Best Odor Eliminator Spray

Best odor eliminator spray comes out so you can spray it anytime you smell an odor. It contains an acidic formula that works to neutralize the chemical odors. So, the formula bonds with the odor in a large room or a concentrated area.

Robert McGorrin, a researcher and a professor from Oregon State University who is an expert in food and flavor chemistry explains the odor eliminator spray. McGorrin states that there are two approaches available for the sprays.

First, it works by covering up the odor by using a heavy fragrance. This method is also known as the aerosol sprays in the local drugstore. Second, odor-eliminating sprays work by destroying the odor with the use of chemical reactions. So, the spray converts the odor to an odorless form.

For this reason, you can use sprays as an effective solution to deal with body odor, musty odor, and others that linger in the air, especially on fabrics. It also means rugs, couches, sweaters, and others. The presence of sugar molecules or cyclodextrins works by trapping the odor molecule.

So, they cannot go through the scent receptors in our nose. In this case, it is using the first approach as explained by Robert McGorrin. Also, it is why you can use sprays to deal with pet odor, thanks to its non-invasive and fresh scent.

Since it is not easy to find what is the best odor eliminator spray, today we would like to share our review. The reviews are from real customer experience about the available products on the market. At the end of the article, we provide a complete buying guide. Hopefully, this article can help you find the answer on how to remove odors in your car, fabric, apartment, bathroom, pet, and smoke residue.

10 Best Odor Eliminator Spray Reviews

1. Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Odor Eliminator Spray for Bathroom

It works by layering the top side of the water to prevent the smell goes out. That said, it’s not only removing odor but also preventing the odor.

The scent is so comfortable with the combination of vanilla, lavender, and citrus natural essential oils. Additionally, the scent is non-toxic so it is truly safe to use. It is what you need to remove bathroom odors. Even better, the company offers it with the clinical-tested formula from essential oils and other compositions.

Well, there are no parabens, aerosol, and other bad things. It is the real answer if you think that you need natural best eliminator spray. What you should do is to spray it before. Simply, spray it straight into the water in the toilet bowl. You will need four to five sprays to remove bathroom odors.


  • Great use for the toilet, bathroom
  • Perfect for you who like traveling and stay in a small hotel with a little circulation
  • Easy to refill and it is great for its small size. You can bring it anywhere anytime.


  • Packaging issues

2. Pure Citrus Orange NA228 Non-Aerosol Odor Eliminator Spray

This air freshener can be your choice when you have to fight with odors around your space. It contains pure citrus so it is a natural and effective solution to try. The product also has a high level of concentrated oil from fresh oranges. Therefore, it can remove odors instantly.

If you think that you need air freshener for nursery, basement, kitchen, bathroom, boat, and camper, this is it! It also works for office, car, and home.


  • The smell is so great that will remind you of the fresh peel of an orange
  • It is what you need if you cannot choose air fresheners with perfume
  • It removes odors
  • Great to use for carpet, floor, cloth furniture, clothing, pet sleeping areas, litter boxes, cages.


  • The air freshener can is not full

3. Nature’s Miracle P-5452 3-in-1 Odor Destroyer

It is one of the right solutions when it comes to the best odor eliminator spray. It works to remove stain and odor from your pet. Other than that, the bio-enzymatic formula in this product works to destroy the organic odors. Even better, it has the latest triple action formula. So, it can deal with hard surface odors, fabric odors, and tough airborne odors.

If you think that you have the same problem all the time, dealing with odors from your pets on kennels, carpets, and other surfaces, take this option. What you should do is to spray it into the air so it can remove strong airborne odors. Additionally, buyers have four varieties to choose from. Those are Mountain Fresh, Unscented, Just for Cats Lavender, and Fresh Linen. Keep in mind that it can cause skin or eye irritation.


  • Great for couch with strong dog odor, laundry room, child’s room, and others
  • This product does not come with toxic chemicals so it can clean up the odors and remove the odors
  • If you act fast, you can use it to deal with strong messes and stains


  • Cannot handle tribe odors

4. FunkAway Odor Eliminator Spray for Clothes, Shoes, and Gear

Alternatively, you can use this product to remove odors. It is because the flowery sprays remove the odors on clothes, sports, shoes, gear, and others that stink. Additionally, the company designed it with the support of powerful formula. It removes the toughest odors just to keep things smell fresh. Even better, it is what you need to deal with pet odors. Well this is a non-toxic spray that helps a lot.

It is different from other products because it comes from different systems. When other products mask the smells, this one comes to remove the odors completely. It is a perfect solution especially if you have some stuff you cannot put in your washing machine to remove the smell.


  • Great for tents, shoes, football gear, smoke odor, and others.
  • The spray is very light that can clean smell
  • The fragrance is so refreshing


  • The smell may too strong for some people.

If you are looking for other odor eliminator options for smoke, this page contains the list.

5. Citrus Magic Natural Odor Eliminating Air Freshener Spray

Next, this is an air freshener from citrus to remove odors and to refresh the air around your space. You can use it to remove the bad odors from all rooms in your house. What you should know about this product is that it comes with pure citrus oil. It is why the smell can last for more than four times longer compared to other sprays. This product is also possible to use in cars.

Additionally, there are many scents available. You can choose from Fresh Orange, Lavender Escape, Lemon Berry, and Orange-Vanilla Swirl. Other scents are Tropical Citrus Blend and Tropical Lemon. Of course, each scent comes with a different price.


  • It works quickly
  • The ingredients are safe and simpler, from natural things
  • The fragrances will not trigger your migraines or asthma


  • Leaked bottle of spray

6. Medi-Aire Fresh Air Scent Biological Odor Eliminator

Take this option as part of your consideration. This is a deodorizer that you can refill. It is also available with the concentrated formula. The compositions remove bad biological odors such as feces, urine, necrotic tissue, and vomit.

Additionally, it is possible to use it on fabric. It still works to remove odors. When you want to use it for a mattress, make sure that you spray the air, not spray on the mattress. Whether you want to deal with bathroom odors or pet odors, this is what you need to start to refresh the air.


  • Perfect for bathroom, cat odors, cars, kitchen, elderly care, and others
  • The product is very handy that you can refill it
  • Good scent


  • The smell cannot last long

7. Zero Odor Multi-Purpose Household Odor Eliminator

As its name, you can use it as the best odor eliminator spray. It works to remove bathrooms, smoke, kitchens, trash, furniture, shoes, clothes, cars, and athletic gear odors. There are some reasons why you should go with this product. First, it does not cover or mask the odors but the spray removes it.

Additionally, the company designed with non-toxic biodegradable compositions. So, it is what you need if you are looking for an eco-friendly spray to remove odors on surfaces, in fabrics, and the air. If you wonder about how it works, actually the formula will bond with the odor molecules. Once they are bonded, the odor molecule will change so it becomes odorless.


  • Great for furniture, trash, kitchen, smoke, bathroom, car, clothes, and athletic gear odors.
  • Perfect for those with allergic
  • Works in just 24 hours


  • The spray has a bleach-like smell

8. Simple Solution Odor and Extreme Stain Remover

The formula in this product helps you a lot to remove stain and odors such as vomit, feces, and urine. It also works with the presence of Pro-Bateria and enzymes. These things work together to break down and eliminate stains because they are neutralizer to handle the stains and odors.

It is also helpful for you to use this product since it can stop your pets from marking their territory. When you use it at home, Simple Solution is safe around pets and children. Other than that, you can use it on upholstery, carpet, and water-safe surface.


  • Works best to deal with pet stain, pet odors on carpets and other surfaces
  • It is easy to use and it is effective
  • Good for people with sensitive noses since the scent is not too strong


  • Many people wish that the product is unscented since they cannot go with the smell.

9. Medline Odor Eliminator With Fresh Scent

Next, you can try this Carrington Enzymatic odor-eliminating spray for your needs. What you should do is to spray it directly ta the source. The spray comes with a nice mist that will stay in the air. It is a fresh and clean scent with no film on the floor or furnishings.

Additionally, it is effective for the sickroom or eliminates odors in a room with someone who was sick there. Even though the bottles are small but you only need little spritz to remove the odor. Surely, the odor will disappear immediately.


  • It works by removing the odors, not covering odors like a mask
  • Great for cooking odors, bedroom, kitchen, and others
  • The scent is not harsh or overpowering


  • The scent does not last long

10. Best Odor Eliminator For Car

Coming out with the latest refresher technology, the product does not remove the bad odors only, but also to replace the odors with a nice scent. It works by penetrating the interior so the odor gets through the ventilation. Therefore, you can use it as the best technology to remove any bad odors permanently.

Also, the product helps you to remove the scents for two weeks or less. If you want to use it to remove AC odor, it works as well. If you use it for cars, it is better to start the car and then put the fan in the high. Set it off in your car and it will circulate through the vents within 10 minutes. What you should do is to open the doors and then to let the air out.


  • Smell fresh and clean
  • Good for the car, dog, smoke odors, AC, and others
  • Easy to use and it is simple but effective


  • The smell does not last long

Best Odor Eliminator Spray Buying Guide

There are some points to use to help you decide the best odor-eliminating spray on the market. Here is our buying guide:

1. Brand

Make sure that you stick with the popular brands on the market. By choosing popular brands, of course they have higher customers than newcomer products. These customers can be evidence to determine the quality of the products. With more customers who have tried and tested the product, of course you can easily consider whether the product is good or not.

2. Reviews

Read everything that you want to buy, this is a must. If you do not read reviews, you close the possibility to know more about the spray. Therefore, when you have no idea the spray products to choose, this is the best way to determine what is the best odor eliminator spray for you.

3. Price

Also, it is important to think of the price before buying the products. Of course, you have your budget plan. By comparing the price and the features you get in each of the odor-eliminating sprays, this can help you find the right one at the right price.

4. Ingredients

You should not ignore this point when you are about using odor eliminator. Most sprays come with active ingredients to remove odors and to freshen the air. Of course, the ingredients in sprays are different from the ingredients in air fresheners. Both sprays and air fresheners come with different functions.

The function of air fresheners just like a mask that is to cover the mask of the smells. But, the function of odor eliminator spray is to remove the odor forever. So, what you will get is fresh and clean air. Therefore, it is crucial to use organic ingredients, non-toxic, which is safe for pets and kids. Some natural ingredients are good to pick. For example, you can choose products with natural ingredients like anise, cedarwood, lime, and clove.

5. Scent

Natural scents are what you need for odor-eliminating sprays. Most products have natural scents because the manufacturers are using active organic ingredients. The reason to use natural scents because the scents freshen the air but do not mask the odors. Also, the scents do not affect your nose. Natural scents will not cause allergies.

There are many popular natural scents to pick. For example, you can use lavender, eucalyptus, sandalwood, citrus, and others. If you have a sensitive nose, it does not a big deal. It is because you can find unscented odor-eliminating spray.


With so many options available, we want to make it easier for you to choose. For this reason, we think we want to make a more specific solution. Here, we have the list of our recommended products. If you still have no idea, it does not matter because you can try to read the buying guide.

1. Pure Citrus Orange NA228 Non-Aerosol Odor Eliminator Spray – The spray has a great smell of an orange and it does not contain perfume. It helps you remove odors on carpet, cloth furniture, floor, clothing, litter boxes, cages, and pet sleeping area. Since it is effective and it works for many things, but the air freshener can is not full.

2. Medi-Aire Fresh Air Scent Biological Odor Eliminator – Try this one if you need the best odor eliminator to spray for many things. It works for kitchen, car, cat odors, elderly care, and others. It is also very handy. The scent feels so good that you can even refill it anytime you need it. However, some buyers reported that the smell did not last long.

3. Simple Solution Odor and Extreme Stain Remover – The new formula makes this product can remove pet odors, pet stains on the carpet, and other surfaces. The product is effective and easy to use. Even if you have a sensitive nose, it does not too strong to smell the scent. However, still some buyers expect to see the latest variant like unscented.

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