Best Flashlight Holster

A flashlight holster is a great accessory for your flashlight. So, it is not something too much to find the best flashlight holster. It helps you quickly grab the flashlight exactly whenever you want. In addition, as it holds the flashlight on your belt, you are handsfree. It will stay on there along the time you mount it.

Flashlight Holster
Flashlight holster is put on the waist

The flashlight holsters help you keep your flashlight safely since it secures the flashlight to your body. With the flashlight always on your hand, it will increase your safety, as well.

Of course, these functional tools are very important. No one wants to predict whether to go out by bringing a flashlight or not. Tactical flashlight holsters are comfortable. Also, this accessory helps you a lot so the flashlight is always there, ready anytime you need.

So, if you have such a question about what is the best flashlight holster, our answer it depends. Maybe, you want to keep your flashlight near while hiking, working on your car, or camping. If so, you should go with a pouch holder from waterproof materials. On the other hand, the right choice for police officers or security officers is a flashlight holster with a built-in pen feature.

Make sure that you go with a holster that has a lever lock if you want to access your flashlight anytime in emergencies. Alternatively, it is enough to have a leather flashlight holster with a fully-enclosed design for daily usage.

Selecting the best flashlight holster can be challenging. Since there are several types of flashlights, the size can be one thing that you have to consider. Therefore, you’d better off understanding the flashlight you are going to mount. Luckily, if you keep reading, you’ll find some of our little guidance to buy a flashlight holster.

Top 10 Best Flashlight Holsters to Pick Out

1. LegionArms Flashlight Holster New Redesigned

This flashlight holster has a clip-on design with durable and tough material. The manufactured uses the high-quality polymer and it is scratch-resistant. Additionally, it is a tactical flashlight holster with heavy-duty construction to provide good functionality. When it comes to design, it does not take too much space. This is the ideal holster for flashlight head from 25 to 28 diameter. So, you can use it for Pelican 7600, pd35 tac, Soonfire flashlight E07, and others.


  • Perfect for people working in law enforcement
  • It can slide in upside-down
  • The clip is useful that it can go with any belts
  • You can clip the flashlight holster directly on your pants so you don’t have to wear a belt first


  • The holster position has a fixed design.

2. Brite Strike Tactical Holster For Basic Flashlight

Roto-Loc Articulating Holster from Brite Strike is the real answer for officers who need a holster that they can position in different angles. This feature is important so they can move easily with high comfort. The presence of positive ratchet will let you position this flashlight holster at a different angle you want, even for full 360-degree.

Best of all, this holster lets you use the flashlight for hands-free mode. Simply, you just have to place the flashlight in the holster. After that, you should set the desired angle. By doing this, will let the beam in a certain direction you need. So, once you set the angle, lock it and it will let you use this holster handsfree.


  • The swivel design lets you sit, bend over, and others comfortably
  • The lock feature holds the flashlight firmly
  • Ideal for one-handed operation
  • It comes with a solid and well-made design.


  • If you have a flashlight with a body of 1-inch or less, it does not the ideal choice

3. SureFire Polymer Speed Holster

SureFire is from a rugged polymer. It is one of the best flashlight holsters because it comes with an adjustable clip system for the belt. Whether you are wrestling or running, the holster works best because it does not make your flashlight falls out.

Additionally, this flashlight holster has a rugged design that lets you do rapid draw and then re-holster it. The adjustable clip can support up to 2.25-inch of the belt size. It is important to know that the holster is only for a flashlight with a diameter larger than 1.2-inch.


  • Durable and comfortable to wear
  • The presence of sliding belt holster retainer with a screw let you adjust it easily
  • The retainer is helpful so the flashlight and the holster will not slip off your belt


  • The company should fix the problem with thin metal inside the holster. It is not durable and once it gets broken, it will not hold the flashlight properly.

4. Nextorch Tactical Flashlight Holster

Coming out with the lever side lock system, Nextorch released this product for those who need tactical flashlight holster. The holster is a V5 polymer that supports any flashlights with the diameter between 1-inch to 1.25-inch.

If you are wearing belts, it fits a belt with the width 2-inch. Additionally, there are some interesting features in this flashlight holster. It offers a level locking system, 360-degree rotation, and others. The benefits of using this flashlight holster are it is easy to use, secure and safe, and adjustable. About using this product, adjust the side screw, and then hook it on your belt. Make sure that the lock is engaged to keep it in its place. Anytime you want to draw, just unlock it.


  • Ideal for those who need a holster to carry a flashlight when they getting out
  • This device is quite durable and easy to clip on your belt
  • The holster spins so it can adjust in 360-degree position and it supports hands-free


  • It is not for you if you are looking for a holster with a closed-loop attachment.

5. Maglite Leather Holster for Mini Flashlights

Made of full-grain leather, Maglite offers this mini flashlight holster. The holster has 4-inch in length and 1.5-inch wide. So, the leather holster has a flashlight holder with a diameter 2.5-inch. Maglite designed it for AA mini Maglite. Other details are below:

  • Full-grain, heavy-duty leather
  • Weather-resistant
  • Brass snap with solid design
  • Lock stitch thread
  • Works for belts 2-1/4-inch


  • Perfect for LED and the regular AA battery-powered flashlight
  • The flashlight fits perfectly in the holder
  • You can attach the holder to a pack, a belt, or others


  • The company needs to fix the issue with the Velcro. It is because if it brushes against clothing, arm, or something, the flap will open.

6. Custom Leathercraft Multipurpose Holder

Well, we think this multipurpose holder is also a perfect choice if you need the best flashlight holster. You can attach it to almost anything. For example, it is perfect for pants, work aprons, web suspenders, and others. Also, this multipurpose holder is a secure accessory to keep small tools. It works best to keep your small screwdrivers, pliers, and mini flashlights.

So, take this pouch that you can even attach it to a belt because it as a belt clip. What you need to do is to clip it over your belt. Alternatively, there is a belt loop to help you place the pouch securely. But, if you want to put the holder on and off easily, use the clip.


  • The clip works very firmly on your belt even though you are moving actively
  • It holds your tactical flashlight quite well by clipping it to the outer loop
  • It is the ideal choice for you have pens, multitools, and a phablet


  • It would be more useful if the company used high-quality Velcro

7. Maglite Plain Leather Holder for Flashlight

Take this, the flashlight holster is for you who have D Cell flashlight from Maglite. If you wonder about the diameter of this flashlight holster, it offers the same diameter just like the cylindrical tube to hold batteries in D Cell flashlight. Also, it is possible if you want to detach the holster without taking off the belt, it comes with 1 snap fastener.


  • Toss the light on the clip anytime
  • A hands-free flashlight holster that you can grab your flashlight anytime you need
  • It is the ideal choice if you need it to hang your flashlight on the belt


  • Plastic ring, it would be better if the company uses metal

8. Nite Ize Secure Flashlight Holster Stretch

Move onto the next product, this holster stretch is expandable. From Nite Ize, the company produced this secure holder for a flashlight. Also, it comes out with great functionality. When you are using it, it still allows you accessing everything easily. Even better, it has durable material featured with a compact design.

What is more, is the belt clip for this flashlight holder. You can attach the flashlight on the belt. There are some reasons why it has good construction. The product has molded foam and elastic side panels from high-quality materials. The material can stretch and expand anytime you need it. When you attach it to your waist, it works as a functional hands-free device. Last but not the least, it has an open-ended design that makes you easily access your flashlight.


  • It can change position even though it is still mounted on your belt
  • The design is durable that can last for many years
  • It is okay to throw the holster in the washer, but not in the dryer


  • The holster is too tight

9. Condor Flashlight Holster Pouch for Vest

Condor offers this flashlight pouch in some color options. Each of them comes with different prices. The depth of the pouch is 3.5-inch and there is an internal cloth to deal with low-light capability. Simply, hook your flashlight and then loop the strap.


  • This pouch is great for the price
  • Use this pouch and your flashlight will not fall out while running
  • The feature lets you turn on the light from the pouch so you have a low-light option for a low-light situation


  • It is not for you if you have flashlights with the aluminum body because it does not offer a good grip for this kind of a flashlight.

10. Ultrafire Tactical Flashlight Holster

Last but not the least, this flashlight holster is from Ultrafire with durable design. It is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for a flashlight holster from nylon. Also, the company completes it with clip-on design. So, you can use it to keep every size of flashlights securely and conveniently. The ballistic nylon has molded EVA foam insulation. Meanwhile, the side panels can expand because of good elasticity.

When it comes to the clip, it is made of a super-strong material with a flexible design. It means that you can attach it to waistbands, belts, and straps. Even better, the clips can rotate in 360-degree so you can enjoy various locking positions.


  • Perfect for a utility belt
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • The belt clip works well


  • Several buyers left their reviews for the quality issues.

Flashlight Holster Buying Guide

Well, it is stressful to find the best flashlight holster. If the choices are confusing you, and you still cannot decide, try this buying guide.

1. Do Exclusive Research

It is easy to do exclusive research for the flashlight holster you need. For example, you can start by using these simple questions:

  • Is it worth your money?
  • What will you get from the product?
  • Why is it important to get the best flashlight holster?
  • What is the most popular choice available on the market today?

Other than that, you can try to gather some information from online sources. For example, it can be rating websites, online forums, buying guides, and buyers reviews. By doing proper research, it helps you a lot to get the right flashlight holster for your need. Make sure that you are finding the online guides from the trusted sources.

2. Understand The Different Types

There are many styles available for holsters. So, finding the best choice depends on the needs and the functions you expect.

  • Pouch holsters – This holster has a fitted pouch to keep your flashlight. Some of these models have a snap closure flap. Meanwhile, others go without cover, so the top is open. Even better, some pouches keep your flashlight so it is not getting wet.
  • Level Lock Holster – Not all flashlights can use this type of flashlight holster. However, it only works with handheld flashlights with a specific design. Also, only certain flashlight sizes can fit this holster.
  • Rotatable Holster – This holster lets you use to attach the flashlight to your belt vertically and horizontally. This type of holster provides high comfort, functionality, and flexibility. You can move in different movements or postures when you are doing activities comfortably when you are using this holster.

3. The Design

Some flashlight holster comes with a quick release. Commonly, this design is the ideal choice for law enforcement personnel. Well, they need flashlight belt holsters with high functionality. Even they use the flashlight holster for other purposes such as using pouch holsters to carry multi-tools, knives, and others. So, the choices give more options to bring small narrow items attached to their belts. If these options are not for you, there are many designs available to choose from.

4. Other Factors To Consider

Since the choices are quite many, make sure that you use these factors to help you decide better:

  1. Brand value
  2. Quality and durability
  3. Features and specification of the product
  4. Product value
  5. Product ratings and customer reviews


It seems that all the holsters above look equal. That means it may take a little time to thoroughly decide which one is the best. However, in this section, we will help you by narrowing the top 3 best flashlight holsters so that your choices can be smaller. This will make your selection a lot easier.

1. LegionArms Flashlight Holster New Redesigned – The features of this flashlight holster is a clip-on design, durable material, high-quality polymer, and scratch-resistant. It is perfect for those who need a flashlight holster that can slide in upside-down, clips for any belts, and clip it directly on the pants without belts. If you are working in law enforcement, this is what you need. However, this is not for you if you cannot choose a holster with a fixed design.

2. Brite Strike Tactical Holster For Basic Flashlight – With the swivel design, this tactical holster allows you to sit, bend over, and move comfortably. It is because it can position at various angles, thanks to a full 360-degree feature. Once you use it to hold the flashlight, use the lock feature. It is the right choice if you are looking for the best flashlight holster for a one-handed operation. However, this holster does not support a body flashlight with 1-inch or less.

3. Condor Flashlight Holster Pouch for Vest – Conder creates this pouch so you can keep your flashlight. It will not fall out even though you are running. The color options are also available to give you more choices. It works for any flashlights as long as the body of the flashlight is not made of aluminum.

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