Best Glow in the Dark Tape

As the name suggests, a glow in the dark tape or photoluminescent tape is the tape that is able to emit the light when it’s put in the dark place. Since it can glow in the dark place, this tape is used for safety purposes such as in warehouses, factories, etc.

The reason why we need glow in the dark tapes for safety applications is that it reduces the risk of injury. Just in case of a fire, when the smoke rises to the top of the building or corridor, the smoke can prevent the light to penetrate. So, people cannot find walkways in this burning building. Therefore, the strip of the glow in the dark tape around the door enables people to find their walkways, see the exits, and then find the escape routes. Therefore, the glow in the dark tape is helpful to reduce this case.

Additionally, this kind of tape works by absorbing the light through the phosphor. It also can release the light once in a dark area. For this reason, the phosphor will determine the duration and the brightness of the luminescence. Also, these products contain phosphors zinc sulfide. The newer technology even uses strontium aluminate. Materials contain the newer technology offers a longer and brighter glow. Talking about strontium aluminate, it also offers longer persistence compared to zinc sulfide.

Well, there are many products available. So, it is not easy to find the best glow in the dark tape. When you are looking for the best option, it means that you should think of the capability to absorb the light. The more the phosphors, the longer it will glow in the dark. Also, the denser the phosphor of the tape, it will release the brighter glow. To save time, you can read our reviews and buying guides.

10 Best Glow In The Dark Tapes Review

1. Lockport Glow In The Dark Tape For Safety Signs

From Lockport, this glow in the dark tape comes with two choices at different prices. The tape glows in the dark and it can last for eight hours before it needs a recharge. The tape is strong with a neon green color to glow in the dark or the night.

Also, you can use for different things such as safety lighting, mark exit, stairs, and floors. Other than that, this tape is great for both indoors and outdoors because it is weather resistant. What you have to do is to expose it to artificial light or natural light. So, it will glow for eight hours in the dark.


  • The tape glows a lot in the dark even for up to six months
  • The product is easy to use because you just have to cut at the right size and then peel off the back of the tape so you can stick it on everything you want
  • It has strong-adhesive material.


  • It is not designed for a rough surface

2. EONBON Luminous Tape With Waterproof Design

Next, take this option if you are looking for luminescent tape for indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured by EONBON, this tape is durable since it is from PET film. The tape also has a solvent acrylic coat that makes it durable, water and UV-resistant.

Besides, the product has many interesting features. The company makes it from non-toxic, and nonradioactive materials. So, it is safe for the environment. It can recharge anytime to provide a high glow. Whether you place it in cool or hot spots, it still works. You can use it for various things such as pasting it on the various equipment, indoor safety, taping vehicles, or for safety markings.


  • Even though you do not expose it to the bright light for a quite long, but it pleases you with the way it glows.
  • The tape can charge quite fast with the UV flashlight
  • Easy to cut


  • It does not stick quite well to rounded objects like hula hoop and others

3. Glow Lion Non-Slip Photoluminescent Tape

Glow Lion tries to dominate the market by providing more options. You will get three choices available in this offer. Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, the tape has good adhesive material. This glow in the dark tape also comes with stripes to increase traction and visibility. For this reason, it is an ideal choice to provide safety.

You can use it to highlight steps, stairs, theater, bathroom, and others. Even better, the size completes you. It is because the roll tape has 14-inch in length so you can cut it to meet your needs. The best part of this product is it is non-slip safe so you can apply it on the slippery surface.


  • Use it on wet, snow, and on regular usage, this tape has a remarkable performance.
  • It keeps you from slipping and falling
  • The tape comes with non-skid texture to support the sensory perception


  • The company should improve the adhesive material so it can stick better.

4. Cyalume Photoluminescent Tape With Cyflect Technology

Made by Cyalume, this tape has three options in different lengths and prices. The reflective tape is visible through the smoke, fog, and wet. The company features it with cyflect technology, a patented technology that makes it reflective and luminous.

Besides, the tape has strong adhesive material on the back so it can last for quite long. The tape is also waterproof and flexible. Since it is made in the USA, you should not doubt the quality standard. Well, you can use it for paths, exit points, and different surfaces.


  • It works for you who need a retro-reflective tape with few minutes to charge but glow for many hours
  • It does not curl just like other reflective tapes
  • Easy to apply


  • The adhesive material should be stronger since it does not stick on the complex curved surface because of the thickness

5. Anti-Slip Glow in Dark Tape For Extreme Weather

As the best glow in the dark tape, PET comes with a safe, lightweight, strong, and non-toxic materials. It does not bring harm to anyone. The first thing why you should get this tape is because it can pass the RoHS test (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

Additionally, the tape has durable construction because it has a protective layer to deal with gases, dilute acids, oils, and UV rays. For this reason, it can tolerate weather and different environment. It is why many people choose it to support the commercial and industrial areas.


  • Easy to install
  • It has a non-slip surface so it is safe to step on it
  • It comes with a roller so you can stick it on any surface smoothly


  • The company should improve the adhesive materials because it is too thin

6. Oumers Glow In The Dark Tape Waterproof

Take this alternative from Oumers if you are looking for a tape that can glow for quite long. This is a luminous tape with the capability to glow all night once you expose it to artificial light for 30 minutes. Additionally, it is simple to use. You need to recharge it with the sunlight or other light sources for few hours so it glows in the dark.

When it comes to the applications, the tape is ideal for various things like safety signs, decoration, and others. The PVC material helps a lot to make it glows in the dark. Peel off it and it will stick on the smooth surface. The last important thing is that it is safe and it contains no harmful substances because it is from pure natural materials.


  • This tape still can glow even though you do not use the sunlight. Just use a flashlight to recharge.
  • It provides great safety for many places
  • It comes with adhesive strong


  • It does not glow bright

7. XFasten Photoluminescent Tape

This weather-resistant tape is what you need if you are looking for a tape with high luminance. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor. For example, you can use it for stairways, walls, safety exit, and others. Additionally, this tape needs 30 minutes of natural or bulb daylight exposure. So, it glows that can last for 10 hours.

XFasten offers it for different needs. You can use it for safety signs, exit signs, directions, or highlights. The lifespan of the tape is 7 years, thanks for the adhesive material. Also, this flexible tape is conformable. The adhesive works well on smooth or rough surfaces like metal railings, walls, and other materials.


  • Expose to the source light for a short period but the tape glows very bright
  • You can remove the adhesive easily but it can stick quite well
  • You will have 30 feet of tape for each roll so you can cut it in any size to use


  • It sticks quite well on metal, but it also means it is difficult to remove from this type of material

8. Gaffer Power Glow Tape For Indoors and Outdoors

This is a photoluminescent tape that works after you expose it under the sun or the electric lights for 30 minutes. After that, it can glow for many hours once the spot turns to dark. For this reason, the glow tape can be the ideal choice for safety features at home or anywhere you need.

Also, it is easy to use this product. To start, tear and cut this glow in the dark tape into the length you want to highlight pathways, walkways, signal doorways, and others. So, when the areas are in dim conditions, this tape will glow brightly.


  • Easy to clean
  • It sticks very well
  • It glows throughout the night


  • It cannot glow long

9. Best Glow In The Dark Tape Waterproof

Use this waterproof photoluminescent tape and it glows can last for 12 hours. The company claims that it glows brighter and longer than others. You just have to expose it under natural light such as artificial light or sunlight to recharge it. Additionally, the material of this tape is non-toxic. So, it is safe for the environment.

Even more, the tape has 30 feet long that you can cut the roll in any size you want. Keep in mind that you should charge it for 30 minutes so it can glow for many hours.


  • It glows until the morning
  • It sticks well to all types of surfaces
  • Use a flashlight so it will give you a bright glow that lasts for up to 12 hours


  • It is difficult to peel it off

10. GreyParrot UV Glow In the Dark Tape

This is the last offer we can recommend. It is a glow in the dark tape that comes in one set. In this set, you will get 12 rolls of tape in six colors. Since it comes in rolls, you need to cut it in any size you want. Fortunately, it is easy that you can tear it by using your hands. It is good if you do not find scissors or knives around you when you want to stick this tape.

Besides, it is what you need to make it glows as a party tape. It glows quite bright and visible under the backlight as well. Even more, you can use it for the black stage or marking signs.


  • The tape looks vibrant when it glows
  • It is a non-slip tape so it keeps its grip which is good for people to step on it
  • It sticks very well


  • It is better not to stick it to stained or painted surfaces because when you peel it off, you will peel the paint off as well.

How to Buy Glow in the Dark Tape

Dealing with a large selection of the best glow in the dark tape is a real problem. It is a daunting task since the options are endless. On the other hand, the glow in the dark tapes for safety applications is important because it is related to people’s life. To help you have a better experience of purchasing this item, we give you some considerations to help.

1. Identify Your Purpose

When you are about choosing the photoluminescent tape, make sure that you understand your purpose. You should consider the function of the tape and what you expect from this product. By understanding the purpose of adding the tape to your workplace, for example, it helps you identify the right type of tapes to buy.

2. Environment Conditions

The condition of the environment also can determine the type of glow in the dark tape you need. It is all about the life span and the effectiveness of the tape. For example, some glow in the dark tapes designed for indoors. It means the tapes cannot tolerate water, UV light, temperature shifts, and debris. Otherwise, it will decrease the longevity and the durability of the product.

3. Durability

We can say that the durability of the product is how it can meet your expectation. It is about the lifespan of the glow in the dark tape you choose. Also, the photoluminescent tapes with additional protective layers are more resistant. So, it will not easy to get scratch or damage.

4. The Intensity of The Glow

The next important thing to consider is about the intensity or the duration of the glow from the photoluminescent tapes you buy. Well, the intensity depends on the amount of pigment in the material. According to the Photoluminescent Safety Products Associations (PSPA), they categorize the class from A to G to measure the intensity of the glow in the dark. If you choose tapes in class G, it produces the best degree of glow for the longest period.

5. Features

Glow in the dark tapes is the essential backups when it comes to emergency lighting solution. We use it for various things and it works more effectively in the dark areas or the smoky environment compared to electrical signs. Make sure that you find the right features that you need. Therefore, you should check the materials. Buy the right product so you will not pick indoor tapes for outdoor usage.

Also, make sure that the materials are safe. For example, it should be a non-toxic tape that does not contain radioactive materials. It sounds better if you check the capability to charge by absorbing the natural light.


As you see, if the ten products are confusing you right now, it is okay. We have narrowed our options by choosing the top three products to recommend. Even you can use our buying guide to find the best glow in the dark tape for your needs.

1. Lockport Glow In The Dark Tape For Safety Signs – We recommend this product as the best glow in the dark tape because it offers two choices on the market. So, you can choose the right options based on product features and prices. The product got positive comments from many buyers because it can last long, even for up to 6 months. It glows in the dark a lot and it is easy to use for both indoors and outdoors. However, it is not what you need if you are looking for this type of tape to stick on a rough surface.

2. EONBON Luminous Tape With Waterproof Design – There are some reasons why we choose this tape as our next choice. First, you can use it for outdoor and indoor settings. EONBON makes it from PET film with some nice features. So, you do not have to expose it to the bright light to recharge the tape because it can glow since it absorbs the indoor lights. Anytime you want to use this tape, you just have to cut it easily. However, please note that it is not for rounded objects.

3. Best Glow In The Dark Tape Waterproof – Take this offer as the last choice for you when it comes to the best glow in the dark tape. It is a waterproof tape from non-toxic materials so it is safe for you and kids at home. The tape can glow even until the morning. What you should do is to use a flashlight so the luminescent can work for up to 12 hours. Unfortunately, maybe because it is waterproof that the tape is difficult to peel off.

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