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Do you like collecting the best jewelry candles? If you never heard about it, it is an interesting item to have. So, since the demand for candles is high, many companies try to sell their candles with an interesting concept.

It is like the way Willy Wonka sells his chocolate bar. That is, by selling chocolate bars with the prize inside. As its name, jewelry candles mean that you will find jewelry inside candles. The candles then are available to sell around the world. Other than jewelry, you may find cash, depends on the creativity of the company.

So, it is like playing the lottery to find the prize. Additionally, there are about 100 scents available. You can choose chocolate chip cookies, floral, fruity, and many more. Each product comes out with different burn times. Simply, burn the candle you buy until you can reveal the jewelry inside.

The fire of the candles will not burn the jewelry because it is covered in foil. So, the prize is still clean and free from damage. Another creative idea is about ring candles. It means you will get a ring as the hidden prize in the candles. Well, do you know the value of the prize?  The range is from $10 and even up to $5,000. For this reason, people love to try their luck. Even they choose the best jewelry candles as an exceptional gift.

So, today we would like to give you some recommended products. Here, we include the pros and cons of each product. Even better, we add the ASIN for each product to review below.

10 Best Jewelry Candles Reviews

1. Forever Wick Candle with A Diamond

Forever Wick released this candle with a unique scent. They give a name for the scent as Unicorn Poop. Can you imagine the fragrance of unicorn Poop? The name of the scent is so funny that no one has no idea about it. It is why you will have high curiosity to know more about this candle.

Additionally, the candle needs 70 hours of burn time. The weight of the candle is 10 ounces. Also, the company made it from the high quality of pure soy wax. It is why the candle is safe for you. Even better, it does not contain zinc or lead wick.

Since it is one of the jewelry candles, you can find the genuine and polished diamond inside this candle from 0.03 CT to 1.35 CT. If you want to get the cleanest burn, we recommend you to trim the wicks. After that, enjoy the scent.


  • This candle is great because it burns quite well
  • It has a pleasant aroma that will make you feel the joy
  • The diamond is well-protected inside a plastic bag in the candle


  • No issues yet

2. Secrets & Scents Soy Candle with Jewelry

Manufactured by Secrets & Scents, this soy candle has 31 scents available. You can choose the scent from Blue Spruce to Watermelon. Additionally, you may get different prizes inside.

It is because the company offers some choices such as rings, earrings, and necklaces. Choosing this candle means you can get a piece of jewelry with the value from $10 to $5,000. This candle is 100% pure natural soy wax with no additional coloring.

Talking about the burn time, it takes 100 hours even 150 hours. If you want to use it, you should trim the candle to 1/4-inch before burning the candle. Another thing to know about this product is the candle is free from lead, harsh additives, and the weight is 2.68 pounds.


  • The candle has a great smell, especially for the Pumpkin Souffle
  • You can choose the type of jewelry and the size of the ring.


  • Burning issue

3. Unrivaled Candles with Jewelry

This is one of the best jewelry candles from Unrivaled Candles. They offer 28 color options available. Even you can choose two size options, 8 oz, and 14 oz. Besides, the weight of the candle is 8 ounces.

Other things to know about this product are the scent. The manufacturer combines lilac and lavender to give a spa atmosphere to your home. It is the ideal choice for you who are looking for a paraffin candle blend.

Once you burn time of the candles is the end, you will find jewelry inside the candle with the value from $10 to $10,000. The jewelry can be rings, necklaces, or earrings. For this reason, this candle is a good way to give a special gift for beloved ones.


  • The candle has a phenomenal scent
  • Gorgeous jewelry ring


  • Since you cannot choose the size of the ring, you may find a ring inside the candle but it does not fit you.

4. Kate Bissett Candle with Surprise Jewelry Ring

Kate Bissett manufactured one of the best jewelry candles with an amazing scent. The combination of rosebuds and lilac is so refreshing. With 8 color options available and 6 sizes to choose, you can choose the most favorite choice for you or your beloved ones.

Additionally, this candle is from pure natural soy combined with coconut wax. As of the candle wick, it is from cotton and it is the flat braided wick. For this reason, the candle can burn well along with the consistent flame. It takes about 120 hours of the burn time. the weight of this item is 2.61 pounds.


  • The smell is the best
  • The candle is large with the nice ring inside


  • Be careful that sometimes the ring does not fit your size

5. Jewelry Candles Ring

With so many color scent options available, Jewelry Candles made this candle comes with a ring inside. The good thing to know is that they provide different ring sizes you can choose. Additionally, the scent is great since you can smell lily, citrus, and aldehydes. Even there are other scents like white gardenia, Muguet, jasmine, and amber woods.

With the weight of 2.5 pounds of this candle, each candle has a piece of jewelry. The jewelry value is from $15 to $7,500. Even better, Jewelry Candles provide different prizes such as a necklace, pendant, bracelet, or earrings.


  • The candle has an excellent smell
  • The packaging is nice and secure


  • It does not come with any information on how much the prize is worth

6. Jewelry Candles Dragon’s Blood with Up To $7,500 Jewelry

Jewelry Candles also have this Dragon’s Blood candle. Buyers can choose the ring size. Other than that, you can get other interesting jewelry such as a bracelet, earrings, necklace. As its name, the company called the scent as the Dragon’s Blood because it offers sensual, mysterious, and earthy fragrance made of blood orange, cedarwood, patchouli, and zest.

Burn the candle until its burn time so you will find the jewelry. This pure vegan candle has jewelry with the value from $15 to $7,500. With a weight of about 2.5 pounds, this jewelry candle can be your choice. It takes 6 hours for you to get the candle burned down so you can find the jewelry.


  • The smell of the candle is amazing
  • The ring is so beautiful
  • Perfect for gift


  • Packaging issue

7. Unrivaled Candles with Fragrant Oceanside

Take this option if you think that the previous choices do not match your need. This candle is from Unrivaled Candles with jewelry inside. The size is available in 8 oz and 14 oz with the Oceanside scent.

Oceanside has an interesting fragrance because it is a combination of tropical woods and fruits. The value of the jewelry inside the candle is from $10 to $10,000. Additionally, buyers may get others than rings. It can be candles, earrings, or necklaces. The weight of this product is 8 ounces.


  • Great scent
  • Good quality jewelry


  • The burn time of the candle is too short

8. Kate Bissett Large Jewelry Candle Star Jasmine Scent

Another product from Kate Bisset, this is a large candle that gives you a prize inside. It can be a pendant or earring. Anyway, you can choose a prize. The aroma is so vibrant that it will remind you to strawberry, peach nectar, grapefruit, plum, and currant.

Additionally, the candle is made of pure natural soy combined with coconut wax. As of the cotton wick, Kate Bissett’s complete it with a flat braided wick from cotton. So, the flame is consistent. It takes 120 hours for this large candle to burn down. The jewelry price range from $25 to $7,500.


  • The smell of the candle is amazing


  • No reports yet

9. Jewelry Candles Natural Soy with Cash Money

Unlike the previous products, this is one of the best jewelry candles because it comes with cash. So, it does not offer jewelry. Every single candle provides cash from $2 to $2,500. Also, this candle is large and it is from pure soy with different color choices. Talking about the candlewick, it has natural cotton wick so it has clean burning.


  • The smell is fantastic
  • The candle comes with heavy glass


  • If you have a sensitive stomach, it is better not to choose a coffee scent

10. Jewelry Candles with Money Inside

Take it as the last option we can recommend. It is San Fransisco candle size with vanilla lavender scent. The scent is the combination of vanilla and lavender. Additionally, the money inside this candle is from $2 to $2,500.


  • It smells great
  • The burn time is long


  • Always get $2

Jewelry Candle Buying Guide

After checking all reviews above, let us talk more about the things to consider when you are buying the best jewelry candles or best ring candles.

1. The Value

Talking about the value of the prize such as a ring inside the candle, you should know the value that you will get. Even though it is just like a lottery, but you are spending your money on it. Therefore, it is important not to ignore this part.

In this case, the sellers probably give you a ring with the value from $10 to $5,000, or perhaps from $15 to $7,500. The probability for you to get is a ring with $10, not $5,000 ring value.

Of course, it is good for you to pay attention to the lower value more. So, if you are looking for the best ring candles, it means you should choose the option with the highest lower-end. As you know, the difference between $10 and $15 is quite significant.

2. The Jewelry Size

The next thing to consider is size. it should be part of your attention. Also, it should be your prior before the value. If you buy the best jewelry candles as a special gift for your wife, for example, do you think that the jewelry inside the candles fit her?

Or perhaps you have a plan to give the ring candles to your friend. Well, if you know the ring size of your friend, of course, it is not a big deal for you. So, the solution is to make sure that the seller provides a specific sizing guide so you can follow it. Every single manufacturer may have a different size guide.

3. The Scent

It is undeniable that the best jewelry candles can be a cool gift box for your beloved ones, but you should pay attention to the scents as well. The candles are valuable things since the scents can create a certain mood.

Make sure that you choose the right fragrance just like their favorite. You should not make any experiment in this case. The safe choice is to go with a scent that they like. It is because the scents create the first impression.

4. The Size of The Candles

The size of the candles will indeed determine the candle’s lifespan. It is all about the hours to spend on the scents to enjoy. Therefore, it is good to start with big scented candles because the aroma will stay for a longer period.

It goes the same when it comes to the best ring candles. However, the bigger the candles, the longer it takes to reveal the jewelry. It also depends on the placement of the jewelry. It can be in the middle of the candle or at the bottom of it.

5. The Design of The Candle

Last but not the least, the candle should work best for the eye and the nose. Fine, the looks are number two after the scents. But, since it is a special gift, of course, you want to find a candle with the fanciest package with a ring and other jewelry inside.

How to Make A Jewelry Candle

Jewelry candle is awesome. It can be a gift for someone we love. Interestingly, we can make it ourselves. All that you have to do is prepare the candle wax, wicks, fragrance, wax melter, and container. You could also buy the kit. Melt the candle wax in wax melter, mix with the fragrance, stir the, and then pour them into the container. Don’t forget to set the jewelry and the wick before the pouring step. Wait until they are hardened. Cover and decor with a paper gift.


Let us help you decide at ease. Here, we give you the top three choices we recommend.

1. Kate Bissett Candle with Surprise Jewelry Ring

With various color options and sizes, you can get a nice ring inside the candle. The smell of the scent is nice, a swell. However, think twice if you want to use it as one of the best jewelry candles because the ring may not fit the recipient’s size.

2. Jewelry Candles Ring Value

Available with different color scent options, with a great scent and jewelry that is worth from $15 to $7,500. It also comes with different prizes from rings, necklaces, earrings, and others. Do not expect to find any information about the value of the prize because the company does not share it.

3. Jewelry Candles Natural Soy With Cash Money

If you do not like jewelry, try this one because you will get cash from $2 to $2,500. Also, the candle is large enough with various color options. The candle is made of natural soy so it is relaxing. It also has a nice smell with different scent options. We do not recommend the coffee scent if you have a sensitive stomach.

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