Best Leather Scratch Repair

Why do you need the best leather scratch repair? Leather is a natural material. It is easy to clean, durable, and it is hard-wearing. Additionally, leather is used for many things, such as armchairs, sofas, couches, belts, shoes, and others. For people with stylish and modern style, they like collecting leather items as part of luxury.

If you can take good care of the leather material, it can last longer and it is always attractive to look at. On the other hand, it does not mean that it cannot fade, or wear out by the time. Cracks, cuts, rips, scratches, and holes will appear by the time.

Fortunately, you can solve the issues quickly. There are many options for the best leather scratch repair to choose from. Of course, leather scratch repair helps you restore the leather to its good look. It helps you do techniques that hide the damage.

Well, it can be daunting to choose the right one. With the presence of leather scratch repair, the challenge is on how to identify the color that is matching with to your needs. Also, the quantity of the materials is a little bit tricky to estimate. For example, it is about the sizes of the patches.

Therefore, we have collected 10 reviews about the leather scratch repair in this post. Further, to help you find the best of the best, we recommend you to read our buying guide.

10 Top Leather Scratch Repair Reviews

1. Leather Scratch Repair Patch for Couch and Sofa

Available in different colors, this is the best leather scratch repair in the form of a large patch. The size is 8×11-inch made of durable leather. Additionally, it is no-residual adhesive. It is easy to use this patch. Simply, paste it on the leather to hide the damage, and that is all.

Besides, you can use it on different items like on vinyl, leather, or other fabric surfaces. Also, you can use it to hide stains and scratch on your car seats, handbags, leather jackets, and suitcases. If you need a simple and convenient way to repair your favorite leather items, this is the answer.


  • Good for hiding a hole in the armrest
  • You can cut it easily
  • The adhesive is strong


  • The color should be better, it is a near-perfect match

2. Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit

Do you have expensive furniture with scratches, burn holes, cracks, or tears? Well, take it and you can add a new life to your furniture. It even works more such as hiding rips so you do not have to replace it with the new one. Even better, this is what you need to repair faux leather furniture.

What makes it different from other kits is because it has understandable directions. Simply, apply it and wait for how it gives you the best result. The shades are from tan, brown, walnut, and chocolate. This kit is good for genuine leather or synthetic purse, steering wheel, upholstery, shoes, chair, wallet, and belt.


  • It is easy to use this kit, simply by using soft artistry brush and a makeup sponge to cover small worn areas.
  • Simple enough with instructions and color chart to mix
  • Good enough to hide the damage


  • Color matching can be a real problem, but this is also a challenging part when you use other products.

3. ALAZCO Stick Crayons for Leather Scratches Repair

Unlike the two previous products, this is the best leather scratch repair that comes out in the form of sticks and markers. It works by covering nicks and scratches or blemishes instantly. Also, you can use it on wood or wood-veneer materials like doors, frames, or cabinets.

Even better, this is a perfect set to repair scratches on leather furniture, leather, or faux leather goods, as well. In total, there are six wax crayons for scratches, nail holes, and deep gouges. Just draw it over the scratch and that is it!


  • To get the best result, make sure that you are using the lighter colors and let it dry before going with the next darker color. Keep doing it until you have got the best shape.
  • Cover scratches on wood floors as well.
  • Good for wooden furniture


  • It works well on small scratches, but not for medium or large scratches.

4. Leather Conditioner Healing Balm

Made of the best, selected ingredients, this is is one of the good quality leather conditioners. It is different from other conditioners because it is specially designed for aesthetic work. It is what you need if you want to touch up your leather good so it looks better than before. When you see light cracks, scars, scratches, and others, you need this balm to enrich its color.

It works because of the natural waxes and oils in this healing balm since it is designed to adhere and to enrich your leather. Even it works more than that. This balm works also protects beneath the surface. Therefore, if you have old leather at home that you want to save its life, take this and see the result.


  • Improve the damage so your leather looks good, 30% better than before
  • Smells like coconut
  • Alcohol-based cleaner so it penetrates on leather and vinyl. This can dissolve the most impurities so they come out to the surface. You can wipe them down clean.


  • Keep in mind that it can remove the dye on thin-coated or uncoated dyed leather. Therefore, you should test it on a small part first.

5. Bickmore Leather Scratch Repair

Specially designed to protect leather goods, this Bick LP has heavy-duty actions to keep your leather from excessive heat, water, caustic chemicals, salt, and petroleum acids. As you know, leather is a good quality material but by the time, it can lose its natural oils. Therefore, it shows dry rot, cracking, as well as stitch tear.

The natural oils and waxes in this product are designed to protect the leather from premature damage. Additionally, it is easy to use this product. Apply it by hand and apply it evenly on your dry leather. If you want to use it as a waterproofing, apply it and wait for five minutes. After that, repeat this process.


  • Easy to apply that makes you hard to believe that it is your old leather item
  • If you have boots in contact with concrete, mud, and others, this is what you need to keep the boot stain free.
  • It does not come with a strong smell and it absorbs in perfectly.


  • If you see that the preservative darkened your leather item, do not worry because it is just temporary.

6. Leather Milk Cleaner and Conditioner for Furniture

Another choice for the best leather scratch repair. It is more than just to restore your leather, but it also offers good treatment to condition, clean, and protect as well. If your favorite leather looks abused, old, and dull, this is the best way to fix the tear and wear. The deep conditioner works to make your leather looks new again.

Additionally, it is easy to use. You just have to apply it and let it overnight. Unlike other conditions with the unnatural chemicals, this product has no unpleasant smell. It is not sticky or it does not come with a greasy feel. The vital oils in this conditioner are safe to use. Even better, it uses the light emulsion of oils and water to support enriching effects.


  • Good to makeover dry and old vintage leather chair
  • It comes with a high-quality pad, but it is better to rinse or wash it first to clean it
  • It also comes to win a squeeze bottle with the instruction to let it sit for 15-30 minutes, but it is good to let it dry overnight.


  • To avoid a little splotchy look in some areas, it is better to clean the leather first.

7. Leather Adhesive Tape Patch for Sofas, Handbags, and Car Seats

Coming out in various colors, this is one of the best leather scratch repair tapes available in a size of 3-inch x 60-inch. It is non-residual, durable leather adhesive material that you can paste it on scratch. Once you cut it in any shape you want, you just have to past it in stain or break you want to hide.

Also, it does not come with a smell and it is 100% safe for your health. By using this leather patch, you can repair your favorite furniture. Even better, you can stick it on your clothes, leather, vinyl, and many more upholstery fabrics.


  • This product has good flexibility that you can even stick it over a curved and uneven surface.
  • Easy to use and tape it right everywhere you want
  • Easy to cut to fit any size you want


  • Some people had issues with the adhesion, but if you want to try, it is good to support this product with Gorilla Glue gel.

8. Tear Mender Adhesive Fabric and Leather

Tear Mender has this adhesive bottle in different options for different budget plans. This product has a durable bond that dries and forms an instant bond. Additionally, it is a flexible and wearable solution within 3 minutes. You just have to wash it after 15 minutes. It works by forming a permanent bond to leather or fabric. Even better, it is waterproof and UV resistant with non-toxic formula. For this reason, it is good to have this acid-free glue at home.


  • Read the directions and it is easy to use this product
  • The tears look smooth and the damage is not visible
  • It is what you need if you are looking for the best adhesive for most fabrics

9. Dark Brown Recoloring Balm for Leather

Use this leather scratch repair to restore your furniture. It is also the best way to restore the worn-out condition on vinyl. Even better, you can use it to protect furniture from deformity, recoloring, and scratches.

If you have a big question about using this repair kit for others, well absolutely! This is what you need to fix boat seats to offer UV protection. Use it as a shield for your leather couch so that it is safe under the sun exposure.


  • To get the best result, clean your leather first and then let it dry. After that, apply a thin coat of this product and let it sit for 3 hours, before applying a good conditioner
  • Hide the scratch so well that it is hard to tell where is the scratch after all.
  • There is no stain because it dries quickly and solidly.


  • This product dries quite fast and it is almost impossible to blend it after if you are bouncing your sponge to try to smooth it out. Do 2 heavy coats and you will love the result.

10. Chemical Guys Cleaner and Conditioner Leather Repair Kit

Use them for many things about leather, such as seats, furniture, jackets, sneakers, and so on. The cleaner is a pH-balanced product so that it is effective enough to clean and to increase the strength of your leather goods. Even better, it improves the look and the durability of your leather. Also, this leather repair kit works by penetrating the pores of your leather to remove oils and dirt.

Additionally, both cleaner and conditioner are odorless, colorless, and good for professionals. The presence of vitamin E in this leather conditioner can help a lot to nourish the leather and to reduce the damage because of UV exposure.


  • The cleaner works best to remove tough spots
  • Follow the directions and the condition will soften the leather up
  • No chemical smell


  • To make sure that your leather does not have any reaction to this product, make sure that you test the product first in a small, invisible area.

Leather Scratch Repair Buying Guide

So, now you have checked all the best leather scratch repair. It is important to know that you should choose just one that meets your needs. Having that said, if you just choose one without thinking of some considerations, you may be disappointed. Therefore, it is crucial to read a buying guide first.

1. Find the Right Color

When you want to buy a leather scratch repair kit, make sure that you are looking for the right color. Most kits come with various colors to help you find the right color that blends with the leather item to fix with it. Therefore, before choosing the kit, check first whether or not you got the colors that meet your needs.

2. Directions

It is okay if the product looks promising. However, if it does not come with a clear direction on how to use it, it makes you fail to get the best result. For this reason, if you have a plan to buy one, make sure that the guidelines are clear so it is easy to understand.

3. Versatility

There are many items made of leather such as shoes, sofas, car seats, bags, belts, caps, jackets, and many more. Since there are so many, choose the best leather repair kit that has good versatility.

4. Choose What You Need

Keep in mind that you want to buy a leather kit. Hence, buying it wisely by finding the one that entails the tools you need. For example, you should check for the colors by seeing the charts, vinyl adhesive, and others.

5. Price

Of course, each of the products comes in different price tags. It means that you should find one that meets your budget. Not all expensive products offer the best quality. Therefore, it is good to set the budget first, after that you can check the available products on the market based on your budget plan.

6. Other Factors

Remember that the thickness of the leather determines the difficulty level to repair it. If you have thick leather, it is more difficult for you to repair it. Also, it needs strong glue so it has a good quality bond. Additionally, choose products that are safe for you. For example, you should only go with water-based, non-toxic, eco-friendly, or air-dry.


Have you found the best leather scratch repair? Well, we hope our three best findings here can help.

1. Leather Scratch Repair Patch for Couch and Sofa

Take it if you need a good product to hide a hole in the armrest. It is easy to use because you just have to cut in any size you need and then stick to the damaged area. The adhesive is strong enough, but make sure that you check the color chart.

2. Coconix Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit

Get this one if you want an easy way to hide the damaged area on your leather goods. It is good enough to hide the damage by following the simple instructions. Also, you can use the color chart to help you mix the right color. Use a soft artistry brush and a makeup sponge to start using it. Be sure and do it carefully so you have no problem with color matching.

3. ALAZCO Stick Crayons for Leather Scratches Repair

The good thing about this product is that you can use it on a wooden surface as well. Use the lighter colors and let it dry. After that, continue by using a darker color, so you will get the best shape. However, it is only good to use on small scratches.

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