Best Magnetic Drawing Board

best magnetic drawing boardDrawing shares an important part of our childhood. Children, when growing up and learning new things, are prone to draw more and more, and polish their creativity. Parents should also encourage their children to draw more and strengthen their imagination.

However, the bad thing is they draw it anywhere such as on the floor, wall, table, etc. This messes up your beautiful home. But, trying to stop them is not a good idea. Instead of letting them unorganized, you could lead them to draw in magnetic drawing boards.

A magnetic drawing board is a board where your kids could draw anything without worry of their hands becomes dirty. It basically consists of a board, a sliding eraser bar, and a magnetic stylus.

The magnetic drawing board is one of the essential accessories of your childhood kids. And that’s the first educational toy you could give to your kids. If you are looking for such a toy like this one, you can find them easily online. These are some of the best magnetic drawing boards that you would want for your kids.

Top 10 Best Magnetic Drawing Boards 2020

1. VTech Mini Magnetic Drawing Board [for 2 Year Old]

The VTech mini magnetic drawing board is a drawing board that has the best sizing to facilitate your little one. Its mini size is perfect for your young 2-year toddlers. The writing board is about 5 1/2 by 3 inches.

In addition, it comes with three different stencils where your kids can learn to write the alphabet and other characters. Not only as a magnetic board, but this electronic board also comes with the technology to enhance the skills of your children. This board is able to read and tell what your kids write. This is great to maximize the entire learning process. Plus, with the other 4 learning activities and more than 30 melodies, early education with this toy would so much fun.


  • Great quality
  • Helps in polishing skills
  • Best for 2-year-old children


  • Volume control is not available
  • No color

2. Sgile Large Magnetic Doodle Colored Board [3 Year Old]

Once your kids grow bigger, the smaller board could not fit anymore. Their imagination has expanded. As a result, they need a larger one. Sgile large magnetic board will fit them.

Not only large, but Sgile has also colored board. Unlike the VTech, the writing board provides 4 different colors (blue, green, yellow, and red) in 8 squared areas. So, the drawing looks colorful and meaningful. On the side position of the board, there are stamps in geometric shapes. Use them to make squared, circled, or triangled drawings on the board.

Most importantly, this Sgile drawing toy is made of non-toxic material; which is safe for your kids. This magnetic drawing board is really recommended for your 3-year-old kids.


  • Great for drawing
  • Works amazingly
  • Colored board


  • Not the best packaging

3. NextX Magnetic Drawing Colored Board [3-5 Year Old]

Another option for you if looking for a magnetic drawing board that has large space to draw is the NextX magnetic drawing board. This drawing board matches all your specifications of the safety of your kids. The NextX comes with 5 stamps so your kid can enjoy drawing, learning, and playing.

In essence, the NextX is similar to Sgile. Sketch something on it and you’ll realize it provides 4 colors in 8 squared areas. And also, the plastic material that constructs the board is made of high-quality smell-free ABS plastic. So, it’s safe for your kids. However, the difference can be seen on the stamps and stickers. NextX magnetic doodle board is an ideal choice for your 3-to-5-year-old children.


  • Amazing colors
  • Incredible quality
  • Does not break easily


  • Can be hard to erase

4. Boley 24 Magnetic Doodle Board Set [2 Year Old +]

Boley doodle board is obviously made for group play such as in the classroom or at a birthday party. It’s crafted in small size and safe for children. Purchasing a pack will meet for 24 kids. Each unit is about 6″ x 6″. The Boley magnetic doodle board set is also nice for a gift. They are also absolutely secure for your kids.


  • Great price
  • Perfect for party


  • No color

5. VTech Electronic Magnetic Board [3-6 Year Old]

This VTech product is not only about magnetic board for toddlers, but also an early educational toy that is so fun. VTech electronic board provides a screen at the top side to guide your children to follow letter-writing instruction. There are also more than 20 children’s songs to play along with the drawing. Moreover, it has various object stencils at the backside for complete fun.

However, many people warn the battery compartment which is seemingly easy to open. We agree that this is dangerous for children as they may eat the battery. But you could apply a safe adhesive tape to prevent it’s from open. Overall, this is a good educational toy for early education.

Do you want your kid to learn step by step? Children in their developing age certainly need the head start to polish their creativity. That said, find a great magnetic drawing board. This VTech creative center is the optimal magnetic drawing board. It is best for learning, writing, and drawing.


  • Good quality
  • Great packaging
  • Loud


  • The battery compartment may open up

6. Play 22 Magnapad Drawing Board [3 Year Old +]

Providing your kids with enough resources to sharpen their skills is important at an early age. If you want to help your kids with strong co-ordination between their eyes, hands, and brain, you need to get the Play22 magnetic dotted drawing board. It is a dotted drawing board that will help your kids learn and bring their imagination into reality.

This one is really unique. Your kids will learn to make a picture by joining the dots of the magnetic balls. Unlike the others where they create drawing with lines and scribbles, this one uses small magnetic balls. If you are wondering how it is actually, you could see another sample here (Youtube video).


  • Engaging
  • Good quality
  • Total mess-free


  • No stencils

7. Chuchik Travel Magnetic Drawing Board [3 Year Old +]

This Chuchik product has two boards: the large and smaller one. The large is good for home, while the smaller one is suitable to carry around traveling. It comes with a large size and 4 different shapes of stamps.

Aside from that, Chuchik erasable drawing board will not overwhelm you due to the chance of losing stamps. The compartment has been equipped with magnets as well so the stamps are sticking into the compartment very well.

Additionally, it’s made of high-quality plastic material to ensure durability. No worry about your children sitting, stepping, or dragging on it.


  • Works great
  • 2 pairs of the drawing board


  • Only 4 squared color

8. Sgile Large Doodle Painting Sketch Pad [3 Year Old +]

If you want your kid to mental development, you need to find a healthy activity for your kid. The Sgile large magnetic drawing board is the optimal option for you and your kid.

It will help your kid to be more skillful, learn new things, and get better in the drawing. If you are looking for a large, multicolor magnetic drawing board, the Sgile large magnetic drawing board is the most favorable option. Also, it comes with three geometry (square, triangle, & circle) stamps that help your kids draw with more fun.


  • Large area to draw
  • Good quality


  • The eraser bar can cause issues
  • Stamps could be lost due to lack of magnet

9. ToyVelt Big Magnetic Drawing Board [2 Year Old +]

ToyVelt is another choice if you tend to look for a bigger drawing board. Like the others, it’s designed with 8 different color areas and 4 different colors. So, it makes the drawing becomes colorful and trains your kids’ brains to be more active.

Never miss your children grow without this drawing toy. If you want your kid to draw more and learn new words, you could try the MegaToyBrand magnetic doodle board. It is easy to use and erasable without makes your kids dirty. Most importantly, it’s safe for your kids.


  • Good quality
  • Various colors


  • No extra stamps

10. Gamenote Large Magnetic Drawing Board [3-8 Year Old]

Looking for an extra-large magnetic board? Gamenote board comes with a bigger dimension 11.5″ x 8.5″ in which other boards usually come with 7.5″ in width.

It is the best for the drawing board as a gift for your kid. Your kid will enjoy various accessories that come along. The accessories are stamps, stencils, and stickers. Those are more than enough to keep your kid busy and engaged. The material used in the making of this drawing toy is absolutely safe and in-toxic to use.


  • The big drawing area is perfect for drawing
  • Colorful
  • Great for 3 to 8 year old kids


  • Not the best quality

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right One

Since it works based on the magnetic system beyond the board, this toy is totally mess-free. Your kids will not experience dirty because of ink, crayon, colored pencils, etc. However, you have to keep this stuff safe from your kids.

The edge may cause injury but make sure you get the right one. Make sure the edge is not sharp so it won’t hurt your little one. You need to put attention to the size. The small stylus can cause a problem. Ensure you buy the one which is not too small and has the rope. If you buy the one that is electronic, secure the battery compartment in order for the battery to be not accessible by your kids’ reach.

Another thing you need to consider is the colored board. That means, when your kid draw, is it colorful? Color can make your kid memorize better. So when they draw anything, by means of the color, they can remember it later. This is a good chance to learn letter and numbers early.

In addition, size adds up another deciding factor into the list. A five-year-old kid will need a larger board to draw. Make sure you buy them a correct one.

Final Verdict

The magnetic drawing boards will help the children grow stronger and have a better imagination. However, you do not want to keep spending your money on the products that are not worth the pennies. If you plan to buy the magnetic drawing board for your kid, you need to find the best one. Make sure the drawing board you buy does not harm your kid. Also, find a magnetic drawing board that is made of good quality material.

We realize that the need for different kid age is different. Therefore, considering your kid age is one deciding factor. A mini-board would be highly recommended for 2-year-old baby, while the larger one would be suitable for a 5-year-old kid. That said, the best magnetic drawing board for toddlers is also different for adults. Here you need to look at carefully what you are going to buy.

In summary, on the list above, we have marked each product with some age recommendation of they are for. Keep in mind that they are just our opinion. You might have a different idea of what is best for your kids. Perhaps, our listings are helpful.

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