Best Grease Cleaner

Cleaning the grease can be an unpleasant experience. Some are easy to remove while others are extremely stubborn baked-on. Since they splatter to the backsplash, countertop, cooktop, cabinet, grate grill, oven, floor, and cloth; and cling out there for ages, picking up the best grease cleaner for each application is important because not any kind of cleaner can be used for.

We have to consider the surface where they thicken up. The best grease cleaner for the cabinet will be different compared to those for the grill. Likewise, the best degreaser for clothes will be different compared to those for the floor. The cabinet is commonly made of wood, while the grill grate is made of stainless steel. Clothes are fabric while the floor is concrete.

best grease cleanerGrease stain comes from oil, butter, etc [Source]. The grease cleaners make use of a particular molecule that can weaken the sticky stiffy property of the grease stain. By weakening it, it can be collapsed and wiped out with water. Some may need further scrubbing for the heaviest one.

There is a huge range of grease cleaners in the market, which could take you ages to choose from. Some are found offline but some are available online. But you don’t need to be panic because we have dedicated ourselves to this job. Here are our top-rated 10 grease cleaners for your lovely kitchen:

Top 10 Picks of Best Grease Cleaner

1. Stanley Best All-Purpose Grease Cleaner [for Kitchen]

On the first list, we recommend Stanley the Original Degreaser as the best grease cleaner for the kitchen because it can be applied for a bunch of purposes. You could use it for the countertop, cooktop, oven, grill, cabinet, pan, broiler rack, and even greasy stains on clothes.

For lighter grease, you could mix it with water. And for heavier grease, you could apply the solution directly and use the metal scrubber. The eco-friendly decomposable formula makes it harmless to the surrounding kitchen. In addition, it contains no phosphate. As we know that phosphate is banned in some areas in the USA as they can contaminate water streams and lakes.


  • Versatile
  • Smell free
  • Biodegradable


  • Need metal scrubber to remove heavy grease

2. Easy-Off Fume Free Best Grease Cleaner [for Oven]

Having a tough day to get rid of stubborn grease inside your oven? Not anymore. Save your time and let this Easy-Off grease cleaner works hard for you to destroy all the grease inside. Whether they are stuck on the wall, floor, or ceiling, this aerosol grease cleaner will amazingly do the job for you.

What makes us love this grease cleaner is because of its strong action which is provable by a huge number of customers. As you could see on the market, the rating is exclusively high. There are so many people posting their satisfying experiences which astonishingly showing their inside oven before and after the cleaning. This is truly a reliable grease cleaner for your oven.

There is another series that has a faster reaction despite not fume-free. But we prefer this lemon-scented one. In comparison with the other series, this one is the most suitable for most needs. It’s suitable to use on gas and electric ovens. Also, you can apply this 24-ounce cleaner to the broiler and grill racks.

When spraying, there is a professional cleaner’s advice for you to do it from 9-12 inches of distance. So, it’s neither too close nor too far. If you are spraying the ceiling, make sure the sensitive parts such as pilot lights, heating elements, bulb lights, etc are covered with a foil. Afterward, close the oven door and let it sit for at least 40 minutes as directed. You could wait for a night to get a better result. Also, make sure during the spraying, you open the kitchen window to allow the air circulate properly.

Since this is an aerosol-can cleaner, there is a chance to explode when exposed to the heat. Make sure that you use it after the oven becomes cold. Another thing that you should be aware of is its sensitive reaction to other materials. Make sure Easy-Off is the only cleaner that you apply to the oven.


  • Perfect for Oven
  • Powerful action against stubborn grease inside the oven


  • Flammable

3. Shumanit Heavy Duty Grease Cleaner [for Baked-On Grease]

This is an extreme grease cleaner. It’s created to break up stubborn grease such as hardened baked-on black grease at the pan. As it’s so much strength, it can hurt your hand if you don’t wear a glove. If you have tried all the grease cleaners that said able to remove stubborn grease, but nothing found unless promise, then you will not be disappointed with this one.

Shumanit 26.4 Fl Oz grease cleaner is a super-fast cleaner. Once you spray on the surface, it will work immediately. Just wait for approximately 5 minutes, then rinse it with water, the grease decay astonishingly. No need to scrub again. However, you have to be careful about what surface you are going to spray. Surfaces made of plastic may easily peel off if exposed.

As said before, the only drawback comes from the strong material. You have to protect your hand, it can damage (burn) your hand skin. Even, it’s recommended to wear a mask to avoid breathing the evaporating material. Any ventilation must be open to letting the air circulate well. Children and pets are also required to stay away.


  • Extreme stubborn grease remover
  • Instant result
  • Very recommended facing years of baked-on grease


  • You must wear a glove; it may burn your skin.
  • Strong smell

4. Weiman Best Grease Cleaner [for Glass and Ceramic Cooktop]

Whatever the type of your cooktop, if the surface is made of glass or ceramic, you cannot just use any kind of cleaner. Especially if you use a metal scrubber, it may scratch the surface and leave unpleasant streaks. Weiman Cooktop Cleaner and Polish comes to understand your need.

This is a grease cleaner that comes as a kit containing: the solution, scrubbing pad, and razor. They all are designed exclusively for glass and ceramic surfaces in order to avoid scratch and abrasive effects which commonly happen caused by other products. If there are stubborn cooked-on foods on the surface, use undoubtedly the streak-free razor to remove it. It will not scratch your lovely cooktop. For more shining results, use the micro-bead technology scrubbing pad.

Weiman Cooktop 10 oz cleaner is ideal for restaurants or homeowners. You could use it at least once a week to maintain the shining surface of your cooktop.


  • It comes as a kit (economical buy)
  • Perfect for ceramic and glass cooktop surface, whatever the types of your cooktop
  • The razor doesn’t leave streaks


  • Not versatile

5. Puracy Natural All-Purpose [Green Grease Remover]

This Puracy cleaner is actually an all-purpose cleaner. But it’s highly amazing to use for grease remover. If you are looking for a spray cleaner that can be used for other purposes as well, then this is what you are looking for.

If we see from the ingredients, we could know that this is a plant-based cleaner. Most of the ingredients are natural. So, it’s green for the environment; decomposable by other organisms in the environment. In terms of safety for children and pets, it’s non-toxic; surely safe for them. Moreover, the bottles are recyclable as well. It’s not surprising that this liquid cleaner is awarded as the best all-purpose cleaner by the New York Times.

Puracy Natural All-purpose cleaner can be applied for grease, grime, adhesive, resides, so on. For greases such as baked-on grease and grime, the way to use it is simple. Apply the spray at the surface, wait for until 30 seconds, and now the grease is easy to wipe out with a clean microfiber cloth.

This product is highly recommended. It’s safe for kids and pets, biodegradable, multi-use, and affordable. Made in Austin, Texas, USA, it’s 25 ounces per bottle. Select what scent you want: Green tea & Lime and Organic Lemongrass.


  • Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Non-toxic; safe for children and pets
  • Bio-degradable & Recyclable


  • Capable, but not really strong for grease removal.

6. Professional Lysol Antibacterial Degreaser

It’s not just about free from grease and looks shiny, we have to consider our health as well. Professional Lysol Antibacterial grease cleaner is formulated not just to clean up your kitchen, but also to kill dangerous bacteria. It destroys Salmonella, Escherichia Coli, Listeria monocytogenes, Staph, HIV-1 (AIDS Virus) & MRSA. To kill MRSA bacteria, you have to follow the instruction as directed.

This 32-oz citrus-scented grease cleaner is suitable to use for the countertop, cooktop, and sinks. Apply this disinfectant cleaner evenly to the surface you mean to be, wait for at least 30 seconds, and then wipe out. As directed on the label, no rinsing.


  • Versatile
  • Acting as a disinfectant as well


  • Not for non-porous surface

7. Grease Relief Degrease Cleaner [for Clothes]

The grease is wild. It splatters anywhere including your cloth. When it ruins your cloth, how upset you are. You might think it would be permanent. Not really, though. Grease Relief is highly reliable to break up those greases in your cloth.

In fact, Grease Relief is advertised for an all-purpose degreaser. However, as we see on the real reviews, we found many of the customers stated it’s unable to lift up the stains on the cooktop. We know they mean the cooked-on grease which is very stubborn. However, on the other hand, when it comes to being a laundry cleaner, there are lots of agreeable reports convincing us that this is the true one for any grease stains on the clothing.

So, this is actually a hand cleaner which means safe for your hands. No need for an extra glove like the above when using it. This 22-ounce grease cleaner uses the formula that is bio-degradable and works well to remove and dissolve grease.


  • Great for cleaning grease on cloth
  • Multipurpose
  • Bio-degradable
  • Safe for hands


  • Not strong enough
  • Not recommended for cooked-on foods such as stains on the cooktop.

8. Parker and Bailey Best Grease Cleaner [for Cabinet]

Don’t forget the wood cabinet! It’s also one of the victims of your everyday cooking activity. Years of splattered grease and grime make it look dull. Plus all the time you open and close the door cabinet leaves unpleasant black stains on it, worsen the look. But with Parker & Bailey Kitchen Cabinet Cream, all the sudden can happen and your cabinet now becomes fresher than ever.

It functions not just to lift up the grease but also as a polisher. As polisher, it’s responsible for why your wood kitchen cabinet suddenly looks like a brand new. You just need to apply some drops using a microfibre cloth to the cabinet surface you want. You’ll see the difference.

Restoring the cabinet color and wood table can be that easy. Moreover, the smell is nice, neither too strong nor nothing. The non-toxic material ensures that your cabinet not only shiny but also not cause a problem to the kitchen air.


  • For wood cabinet and table
  • Non-toxic
  • Nice smell
  • Made in the USA


  • Only 16 ounce

9. Citrusafe Best Grease Cleaner [for Grill]

Whatever your grill type; gas or charcoal or electric-based type, there would be a great deal of crusty black grease on the grate. Unfortunately, cleaning them is not as easy as we think of. Grease on the grate is considered as the tough one because they are baked and carbonized.

This sticky grease needs extra treatment. You cannot use just any kind of degreaser. The cleaner must work best to stainless steel. Moreover, it’s not only able to clean the grate but also the internal body of the grill, even the outside; whatever your grill type. Citrusafe cleaner comes to handle that.

It’s actually made of d-limonene (citrus) compound which is biodegradable, non-poisonous, non-combustible, and no phosphate. So, this 23-Oz grill degreaser is safe for food and the cleaning residue will not harm the environment.

Easily, spray to the area where the grease pile up and other areas as well, spray evenly. Wait for about 3 minutes then flush with water. Just follow the instruction. For further action, you could use the help of Senneny stone cleaner to destroy the encrusted grease. No need to do it when the grill is heated, do it when cold. And no need to use a glove, it’s safe for your skin. In addition to its citrus smell, it will make the entire cleaning process much more fun.


  • Recommended for propane gas grate grill or BBQ grill, any type of grill.
  • Citrus scented
  • Biodegradable, phosphate-free


  • Not versatile

10. Krud Kutter Best Degreaser [for Floor]

The last one that you may not forget is the floor. They are also vulnerable to get splattered by the grease of your foods. Kurd Kutter degreaser, which is also made to be biodegradable, is appropriate to remove them.

It’s xylene-free which means harmless to you and your floor. Xylene is dangerous to inhale and can cause a respiration problem. And if check directly to their site, we find nothing about phosphate as the ingredient which is really good.

Krud Kutter degreaser is suitable for use in these kinds of flooring: vinyl strips, laminate floor, carpet, ceramic, grout, concrete, hardwood, fiberglass, etc. We know that after discovering it directly from the customer reviews.

This is actually a concentrate. But, you could dilute it as well. The official guidance of the dilution ratio can be read here.


  • Great for dissolve grease floor
  • Decomposable cleaner
  • Barely scented


  • Only good for flooring according to the customer reviews

Buying Guide to Grease Cleaner

These are some considerations you might want to hear in order to buy a grease cleaner.

1. Surface You are Going to Cleanout

The grease that clings out at the wood cabinet needs a certain treatment rather than the grease on the stainless grate. Therefore, you have to be aware of any grease cleaner you want to purchase. To convince you that you pick out the right one, discover the consumer reviews whether they have happy experiences with your target. Fortunately, we have completely compiled them into some best categories on the above list.

2. Safe

It does not only destroy the thickened grease and grime but also prioritizes healthy. Make sure it doesn’t leave any dangerous residue at the surface especially when you deal off with grate, oven, pan, etc; things where the food contacts to the surface directly. Aside, it should be biodegradable to prevent pollution to the environment.

3. Type of Grease

Burnt-on grease is different from yesterday’s grease despite they cling at the same place. Even, the burnt-on grease could get worse when they remain unremoved for years. In that case, a heavy-duty is required. Some products are formulated with full strength concentrate to act as a heavy-duty degreaser. However, you could dilute it to reduce its power.

4. Green Ingredients

If necessary, you only pick out the one that is made of plant-based compounds. These materials are not only derived naturally but also the residue is safe for environments. Besides, the surface cleaned by this liquid should be safe for children and pets.

Alternatives to Removing the Grease

Besides the commercial grease cleaners that we expose at the list above, you could still benefit the already available compound in the kitchen to remove grease and grime. Some of the most common use are baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap.

Get rid of the greasy stain on the clothes can be successful by mean of dish soap. The soap will unite to the grease molecule and break up the bound. After that, the stain will easily decay. If you rub, the result may be better.

Baking soda is another option that makes use of its alkali ingredient to conquer the grease. There are countless people who have used this method and prove a great result. Simply, dilute 3 tablespoons of baking soda into a cup of water. Then apply to the surfaces you want.

The last one is vinegar. Vinegar is acidic which means great to opposite grease (base). You could apply directly the vinegar to the surfaces to get an extra strong action. Mix with water to get a lighter power.


It’s easy to realize that there is no exactly one degreaser that works best for all kinds of purposes. Perhaps, a certain product works well for you but not for others. But you have to relax your mind because we’ve been reporting our findings on this page. As you could see there are different kinds of best grease cleaners on the list. Some are intended for grill grate which is the heavy-duty target, while some are aimed for light use. You could read carefully our choices. Perhaps they are helpful.