooling property. Therefore, it can keep you stay cool on the hottest summer days.

Clape Ultra-Thin Cooling Baseball Hats – With so many colors available, this lightweight cooling hat can be your choice. It is from breathable materials that can make you feel comfortable when you wear it all day long. However, this is not your type if you are looking for a waterproof cap.

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