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Just like wood, when it comes to the best leather dye, it means that you can dye, stain, or paint leather. Leather dye works by penetrating the fiber. You may say that this product is about adding a chemical bond to the fiber.

Leather Dye
Leather dying in a traditional tannery in the city Fes, Morocco

On the contrary, leather paint works on the leather, not into the leather. In another word, it creates a physical bond, in which you can go with a solid color or multiple colors.

When you decide to buy the best leather dye for your leather items, keep in mind that you understand how dye works on leather as below:

  • The product to dyeing your leather can fade by the time
  • The leather dye is possible to start dye transference from your leather items to other cloths. In this case, it can be aniline or semi-aniline.
  • Leather dye stays deep into the pores of the leather goods
  • It is impossible to use leather dye to create a lighter colored finish
  • Leather dye is not the ideal choice if you want to achieve a water-resistant finish
  • Leather dye is better than leather paint for leather breathability because the dye does not block the pores of the leather
  • All leather items with leather dye still develop a beautiful patina
  • If you want to apply leather dyes on any vegan leather, it means that you are wasting your time.

At this point, you understand well about the good and the bad side of using leather dye. If it does not stop you to look for the best dye products for leather, we are here to show you our findings. We have collected 10 best products to help you restyle your existing leather items along with the pros and cons.

10 Best Leather Dye Reviews

1. Fiebing’s Leather Dye for Handbags

Looking for the right product with a perfect, rich hue? This option is an alcohol-based dye, and it offers maximum coverage since it can penetrate the leather. It works for natural leather or tanned leather.

If you wonder about using a sealant for this dye, you will need an acrylic resolene sealant so it offers a shiny look. It is okay if you don’t like the sheen, because you can reduce its application. On the other hand, if you use it for a larger leather item like a chair, you should use an aerosol spray finish to keep its quality.


  • Ideal for your car interior
  • Easy to use, apply for a couple and it looks great
  • Use acrylic resolene for a more perfect look


  • You still need to cover the dye with a protective coating.

2. Fibeing’s Leather Dye Alcohol-Based Medium Brown

Another alcohol-based dye for leather furniture from Fibeing’s, you can mix it easily to get a satisfying result. Choosing this product means that you will have a 4-ounce bottle. Even better, the company included the applicator, a wool dauber.

Since this is an alcohol-based dye, it can dry quickly. If you think that the color is too dark, it does not matter because denatured alcohol can lighten it up. You can use it on leather and wood, as well.


  • Easy to apply, with no mess and it is so simple
  • It dries quite fast
  • Good for plastic, leather, wood, saddle, and others


3. Tandy Leather Dye Brown 2600-05 Water-Based Eco Flo

If you are working with natural veg-tanned leather, this water-based leather dye is what you need. You can use it for background dyeing or solid-coloring. Other than that, it is good for figure, floral, and pictorial coloring.

Furthermore, it is easy to use this product. The first thing to do is to clean the leather surface. After that, continue by applying the dye by using an airbrush, wool dauber, artist brush, or aerosol sprayer. Next, use water to thin it before allowing the leather surface to dry. Besides, you may need a soft cloth or clean wool to buff and to remove the excess dye. Lastly, use finish and repeat the process until you get the correct hue. Finalize it by using a top finish coat.


  • Easy to use, and it shows a great result
  • Best leather dye for ottoman, leather wallet, and others
  • Make sure that you use a small strip to test the color first


  • Just in case you have applied it and you found that the result seemed too darker, then add some water and then mix. It will solve your problem.

4. Kelly’s Professional Grade Leather Dye for Shoes and Handbag

Alternatively, this alcohol-based leather dye works best on smooth, suede, vegetable tanned, and nubuck leather. It does not peel, rub-off, or crack your leather furniture, so everything is still flexible. Even better, it is easy to apply because you can use a wool dauber or a dry sponge.


  • Best leather dye for leather boots, leather jacket, leather purse, car seat,
  • Odorless and it comes with easy-to-understand instructions
  • Good coverage that will make your leather items look new again


  • The tool does not come with a comfortable handle, so it is a little bit messy

5. Griffin Leather Dye for Purse, Shoes, Boots, Furniture

Available with premium quality, you can use it to hide scratch, damage, and scuff. This is what you need to restore your favorite boots, furniture, shoes, wallets, coats, car interiors, jackets, and others, which also means that you do not have to buy the new one!

The dye formula is made of high-quality materials, specially designed with good quality control to ensure you get the astonishing result, yet safe to use. Keep in mind that this is a watery dye to make sure that it can absorb into your leather items quickly. Since it penetrates the leather, it means that it will change your leather items permanently. Once dry, it will not fade, crack, or peel out.


  • Good for recoloring boots and shoes
  • Apply after cleaning the old polish off by using saddle soap or something will make it penetrates the leather effectively
  • Let it dry for 48 hours to make the dye stays perfectly


  • After dry, your leather item may look a little bit dull, you should rub the dye immediately. This way will prevent any visible black smudges.

6. Realeather Leather Dye Marker Pens for All Leather

Unlike the previous models, this option comes out as permanent marker pens. It contains six marker pens in some good colors. You will get two green colors, blue, purple, maroon, and yellow. Additionally, it is the choice for those who need alcohol-based leather dye that is safely used for all ages, from kids to adults.

What makes it becomes one of the popular choices is because it is non-toxic. Moreover, it can dry fastly, with a permanent dye on your leather items. Even better, you can blend it for more fun. The company also included a brush tip with a flexible design. It is easy to use this marker pen because the tip has a fine-point. It means you can use it even for small detail.


  • Ideal for shoes, boots, and it dries quickly
  • It is easy to apply and it is very convenient
  • It can work for subtle and tiny details which lets you do more control over the hues


  • Since the color is easy to dry, it is challenging to mix the colors.

7. Fiebing’s Leather Dye for Long Lasting Oil-Based Black Stain

As one of the favorite options, this black leather dye comes with long-lasting color. It works by penetrating the leather. Also, the result and the amount of the stain will determine the finished color.

When you use it, you can use a spray gun, a wool dauber, or apply it with a dipped method. If you want to create more varieties, this oil-based dye is easy to blend. If you have scratched or very dry leather items, try this to add a new life and save your money from buying new leather items!


  • Ideal for bike saddle, boot, couch, putter grip, knife sheaths, gun holsters,d fand others
  • Works better if you use a sealer so the stain will not bleed onto your skin or clothing
  • Vivid color


  • You should deglaze the leather surface thoroughly and then test the area so you will get a more even absorption.

8. Kaps Leather Dye for Purses Bags & Shoes with Brush & Sponge

Do you want to add a new life to your purses, bag, or shoes? Whether your items are made of natural leather, faux/ synthetic leather, or textiles, this is the best way to recolor your favorite items. You can use it for bags, and other accessories made of leather. Even if the leather has scratches or dull color, this dye can restore the color permanently and it does not crack once dry for up to 24 hours.

Astonishingly, this product comes with a complete kit. You also get an application sponge and a handy brush to let you use it immediately. In a single jar, you will get 25 ml of dye. It is also available in many colors.


  • The presence of sponge and brush in this kit helps a lot
  • When you apply it, it spreads amazingly
  • The instructions are very detail that you can even follow each step easily


  • You may need to apply several coats to get the result because it is a watery dye.

9. Kaps Dye Paint for Bags Shoes & Leather Accessories Purple

Need purple leather dye? This is a jar that contains 400 ml of dye. Made in Europe, the dye is good to recolor and to cover any scratches on your leather items. Once you apply the dye, it will stay permanently and it will never crack. Keep in mind that you only can use dyed leather after waiting for more than 24 hours.

It is a good choice for those who need a dye for natural, faux leather and textiles. You can apply this water-based dye on shoes, bags, and other leather goods.


  • Good coverage, easy to use and odorless
  • Best for both real and synthetic leather
  • For the best result, let it dry thoroughly and after that apply a glossy finish


  • It is important to wait for the dye to penetrate the leather to make the dye will not come out, and please use a finish.

10. Simple Shine Leather Dye with Built-in Applicator & Sponge for Damaged Bags Shoes

Lastly, this is a premium and suede dye that can cover scratches and scuffs easily on your leather items. Besides, it is an alternative for you who need to change the color of your favorite leather stuff. It can restore and revive your old boots, shoes, wallets, furniture, belts, car interiors, jackets, coats, and others.

Since it comes with a rich, black formula, it penetrates the leather to restore and even to change the color of your favorite leather item, suede shoes, and so on. The formula has been improved by the company to change the color permanently. Once dry, the dye will not transfer or rub off to clothing as well.


  • It works well to camouflage or to hide any worn spot or little scratches for suede
  • Also works for nubuck
  • Clear instruction and get the best result by applying a thin coat


  • We advise you to prepare a throw-away towel and then apply this dye outside so it does not leave any stain on your furniture or carpet.

Leather Dye Buying Guide: Things to Consider

1. Cost

Of course, each product of the best leather dyes come with a different price tag. It is why you should set your budget at the very first beginning. Keep in mind that you are looking for the best product, which means you should be okay to spend more money to get a high-quality product.

2. Check Out the Manufacturer

Many manufacturers are working in this industry. Therefore, it is good to know about the best one that completes you. It depends on the type of product you want to dye and the type of leather dye.

3. How Long It Dries

Next, you should also find the available information about the time for the dye to apply and to dry. If you are about using it for a personal thing, it does not a big deal to wait for some hours waiting for it to dry. On the other hand, you should find the best leather dye that can dry quickly if it is all about your business purpose.

4. Specifications

If you want to use the effective leather dye, make sure that you go with the right type. As you know that the product types are various. Make sure that the component of the dye is good for leather.

5. Safety

The last important thing to consider is that you are about recycling your leather items by dying it. Therefore, you do not want to do more harm than good. Well, that happens if you choose the wrong dye products. Therefore, you should choose one that is less harmful to this environment.


If it is going to be your first experience to buy the best leather dye, of course, the options above can be too much for you. The reviews can confuse you since it is not easy to make a choice. For this reason, we would like to make our options less. It is okay if, at the end of the day, you have another choice you think best for your needs.

1. Fiebing’s Best Leather Dye for Handbags

This is an alcohol-based dye that will give you an even coverage. Ideally, we use it for tanned leather or natural leather. Simply, repeat for a couple and use an acrylic resolene to finalize your project.

2. Tandy Leather Dye Brown 2600-05 Water-Based Eco Flo

Easy to use that you can apply it on the leather wallet, ottoman, and others. This is the ideal choice if you need a water-based leather dye. Keep in mind that you will never disappointed if you do not mind testing it in a small hidden area first. Since it is water-based leather, you just need more water if the color is too dark for you.

3. Realeather Best Leather Dye Marker Pens for All Leather

It is non-toxic, comes out in form of permanent marker pen. You can use it effortlessly, thanks to the fine-point tip. It works for boots, shoes with a subtle look. Apply it quickly if you want to mix the colors because it is very easy to dry.

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