Best Front Lace Wig

Probably, you have read about full lace wig in this site, and it would be incomplete without talking another option: best front lace wig. As you know, human hair wig is what you need to refresh your style, but at the same time, it protects your real hair.

What is the purpose of this wig? This wig comes with sheer lace to complete the front portion. The sheer lace traces the natural hairline since it rests along your forehead. This way makes you look naturally beautiful if you wear it properly.

It looks like your real hair that even you can style it as the same as your real hair, thanks to its various parts, including ponytails. Whether you want a fishtail braid, a side ponytail, low bun, free or loose, every natural styling choice looks great and natural!

What is more, you can get some benefits of wearing the best front lace wig below:

  • To prevent hair damage due to hair color.
  • Reducing the heat damage to your natural hair
  • Refresh and restyle your look dramatically while protecting your hair

Is it better than traditional wigs? Honestly, front lace wigs are great because they are breathable. That means your hair and your scalp have enough space to get the right ventilation while wearing this wig. [Source]

Moreover, there are many options available such as the variations and the styles on the market. Therefore, it no wonders that it can be hard to find the best one for you. By reading this review, you will easily compare each product. You can check the pros and cons to help you decide, as well.

10 Best Front Lace Wig Reviews

1. Suerkeep Front Lace Wig Brazilian Curly Human Hair

Coming out in a natural color, this human hair is made of 100% virgin human hair. The hair is unprocessed and it looks perfect if you need a Brazilian hairstyle with a wavy look. Additionally, this wig has baby hair. That means you can restyle or dye it.

When you buy this product, you will get it with four combs. The hair does not shed or tangle, as long as you take care of it. For the lace, it is invisible, breathable, and durable. The cap has a medium size and the strap is adjustable to meet your need. Here, you can adjust the wig easily.

Even better, you will get something special such as a spray bottle and a pair of eyelashes. If you wonder whether the wig is pre-plucked or not, it is. But, it is okay to add any twist to this wig’s cap.


  • You can bleach it
  • Look best even when it is wet or dry
  • The wave pattern looks so beautiful


  • It sheds but not too much

2. Wingirl Lace Front Wig Pre Plucked Human Hair Natural Color

Featured with natural hairline, pre-plucked, and baby hair, this natural colored wig is from 100% human hair. Also, it has good quality since it does not tangle, or shed. Even you will not find lice. Since it is from human hair, you can straighten, bleach, curl your hair.

Talking about the capsize, it is 22.5-inch of circumference size which is a normal cap. That means you should contact the seller by email anytime you want a smaller or bigger one.


  • Best quality: classic hair packaging with hair cap and lashes, good smell, no odor, easy to wash, easy to comb.
  • No shedding
  • Easy to lace, easy to customize


  • Tangled

3. K’ryssma Front Lace Wig Fashion Orange Pink Long Natural Wavy Hair

If you don’t mind to check out the synthetic half hand-tied wig, this is worth to wear. It is a long way wig with orange-pink color and it has a standard cap size (medium). You will also get 3 combs to help you wear it. Additionally, the straps are adjustable to make you comfortable wearing this rose pink wig.

Why should you have it? This color is on-demand at this time. The wig has a wavy style. That means you will get a natural look. If you wonder about what is the best wig color for medium and white skin, this is it!


  • Quality: thick hair wig
  • Easy to clean and blend front lace
  • It does not matter if you have a synthetic wig, you just keep the wig brushed so it will not tangle.


  • If you feel that the cap is a little bit big for you, you can remove the clips

4. Jaja Hair Front Lace Wig Short Bob Style Natural Black Human Hair

Restyle your current hairstyle with this wig. It is straight and short bob wig with good quality. You will not find any problems related to tangling or shedding. It just looks natural, tight, soft, and healthy. Even you do not have to use glue to wear.

Get this product means that you will get combs, adjustable capsize, and elastic straps. The capsize has a medium size. Other features you should know are Swiss lace material. The knots are lightly bleached for a natural look. All wigs from Jaja Hair are human hair.


  • Quality: Beginners are in shock for the price because it is amazing and soft, no shedding
  • Perfect bleached front part with thin and transparent lace
  • No smell plucked hairline,


  • You may want to add some plucking and bleach the knot but it is good for the price.

5. BLY Front Lace Wig Straight Bob Human Hair With Baby Hair

If you are tired of buying human hair wigs because you found no best quality, it is good to try choosing BLY. You will have a large selection of best virgin hair processed with natural ingredients, no acids, and no shedding. Since you are purchasing from a trusted vendor, of course, you will get good quality material.

Moreover, the wigs have reinforced double human-made wefts. That means you will not get any problems with shedding. As of the lace, it is from Swiss lace and the wig cap is breathable, which lets you wear it comfortably.


  • Soft quality, good quality cap with combs, the clips are adjustable as well.
  • Use a flat iron if you think that the front looks a little bit thin and you want to change it a little bit
  • affordable


  • Since this is a bob, which means for anyone who needs a shoulder-length, you should get at least 14-inch. This way will never make you disappointed.

6. Style Icon Front Lace Wig Black Long Straight Synthetic

Unlike other options, this product is what you need if you want a large wig. The length of the wig is 28-inch with an easy-360 feature. The hair has multilayers that add a fashionable look when you wear it. For the capsize, it is average but the straps are adjustable to meet your needs. You will also get three combs for a perfect fit.

If you wonder about the material of this synthetic wig, it is from the high-quality flame-retardant synthetic. The lace is made of high-quality swiss which is very elastic that is soft to touch just like the human scalp. The roots are black and since it is synthetic, you cannot dye this wig.


  • Affordable and perfect for beginner
  • The lace is easy to cut that lets you fit it to your hairline in less than 15 minutes
  • Light and comfortable


  • Comb and brush it constantly because it is easy to tangle.

7. Fureya Front Lace Wig Long Curly Hair From Fiber Synthetic

With the length of 24-inch, this is a long, curly lace front wig that fits most head shape and size. It comes with an average cap, 3 combs, and 2 straps that you can adjust to meet your needs. The hair wig is soft and the hairline looks natural.

Besides, the wig has high density, in which it makes this hair looks full without any wefts showing. Even better, the company adds free eyelashes for you! Keep in mind that you cannot dye the hair. However, it is still possible to dye the lace. Lastly, you can wash it but the hair tangles sometimes so you have to be careful.


  • Very soft, full of hair, and bouncy
  • The lace matches your skin tone
  • The lace area is very dense that allows you to pluck it easily


  • You cannot bleach the knot

8. QTHAIR 12A Front Lace Wig Pre Plucked Wavy Human Hair In Black

Another glueless choice, this Brazilian virgin wig has pre-plucked hairline and it does available with baby hair. The wig is designed with adjustable straps, medium lace base. The company gives advice that you should not purchase if your head is larger or smaller than the cap size. Other features are breathable cap, elastic, swiss lace, and comfortable.

Interestingly, this wig half-hand tied, and half-machine made. The wig is soft along with healthy hair and since it is virgin processed, it does not smell, tangle, or shed. You can straighten, bleach, style, dye, or curl it anytime you want. All products from this company have been tested by National Hair Products and Hair Care Products Supervision and Inspection Center. You can wear this natural hair without glue because there are four combs to fix the hair.


  • Soft and bouncy if you add coconut conditioner for this wig
  • No shedding, no tangles


  • The hair does not keep the natural curls, but it is okay

9. Andria Front Lace Wig Curly Ombre Red Brown Hair Synthetic

If you think that black front lace wig does not work for you, try this ombre synthetic hair. It has two red-brown tones. Also, the hair is made of synthetic with good texture and curly look.

For the cap, it has a lace frontal design and the material is breathable. It is made of swiss lace in a medium brown. The size is 22.5-inch which is average for most head sizes and shapes. The straps are adjustable along with 3 combs to help you fix the hair easily. .Since this is a washable wig, you can wash or wet it.


  • Nice wig with good and soft parting space
  • You can transform it into a 360 by using freeze hold spray, a water spray, and ultra adhesive
  • Lightweight, amazing color, look natural, and easy to use


  • It is not human hair but it is versatile

10. Ealga Zenith Front Lace Wig Dark Brown Blonde Synthetic Hair For Women

Do you need a wig for a realistic look? Try this blonde wavy front lace wig made of synthetic and you will love it! The hairline looks flawless, and the length of this wig is about 22-inch. It looks natural, thankfully it has brown roots with golden blonde color.

Additionally, it is the perfect choice for those who need long, synthetic hair wig with natural-colored brown roots. It looks great for white women. If you wonder about the 2-inch mesh in its front, it is what you should cut. It is the extra lace and you should cut it away before applying it.

When you wash the wig, the curl stays so you do not have to style it all the time. The adjustable cap does exist along with the standard clip. However, if you have a small head about 20 or 20.5-inch, it is still big.


  • Style the hair is very easy
  • Worth your money
  • It looks a real hair and it makes you feel comfortable


  • It is synthetic which means that you should spray dry shampoo to make it less shiny.

Front Lace Buying Guide for Beginners

Is it your first time to look for the best front lace wig? If you cannot decide yet, make sure that you read a buying guide. You do not want to spend your money on the wrong product for you.

1. Find The Right Style

You can narrow your search so it does not time-consuming by considering the texture, length, and hairstyle you want. Choose a style that you are familiar with. Focus on your face shapes, as well.

2. The Capsize

Make sure that you check the size of your head, from the circumference of the head, including the front hairline, behind the ear, the nape of the neck, another ear, and then go back to your front hairline. Keep in mind that not all wigs have the same standard of capsizes. It depends on the brand.

3. Type of Wig

It is all about the composition, the cap instruction, and the structure of the wig you want. There are many choices available for both synthetic and human hair. Of course, each of them has limitations and advantages.

4. Color

Most products are available with some color options. Check the colors first and consider what is the best color to meet your style. You should check whether the color on the picture and the real is the same or not.

5. Hair Care

This is very important for you. Check out how to maintain the durability and the quality of your wig once you want to buy it. Some wigs tangle or shed. Therefore you should take care of your wig.


After spending a lot of time checking out the options to get the best ones, we think here are the top three options. Please note that you may have different ideas:

1. Suerkeep Front Lace Wig Brazilian Curly Human Hair

The wig lets you bleach it even though it sheds. It is not a matter since your real hair also sheds. You will love the wave pattern whether the wig is wet or dry.

2. K’ryssma Front Lace Wig Fashion Orange Pink Long Natural Wavy Hair

The quality looks good, because the hair is thick, easy to clean, and it does not tangle if you keep brushing it sometime. This synthetic wig lets you remove the clips if you think that the cap is a little bit for your head.

3. Jaja Hair Front Lace Wig Short Bob Style Natural Black Human Hair

Are you a beginner for wearing a wig? Try this and you will love how soft the wig with minimum shedding. The front part has a perfect bleached look, and the lace is transparent. It does not have a smell and it is also plucked. But, you may want to bleach the knot.