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Kosher salt is from salt crystals and it is coarse-grained salt. Commonly, it is not iodized but you may find some brands with an anti-caking agent. The final shape of this salt is based on the evaporation process. So, not all kosher salt is flat, but also the pyramid depends on the brands.

Well, kosher salt exists for meat. It means that the salt works to remove the blood in the meat. Additionally, this salt works best when you are seasoning food with your hands, such as vegetables and meat.

If you wonder whether koshering salt can lead to high blood pressure or not, experts say that it is good to consume from 1500-2300 mg of sodium intake per day. This is what you need to reduce and prevent high blood pressure. [Source]

Below, we provide you some reviews of koshering salts available on the market.

Top 10 Best Kosher Salt Reviews

Check out these 10 products to find the best kosher salt for your basic needs.

1. Morton Kosher Salt [Best Overall]

Among many kosher salt products, the first one that we put on the list is Morton kosher salt. Try this and you will get coarse salt for two packs. This is table salt with a combination of iodine and an anti-caking agent. The presence of iodine is to prevent goiter. It is a popular choice because this coarse salt does not come with additives.

Choosing this product means that you will have two big boxes, for many basic salt needs like brining, baking, and others.


  • Coarse salt, so it is good on meat and marinades
  • Good flavor, very tasty
  • Nice quality crystals, easy to use


  • Not the ideal choice if you cannot tolerate kosher salt with anti-caking agents.

2. Himalayan Secret Pink Kosher Certified Coarse Salt In Grinder

Produced by Himalayan Secrets, this rock salt offers 84 nutritional minerals. It contains a high level of potassium, calcium, magnesium, selenium, copper, iodine, zirconium, and iron.

Additionally, the pink hues are a sign of the iron content. It is what you need to start a good quality of life. The best thing to know is the salt has 100% authentic flavor. It does not come with additional anti-caking agents or chemicals just like the common table salts. For your information, table salts have artificial iodine and some other additives.

The last thing to know about this product is good for curing and seasoning meats, ribs, vegetables, fish, soups, eggs, stews, and others. If you are looking for a certified Kosher, take this one. This is a Gourmet Food Grade with a high mineral content product.


  • Perfect for those who need pink salt with larger sizes, and love the refillable grinder
  • Great taste
  • healthy salt to pick


  • It is a little bit hard to open the grinder for the first time.

3. Diamond Crystal Kosher for Passover

Move onto the next product, this is fine kosher salt that comes in crystal form. Therefore, it can flow easily from your salt shakers. Additionally, this is evaporated or flake salt. So, it is quite different from other Kosher salts that are from rock salt.

Try this and you will like the product. Keep in mind that you should use 2 teaspoons of this kosher salt which is equal to 1 teaspoon of common table salt. Diamond Crystal offers this dense salt that is good for your foods.


  • Salt with no additives, so it is good for a balanced diet
  • This is not coarse salt since it does not have a large crystal which is good for wet recipes. But this is flake salt that makes it stick better.
  • Good for meat, less sodium, good texture


  • For some people, it can be too salty.

4. Morton Kosher Coarse Salt

Take this flat salt crystal for your best kosher salt. Made by Morton, this coarse salt is easy to use. You can measure it with your fingers. Also, when you add it to your food, it dissolves slowly. This is also what you need if you are looking for Passover. Additionally, it comes with a lid to measure, shake, and then pour.

You will need it if you like to spend your time in the kitchen for brining, grilling, drink rimming

Coarse salt is what you need to control taste and flavor for all dishes. This salt is versatile that is good for food and beverages. Since this is coarse, it also means that you will need a grinder.


  • No iodine, no preservatives
  • Handy canister and holes in the shaker help a lot
  • Good for: salads, fresh veggies, pork, steaks, and others


5. Saltworks Pacific Blue Flake Kosher Salt All-Purpose Cooking

Take this as your next choice when it comes to koshering salt. This is what you need for finishing, cooking, and baking. Presented by Pacific Blue, this is all-natural kosher from sea salt. The sea salt is from the Pacific Ocean. Besides, there are many benefits of sea salt, especially for the nutrients.

Pacific Blue claims that they retain the flake salt textures, free of additives, and these are small flakes. Therefore, this product is the ideal choice when you sprinkle it on salads. Even better, you can add it to baked goods, soups, meat, and seafood.


  • No additives, no rocks
  • Flake salt, which means good for meats
  • The package comes with a small spout so it is very easy to use


  • It comes with large crystals so it may be difficult for some salt grinders

6. Haddar Italian Kosher Salt Organic

Move onto the next product, this koshering salt is from Haddar to add a high level of flavors in food and cooking preparations. Haddar designed it with a shaker top. Additionally, it is safe to use this salt because it does not come with additives.


  • Good flavor
  • Organic
  • Has a low level of sodium, even less than the regular salt


  • You may think that the grains of the salt are larger so they do not come out easily of the shaker

7. Lieber’s Iodine Free Kosher Salt

If you need koshering salt for Passover, this is what you should have in your kitchen. It is table salt for gourmet, ideally great for seasoning. Besides, you can enhance the taste of your dish. By having this kosher salt, you can use it for pickling salt, curing salt, pretzel salt, and margarita salt.

If we talk about kosher, one of the most important things to know is the size of the crystals. The size of the crystal determines the way it draws out the moisture from meats. Also, the size of the crystals will determine the koshering process. Large crystals make your meal less salty.


  • This is a coarse grain so it is good to use it when you are cooking with liquids.
  • Convenient
  • Great taste


  • You may need a grinder before using it

8. Wild Foods Fine Flake Sea Salt

This is 100% natural sea salt from the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, it contains more than 60 important trace minerals. For this reason, it is the ideal choice for healthy and tasteful sea salt. Keep in mind that it is kosher flake salt so that it has pyramid fine crystals. Therefore, you can crumble it easily into a smaller piece. In addition, this is what you need to make various drinks and beverages.

Sea salt is one of the compositions in this koshering salt so that it gives more flavors. It also does not come with anti-caking agents. Whether you use it for dry or wet ingredients, it works better. It can melt into your cooking and blend with your dry ingredients.


  • Even though it has a small amount of natural iodine, it does not come with added iodine
  • Good taste, good texture, good for finishing salt
  • The packaging is good to keep it dry and airtight


  • It is not a flake salt, but medium-grind salt.

9. 365 Everyday Value Coarse Kosher, Certified

Anyway, this product can be your favorite choice if you want to have certified kosher salt, certified GMO-free, and certified vegan salt. This Italian salt is also free of iodide. If you want to know more about this product, it is actually from the Mediterranean sea. These coarse crystal sea salts are harvested from a coastal area after the evaporated process.


  • This salt is good in a grinder
  • It has good quality and texture
  • Pure taste


  • It is different from the common koshering salts. If you expect a koshering salt just like others, this is not the ideal choice.

10. Natural Tides Kosher Mediterranian Salt

Last, of all, Natural Tides produced this Mediterranean salt, coarse crystals. Harvested based on the evaporated process, this is a good choice if you are looking for unrefined salt. Moreover, it does not have a bleaching agent. From here on, we can say that the product is natural and it contains trace minerals such as magnesium, copper, and calcium.


  • Good at tenderizer
  • Naturally harvested
  • A good deal for the taste


  • The company should fix the packaging

How to Choose the Kosher Salt

After reading our 10 reviews but still hard to decide the best kosher salt, it is good to read this buying guide. There are some important things to help you consider your purchase as below:

1. Brands

Of course, different products or brands offer different shapes or sizes of kosher salt crystals. It means that two brands may offer the same volume, but they may have different weights. The weight will contribute to saltiness, as well. For example, if you buy Diamond Crystal kosher salt and use 1/4 cup of this salt, it means you will have 1 oz. On the other hand, if you take Morton kosher salt with 1/4 cup, the weight can reach 2 oz.

2. Pinch It

Well, this is what you cannot do if you buy online, but it does not mean that you have no way at all to pinch the salt. Therefore, we recommend you to buy one product first. After that, pinch it to notice the shape. By doing this way, you can easily identify whether it is coarse or not, dense or not.

3. Uses

So, it is good to understand the best way to use Kosher salt. When you want to use it for seasoning, then you should add it before cooking, while cooking, or after cooking. Other than that, if you want to use it for seasoning meat, you should add it before cooking.


Still, it is not easy to choose the best product when it comes to koshering salt. If you go with naturally harvested, you may love how it has a natural taste and no additives. On the contrary, some pure koshering salts show few pebbles so you have to remove them, anyway.

Even more, the biggest challenging thing when it comes to choosing kosher salt; Himalayan salt and sea salt as well, is about the taste.

Even though you have checked out our buying guide, we think it is not easy to decide the best one. For this reason, it is good to check the list and remove some products you think you cannot go with. In this case, we also make it much easier to pick by making a narrower list, 3 instead of 10, as below:

1. Morton Kosher Salt

Morton Kosher Salt is our best pick because this coarse salt is good as table salt. The company produced it along with an anti-caking agent and iodine. The reason why they added iodine is because it works to prevent goiter. As a coarse salt, it is a good choice because it does not contain additives. This is what you need for baking, brining, and others.

This coarse salt is good for marinades and meat, very tasty, great flavor, and the crystals have good quality. It is easy to sprinkle the salt and control whether it is too much or not. However, if you think that koshering salt with anti-caking agents is not your choice, this is not the answer for you.

2. Himalayan Secret Pink Kosher Certified Coarse Salt In Grinder

First of all, it is certified kosher. It offers you Gourmet Food grade which is good for curing, seasoning, and baking meats. The salt has more than 80 nutritional minerals. Second of all, it is unbelievable that you will get everything at once: potassium, magnesium, copper, calcium, selenium, zirconium, iodine, selenium, and iron.

3. Diamond Crystal Kosher for Passover

Last but not least that the Diamond Crystal Kosher is good for a balanced diet. We think this fine salt is good to add to your kitchen because it can flow from any salt shaker easily. Flake salt is from an evaporated process so it is not like Himalayan salts harvested from the ground. flake salt. So, it is quite different from other Kosher salts that are from rock salt. This is a dense salt that is good for meat because it sticks better than the table salts.

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