Best Full Lace Wig

Looking for the best full lace wig? The demand for wigs is quite high these days that people love how easy using it. Besides, the options are quite many that you may have no idea when it comes to a full lace wig and lace front wig.

They are not the same. A full lace wig means that it is made of a lace cap to cover the whole head. It is from 100% human hair. The hair is knotted, and on the top of the crown, there is a stretch lace to provide movement such as variations. Even, the stretch lace allows your hair growth.

Additionally, the full lace wig is much better than the lace frontal wig. It comes with a more versatile look because you can part it anywhere and style it in various ways. This is the ultimate benefit that you cannot find in front of lace wigs. Besides, a full lace wig lets you go with lace so that you can style it in a high ponytail so it has a more natural look. On the other hand, the cost is more expensive than a front lace wig. [Source]

Still, wigs are an amazing solution to deal with bad hair life. For example, it does not make you spend more time just for straightening, dying, cutting, curling, and styling your hair. Most wigs are not real but if you use the best full lace wig, it gives you a natural look that will fool people since the wig looks real. Many people love using it because it provides new growth.

We have been spending our time finding the best of the best when it comes to lace wigs. Today, we bring you the wigs to meet your needs below.

10 Best Full Lace Wig Reviews

1. Jessica Hair Full Lace Wigs For Black Women Curly Glueless

Do you want to have beautiful lace wigs? Then, this 100% high-quality human hair is what you need. It is a Brazilian Remy wig that helps you look 100% natural. It is also tangle-free and soft, so you do not have to shed it.

Furthermore, people tend to use a wig as a simple way to upgrade their hairline. By using this wig, it makes you easily style it. Besides, the reason why you should take it is that the wig has 100% natural color, so it does not get any dyed process. However, you can wash, dye, curl, and straighten it.


  • No clumping in its back even though you are wearing this wig while sleeping or wet it.
  • It is simple to customize
  • Very soft


  • You may think that it tangles or sheds, but the trick is to add a little bit of water to the curls every day. Hence, they are back and easy to work with.

2. Vallbest Best Full Lace Wig 100% Unprocessed Glueless Natural Color

Looking for a natural-colored wig? This is 100% natural and unprocessed Brazilian human hair with no damage, no shedding, no split end, no tangle, and no lice. It also has a high level of elasticity and quality. Just like the first option, you can dye, bleach, curl, straighten, and highlight this wig just like your natural hair.

Even the company tells you a big secret about how to differentiate human hair and synthetic hair. The best way is to burn the hair and then smell it. This is made of human hair, which contains natural protein so that it will show white smoke and it will turn to ash. On the contrary, burning synthetic hair means it will become a sticky ball with black smoke appears.


  • A beautiful wig and soft hairline
  • Even you wear it while sleeping and then wake up, it is still soft, without shedding or tangled.
  • Nice packaging: You buy a wig but you also get free eyelashes, four standard combs.


  • A little bit shedding while snorkeling or swimming, but it works.

3. MegaLook Wavy Human Hair Full Lace Wigs Pre Plucked

Another option to consider, this high-quality human hair is good and safe for your skin. It is a vibrant and healthy natural colored wig with a realistic look. Moreover, wearing this wig allows you to make a bun and high ponytail. If you want to make some experiments, you can even dye, restyle, straighten, and bleach it.

The reason why you should have it is that the wig has thick, full, along with an adjustable strap at its back. It is good if you are looking for the medium brown lace wig.


  • Good quality: nice color, no smell, soft, full, and it does not plunk
  • The wig is customizable
  • If you are a beginner, try this!


  • It is naturally wavy hair so that the curls will not hold if you do not apply a little hair spray.

4. Vallbest Curly Full Lace Wig For Black Women With Baby Hair

Next, another product from Vallbest for those who need 100% unprocessed human hair with no damage, no split end, no lice, and no shedding. Besides, the hair no smell, but it has a high level of elasticity. Just like the previous choices, it is okay to dye, bleach, curl, highlight, and straighten the wig, just like the way you do it for your hair.

It is easy to use this wig. You will get four combs for the front, back, right, and left. The strap is also adjustable to help you wear it comfortably. Additionally, there is pre-plucked hairline and baby hair to make you 100% happy with this wig.


  • Great quality: with nice baby hair, soft feeling, no tangle, and no shedding
  • Good for a beginner
  • Curl and wet wig that you don’t need to heat it


  • It looks nice for the curls, but it is not for the end, which means it is not for you if you have long and thick real hair.

5. Perstar Deep Wave Full Lace Wig Curly Wavy Pre Plucked

Move onto the next product, this is natural-colored full lace wig with 100% made of human hair. It comes with two adjustable straps that you can intertwine it with any fixed position you want. Even better, you can adjust it to meet different heads.

More about this product, it is 100% human hair. Fortunately, you can dye, bleach, highlight, straighten, curl, and style it as you want. Inside the box, you also get free eyelashes and a water spray to keep its quality.


  • Come out with pre-plucked style so you can wear it directly
  • The curls look beautiful and the hair is so soft, no smell
  • Lovely packaging


  • To avoid the hair becomes dry, make sure that you always spray a little water to keep it wet.

6. Venice Curly Full Lace Wig Shorts Human Hair Pre Plucked

Venice made this full lace wig from 100% Brazilian virgin hair and it is glueless. It is the ideal choice for you who need soft hair without any tangles. Also, it is breathable that looks beautiful for black women. If you take good care of it, then it can last for 1 year and more.

For your information, this wig has natural color but you can bleach or dye it to restyle the hair. This wig is good if you are looking for thick and full hair. Since this is glueless, it means you will also get caps with straps and combs. Hence, you can wear it at ease.


  • Bleaching this wig is very easy
  • It has a natural density that even if you wear it for many times, it still looks good
  • This wig is a great choice if you need a wig with natural and curly hair


  • Quality control is important

7. YMS Full Lace Wig Glueless Bleached Human Hair

Coming out with pre-plucked style, this wig also has bleached knots with more baby hair. The hairline also has natural look so that it is real. The reason why you should choose this product as the best full lace wig is because the wigs have fuller look, especially for its ends. Therefore, it looks much more improvements.

During the process of production, the company used oil for hair cair to lock the moisture in this wig. Even though it was a straight hair, but with the high-temperature process, the company restyled it into curly hair. Gladly, they did not use any chemicals.


  • You don’t have to bleach the hair knots
  • Very light, airy, glueless, no tangles, and no shedding
  • It is the real answer for those who need a long and curly wig


  • This product looks nice if you take good care of it by using products on it, which means it takes an effort to keep it good.

8. JYZ Full Lace Wig Curly Brazilian Hair With Baby Hair

Still need more choices? This is 100% human hair wig with some interesting features. It does not shed, it does not tangle, and it is super soft. You can bleach, hairline, dye it anytime you want. Even better, it comes with a pre-plucked style to let you wear it easily.

In this box, you will get four combs, adjustable and stretchable band so you can adjust the size of the cap to meet your needs.


  • Soft hair, look natural for its density
  • Easy to style
  • Ideal for you with real short hair


  • The hair is a little bit thin, but it should not be a problem if you apply conditioner and moose to support it.

9. SHINEHAIR Full Lace Wigs Bob Style Platinum Blonde Human Hair

Unlike the other options, this wig is available for those who are looking for bob style. The hair is short, made of human hair and it is also glueless. Besides, it does not shed, no tangle, and it is very soft with a density of about 130%.

Choosing this product means that you will also get the average capsize and the adjustable straps, along with 3 combs.


  • Good cap construction
  • The hair is soft and easy to restyle or dye
  • Good for beginners


  • It is a good wig but if you have low and very short real hair, the wig may be too big for you

10. BEEOS Full Lace Wig Wavy Short Bob Human Hair

Last, of all, this is a natural, healthy, and 100% unprocessed Brazilian human hair. It does not tangle and it does not shed, as well. Also, the hair quality looks good that lice do not exist. Since it is glueless, comes with combs and adjustable straps, it is easy to wear this best full lace wig.


  • Super soft hair, no shedding, the hair also has a natural look
  • The construction is nice and it is not necessary to bleach the lace
  • Pre lucked and easy to customize


How to Find The Right Full Lace Wig

To choose the best full lace wig, here are some important features to help you select easily.

1. Style

Style is important since you want to use the wig because you cannot feel 100% happy with your hair. Therefore, make sure that you love the texture and style. For instance, if you have naturally straight hair, then you should go a wig that will enhance the volume and the length of your hair. If it is your first time, go with a wig style that is common for you. It is because sometimes it is not easy to deal with a drastic change. Meanwhile, if you like more experiments, then you should choose flexible wigs to let you explore the endless styles.

2. Type

The most popular types are human and synthetic hair wigs. You may say that synthetic hair is more durable than human hair, in this case, but they cannot move naturally. For this reason, if you want to explore more styles, colors, and cuts, the best choice is human hair. However, if you want a wig with high-quality and one-style, then it is fine to choose a synthetic wig.

3. Glueless

Do you have sensitive skin? Do you have allergic to the adhesive?

It is good to answer these questions above before buying a wig. If so, then you should go with a glueless wig as a safe choice. The wigs are hand-tied, no glue, so it can fit perfectly. Some wigs are easy to customize. Moreover, most people choose the right cap size that can go closer to their head. Other than that, it is good to use adjustable straps or combs so the wig stays in place.

4. Density

What is wig density? It is the thickness of the hair. If you choose a natural human hair wig, then it offers 100-120% of the average thickness. Anyway, the standard is 120%. So, make sure that you choose a good wig with a density of 120% or more.

5. Durability

Keep in mind that wigs can break down, depends on the quality level and the frequency of using it. It does not last forever. For a synthetic wig, generally, it can last for a year. Meanwhile, human hair wig has two to three years of life span. It depends on the style and the frequency of using it.

6. Cap Size

Another important point to consider is the capsize. The average wig can support 95% of its users. Also, there is a small and medium wig. Make sure that you are choosing a wig with adjustable straps so it provides a secure fit.

If you have no idea how to choose the right size, you can start by measuring the circumference of your head. To start, go from the hairline, located behind the ear and then the nape of the neck, to the other ear, and then go back to the front hairline. This is a helpful way to do the measurement. After that, you can check the available size chart to buy the right one for you.


Have you found the best full lace wig for your needs? The best way to help you decide is by making a narrower decision. For example, you have read all 10 products above. Next, we think that these three options can be the best choice:

1. Jessica Hair Full Lace Wigs For Black Women Curly Glueless

We recommend Jessica Hair Full Lace as the best full lace wig overall. Coming out as 100% human hair, this is a Brazilian Remy wig with a natural look. The hair is very soft and customizable. Moreover, you can wear it while sleeping or wet it. It is normal if the hair is a little bit sheds or tangles but you can add a little bit of water by spraying it to the curls. By doing this, the hair will go back like the first time you got it.

2. Vallbest Best Full Lace Wig 100% Unprocessed Glueless Natural Color

This is an ideal choice for you who need a soft hairline and beautiful wig made of 100% natural human hair. It lets you dye, curl, bleach, straighten, and highlight as well. However, when you wear it while swimming or snorkeling, it may show small shedding.

3. MegaLook Wavy Human Hair Full Lace Wigs Pre Plucked

Take this last choice if you have a big concern about finding high-quality human hair. The color is nice, no smell, full hair, and it is so soft. It does not plunk and it is easy to customize. It is the ideal choice for a beginner, as well. To keep it good, make sure that you support it by spraying a little water to the hair every day.

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