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If you are really concerned about the EMF health effect on your body, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about EMF protection and trying to figure out the best one. EMF protection means things such as paint, fabric, etc that can protect you from the EMF radiation.

Basically, you can’t totally protect yourself from this radiation when using a particular electronic device such as a cellphone. If you do so, it becomes paralyzed, in other words, useless (can’t receive or transmit data). However, you can reduce them significantly to a safe level.

By using an EMF meter or EMF detector, you could detect the safe level of EMF radiation. This device also helps you determine whether an EMF protection equipment works or not.

There are some ways to shield you and your lovely ones from this radiation. You could use the paint, hat, necklace, wristband, blanket, etc that designed exclusively for EMF protection. If you are looking for ideas to shield yourself from this radiation, we have covered some of the equipment here.

How to Reduce EMF Exposure?

To save the body from the EMF, we can reduce its exposure. We can do it following some formalities. First, we can change a few of our habits, and then if the uses go beyond our abilities, we could use some shielding materials.

  1. Smartphone Awareness: While using our smartphones, we can change some of the habits, such as while talking on a phone, we can use the loudspeaker or headset. Also, We must not keep our smartphone near to our head because the EMF will not allow you to sleep. If it matters, you can turn the airplane mode on.
  2. WIFI and other EMF device awareness: WIFI or the hotspot network is another EMF source. We need the internet every day. But at least at night, we can turn the router off. For our children, we can set turn on the parent mode in the router. Another excellent way of using the internet is a wired connection. This method is the safest way to use the internet.
  3. Shielding Materials: Besides the above two, there are lots of EMF sources near our home or city. To reduce their exposure, we use some of the emf shielding equipment to save our body from EMF exposure.

The 10 EMF Protection Equipment Reviews

1. EMF Radiation Protection Paint [Best Overall]

The EMF protection that comes in paint shape is our best recommended EMF radiation protection so far. This kind of protection is able to cover everyone in the building. Since we mostly stay in the building (house, school, office, etc), we consider this equipment as the most needed option among other types of EMF protection.

However, the color may be unusual to see. Even, people may think that you are not okay. But you’ll feel it when you stay in the house painted with this.

This kind of paint will protect you from the harness of electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, as long as you are in the house (building), you are protected and the radiation is reduced. The following two are our best pick from the market. Let’s have a glance at their specifications.

MG Chemicals Nickel Print (Conductive Paint)

MG chemicals nickel paint is a nickel super shell conductive paint that will reflect the electromagnetic radiation. You could use it for your house, office, hospital, and school.

In the hospital, there are essential devices that help us detect the diseases. High-frequency electromagnetic radiation can disturb the operations of these devices. However, this nickel shield paint provides 0.004 Ohm resistivity.

Another notable thing is it doesn’t need a heat cure. It has a quick dry time and is easy to apply. This emf radiation protection shield paint is strong adhesion to acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate, and other injection molded plastics.

Z-Shield (3250) Wrap-Around EMI Shielding

Another option of the paint for EMF protection is this Z-Shield EMI paint. This shielding paint is also suitable for houses and labs. This paint has an operational temperature in between -63˚ C to 176˚. That being said, this product promises 98% coverage of EMF protection.

2. EMF Radiation Protection Cover and Pad

You may carry your laptops during the work in the office or workstation. Unfortunately, outside the office or house, you often use it on our legs. Like other electronic devices, laptops and mobile devices also radiate EMF; it’s mostly in the type of magnetic field in this case. Since the distance of the genital organ and the radiation source is so close, you may consider it harmful.

Special protection required when facing this kind of radiation. The EMF radiation protection cover and pad not only save the electronics from external damage but also save you from the EMF radiation.

The laptop pad absorbs the radiation coming from the bottom of the laptop. It becomes a barrier. Similar to your mobile devices, whenever we go outside or traveling, keep your smartphones covered by the pad. Since we all hold this device inside our pocket, therefore the same case happens to our genital organ.

SYB Laptop Pad

One of the product examples of a laptop pad is from SYB. This laptop pad claims able to reduce 92% of the EMF radiation. It will keep your body healthy and easily protect your laptop. The construction of the laptop pad contains three layers in it. The outermost cover is ultra-durable, and inside, it has high-resistance alloy and a ferromagnet steel plate. Considering all the other specifications, it works great.

One customer reports a significant reduction of the magnetic field by 2/3. The customer also shows the pictures taken from the reading of his emf meter. From the look, it seems a GQ EMF-390 EMF meter. However, the RF and electric field doesn’t change. This is reasonable. Keep in mind that typical electronic device emits a magnetic field, not RF or electric field.

3. EMF Radiation Protecting iPhone Case

Another great way to attempt to deal with EMF radiation is a cellphone case. Since the iPhone is common to use in the USA, considering to buy the special case for iPhone is a wise action.

DefenderShield Case for iPhone 8/7/6/SE 2020

According to the official site; the test is conducted by an FCC-Certified testing laboratory and as a result, the product is able to block RF and ELF radiation. Since it’s blocking RF, it’s expected to be able to block 5G radiation as well.

4. EMF Radiation Protecting Fabric

The advantage of using the EMF protection equipment in the shape of fabric is the greater flexibility to cut and shape as we want. For example, we can shape it to follow the inside of the hat contour. So, our hat is empowered by EMF protection fabric now. You could cut it to suit your needs. Other ideas to use this fabric is to apply for a wallet, cloth, bag, etc.

When you sleep, you could cover your devices using this fabric. You are now protected from the electromagnetic radiation.

TitanRF Faraday Fabric

Titan RF is highly conductive. It has the type of the same material used for secret military service. This protective Fabric has a certificate from MIL-STD-188-125. In this case, this Fabric is high shielding nickel and copper blocks the WIFI (2.4 GHz – 5 GHz), Bluetooth, 5G signal, etc.

NasaFes Faraday Fabric

Another example from protective Fabric is this product from Nasafes. When it is necessary, wrap your device in 2-3 layers.

Primacare HB-10 Emergency Foil Mylar Thermal Blanket

Another option you would like to consider is this mylar blanket. It’s not able to retain and deflect heat, but also able to reduce the amount of EMF radiation. If you are looking for a very affordable option to wrap a large object, we are sure that you want this. The size of this mylar blanket is 52″ in length and 84″ in width.

Amrafield Copper Fabric Blocking

This is a copper fabric. The product company claims that the average attenuation generated by this copper fabric is 85 dB which translates into a percentage of greater than 99%. However, keep in mind that this works for RF only. Therefore, it works for shielding from cell towers, microwaves, cellphones, smart meters, etc.

The size is really nice 78″ in length and 43″ in width. It should be enough to apply in bags, hats, curtains, etc. If you are looking for a friendly price point option, considering the size of the fabric and price, this should a cost-effective choice to get into your list.

5. EMF Radiation Protection Clothing

To wear an EMF protection cloth is another one of the most secure items. There are some types of it, such as T-shirts, uniforms, sleeping suits, etc. This cloth will keep your body safe from those harmful radiations.

HECS Hunting 3-Piece Camo Suit

This suit has three different parts. One is the long-sleeved with thumb holes, one pair of pants that features a premium elastic wristband, and finally a lightweight headcover. There will be a DVD attached to this product. This suit is an excellent choice to be protected or hide from any detection device. This suit will allow you to get 69% – 75% closure to the detection device without detected.

BlocWave EMF Protection Men and Women Hoodie

BlocWave gave us more convenient cloth than the HECS. You can’t wear a suit all the time. Therefore here comes men and women hoody from the BlocWave production. It promises a 99% shielding capacity. For men, you could check it here.

6. EMF Radiation Protection Hat and Hood

Well in summer, to wear the long hood is super inconvenient. Therefore, we took this item at the next level of the clothing item. This EMF protective hat and hoody will save your body, especially the upper portion. You can use this both in summer and winter.

Leblok EMF Protection Hood

This hood promises 99.99% effectiveness at 1 GHz frequency field. The necessary materials are soft 53% Cotton, 42% Silver, 5% Polyester. It is soft and comfortable both for winter and summer. It will protect you from any kind of radiation, including gamma rays.

Leblok Radiation Field Shielding Cap

This RF shielding cap is another creation from Leblok. The materials of this cap in the outer and inner Layers has 100% Cotton, and internal Shielding has the Fabric – 25% Double Silver Plated Nylon Fabric. It also promises 99.99% effective at 1 GHz RF frequency.

7. EMF Radiation Protection Blanket and Pregnant Belly Cover

Babies are more sensitive than adults. The radiation causes cellular damage in babies more than adults. And thus, pregnant women should be more conscious of this issue. In this case, we know that the EM radiation hampers the cell division. And it affects much for pregnant women. Therefore to protect the babies, the mother should be aware of EMF radiation. EMF protection blanket and belly cover can be the best choice for mothers. Here we give you four suggestions for blanket and belly cover.

Radiation Protection Baby Blanket by Vest

This blanket is soft and comfortable entirely made for babies. The materials are 100% Cotton in the outer and inner layer, and Second Layer is 50% Silver Fabric and 50% Polyester.

Radia Smart 5G Anti-Radiation, EMF Protection Baby Blanket

Radia Smart promises 99.99% effectiveness. It will protect your babies from any kind of EM radiation such as WIFI, hotspot, 5G, etc.

Pregnancy Protection Radiation Shielding Tank/Dress

This pregnancy protection dress is another product from the Radia smart. On the outer layer, it has 100% cotton and, in the inner layer, has radiation shielding fabric.

SYB Baby Beanie, Silver-Lined EMF Anti-Radiation Protector

This pregnant baby beanie is one of the most useful items for pregnant women. It is convenient to wear. You can go out wearing this item. As long as you wear this thing, your baby is safe. However, it has the materials of 35% Silver, 45% Cotton, 20% Nylon. This item also promises 99% effectiveness from any EM radiations.

8. EMF Protection Against Smart Meters

Digital smart meters also emit EMF radiation. Unfortunately, they are in our house all the time. The typical radiation generated by smart meters is RF. That said, we have to consider them as well. Since its shape is tube-like, a special shield is required to suit the shape. At this point, we have found some products to share with you know.

The smart meter cover is designed to shield smart meter by mounting the cover on the metal ring at the base. Therefore, when buying this cover/basket, you have to consider the diameter.

EMF Essentials Smart Meter Cover

This mesh tube smart meter cover is made from 316 Stainless Steel. You could see it yourself. The shape is designed to fit the smart meter. The product claims to be able to block the radiation by 98% which is great and reasonable. To give you an idea of how fit it is, the product description says the base is 7″ diameter.

Another option you could take a look at is this smart meter cover from Smart Meter Guard. It’s made of stainless steel, blocks 98%, and provides 7 1/2 inches diameter.

The dimensions of the Smart Meter Guard is 7 1/2 inches by 4 1/2 inches and is made to mount on the metal ring at the base of the smart meter.

9. EMF Radiation Protection Crystal

Our next pick is this EMF protecting crystals. You can carry this item at any place. Let’s say you are in the office. Put this item on your table. It will cover an area to protect the EM radiation from any source. It will reduce your anxiety and boringness in your work. Wherever you go, you can take this with you.

Auramore Lapis Lazuli Crystal

This item is a combination of metals and crystals. The metallic materials are 24k gold, copper, brass, aluminum. The crystal materials are Crystal Quartz and Lapis Lazuli. This item will be perfect for you, Chakra work, Reiki healing, crystal grids, home office décor. It can be an ideal gift also.

Dey Designs Tourmaline Stones for EMF Protection

A tourmaline stone helps repel and protect against negativity. In this case, It is also a strong radiation protector. We can use them in the flower vase. We can put it inside our house to protect it from the radiation.

10. EMF Radiation Protection Necklace

You may hang out with friends, in other words, you are outside of the house where the EMF paint is no way to protect you. In this case, a necklace is able to be the shield. However, you can’t use any of them, there are several considerations to buy a necklace that is able to shield you from the radiation.

In our second pick, we take the EMF radiation protection necklace. There are some EMF protection necklaces both for men and women out there on the market. This protection necklace will 70% protect you from surrounding EMF radiation. And that’s enough to be safe.

Piezo Orgonite Hex Bullet Pendant Necklace

This silver coated necklace is 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. It has 18 inches of chain. The materials used for this jewelry are polyresin with copper metal shaving. It weighs 0.6 ounces. If you put it on, you will be safe from not only 5G radiation but also smartphones, wifi, computer, etc.

Raw Shungite Neutralizer Pendant Necklace

This EMF shielding stone will keep you safe from any electrical source such as mobile phones, computers, microwaves, and televisions. It weighs about 0.81 ounces and has the packaging size of 2.91 x 2.13 x 0.79 inches. There are a good number of suggestions came from the customers.

EMF Protection Equipment Buying Guide

When you are in a search of EMF protection equipment, there are several things you have to know. In this section, we will be talking about some basic things such as what is the EMF, why is it harmful, and how to reduce it, and what blocks it.

What is EMF?

Actually, we have been discussed this in the previous article, this is just the brief one.

You must be very familiar with the WIFI router, mobile phone, and giant network towers. These devices transfer and receive information through electromagnetic waves or EMF waves.

EMF or Electromagnetic Field is a common carrier of data transmission. Some of us may get confused about the abbreviation of the EMF (Electromotive force). In this section, we will explain the electromagnetic field and its frequency bandwidth.

The oscillation of electric and magnetic field creates the electromagnetic waves. Technically, the strength of these waves depends on the difference between two voltage terminals. Therefore the more the power of the frequency, the faster we can transfer information.

As we have discussed in the previous article, there are a few types of EMF waves. Things such as radio waves, microwave, infrared, ultraviolet, X-ray, gamma-ray, etc. are the sources. However, in this article, we are kind of focusing on the radio wave.

However, we all are familiar with the different generations of mobile networks. Or if we open our router, we can change the strength of the router Antena. What are these? These are nothing but the electromagnetic frequency range. If the field is higher, the more distance it can cover.

GenerationEMF (Hz)
3G1.6 – 2 GHz
4G2 – 8 GHz
5G3 – 30 GHz

From the first generation to the fifth generation, the bandwidth of the EMF has changed. Most of the countries are providing a fourth-generation network. Very few are giving 5G.

Why Is It Harmful?

Our body is full of electrons. And when the electromagnetic wave comes into our body, it makes some issues. In most of the countries, this topic is debatable. We know that surrounding us, we have many kinds of electromagnetic waves. Few of the states declared more than 10GHz is harmful to humankind, few said 12 GHz. We can see the 5G network has the electromagnetic frequency in this range.

Usually, excessive radiation causes the temperature to rise inside our bodies. If we stay too long under this dangerous radiation every day, it may cause deathly diseases. For example, sleep disturbance, headache, depression, dysesthesia, changes in memory, dizziness, irritability, loss of appetite and weight loss, restlessness, nausea, skin burning, changes in an electroencephalogram, etc. are the common symptoms we affect every day.

What Blocks EMF Radiation?

Many materials can do EMF blocking. In this case, the materials used here are sheet metal, metal screen, or metal foam. The sheet metal can be conductive materials such as copper, brass, nickel, silver, mylar, steel, or tin. In this case, the blocking can be any physical properties of the metal. The reflection or absorption can both perform the emf blocking.

However, to choose a material, we must know which type of your EMF radiation is. If it is an electrically dominated wave, then the highly conductive metals such as copper, brass, nickel are the best choice. On the other hand, if it is a magnetically dominant wave, then less conductive metal such as steel or stainless steel comes as the best option.


From the above, We learned enough about EMF exposure and its protection. We hope we demonstrate enough products which will help you to reduce EMF exposure. After comprehensive research, we tried to collect the best product in the market. The products we have mentioned above have the best reviews in the market.

So, those who are in the 5G area we suggest you focus on most of the product here. And those who are not in the 5G area still need to focus on a few products such as smartphone stickers, pad, cover, etc.

After all, we hope we could find your desired EMF shield here. You can have a look around these products. We hope you will like it. Stay with us to find more suggestions and guidance. See you in the next articles.

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