Best Oil Funnel

Investing your money in the best oil funnel can be a necessity. You need this tool to guide oil to your vehicles and prevent a mess. This pipe has a wide design for its top and narrow design for its bottom. This is effective to guide oil into a small opening.

Some people think that it is good to use recycled material. For example, you could use a plastic cup, mustard bottle, plastic bottle, and others. There are many tutorials on how to create a DIY oil funnel. But, these things do not work on windy days. Also, once you did, you will throw them in the trash, won’t you?

Oil FunnelWell, if you think that changing oil routinely is a part of a disciplined activity to keep your vehicles alive and healthy, you extremely need the best oil funnel. It is nice to have an oil funnel that is easy to clean. Also, it is good to find the right size, material, and shape to optimize this task.

Here, you can take a look at some of the best choices when it comes to oil funnel. We provide each of the reviews with pros and cons. At the end of this post, you can use our buying guide to consider.

Top 10 Best Oil Funnels

1. EPAUTO Funnel Kit [Best Overall]

As one of the best-seller products related to funnel, this kit offers a nice package. You will get: lid, funnel, fluid stopper, 3 caps (small, medium, and large), threaded cap, adapters with gasket (small, medium, and large adapter), threaded cap with adapters, each of them is for GM and Ford. It is specially designed to prevent any trapped air or spills.


  • Keep things clean and prevent spills
  • The color-matched parts help you find out the right match quickly
  • You can use it to flush the radiator of cars or use it to fill up the funnel.


  • The funnel is fine, but few buyers had a problem with the attachments on their cars.

2. U-BCOO Multi-Functional Oil Funnel with Flexible Extension Nozzle

U-BCOO is a multifunctional oil funnel made of high-quality PVC. The materials support you use it for the long term because it is corrosion-resistant. Also, the funnel features with flexible and detachable spout with the length about 8-inch. The spout is also removable. That’s said, it helps you a lot to deal with hard-to-reach areas.

You could use it for adding water, fuels, kerosene, powder, petroleum, lubricants, antifreeze engine coolant, and windshield washer fluid. Why does this product allow you to use it for different things? It is because the polyethylene construction makes it able to deal with the chemical.

Since it comes with a mesh screen, it is very convenient to use. If you are looking for a lightweight, portable, anti-splash, and non-spill funnel, this is what you need.


  • Perfect for: Dodge Ram Pickup, getting water in your camper, 2018 Duramax
  • It works even though you are using it without the long, flexible neck
  • No spillage
  • Great as the RV water tank funnel


  • Using this funnel for something heavy can cause the funnel to fall to the side.

3. KarZone Multipurpose Automotive Funnels For Fluids, Oil, and Gas (Recommended)

Alternatively, you need a multipurpose funnel if you are also using it for other things. Buying this option means that you will get three blue funnels. The length of this product is 11.4-inch with the top opening about 4.5-inch. On the other hand, the bottom opening is about 0.47-inch.

It is important to know the measurement of the product. By finding this information, helps you a lot whether this 3-pack of the funnel is ideal for you or not. Best of all, the funnels are non-toxic, which means you can use it for other things.


  • It comes with a tapered tube design, which is great for your purpose
  • It is useful for draining oil on a generator with a tough spot
  • You will get three funnels with the thick plastic quality


  • If you are looking for a funnel that lets you pour gas very fast, it is not the answer. It is for a slow and controlled pour.

4. OEM Tools 87009 Funnel Kit

It is great to have a funnel kit that lets you use it for automotive fluids easily. Whether you are using it for radiator coolant or oil changes, it works and it saves your time! The funnel supports no-spill application to all vehicles. Buying this product means you will get four cap adapters, 3 extensions, 5 neck adapters, a stopper, and a coolant funnel.

The company claims that it is for an engine flush, a radiator flush, and a coolant pressure tester kit. Even better, it has an anti-freeze tester kit to support the system cleans and functional. The presence of a fluid stopper helps a lot to prevent air bubbles and spills.


  • Good for different types of radiators
  • The best solution for overheated cooling system
  • It works for burping the system so it is not necessary to remove the bolt on your intake.


  • If you have problems like overflow and spills, simply squeeze the upper radiator hose, then put the plugin, release the hose, and then clean the plugged funnel.

5. Motivx Best Oil Funnel With Threaded Caps

The traditional oil funnels require you to use your hands to hold and to prevent spills. Well now, feel the difference by using this product. It is the ideal choice for these vehicles:

  • Toyota
  • Lexus
  • Scion

The big reason to have this oil funnel is that you do not have to hold it in place anytime you want to pour oil into your vehicle’s engine. Surely it makes your life easier since your hands are free to use it.

How does it prevent spills? Thankfully, the funnel has a rubber gasket that will thread into its place securely. Therefore, the oil will not fall over. Moreover, the material of the bottom chamber is from heavy-duty plastic. It is why you can use it for a long period.


  • Easy application: Screw it into your vehicle’s oil cap hole, and then pour.
  • A must-have if you always do your vehicle’s maintenance
  • Mess-free


  • Please read the product description carefully because it does not fit cars with half-turn tab oil caps

6. Plews LubriMatic 75-068 Multipurpose Transmission Fluid Funnel

One good reason why you should use extra-long funnel is that you could use it for hard-to-access fill areas. It works when the standard funnel just cannot do. This funnel is made of rigid plastic for various functions; full drain, fluid top-off, fill procedures, and others.

As of the design, it has a long neck design. The outside diameter tip is narrow, which is about 1/2-inch. Therefore, it can fit with many types of transmission dipstick tubes. Additionally, high-quality construction provides firm engagement.

Talking about the diameter, it has a 5-inch of the funnel neck to prevent spills, and the built-in hang tab makes you easily store it. Finally, you need it to deal with cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs.


  • It has a very long neck and the construction is sturdy.
  • Good for transmission fluid change
  • It works to help you put gas from the gas can into your car, generator, lawnmower, and other machines.


  • Please note that you should fill it slowly. Otherwise, the liquids will overflow and spills out.

7. Hopkins 10705 FloTool QuickFill Funnel With A Splash Guard

FloTool is available to answer the high demand for fluid handling funnel. What makes it best in its class is the features to help you do your job easily and quickly. We could say that it has a high-performance design, thanks to the splash guard so there will no mesh at all.

Also, the grip lets you hold it easily and the spout opening is quite wide to support high-velocity pouring. If you wonder about the diameter, it has a very large spout diameter, which is 9-inch for the top. Additionally, the height is 13-inch.


  • Good for the tractor’s fuel tank.
  • Hands-free funnel simply by pushing the spout to get a nice fit.
  • It has a removable screen to filter any junks.


  • Please read thoroughly to get some information related to the dimension. It is huge for some people, which can be problematic to fit a radiator.

8. Mr. Funnel AF8CB Portable Fuel Filter

What makes your current funnel is different from the old ones? This Portable Fuel Filter has a unique technology. The company designs it with stainless steel filter coated with a fluoropolymer. This way, water, and debris will not pass through the fuel tank once you pour the fuel.

As you know, it is almost impossible to avoid water and dirt in stored fuel. As a result, it could cause a serious matter, such as electrolysis, rust, and corrosive acids. This large fuel filter has a conductive design with a diameter of about 8.5 inches and height is 10 inches.


  • The large funnel helps you flow gas faster
  • It helps a lot to reuse gas from cars
  • Good for kerosene heater


  • When you use this funnel, there will be a very little amount of gas left.

9. Lisle 17232 Right Angle Brake Fluid Funnel

Another choice to help you add brake fluid on your mini-vans, this funnel is also useful for other applications. For example, you can use it for Duramax diesel. The outer diameter of the funnel mouth is 3.5-inch. Meanwhile, the outer diameter of the spout is 7-inch.

With a 10-inch height, this funnel has a 6 3/4-inch offset. With its design, you could use it for hard-to-reach areas. If your life is miserable when you have a funnel that you think the shape is not right, this one could save your life!


  • Good to add water to your RV water tank
  • The design lets you get to hard-to-reach-spots
  • Comes with a good set of features


  • For some people, it could be too small or too big. Therefore, we recommend you to read the product dimension first before buying.

10. WirthCo Plastic Funnel Tray for Leaks and Spills

Having a funnel is incomplete without this funnel tray. It helps you a lot dealing with spills, leaks, and drips. Even better, it is more than just for automobiles. You could use it for AC, mini-fridges, and others.

This plastic tray comes with a chemical-resistant and durable design. Anytime you are dealing with oils, and messy containers, use this plastic tray.


  • It is not too sturdy, and not too soft.
  • Good for: Portable washing machine, mini-fridge, and grill, good oil catcher on a vehicle
  • Very handy


  • Some buyers are disappointed due to the shape and the measurements. For this reason, you should check out the dimensions and the size first.

How to Choose The Best Oil Funnel

Do you need the best oil funnel? There are some key points to help you find the right choice.

Buying an oil funnel is actually simple. But we won’t let you buy them without any guide. At least, there are a few key points to help you find the right choice.

1. Materials

First, it is important to consider the material of the oil funnel. Most of the products are made of stainless steel, plastic, or aluminum. Keep in mind that the materials should be durable enough to transfer oil. It should last for a long period of time.

Additionally, it is good to use a disposable paper funnel. Most people use it to add motor oil to a vehicle because it is not easy to clean oil.

2. Ask Some Questions

If you have some options in your hands and it is hard to choose the best one, ask some questions to yourself.

Is it easy to use? – This means that the oil funnel should let you transfer the oil in every direction. A good funnel means that it should keep the area free from spills.

Could you use it for other applications? – If you have some vehicles at home, make sure that the oil funnel also works for four-wheelers, dirt bikes, cars, trucks, ATVs, and others. Others may come with a nice design to transfer dry ingredients and liquids.

3. Design

Make sure that the design meets your needs. Choose a disposable design if you don’t mind to use the new one every time you change the oil. The design should let you easily store the funnel anywhere.

Some oil funnels have a windshield. This feature helps a lot to make sure that you could transfer in windy days. Other than that, it is good to find an oil funnel with a foldable design that lets you wipe it clean and then store flat or roll it up.

4. Diameter

The diameter of the funnel highly matters when buying a funnel oil. The versatile one has to suit all applications.


Looking for the best oil funnel should be taken quickly. Therefore, if you find yourself hard to decide, then reading our top 3 choices below may help you skip the selection process.

1. EPAUTO Funnel Kit

This is the best-seller product when it comes to the best oil funnel. It comes with a nice package since you will get various sizes of caps and adapter. It is why the product kit supports clean and prevent spills.

What is more, the parts have a colored design to find out the right match quickly. Whether you need it to fill up the funnel with liquid or flush your vehicle’s radiator, it comes with a good design. However, few buyers shared their experience by saying that the attachments could be an issue.

2. KarZone Multipurpose Automotive Funnels For Fluids, Oil, and Gas

As a multipurpose funnel, this product has a tapered tube design for different purposes. It works for draining oil on your generator, especially if you are working on hard-to-reach spots. As of the materials, it is from thick plastic. Keep in mind that it is only for those who do not mind using a funnel slowly with a controlled pour. However, it is not for you if you expect to pour gas quickly.

3. U-BCOO Multi-Functional Oil Funnel with Flexible Extension Nozzle

The seller explains that U-BCOO is a multifunctional oil funnel. Also, it is made of high-quality PVC and corrosion-resistant. With a flexible funnel and an 8-inch of a detachable spout, it helps you to fill oil and gas in some hard-to-reach areas.

The company claims that it is made of polyethylene, which is good for water, powder, kerosene, petroleum, and other chemicals. Even though it is multifunctional, using this funnel for something heavy will make it falls to the side.

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