Best Odor Eliminator for Smoke

After reviewing the list of odor eliminators in the shape of spray, now it’s time to talk about the odor eliminators for smoke. Well, tobacco and cigarette smoke are annoying and powerful. The smells can stay for many years even though the smoke has disappeared. It is because the small particles seep into all types of surfaces.

Additionally, many studies show that thirdhand smoke can be dangerous for health. Thirdhand smoke is the residual fumes that stick on your furniture and draperies once the smoker has left. Thirdhand smoke has a high risk to get inflammatory problems. It happens especially for sensitive people. They can get asthma. [Source]

Since it is very important, many manufacturers try their best to offer the right products. Each of them even makes their claim by saying that they have the best odor eliminator for the smoke. The residual smoke needs more than just to get an odor eliminator. Up to now, the use of odor eliminators is considered an effective solution to eliminating smoke. There are four types of odor eliminators for smoke available. You can use spray, packets or bags, air purifiers, and gels. Of course, these options are effective as long as you can choose the right product.

In this opportunity, we will show you the 10 best products when it comes to the best odor eliminator to remove smoke residue. If you need more feedback, we provide you a buying guide as well. So, you can decide everything based on our buying guide.

Top 10 Best Odor Eliminators for Smoke

1. Ozium S Regular Smoke & Odors Eliminator Gel

It is the best odor eliminator for the smoke we recommend, especially if you like gel. So, what you will get is a four-pack of gels. 2 gels are for outdoor essence and the remaining two gels are for original scents. It is easy to use this product. To start, place the gels in a small space.

Well, the patented scent formula will remove the odor. Also, it has a twist top design to control the scent level you need. The best part of this gel is that it does not melt in the high temperatures. Whether you want to remove odor or smoke, it works perfectly, thanks to its consistent fragrance.


  • The gels are compact enough that you can keep them inside a cup holder
  • They last long and great for cars
  • The scent is not overpowering, but very natural that lets you absorb the odor perfectly


  • It fades too fast

2. Tobacco Outlet Products Smoke Odor Exterminator Jar Candle

Another name of this product is Smoker Candles. It is great to remove cigar, pipe tobacco odors, and cigarettes. Even you can use it for pet odors. Since it has ZINC, it is safe for the environment and people. Also, the ingredients are from paraffin and soy blend. You can use it easily.

What you must do is to burn this 13-oz candle to remove the odors. The life span of this candle is about 70 hours. Even better, the candle can remove the smell of weed. For this reason, we include this product to become your choice.


  • It can cover up the smell, and it has a nice smell
  • You can use it for cars
  • Great for apartments


  • Some say that the candle is overpowering, others do not feel impressed with the scents

3. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator

Next, take this as the long-term odor product. This odor eliminator works with a quiet fan. It works to remove the unwanted smells inside your room. What is more is that it can neutralize the smell, thanks to the carbon filters. So, it then circulates the room with the fresh air.

Additionally, this air freshener comes with a fresh scent. It is because the company features it with a cartridge that produces fresh scent to replace the odors. Well, you can use it to remove some household odors. So, it is the ideal addition in your kitchen, bathroom, workroom, and others.


  • Great for pet odors
  • The carbon filter works to reduce the odor
  • The scent cartridge is the optional feature. You can install it to add fragrance.


  • It does not work for litter box

4. Levoit LV-H132 Purifier with True HEPA Filter Odor Eliminator for Smoke

You will get two color options, black and white. This is a safe air purifier for any space. Even better, it is what you need if you live with kids. Also, this air purifier is the right way to support asthma sufferers.

So, if we talk about the technology in this air purifier, it comes with advanced filtration systems. The first stage is the pre-filter, and then next is HEPA filter activated carbon filter to capture allergens, smoke, dander, pet hair, mold, and odor. It is the best odor eliminator for smoke.


  • It comes with a small and sleek design
  • Has two levels of nightlight settings
  • Comes with three speeds mode, and it has a good performance


  • Sensitive buttons so it can be a little bit annoying

5. Blandstrs Air Purifier to Remove Smoke Odor Travel-Size

From BLANDSTRS, this air purifier is an alternative for your bedroom, home, and office. It works to remove the pet smell and smoke odor. Even better, this mini air purifier has a portable design that you can bring it anywhere you want.

Additionally, this is an eco-friendly air purifier so that it removes odor and smoke. Whether you have a cooking odor, pet odor, and cigarette smoke, this is what you need. It is pet safe, kids safe product to improve the quality of the air in your home. What you have to do is to plug it in and then it works automatically. The design is minimalist that can complete any room styles. The best part is the low-power consumption so it does not increase your electric bills.


  • It is what you need to freshen a small space
  • Perfect for bathroom
  • Easy to use and you can feel the difference after using this air purifier


  • Few buyers explained that the product did not work

6. One Earth Health Ozone Generator Air Purifier to Eliminate Smoke Odor

This is the best odor eliminator for smoke because it ionizes and purifies the air. Also, you can use it as an air scrubber to remove musty smells. For smokers, this is a perfect air purifier and an ozone generator to produce the adjustable outflow from 20 to 50 mg/h. With the help of the quiet fan, this small and powerful generator is perfect for all things.

For example, you can use it to handle the smells in your home, car, and even pet. Make sure that you are using this product when the room is empty.


  • It is an ideal choice for indoor air
  • It also works for garage
  • The air purifier offers fresh air


  • Few buyers explained that they did not get a difference

7. Zep Commercial Smoke Odor Eliminator

Take this odor eliminator for smoke from Zep Commercial. In this option, you will get two packs with 16 oz. each to remove smoke odors. If you cannot deal with the cigarette smoke, cigar, pet, and garbage odors, you should have this product.

It is easy to use this product. You can use it for any areas such as in your cars, restrooms, closets, and others. So, you can make sure that the spaces you want to have fresh smells. Even better, it is okay to use this product on the upholstered items. For a horrible smoke smell, you may need more applications. But, you can feel the difference from the first application.


  • It works
  • The scent is not overpowering
  • Remove all smoke odors in cars, rooms, and other areas


  • If you think that the scent is strong or sweet-smelling, make sure you do not overspray it

8. Tobacco Outlet Products Smoke Odor Exterminator Spray

The next option is this spray that offers a 7 oz of the enzyme-formulated solution to eliminate smoke odors. You can use it for your office, home, RV, and other spots. If you have problems with pipes, cigarettes, and cigars odors. Additionally, the fragrance of the air spray is so delicious that makes you feel great. It only takes a little time for the spray. So, you can feel the difference once you applied it to your space.

The smell of this spray is like spices or flowers. If you have pets at home and you want to use this spray, it is pet safe.


  • The smell is perfect
  • It works better than other air fresher sprays
  • It is good for an apartment, as well


  • Few buyers had problems with the smell

9. Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 6,000mg Industrial O3 Air Purifier Deodorizer Sterilizer

Do you need a larger fan that can sterilize your commercial or industrial environment? We recommend this unit to eliminate the odor. It comes with a low maintenance design since it does not come with a filter to clean. The design is also portable because it is lightweight and compact. It means you can bring it anywhere you need.

If you want to eliminate odors for smoke in your boat, car, home, or office, take this one. Even better, it removes many things such as pet odors, dust, cleaning fumes, water damages, and airborne odors. The fan has eco-friendly design, thanks to its ultra-low energy design. So, it does not increase the electrical bills.


  • An affordable way to handle the smell
  • It works to deal with the mold problem in the attic
  • It provides more than 4,000mg/h of ozone


  • Use it only for a well-sealed area because it beings to make louder noises after using it for 40,000 hours

10. LaLa’s Land Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber

This is the last option, but not the least. It is what you need to clean your home from any odor. Well, it is a bamboo charcoal bag. The design is so convenient and it is from pure bamboo charcoal. You can use it if you need a safe, practical, and effective odor remover. Of course, this air deodorizer is also an air purifier that is natural to protect your family from the smoke.

Additionally, the compositions of this air purifier are free from fragrance and chemicals. The bag is also biodegradable. So, this product brings good to our earth. Whether you want to use it for your rooms, closet, car, and others, it just works!


  • It is the best odor eliminator for smoke
  • You can use it for anywhere, such as living room, bedroom, closets, bathrooms, and cars
  • The quality and the fabric of this air purifier bag is incredible


  • Two buyers left their comments that the product did not work effectively

How To Choose The Right Odor Eliminator For Smoke

Since there are four types of odor eliminators, it is good to know each of the types. So, by identifying the available options will help you find the best odor eliminator for smoke:

1. Finding Best Spray

If we talk about the best spray, it does not mean that you want to find the best air scents. Air scents only cover the smoke with a stronger smell. So, odor eliminator spray means that you need a product that can trap the odor molecules. After that, the molecules will neutralize the odor. It can be scents or perfumes but it is not the main key.

2. Finding Best Packets or Bags

If you want to find packets or bags that can eliminate the odor, the ingredients should be your concern. The ingredients should work the same as the sprays. But, bags or packets are easier to use. Also, it can be a good choice if the problem is concentrated in the few rooms inside your house. What you must do is to place the packet near the area that smells. It works to remove the molecules.

3. Choosing Gels

This type of odor eliminator is a little bit similar to packets. What makes it different is the gel beads that are available in a nice container. The gels then can be a perfect match for your room décor.

4. Choosing Air Purifier

There are two types of air purifiers. First, you can try the plug-in type. This one lets you insert it into the desired wall outlet. The plug-in type has a small carbon filter. It works to trap and then neutralize the odors. Using an air purifier is what you need if the odor is in a small space, such as in a bathroom.

The second choice is a larger air. It is a larger appliance that works perfectly to deodorize a room in the size of 100 to 200 square feet. So, you have to pull it in the room’s air. The function is to provide maximum filtration and purification. Also, it works to recirculate the clean air so it is back into the whole room.

5. Prior to the Safety

The safety of the products is your prior, especially if you have pets or kids at home. Make sure that you know if “natural” and “organic” labels are safe for them. Unfortunately, many products contain chemical ingredients, even for natural products. The chemicals can form harmful organic chemicals when it blends with the ozone in the air. For example, the combination may lead to toxic agents.

So, if you want to find the best choice among those types of odor eliminator for smoke, the first key is to understand how strong and how pervasive the odor matter is, how much you have for your budget plan, and how far your effort to remove the issue.


If you have no ideas at all about the best odor eliminator for smoke after reading our reviews, it does not a matter. Here, we have a narrower list to help you decide. Below, we give you the best three products, including the reasons why we choose them.

1. Hamilton Beach TrueAir Room Odor Eliminator – Take this if you need odor eliminator for your space. It comes with a carbon filter to reduce the smell. Also, you can add scent cartridge, the optional feature to add fragrance to your room. Unfortunately, not all buyers feel that it works for a litter box.

2. Zep Commercial Smoke Odor Eliminator – Most buyers impress with this product because it works. It is because the scent is enough, not overpowering. It is what you need to remove smoke odors in the room, cars, and other areas. However, if you think that the scent is strong, you should not overspray it.

3. LaLa’s Land Charcoal Bags Odor Absorber – This is our last recommendation of the best odor eliminator for smoke. It is what you need to complete your space, even for your cars. The fabric and the quality of this air purifier bag are also incredible.

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