Best Loud Alarm Clocks

As ears get blocked to hear any noise, wearing earplugs during sleeping may cause more difficulty to wake up. It makes barely hear anything including the alarm sound.

Being that said, we need the alarm that has the high-decibel sound to break through the earplugs to wake us up. Even further, we should take the advanced ones with vibration mode to keep our bed partner or neighbor stay asleep.

Suppose that a typical earplug has 33 NRR which means able to alleviate the noise by 17 dB. Exposed to 50 dB noise will turn it to about 30-40 dB. That means we need an alarm that has more than 70 dB alarm volume to surely annoy you and wake you up.

For a greater result, the alarm volume should be more than 100dB. Many people have reported that more than 100 dB is associated with very disturbing noise.

Realizing that it’s very important to wake up on time in the morning, having the best loud alarm clock is a wise step to pick. This page serves you with some great alarm clocks you could learn before taking a pick. Hopefully, these awarded alarm clocks would satisfy you.

Top 7 Best Loud Alarm Clocks

1. Sonic Bomb SBB500SS Dual Alarm Clock

Reaching out up to 113 dB of the alarm volume with three adjustable different tones, it will get through your ears even though with earplugs plugged in. But you don’t need to worry about your hearing injuries, as long as the dB surpasses 125 dB and exposure time is more than some seconds, it should be okay for your ears. Moreover, you are wearing earplugs that reduce the exposing sound by about 10-13 dB. However, if it feels too loud, you could nicely reduce the volume and even the tone as you want.

One most useful feature of this Sonic Bomb SBB500SS Alarm Clock is the super shaker vibrating unit in which you could place it under your mattress or pillow. This will wake you up by its vibration without disturbing your neighbor or bed partner.

For the greater result, you can amazingly choose using both the alarm and the vibration. There is no reason unable to wake you despite the earplugs worn.

The manufacturer which creates this stuff provides a one-year warranty because the product is great and performs well. For the given price and one-year warranty, this not only saves your career but also provides you with saving money option.

2. Screaming Meanie TZ220

Seeking out another loud alarm clock? This is even louder than Sonic Bomb SBB500SS above. Screaming option is  available in three options: 70dB, 90dB, and 120 dB. Select the 120 dB alarm sound to extremely wake you up even when wearing earplugs.

The fantastic feature of this Screaming Meanie 220 Alarm Clock is unlike Sonic Bomb SBB500SS above which uses AC power to operate the alarm; Screaming Meanie just needs a 9-volt battery to operate. But, maintaining can be the trouble when it’s high battery consumption. Additionally, it’s also pretty lightweight, so you could easily pack it for traveling.

Wondering how it sounds like? Take a look at the video that we found on Youtube below.

Once again we are saying that this alarm clock is amazing. That’s why we select it as one of our favorite loud alarms for earplugs in here. It performs well, is durable, and surely reliable to make you jump out of your bed even when using earplugs. It will not stop ringing until you turn it off. Being that said, place this alarm far enough from your reaching to let you need some walk to stop it. By doing that, you will be truly awake and completely conscious.

3. Peakeep Twin Bell Old-Fashioned Alarm Clock

The third best-awarded alarm clock for ears wearing earplugs comes from the old-fashioned conventional alarm clock, Peakeep Twin Bell Alarm Clock. This is the cheapest yet functional one we think. No snooze option, it only provides alarm time option. Although it serves just one function, you will find yourself jumping out when it’s ringing out.

Even though the manufacturer doesn’t report how loud it is (in decibel), it incredibly releases a pretty loud irritating sound. Surely, able to wake you up even with installed earplugs. If you ever hear the bell ringing, that how it sounds like. Imagine it turns out near you; you could suddenly get up.

This is the option you would like to choose when you are on a budget. It’s made with accurate timing, stereoscopic numbers (not printed paper), continuous hand-of-clock motion, and 3D number. The constant motion keeps you away from any unwanted sound from the clock, no ticking sound like the other clocks. It’s also durable and just needs a little care. It’s operated with merely 1 AA battery. Why buy the expensive ones if this cheap, old-fashioned alarm clock is great enough to wake you up on time?

It’s also durable and just needs a little care. It’s powered by simply 1 AA battery. Why buy the expensive ones if this cheap old-fashioned alarm clock is great enough to wake you up on time?

4. Bellman & Symfon BE1350 Alarm Clock Classic

This is the other loud alarm clock which is designed exclusively, heavy-duty, luxurious looking, functional, and full features. Feeling you need an alarm clock that is similar to Sonic Bomb? Indeed, this Bellman & Symfon BE1350 Alarm Clock comes to answer your need.

Featured with bed shaker and loud alarm makes this stuff deserve to catch your attention. However, the alarm sound is not as loud as the Sonic Bomb, about 100 dB. In addition to its sound decibel, the vibrator doesn’t perform vibrating as best as Sonic Bomb in our opinion. This might be your choice if Sonic Bomb is a too hard rock for you.

Just lay on your attention to its clever snooze button and how it can be connected to the other alarms. The snooze feature will let you struggle for a while for 9 minutes and eventually faster to 2 minutes. Talking about the capability to connect another alarm, your bed can be a headquarter of your home security system. That’s a reason why this stuff is relatively more expensive than the other alarms.

Apart from that, it’s pretty soft you if wake up with this. The sound gradually increases louder in order to wake you up gently. Along with that, the shaker which becomes a complete gun performs to totally end up your restful sleep.

It’s quite easy to set up the time at first. Let the batteries operate firstly then you could plug the adapter in. It employs an adapter to supply the power, but when the outage power comes, the battery goes to substitute it and power all the functions of this alarm has. If we were you, we would choose this if our needs vary from looking after baby, to door alarm, telephone bell, and definitely to get me up on time in the morning.

5. Sonic Alert SBP100 Portable Loud Vibrating Alarm Clock

Imagine how it could be when the alarm goes off nearby your ears? With 90 dB extra sound volume? That would be the most effective alarm you ever had or even the most irritating alarm clock you ever had.

Simply, attach it around your pillow with the clip. You could place it either beside your head or under your pillow. For a better result, put it under your pillow then the chance doubles. Vibrating and alarm sound put together to get you aroused fast. For soft to medium waking-you-up way, just clip it at your pillow and let it beside of you.

The first thing we would appreciate this Sonic Alert SBP100 is its portability. That’s compact, ready to pick for travel, in the hotel, camping, and many others. It needs four batteries to operate which you could easily buy at the near electronic good store. If it’s probably out of power, you should prepare the battery backup ones.

It’s very portable, comfortable, lightweight, battery-powered, small, perfect for traveling, easy to care, and inexpensive. For people who are more likely rolling over right and left while asleep, this is perfect since the clip keeps the alarm stay in place.

6. Sharp SPC1181A Siren Alarm Clock

This Sharp SPC1181A alarm clock kind of beta version of Bellman & Symfon BE1350 Classic where we find only one function just as the alarm clock. Even though it features a snooze button, it has been included as the alarm clock function, no other features such as available plugs for alarm smoke or baby or others.

Simply, you could set up the volume options either super loud or normal. Super loud means it can reach out up to 100 dB in sound intensity measurement. That’s very good to wake up someone who is a heavy sleeper or while wearing earplugs. The normal is pretty quite which you could opt for the silent alarm. Furthermore, the snooze button lets you fight to wake up for nine minutes.

It has a large LED display, two options of alarm volume loudness, and surely up to 100 dB of sound intensity. It’s almost similar to Bellman & Symfon and Sonic Bomb but has no vibrator. It serves only alarm clock. The sound which is 50% copying siren sound plus added 100 dB volume would irritate your ears and extremely get you out of your bed.

7. Westclox Tech 47547 Small Alarm Clock

This is the rival of Sonic Alert SBP100 we have just mentioned before. Why? The small and compact size is the main point, but the other things will determine which one is the winner. But, we think SBP100 is better than Westclox Tech 47547 overall. Westclox Tech 47547 wins at the price which is cheaper than Sonic Alert100. Compared to Sonic, Sonic wins for its vibration, loudness, and the built-in clip. Poorly, Westclox gets down just have one function as an alarm clock, no vibration at all. Besides, many people have reported that it would be failed to go off the alarm when the batteries drop down even though a little. In other words, you should maintain the batteries carefully regularly to stay in full power.

Gaining over 90 dB sound volume which is great to wake you up. Moreover, if you put it nearby your ears, the chance is you suddenly wake up because it becomes too loud rather than place it far from you. As the physics law states that distance impacts to the loudness of the sound we hear of.

We wish when you are picking this, the reason is the price. That’s normal. But if you have more budget in your pocket, spend your money on the better alarm reviewed here.

Overall, this alarm clock is nicely using batteries to power the function of the alarm to wake you up. It means that comfortability and easy-to-pick-up are the values why this is worth it to buy.


Whatever your choice, it is up to you. We spend hours writing this best loud alarm clock article just to give you our favorite high-decibel alarm clocks for either people who are wearing earplugs while sleeping or heavy sleepers who struggle waking up earlier.

There are seven options you could choose from. Each of them has different advantages. Match it with your need. On our preference, we would like to choose Sonic Alert SBP100 Portable Alarm Clock because of its portability and effectiveness. Place it nearby yourself to get full ringing sound totally wake up. What’s yours? Still, confused to decide? Just pick up the Sonic Alert SBP100 to have a try first.

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