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When we were kids, we amazed by the result of pushing positive magnets together, and this concept is what you will see in the best levitating globe. Levitating or floating globe is a nice device to educate everyone about the earth’s orbit. So, inside the small globe, there is a magnet. It then reacts with the magnet on the top of this device, which is an electromagnet. [Source]

The function of the electromagnet is to pull up on the magnet inside the globe. The capability to pull up the magnet inside the globe is the same as the capability to pull it down. So, there are two equal forces. These forces pull against each other. For this reason, the globe is floating. [Source]

There are many uses of the globe, especially when you decide to buy the best levitating globe. First, it works as a learning tool. This three-dimensional replication of the earth is important to complete schools and classrooms, especially for geography. Second, the globe is a perfect addition to tell everyone that you love to travel a lot. It tells everyone that you have a great passion for geography, as well. [Source]

Whether you need the best levitating globe for its beauty to complete your desktop or for educational tools, there are large selections available on the market. You can even buy it as the perfect gift for friends, family, and colleagues. The innovative technology and the floating motion of this globe are the main attractions that will make you amazed by it.

For the reasons above, we would like to make you easily find the right levitating globe. We have collected the ten top options to review. At the end of this article, you will find a buying guide that helps you make a narrower selection to find the best that meets your needs.

10 Best Levitating Globe Reviews

1. Magnetic Globe Floating and Rotating, Wireless Transmission

Woodlev released this floating globe with a diameter of 6-inch. It can be your best levitating globe since it shows the world geography. Start using it means that you should remove any metals away. Then, make sure that you have found a place to put it on the smooth surface. Plug it and then use the touchpoint control globe as well as the globe light. We recommend you watch the operating video to make it easy.

The reason why you should choose it as the best decorative accent to complete your desk is the unbelievable design. This globe has an auto-spinning induction system via wireless. At night, when you plug it, it will light automatically. So, it also works as a night light. Anytime you want to see the beauty of the LED light, it is easy. What you should do is to use touch control.

If you have no idea how to control the base or how to light it up or off, use the touch button. This unique feature, it makes the product is different from others. The touch button works to control the wireless induction system.


  • The globe levitates an inch above its base and it spins well
  • It has a beautiful LED light with the blue glow
  • The base comes with futuristic design


  • A little bit tricky to set the globe over the base

2. Aukee Levitating Globe World Map

Made of ABS plastic, this floating globe from Aukee is available in three models. It can float and rotate in midair. It also works steadily. You can use it as a decorative accent because it has a Led light. Once you turn the globe on in the dark, it highlights your space.

Additionally, this product is easy to install. Once you float the globe, you need to do a little spin. So, it can rotate smoothly. Other reasons why you should have this floating globe because it is a great high-technology tool. It can entertain people of all ages. Well, you can use it to complete your office, home décor, and teaching equipment.


  • This globe lets you change the lighting
  • Great design with magnetic holder works perfectly
  • The floating globe keeps spinning with the light touch for about 20 minutes


  • Takes a few seconds to stabilize the globe so it is in the floating position

3. Estefanlo Magnetic Best Levitating Globe

There are many features in this levitation globe. So, it is more than just floating and then rotating in the midair. But, it also comes with color LED lights. Surely you can use this globe as a cool gift. It is great for home or office decoration.

In this box, you will get a c-shaped frame globe, 3-inch globe, 12-volt 100-ma adapter, and user manual. Also, the company offers two options, blue and black-silver models.


  • Cool gift
  • The instructions are easy to help you work with it
  • Great and fascinating design


  • The dimension can be too small for some people

4. Senders High Tech Floating Globe LED Light

This floating and rotating globe can be your next choice. It comes with Led light that looks cool when you turn off the main lighting in your room. So, the globe highlights the room with its LED light. Additionally, this floating globe looks futuristic because of the magnetic system in it.

Even better, you can choose this product to decorate any room. It can be your living room, bedroom, home office, and a classroom. It looks amazing if you bring this globe as a learning tool for kids, as well. The product dimension is about 8.5 cm.


  • Good for a birthday gift
  • Easy to set up
  • The globe design looks nice, just like maps, but it is something more


  • It looks neat but can be too small for some people

5. Fuzadel Levitating Globes World Map

With the support of the magnetic system, this floating globe world map has LED lights. The lights work best to irradiate the surface of this floating globe so it looks beautiful. Additionally, the presence of air suspension completes it. So, it can float on the electrically active magnetic area. Even more, there is advanced magnetic technology so that it looks cool for all ages.

Additionally, you can use this product for home decor. Well, it is important to know that it does not rotate automatically. It can float because the magnetic above the gadget has an electromagnet that works with a magnetic area sensor. As of the base, it has a micro-processor along with some electronic components.

When the globe is floating, it does not rotate automatically. Talking about the size, it has 3.5-inch and the weight is 1.27 pounds. It is easy to install the globe. What you should do is to give a little spin once the globe levitating. Even if you pass your hand around the globe, it does not disturb the magnetic field.


  • It only takes two minutes to read the instructions so you can make it work
  • The way it suspends in the air make it perfect for decorative accent
  • It comes with nice lighting


  • Made of plastic, so be careful during the installation if you do not want to see it cracks

6. Floating Globe Levitation Stand

This rotating levitation globe works with a magnetic system. It comes in two options, blue and black at the same price. The diameter is 8-inch and it has ABS base. When you turn the globe in the dark, the LED light makes it looks beautiful.

Just like other floating globes, this educational tool works by using a magnetic system with electric control. The magnet is above the gadget and it has an electromagnetic as well as a magnetic field sensor. Once you set the globe, spin it for a little so it will rotate for a certain period.

This is an amazing high-technology gadget that everyone will enjoy. Therefore, it is good to complete your office and home. Please note that it is not easy to set the globe so it can float in the air, it does not a matter. So, make sure that you have enough time to do several trials. It is what you need if you are looking for the best levitating globe with a diameter of about 8-inch.


  • Good technology for everyone
  • Perfect for decorative detail
  • Educative tool


  • Take a little time to balance the globe

7. PowerTRC Rotating Magnetic Levitating Globe ABS

Next, take it as your choice because the globe floats once you hold it above the base. The material of this product is from non-toxic material. Also, it is 100% durable after being tested by ATSM & CPSIA. For this reason, it is a nice gift for kids and adults.

Make your kids amazed by this tool that keeps them busy. You can give it for Christmas, holidays, or even birthdays. For adults, the gift looks perfect because they can use it as a highlight in their office. Keep in mind that you cannot tilt is not adjustable, so it is on the fixed rotation.


  • It comes with powerful magnets, so make sure that there are no electronic devices near it
  • It spins nicely with the nice light
  • Ideal gift for all ages


  • Needs time to balance out this globe

8. Magnetic Rotating and Floating Globe

This magnetic globe is floating and rotating in the middle of the air. It is because of the globe below the object. With the high-quality design, it comes with beautiful and bold colors that float. So, the design makes it perfect for futuristic decor. Even though the base is on, the globe will float.

You can use it for learning and teaching geography. This is what you need to let the children have the opportunity to learn more about the earth. Even better, they can learn about many countries in different locations. Even if the globe moved from the equilibrium position, the globe will go back to the center automatically. It is made of ABS with a diameter of about 6-inch.


  • It shows most countries and you can view each off them because the globe spins quite slowly
  • Good quality floating globe
  • Floating and rotating


  • It takes time to find the spot to levitate

9. Vhouse Levitating and Rotating Globe LED Light

This is a creative floating and rotating world map. It comes with LED light located on the base. The diameter of this globe is 6-inch with a nice design. Also, you can use it to teach Geography.

This globe is what you need if you are looking for the best levitating globe that lest you know some countries. It helps you tell your kids about the earth and the geographical location of each country. It is because the globe offers a clear review to see all countries on earth.

When you are using it as a decorative piece, this high-technology gadget offers a modern ornament. It is a nice addition to any home style. Even you can use it to complete your office. Well, it is also what you need to get the right gift for all ages, adults, and kids.


  • Easy to balance
  • Does not need too much adjustment
  • LED light looks nice and the globe has a good design


  • It is easy to use, but it takes a little time to adjust if you do not read the instructions.

10. World Geographic Book Style Platform

This geographic globe is the last option if we talk about the best levitation globe. It is from ABS with a diameter of about 6-inch. It comes in gold and black that shows world geography.

So, you should turn the base on and the globe will levitate. The suspension makes it stable in the air, as well. Of course, it looks nice that you can use it as a decorative piece in your home, office, and others.


  • The design is nice and delicate
  • Helpful to learn geography
  • A true conversational piece


  • You need a little patience to set the globe

How To Find The Best Levitating Globe

There are some factors to consider. You can check out the following information to help you find the best globe for educational and decorative needs. [Source]

1. Size – It is important to find the right size that completes your needs. Choosing a levitating globe for a countertop accent that is too small is not enough. It does not highlight the space perfectly. Therefore, we recommend you measure the area to place the globe.

2. Color – If you want to use the levitating globe, it means that you should choose the right color. Again, the color comes with different sizes and styles. Suit the color with the room where the glove is going to be placed.

3. Intended for – What is the intention of buying this kind of globe? It is important to know about the reason behind your desire to buy the globe. You may want for decoration. That’s a good idea. It’s for learning, that would be great for kids.

4. Features – Understand the features you may get. Read the package contents from the product description. Some common features are LED light, wall adapter, and others.

5. Customer Reviews – Take the benefits of customer reviews that tell what they got after purchasing the product you see. The one that is frequently failing to work can be identified through customer reviews. Stay away from those whose bad rating.


Well, there are so many best levitating globes available on the market. Most of the products go with the same concept. It is about using the electromagnetic system so that the globe is floating in the middle of the air. However, we recommend these options to consider:

1. Aukee Floating Globe World Map – What we like from this globe is that you can change the lighting. The design for the magnetic holder looks great. Also, it is made of ABS plastic. The floating globe is what you need if you want a levitating globe that can spin.

2. Estefanlo Magnetic Levitation Globe – This is a cool gift for everyone because it can float and rotates. The LED lights are colorful. It is more than a home décor, but a great gift as well.

3. Vhouse Floating and Rotating Globe LED Light – The last choice that we suggest you buy is this one. It is a floating and rotating map that shows the world. It is easy to balance the globe so it can float in the middle of the air. But, it is not what you need if you are looking for an adjustable globe.

Looking for other gift ideas for your beloved one? Perhaps, spinning top or tractor toys or magnetic drawing board may suit your choice.

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