Best Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling

One of the easiest ways to add more fun to teens’ or kids’ room is by adding the best glow in the dark stars for the ceiling. Commonly, this pack contains phosphorescent star shapes from plastics in different sizes. Additionally, you can stick it to walls or ceilings.

Since the demand is very high, many homeowners choose to buy decal sheets that can glow in the dark. After that, they cut the shapes they like. Other than that, they can use glow paint to create stars.

In short, it is more than just a way to make your kids happy. But, it is also about the bright stars and the shiny walls that will make the room looks indescribable. If you are looking for the best glow-in-the-dark stars for your ceiling decor, you can check these 10 reviews out.

Our reviews have pros and cons for each product. Here, you can then determine which one is the best for you. Even better, we also complete this post with guidelines you must read before buying any product.

If it is the first time you look for the best glow in the dark star for the ceiling, you can save your time and energy by checking our 10 findings related to this product. Here are the reviews to check out!

10 Best Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling

1. Kangaroo Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling with Moon [Best Overall]

You will get 200 glowing stars in each kit. Kangaroo made the stars with IllumaGlow2.0 formula, which means that it is more than just decals or stickers. Even better, they are thermo-molded, rigid, and they have a special adhesive that lets you re-apply the stars anytime.

The reason why you have to get this product is that it is different from the glow-in-the-dark stars like dried-on stickers. As you know, products with dried-on-stickers mean that it takes a lot of your time to remove it from the ceiling. Besides, each kit has 200 stars together with Bonus moon.


  • Easy to remove and easy to put on
  • The stars have a strong adhesive
  • The stars glow and then fade gradually at night, and in the next morning, you can open up the curtains to charge the stars


  • It takes time for the product to start glowing.

2. Honeyjoy Glow in the Dark Star Stickers for Ceiling

Whether you want to redecorate your kids’ bedrooms because it is their new bedroom or to complete a new makeover, this is what you need. The glow in the dark stars is available with different styles to create a beautiful ceiling design.

Premium stars along with moon stickers in this package have five-pointed and four-pointed star design. Eventually, there are beautiful plants, the moon, meteor, rockets, UFO, astronauts. Best of all, it comes with a cute alien that adds so much fun to your kids’ room.


  • A decorative, yet educational ornament to complete your kids’ room
  • It is easy to apply
  • It is simple because you just need sunlight to keep it glows in the dark


  • It is not a plastic that glows in the dark, but these stars are stickers. It means if the ceilings or walls are not smooth, this product does not work.

3. Mafox Glow in the Dark Star Stickers for Ceiling & Wall

The next choice, glow in the dark stars for this one is self-adhesive stars for ceiling and wall. It comes with stars and dots to let you have magic galaxy decor for a nursery room. Whether you want to use it for boys or girls, the solar system stickers are so much fun to create a beautiful view at night. Moreover, it can solve your problem especially if your kids do not want to sleep in their room. Simply, put it on the ceiling and the star murals will make them love their room.

Do this product is easy to use and remove? It is designed as self-adhesive murals that you can remove it anytime you need. What you should do is to peel and then stick it to any domed plastic wall or flat. Anytime you want to remove the stars from the wall or ceiling, the adhesive compound will not damage the surface. Choose this product and you will also get earthy skyrocket, neon-fluorescent planet posters, and green moons.


  • Glow quite bright
  • The stickers are easy to apply on the walls
  • You can recharge the stickers under a bright lamp


  • It takes several minutes to install on the ceiling

4. Ujoowalk E353 PCS Glow in Dark Stars Ceiling Unicorn and Moon Castle

Do you think that your daughter like a unicorn a lot? What about a moon castle that reminds them of the story of Anna or Elsa, a princess in a beautiful castle? In this box, you will get multiple styles to go create a beautiful ceiling design. Also, the stars and moon stickers have a four-pointed star and five-pointed star. Other than that, there is a unicorn, moon castle, and meteor.

Ujoowalk lets you create a beautiful sky full of stars on the ceiling of your little kids’ bedroom. Once you light up their room, the ceiling decals soothe your kids because this is a cute bedroom design for all kids to sleep. Best of all, it is easy to clean the decals when you want to remove it. Keep in mind that you should light up the room for 15-30 minutes. This is important because the decals need to absorb the light to glow.


  • The glow time is quite long
  • Glow brightly and it comes out with many stickers even for two kids’ rooms
  • Affordable and easy to use


  • The tail and the hair comes with hollow designs so that it may be an issue to tear off and stick the sticker. Therefore, remove it carefully from the paper and use your time.

5. Niclod Star Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling 303 Solar System Stickers

Recreate an astonishing solar system in your kids’ bedroom or playroom because these stickers are fun and educative decor. You can teach all planets to your kids since they have galaxy ceiling decor. Besides, the stickers are easy to apply, reapply, and to remove without losing their strong adhesive.

Other than that, this is a fun way to help kids, especially if they cannot handle their fear of the dark. They will learn to sleep in their rooms and they feel relax seeing all these glowing stickers before sleeping.

In this package, you will get all planets including the earth, sun, and the moon, stars, shooting stars, dwarf planets, and rockets. Surely this is a joyful gift for your little ones.


  • Glow quite bright
  • Stick well and not easy to remove
  • The size and the price are just right


  • The strong adhesive may remove paint when you want to remove the stickers.

6. Encambio Alcrea Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling or Wall 270 Pieces

You will get 270 pieces of stars with a beautiful handmade stencil which lets you place the star stickers in the same position just like their positions in the sky. Also, there are four different sizes of stickers to create different brightness.

This bedroom décor looks fun that will make their room feels no roof at night. Since all kids love stars, buying this product means that you can help your kids to deal with their fears of darkness.

Talking about this product, the star stickers can glow and they are made of plastic so you can remove the stars easily without dealing with any stains. Eventually, the toy is good to teach kids by learning about Vega and Polar Star, constellation, and others.


  • Nice stars that will not ruin your ceiling
  • Charge them longer and they will shine longer
  • Good display and easy to use


  • It takes many hours to hang these stars on the ceiling. Therefore, do not expect to do it before sleep, make sure that you have a lot of time to install all pieces of stars on the ceiling.

7. Mafox Glow in the Dark Stars Ceiling Bedroom

Get self-adhesive glowing stars and dots to make your kids’ room becomes a shiny room to showcase a beautiful galaxy. These star decorations are perfects for both boys and girls. This is the ideal way on how to transform a boring room into a fun and romantic bedroom.

With the self-adhesive stickers, you can use it to wall or ceiling. Eventually, it is easy to remove and reapply, as long as you stick it on any clean, flat, and non-textured surface.


  • Available with different shapes and sizes that can stick well on a smooth surface
  • Glow bright and long
  • Good quality that you can charge the stars by exposing them to light.


  • It takes a lot of time to install each star, which means you should have enough time and patience to complete the installation.

8. Dstana Star Projector Night Lights Glow in the Dark for Boy and Girl

Adding a magical decoration is what you need because this starry sky night has a magical design for kids, especially if they have a big fear of darkness. If they always cry because they do not want to sleep in their room, try this!

Even when you put it a little bit far, the stars show bigger. The pattern is huge enough which means that you can use it as the creative décor idea at night. The last important thing to know is you can use it for a bedroom, café, desk, office, table, and others.


  • It comes with many options to power the light such as USB cable, A/C adapter, battery
  • Ideal for mood lighting
  • The size is perfect to hang on a door, or you can use it for a nightlight as well.


  • Even though the motor is not loud, but you will hear it a bit

9. Sega Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling Projector

You do not have to buy stickers that can remove ceiling or wall paint. Invest your money int his projector it will show you how to have a planetarium in your kids’ room. Use this product and you will get fantastic 60,000 stars with LED technology that has 3-watt. Other features are adjustable angles, two realistic discs, and posters.

Additionally, if you want to place it in the corner of your room, then the stars are elongated and out of focus. Therefore, you should place it in the middle of a standard room with a height of about 8 to 10 feet.


  • Look amazing when you turn off the lamp
  • If you want to enjoy the shooting star that looks like a comet, it only works if you turn in the rotation
  • Beautiful celestial display


10. University Games 50 Colorful Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling

Coming out with 50 twinkle stars including adhesive, all-stars have a colorful design such as yellow, red, and blue. These stars will glow in the dark because each of them has a proper formula.

Whether you want to use to transform the ceiling or wall. Keep in mind that the stars are from plastic with adhesive putty. Buy this product will also mean that you will get different colors and quantities. If you want to apply it, attach the stars to your ceiling and then turn out the lights.


  • Easy to use and strong adhesive
  • The glitter is visible in the day, but the stars glow at night, perfect!
  • Let you create a 3D effect by mounting the stars for 2-feet down if you install it on the wall


  • Only glow for a little time

Summary: Last 3 Best Choices

Is it going to be your first time to buy the best glow in the dark stars for ceiling or wall? The choices are hard to pick. By narrowing the choices, we think it helps you a lot to choose. In our opinion, these are the ideal choices. Of course, you may have different ideas.

1. Kangaroo Best Glow in the Dark Stars for Ceiling with Moon

With 200 pieces of glow in the dark stars, you can remove and put it on easily. It is because each star comes with a strong adhesive and then they will glow or fade at night. Simply, open up the curtain if you need to charge the stars. However, since it is quite many, it is good to spend your time installing all 200 stars.

2. Honeyjoy Glow in the Dark Star Stickers for Ceiling

This is the ideal choice if you are looking for an education and decorative ornament to refresh your kids’ room. The stars are easy to apply and the design is so simple that you just have to let the sun rays into the room to charge the stars. Please note that the stars are stickers, not plastic. You should put it on a smooth wall or ceiling only.

3. Mafox Glow in the Dark Star Stickers for Wall Decal

Surprisingly, this is glow in the dark star stickers that glow very bright. When you want to add the stickers on the walls, they stick easily. Even better, you can use a bright lamp to recharge the glow. Just like other products, these stickers need your time to install on the ceiling.

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