Best Oil Stain Remover Driveway

It could be an eyesore if you see gas, oil, and other transmission fluids that leave a stain on your garage floor or concrete driveway. These stains tell people “Hello, I am here forever” since it is almost impossible to clean.

When you know that there are some of the best oil stain remover driveway products available, it is like saving your life. Having one of the products that work 100% percent, surely will bring your smile back anytime you see your driveway.

How does oil stain remover driveway work? It depends on the product you choose. For example, some products have a bioremediation mechanism. It means that they are using microorganisms to clean contaminants. Just like the way they use plants to absorb radionuclides.

Keep in mind that it is always best to scrub the stains as soon as possible. The longer you ignore it, the harder it becomes to clean. Therefore, if you notice the stain or grease mark on the driveway, use an oil stain remover. After that, use a stiff brush to start cleaning it.

If you want to clean your driveway from stains and other fluids, check out these 10 amazing oil stain removers. We have collected these products with the high rating given by the customers. Even we add the pros and cons of each product. This is a good way to help you decide and find the best to meet your needs.

Top 10 Best Oil Stain Remover Reviews

1. Chomp Oil Stain Remover for Concrete & Driveways

Take this as your first choice. This oil stain remover from Chomp gets a high rating in the market. You could use this liquid solution since it has the most powerful formula to lift the stain.

This product is available to cover the demand for removing stains on porous materials like bricks and concretes. Even better, it works on paver driveways, drive-through lanes, parking lots, and garage floors.

What makes it different from other products is the compositions. The company creates this product with safe materials. It does not contain any harmful compounds. It is free from acid, bleach, and other harmful compositions.

If you are wondering about how to use it, it is simple. To start, pour the liquid for a small amount on any petroleum or oil-based stain. Let it dry and brush it just like chalk dust. The surface is clean now.


  • Easy application
  • Make your driveway looks new again
  • Good to remove stubborn stains (hydraulic, oil, power steering fluid) on your driveways/ pavers.


  • You may need to apply the second application to deal with dark oil stains

2. Oil Eater Best Oil Stain Degreaser/ Cleaner

Another safe product to pick, Oil Eater lets you remove oils and grease easily on everything. It does not contain abrasive, petroleum, or acids. Unlike the first liquid product, this one is a water-based solution.

Additionally, it is a biodegradable product that is safe for everything, including for septic systems. Follow the dilution chart added on each bottle to help you get the maximum performance.

It does not remove stubborn stains on driveways, but it also works on grills, sliding, wall tires, boat hulls, stoves, and others. Therefore, we could say it is a multifunctional product.

To start using this product is easy. Simply, use this perfect cleaner and add water. Check the Q&A of this product if you wonder how to use it on concrete. A buyer answered that you could pour it on a massive old oil stain and then scrubs it for two minutes. Use a hose to rinse it off.


  • Ideal for old oil stains
  • Good to remove spilled ink
  • It does not damage the fabric


  • You may need a second application to remove very old stains.

3. Terminator-HSD Best Oil/ Grease Stains on Driveways and Concrete

Next, this cleaner has a special formula. It is a concentrated-oil stain cleaner available in the market. You don’t need to scrub or remove the oil stain.

Furthermore, it helps you remove oil stains on driveways and concrete. Also, you could apply it to clean engine oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic fluid, and other hydrocarbons. The company also claimed that it does not contain any chemicals.

Simply, apply a little amount of this solution over the stain. After that, add a mist of water. However, if you want to clean dried stubborn oil on the concrete, you need to scrub it away.


  • It works better than a pressure washer since it does not push the oil into the pores of the surface. It works by using bacteria, which is smaller than the pores of the concrete to remove stains.
  • Help you save your money by buying the big container because sometimes small is not enough.
  • Easy application: it is a must to spray with water lightly to activate the enzymes. Otherwise, it does not work forever.


  • If you need a product that removes stains quickly and instantly, this is not the ideal choice. You may need to spend four to six weeks to see the stain fades.

4. Simple Green 18202 Best Driveway & Concrete Cleaner

This cleaner is great for concrete and driveway. It is effective for oil, grime, and grease from the driveway and concrete surfaces. Seeing old and stubborn stains or discolorations are irritating. Therefore, this non-degrading and non-corrosive cleaner could be your solution.

With the new powerful formula, you have to use it with a pressure washer. Other than that, you could use it to clean concrete walkways, sideways, driveways, patio, and other concrete surfaces manually.

Last but not the least is the composition of this cleaner. It does not harm pets, kids, plants, and other things in your environment. Keep in mind that it removes stains great but you have to rinse it. Otherwise, the mess will stay.


  • Good for all types of oils
  • Good for the price
  • No residue at all


  • It provides some cleaning but it takes time to use it with a pressure washer system.

5. EXIMO Concrete Cleaner For Walkway, Driveway, and Oil Stain Remover (Waterless)

Move onto the next product, if you are looking for the best oil stain remover driveway, it is worth to try.

First, it works with microbes. The cleaner has microbes to break down both petroleum oil and hydrocarbon chains. This mechanism will then remove the concrete stains because of oil, diesel, gas, grease, and other petroleum-based compositions.

Second, the compositions of this product are safe for you, your family, and the environment. It is a waterless and natural formula to deal with stubborn stains. Even better, this multipurpose cleaner is great because you could use it on driveways, parking lots, cement, sidewalks, concrete patios, pavers, and even stairs.

Whether you want to apply it wet or dry; it is much easier compared to a pressure washer. Simply, apply, and then leave it on the surface. No-wash off or sweep up.


  • Easy application: apply a very small amount and then sweep it around.
  • Cost-effective since you just need to apply it a little.
  • Less work


  • It may takes several weeks to make sure that the stains 100% disappear.

6. ACT Eco-Friendly Cleaner for Concrete and Oil Grease Stains (Microbial)

Do you still need more choices? Take this option if you are looking for an eco-friendly oil stain remover driveway. It is what you need to remove oil, mildew, greases, mold, stains, and antifreeze.

It works almost on every type of material: driveways, cement, concrete, wood, paver, soil, plastic, and others.

Additionally, it is easy to apply this stain remover. It is not necessary to scrub it. Since it is an eco-friendly cleaner, it will not bring harm to plants, animals, and people. When you apply it on any surfaces, it does not damage or bleach the material of the surface.

With the advanced formula, it lets you clean concrete quickly and effortlessly. With the presence of microorganisms, it produces extracellular enzymes to break down the protein and petroleum. As a result, it helps you clean the surfaces.


  • Perfect for old stubborn oil stains
  • Easy application
  • Good to remove coolant stains


  • Repeat applications are important to reduce the stains.

7. ACT Store Eco-Friendly Concrete Cleaner (Advanced Formula)

Alternatively, this eco-friendly cleaner helps a lot to remove stains, antifreeze, cement, driveways, and others. Even you could use it on wood, plastic, and soil. The application is easy and quick. Just like the previous choice, it is not necessary to scrub.

When it comes to an eco-friendly cleaner, it means that it is safe enough for the environment. People, pets, and plants are safe even though you are applying it to remove the stain. Furthermore, this product is one of the USDA certified and EPA tested items to choose from.


  • No water mist is required. It is because the air contains moister to activate the microbes
  • Easy application
  • Cost-effective since you need to use a small amount


  • It takes a few weeks to let this product remove the stains

8. Oillift Oil Stain Remover Driveway, Asphalt, & Cement

Choose this oil remover to clean oil stains from concrete when you are looking for an industrial-strength cleaning solution that is safe for your environment.

If you are asking for the quality, this is an eco-certified product with multipurpose uses. It means that you could apply it on asphalt, paving stone, or concrete. The formula is perfect to help you clean on any different surfaces.


  • EPA certified
  • Works effectively
  • Safe for the environment


  • If you want to remove oil stains, it takes several applications but it works!

9. Zep R02934 Professional Concrete Cleaner (Biodegradable)

Buying this product means that you will get 40 lb-bucket. That’s said, you could store it easily. This concrete cleaner is biodegradable. It is easy to check whether it works or not. Once you apply it, it shows color-changing because the concentration level is different from before.

Moreover, this powder-based cleaner dissolves easily. It works even to remove tough and embedded soils. Thankfully, it has a fast-acting formula. Simply, apply it on the wet floor, and then scrub before rinsing it.


  • Good to apply on pavers
  • Remove dirt and oil on concrete
  • Less work


  • If you think that it does not work, you should repeat applying it.

10. Oil Vanish 8805-032 Stain Remover

Are you looking for something to remove oil stains quickly? Whether the stains are on driveways, parking areas, or garages, it works! The mechanism is by penetrating to the surface. By doing this way, the formula will lift and then delete the stubborn stains.

Simply, apply it and then scrub to remove the stains before rinsing. If you are tired of looking for the best oil stain remover driveway, take this product as your choice.


  • Ideal to remove old stains on concrete
  • Work fast even for tough and heavy oil stains
  • Easy application


  • A buyer reported that he got a dark spot after the application in the same area. Make sure that you test the product on a small area first before application.

Oil Stain Remover Driveway Buying Guide

Is it your first time to buy the best oil stain remover online? All of the cleaners in this post are the most popular choices at this time. However, finding the best one is what you need. If you are a beginner in this case, you could learn more about oil stain remover and its effects here.

1. Compatibility

If you are looking for the best stain remover for a concrete driveway, make sure that you use a poultice. Alternatively, choose a product that is designed for the outdoor surface. Keep in mind that product compatibility with pressure washers are great since pressure washers help you clean stains easily.

2. Types of Driveway Stain Remover

Different products have different effects. It is important to find the best choice based on the condition of your driveway. For example, acidic cleaners are what you need to remove efflorescence and other stains or dirt. However, using acidic cleaner means you must apply a concrete sealer.

For oil stains, choose alkaline cleaners. It works to remove hydrocarbons in grease or oil. Additionally, you could use this cleaner to restore the driveway’s look after applying acidic cleaners.

3. Safety

You need cleaners for commercial and domestic uses. Safety is important to think of. Make sure that the cleaners are safe for you, your family, and your pet. You must not use chemical-based solutions since it brings more harm than good. If we are talking about a safe cleaner, check out the ingredients first.

If you like eco-friendly cleaners, it is safe for the environment. You could choose a non-toxic cleaner or pollutant-free cleaner. Make sure that the product has been approved by credible associations.

4. Ease of Use

Next, it is nice to have a cleaner with great packaging. You have to buy a product that is easy to use, no mess, and it has a good consistency to help you apply it.

5. Other Factors

First and foremost, the concrete driveway is concrete. It is challenging to remove the oil stains there. For this reason, it is good to follow the directions of each product. Make sure that you get what you need.

For example, if you have old stains, make sure that the product you choose could remove an old stain that has been there around awhile.

Other than that, we recommend you check the specific details of your project. It means that you should know how long the cleaner should sit on the oil stain and the right tool to clean off the driveway afterward. After that, you could heed the instructions given by the manufacturers for an effective result.

Conclusion: Top 3 Choices from Us

After reading the reviews of each product above, it could be confusing to find the best one. Among those choices, we think these products got higher ratings and reviews from the customers. As you know, ratings and reviews are important to help you know more about the quality of a product.

1. Chomp Oil Stain Remover for Concrete & Driveways

With the high rating from the customers, this liquid solution has an effective formula to remove stains. Concretes and bricks look better, which is something good for your parking lots, paver driveways, and garage floors.

The compositions of this product are safe because there are no harmful compounds. It does not contain bleach, acid, and other compositions. Even though it is effective enough and easy to use, you need more time to repeat its application, especially to remove stubborn oil stains.

2. Oil Eater Best Oil Stain Degreaser/ Cleaner

Choosing the best oil stain cleaner means you should find a safe product for your environment. It is not enough to think of its cleaning action. You could try this product to clean oils and grease. It is free from petroleum, abrasive, and acids.

If you are looking for a biodegradable product, take this water-based solution which is safe for your septic systems, as well. Whether you have old oil stains, or spilled ink, it works best but you should repeat the application for very old stains.

3. Terminator-HSD Best Oil/ Grease Stains on Driveways and Concrete

With a special formula, this is a concentrated-oil stain remover that makes your life easy. It is because you don’t have to scrub it to remove the oil stain. Apply this product on concrete or driveways to clean transmission fluid, engine oil, hydraulic fluid, and others.

How does it work? It works better than a pressure washer. It is because the product contains bacteria that can eat the stains since bacteria are smaller than the pores of the concrete surface. Keep in mind that you have to spray it lightly so the enzymes start working. Otherwise, it does not work.

Since it works by using enzymes, it is not an instant solution. You need to wait for four, even for six weeks to see how it cleans the stains.

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