Best Paint Brush Cleaner

Working with paint brushes either as beginners or professionals requires you to keep the brushes clean. Having the best paintbrush cleaner makes you keep them clean easily. It removes stains effectively. You are ready to use the brushes at any time.

If you have some good brushes and keep them always clean, they will last for a longer time. As a result, it saves you some money because of preventing you from buying the new ones. Moreover, art supplies are getting more expensive these days. It is better off to take good care of any of them.

Keep in mind that when it comes to buying the paint brush cleaner, it means solvent. And there are some different types of solvents available. Here are the effective solvents to choose from:

  • To clean water-based paints, use water
  • Remove oil-based paints by using paint thinner or mineral spirits
  • Clean shellacs by using denatured alcohol
  • Use mineral spirits to remove varnishes

Whether you are using acrylic or oil-based paint, you do not want to let the paint harden or accumulate. It will only damage the bristles. For this reason, spending a little more money to pick the best paint brush cleaner is important.

10 Best Paint Brush Cleaner Reviews

Regardless of the type of paint projects you use, you need paint brush for regular maintenance. Here is a compilation of reviews of the paint brush cleaner to remove excess paints.

1. Winsor & Newton Brush Paint Cleaner Bottle

Available in some sizes and price tags, this brush paint cleaner bottle is good to clean and restore your brush. It contains a 4-oz cleaner that is non-toxic and biodegradable. That’s said, this is a good choice to clean synthetic and natural brushes. Even better, it is non-flammable. It does not contain abrasive ingredients and it is a water-soluble solution.

With the non-toxic composition and low-level of Vapor, this brush cleaner does not damage your brush heads. If you are working with acrylic oil, alkyd, and oil color, this is what you need. However, you should not use it for a varnished or painted surface.

Make sure that you avoid it to have contact with the brush handles. Keep in mind that you must not use it on polycarbonate and plastic surfaces. If you have a problem like using it on a hardened brush because of water-based acrylic paint, try it!


  • Great to clean dried acrylic on bristles by putting this solution to the hairs and let it for 24 hours.
  • Only for a natural hairbrush
  • Make your old brush usable after gentle wiping


  • Make sure that you keep it away from any plastic brush handles; otherwise, it will eat the material

2. Bob Ross R6520 Paint Brush Cleaner Screen

It is easy to use this screen to clean a paint brush. Simply, scrub your brushes back and forth by using a brush bath. This way, you can remove and prevent oil paint build up in that can damage the bristles. With the sturdy construction, this high-quality product lets you wash the brushes quickly.


  • Easy to use: You can use odorless thinner to clean your brushes.
  • If you are using oil-based paint, then you should use water and liquid soap in a can and use this screen to clean the brush.
  • Good quality that you do not have to replace because it does not corrode, snap, or bend


  • A little bit small, but it is good enough.

3. General Pencil Brush Paint Cleaner Hand Soap

Choosing this product means that you will get 4.5-oz of hand soap. It is in the form of a bar that works 100% to remove inks, dyes, grease, grime, and paints. If you are working with brushes for almost every day, this is an excellent cleaner to maintain your painting supplies.

Additionally, it does not come with an expiration date. That’s told, you can use it forever and it is still effective to clean your brushes just like the first time you use it.


  • Good to clean your oil-based paint from your brush and clean your hands, as well
  • Also works to remove stains like inks, dyes, and others
  • You can use it to clean your makeup brushes.


  • No complaints related to the use of this product for removing paints from the brush.

4. Speedball Paint Brush Cleaner Pink Soap

Are you working with watercolor, acrylics, or oil-based paints? If you want to keep clean your brush, use this pink soap cleaner. What makes it different from the previous choices is that it has a conditioner. Therefore, your brush will look clean and smooth.

Besides, the brush has no chlorides, no phosphates, no alkalis, no alcohol, and no solvents. With this 8-oz bottle cleaner, you just have to put it a little on the brush and then rub the solution in. After that, you can clean and rinse your brush. If you want to use it to clean varnish, be sure to do it immediately before the varnish dried.


  • Comes with a pleasant smell
  • Clean and condition your brush
  • Clean dried paint on clothing, stubborn stains and grease on cars, and clean brush for face paint.


  • The company should improve the packaging quality so that it comes good on the customer’s hands.

5. General Pencil Brush Paint Cleaner and Preserver

Coming with cleaner and preserver formula, General Pencil offers this product to keep and maintain your brushes. Use it and your brushes will look like new. Whether you are using oil, watercolor, or acrylic paint, it works! Brushes with dried and hard paint are still easy to restore.

Best of all, you do not need harsh chemicals or thinners to work on it. What you should do is using this product with water.


  • Easy to use: just dip your brush into water and swish it around this can and rinse brush. It looks clean!
  • Good for both natural and synthetic brushes, lipstick, and eyeshadows
  • That’s told, it comes with a nice scent


  • If you want to make it works, make sure to use this cleaner in each painting session.

6. The Master Paint Brush Cleaner With Lemon Scent

Enjoy the fresh lemon scent in this paintbrush cleaner. It is water-soluble that you can even use it for preserver, as well. Interestingly, you can remove any paint brushes such as watercolors, acrylics, and oils.

If you wonder how to use this product, it is simple. What you should do is to rinse the brush under the warm water. After that, swirl it in cleaner so the leather forms and then clean it by rinsing. Since it is non-toxic, it is good to use even for kids at school.


  • You don’t have to buy new brushes
  • Good for acrylic paints
  • Clean and condition your brushes


  • The seller should check the issue about the wrong size.

7. Purdy 14A900520 Paint Brush Cleaner Stainless Steel

Next, this is another right tool to clean your paint brush. It is made of stainless steel and it has a comfortable grip. Having this tool is helpful. As you know, it is not easy to clean brushes, especially to remove paints from the inner bristles.

Having this tool means you don’t need forks, flea combs, or rattail combs just to clean brushes. This tool helps a lot since you do not have to deal with more bowl of water. You do not have to wash any dirty brush. It even helps a lot to remove dry paint.


  • Works better than brush comb
  • Helps you save your old brush
  • Stainless steel, in which it does not rust and it is thick to comb any paints


  • You need to repeat for few times to make your brush clean

8. Gamblin Paint Brush Cleaner for General Painting

This solvent is what you need to complete your painting supplies. It is useful to clean dried oil paint. Gamblin has a clear and thin thinner that looks great and it does not have any smell. Even better, you can apply it to your colored pencil drawings.

If you wonder how it works to clean paintbrush, it works super fast. Simply, use an old jar and pour this solvent for a little in it. Also, the compositions are less toxic so it is quite different from other products available on the market.


  • Clean brushes from oil-based paints
  • Good to blend colored pencils,
  • No smell


  • You may have a problem with the lid, but you can solve this problem by keeping it in a ziplock bag.

9. Jack Richeson Paint Brush Cleaner Soap for All Paints

Coming out with some packaging options, Jack Richeson offers this soap to remove dried oils, watercolors, acrylics, and other paints easily. If you have paint stains on your clothes, it helps you remove the stains as well.

Having this cleaner means that you can use it to clean floors, hands, and other work surfaces. Simply, soak it overnight and it will replace other harsh solvents to clean your paints.

If you want to try it on something that you are not sure about the result, test it in a small area first. Wash your brush in the terpenoid, and after that use this soap and warm water to make sure that your brush is clean. If possible, make sure that you dry your paintbrushes by hanging the brushes bristles down.


  • It makes your brush smooth and soft
  • You don’t have to throw away your brushes anymore after use
  • A high-quality cleaner even for dry paint on the brush.


  • For the best result, you still have to use turpentine first and then use paper towels to remove the excess paint before using this soap.

10. Silicoil Paint Brush Cleaning Tank

This is the last tool you must have to clean fine brushes properly. This glass tank comes with the aluminum coil located in the base and it has a high-quality design. Thankfully the coil has a non-damaging surface.

You can use it to wipe away any excess paint from your brush hairs. Additionally, it works to hold bristles above the sediment. Keep in mind that it is only a jar, which means you should buy the cleaner first.

If you are a serious painter, this is the best investment you must have to clean your favorite brushes. It helps you a lot to make sure your brushes will last longer.


  • The coil helps you brush and suspend in the cleaning solution until you have cleaned the bristles from all paints
  • It promises you that the sediments will sink to the bottom of the jar and that helps a lot to clean your brush
  • Best for oil-based paint since it does not damage the brushes hairs


  • Keep in a ziplock bag if you have any issues with the lid.

Paint Brush Cleaner Buying Guide for Beginners

Since there are many choices available today, by using these key factors, you can determine the best paintbrush cleaner:

1. Understand the type of paint you use

It is important to know the type of medium you are working with. Not all cleaners are effective for all paints. Companies producing general cleaners may claim that their products are effective for all paints. However, it does not mean that they can be the best option.

Oil-based paints and acrylic paints are not easy to remove. You need special cleaners specifically for oil-paint brushes or acrylic paintbrushes.

2. Check out your brushes

On the other hand, if you are using a natural hair brush, check out the cleaner you use. Cleaners for natural hairbrush should be natural and gentle. It is because the brushes are your large investment.

3. Compositions

The next thing to consider is the safe compositions of the cleaners. If the cleaners have too harsh ingredients, it will do more damage than good. Use it a few times and it can destroy the great bristles on your paintbrush. Therefore, it will only decrease the quality of your brush and brittle.

Additionally, choosing harsh cleaners are not good for your skins. Therefore, it is good to know more about the chemicals added to these cleaners. These days, you can find many eco-friendly paint brush cleaners. This is what you need to avoid any risk to your brush and your health.

Besides, make sure that the compositions contain conditioners. Conditioner is what you need since the bristles look clean and smooth.

4. Applicator

Are you going to buy cleaners in the form of bottles?

Or, do you want to get a large gallon of cleaners? This is what you need to clean brushes and other painting supplies.

Cleaners in form of spray bottles are also available if you use smaller or delicate brushes. Meanwhile, others may love to have cleaners in squirt bottles to avoid any messy application. Alternatively, paintbrush come in pomade-shaped jars let you rub on the brushes, or dip the brushes in.

Which one is the best choice? The best choice is the best type that works most effectively for you.


You have read our 10 findings available on the market when it comes to the best brush paint cleaner. If it is hard to choose, we think you should make a narrower list. In this section, here are the best choices:

1. Winsor & Newton Brush Paint Cleaner Bottle

It is an effective solvent to clean dried acrylic on your brush hairs. What you should do is to put the solution to the hairs. After that, let it there for 24 hours. Even though the company said that it is good for all types of brushes, we recommend you use it only for natural brush hair. It is good to save your old brush. Using it on any plastic materials, including plastic brush handle may damage the material. Therefore, use it carefully.

2. Bob Ross R6520 Paint Brush Cleaner Screen

Use it to clean your brush, especially for oil-based paint. The screen does not corrode, bend, or snap when it works to clean brushes.

3. General Pencil Brush Paint Cleaner Hand Soap

Use this hand soap to clean any oil-based paints from your brush. Even you can use it to clean your hands and other unwanted stains like dyes and inks. Interestingly, this hand soap is safe to clean makeup brushes. Up to now, there was no negative feedback regarding using this hand soap for cleaning brushes. Everything looks great!

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