Best Pipe Thread Sealant

When it comes to looking for a pipe thread sealant, it means that you are looking for a way to seal connected pipes. When you are connecting pipes, you use thread connections and it is the reason why gaps exist between them. For this reason, it makes gas or liquid easy to escape.

If you wonder how all sealant work, the job is to block the gap so there is no leakage. Additionally, some sealants come with different choices. Some are available in liquid and others are in compounds. Even better, some products are tapes. These days, tapes are the popular choices since the cost is affordable, easy to use, and safe. [Source]

If you are dealing with a plumbing job in your home, it is good to decide the type of pipe sealant you need. The choices are available in some options, such as different brands, prices, and quality. As you can find here that we found 10 best pipe thread sealant products to know.

Keep in mind that you should focus on the function of the sealant that is to prevent any leaks in the fittings or pipes. Even you can consider the pros and cons of the reviews below. It is not easy to make any consideration, but hopefully by reading the buying guide at the end of this article can give you some hints.

10 Best Pipe Thread Sealant Reviews

Check out our 10 findings of the best pipe thread sealant for any piping system you want:

1. Permatex 24200 Best Pipe Thread Sealant Medium Strength Threadlocker Blue

Consist of 1 pack, this 6 ml of thread compounds work by locking and sealing pipes. Additionally, it does not loosen the fittings or parts even though vibration exists. It is the ideal choice for valve cover bolts, carburetor studs, oil pan bolts, and others.

Astonishingly, this product protects so the threads will not get problems like corrosion. If you are working with bolts and nuts, this is a helpful solution. Even better, you can remove it with a hand tool just in case you need to disassemble the application.


  • Good to use even for high shock or vibration
  • Easy to apply, and easy to use
  • It works great since it does not loosen nuts or screws


  • The compounds contain dimethyl hydroperoxide, cumene, so you should only use it in a well-ventilated area and use your protective equipment

2. Mill-Rose 70885 All Purpose Thread Sealant PTFE Blue Monster

Coming out as a thicker, all-purpose, and denser PTFE tape, this sealant is available with a 1,429-inch roll. Of course, it is more than the common rolls in the market. You can use it easily and there is no need to retape which means there will be no waste at all.

Moreover, this thread sealing tape has PTFE resin, a kind of polymer so that it is compatible with various materials. It works on iron, galvanized steel, aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, polypropylene, CPVC, PVC, polyethylene, fiberglass, ABS, and others.


  • It is the best Teflon tape with no leaks
  • Seal many things like a kitchen sink, showerhead, connection between filter and faucet, and other leaks that need Teflon tape
  • Thick, long, and not slipping


  • It does not stick easily, which means you need more effort to make a complete wrap if you do not want it to fall off.

3. Dixon Valve, TTB75 PTFE White Tape for Industrial

Do you need pipe threads to create water and airtight connections? Dixon Valve has this PTFE tape that can resist temperature from -212 to 500 F. It is about 520-inch long and you can use it for different things. However, you should not use it if you are about securing gas pipes.

Additionally, this is convenient because you just wrap it a couple. Make sure that you wrap it clockwise around the pipe before connecting. Even better, you can rip the tape by using hands.


  • Apply it correctly, so it does not rewind and it works great!
  • Good for plumbing
  • An ideal choice if you are looking for a Teflon tape.


  • If you have any issue with the adhesion, make sure that you clean the threads first to remove any residue.

4. Rectorseal 23631 Thread Sealant with PTE Synthetic Fiber For Various Uses

Rectorseal is made of Teflon and synthetic fiber. It is why it offers a powerful seal on refrigerants, lp gas, natural gas, fuels, water, oils, and others. This product is made in the United States and it works for you if you are looking for a non-hardening sealant.

What makes it effective to seal any piping system is because the fibers can disperse in the resinous base. If you need immediate pressurization, this is an excellent choice.


  • When Teflon tape does not work for CPCV to deal with water supply underneath your sink, it is the ideal choice!
  • Good for central heating system oil, potable water, gas supply, and potable water tank
  • It works by filling the gaps between the threads so it offers a premium seal and it does not bind the threads because it is a non-hardening choice.


  • If you have a very fitting, it means that you do not spread this sealant evenly around the threads.

5. Hersteller Sonstige Loctite 55 For Domestic and Industrial Pipe Systems

If you are tired of using hemp that makes the thread still turn, you will not get any problem at all by using this product. It removes any problem with thread glue because this sealing tape is good to seal threads. Also, it is extremely thin but you can insert it into the thread easily without creating any damage.

Additionally, it comes with a reliable design that it is okay to use on gas pipes. It can resist extreme temperatures because it is hot water and cold water-resistant. If you are looking for something better than a pipe dope sealant, try this!


  • Ideal for British-style fittings (straight)
  • An excellent choice for beginner
  • It works better than Teflon or pipe dope.


  • During writing this review, no bad customer reviews yet.

6. Oatey 31230 Non-Toxic Best Pipe Thread Sealant

This non-toxic and non-hardening paste comes to help you seal any threaded joints, but never use it on plastic threads. With the capability to deal with more than 3,000 PSI gas and 10,000 PSI liquid, this gray sealant is perfect to use it on iron, copper, polypropylene, ABS, PVC, and CPPVS. Whether you are using it on steam, water, or air piping system, this is what you should go with.


  • It is simple to use: just apply this compound and tighten the join so you will have the right mechanical connection.
  • Easy to remove the excessive compounds after applying it
  • Best pipe dope to have


  • A little bit messy so make sure that you wear your equipment

7. Rectorseal 25631 Pipe Thread Sealant For Fluids Gases Water Applications

In case you need a leakproof professional sealant, this is what you need. At this time, many gas companies and contractors have been using this product. It is because the sealant works for many things like fluids, gases, natural gases, water, fuels, refrigerants, and others.

Besides, you can use it for different metal pipe, PVC, fiberglass, polyethylene, and others. Keep in mind that it is a non-returnable product. Therefore, you should read think of it carefully.


  • Easy to use
  • No leas and it offers powerful sealant
  • Inexpensive but good enough to prevent dangerous leaks


  • A little bit mesy on hands and it leaves stains, therefore wear proper equipment

8. Gasoila PTEF Pipe Thread Sealant for Stainless Steel Copper

Non-toxic pipe thread sealant, it comes with PTFE and this non-hardening paste is good on copper, aluminum, threaded brass, stainless steel, polyethylene, black pipe, and copper. Additionally, Gasoila is available in different sizes and prices to meet your need.

When you are using this product, keep in mind that you cannot use it for the oxygen system. Also, it is still pliable even in the cold temperature that reaches 600 F. Other than that, it can handle any pressure about 10,000 psi for liquids and 3,000 psi for gases.


  • No waiting time to tighten the fitting so you can turn on the gas after a day
  • Works better than a Teflon tape
  • You can use it on potable water lines as well


  • Although this pasta is a little it messy you can solve it by cleaning your hands with water and soap.

9. Rectorseal 25790 Pipe Thread Sealant Multipurpose No.5

Known for its durability, Rectorseal No.5 offers a multipurpose thread sealant that contains 1.75 oz. The sealant dries slowly but it meets the standard of industrial sealant. Even better, you can break it out effortlessly without any damage.

Once they apply the compound, it will seal, lubricate, and even protect the threaded pipe and fitting. Best of all, it can deal with 100 psi natural gas, water, and air. You should only use it on iron, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, PVC, polyethylene, and fiberglass-reinforced. Keep in mind that it is not for the ABS pipe.


  • Application is easy – Just put a little amount on the threads and then let it tack. You can assemble the joint and remove any excess by using a cloth.
  • It has good longevity or resistance
  • Easy to disassemble anytime you think that the pipe needs to reconfigure.


  • A little bit messy

10. Geocel 28100V Best Pipe Thread Sealant Flexible

Finally, this is the last choice to pick. It is from Geocel that helps you deal with cracks and others. It offers a good level of flexibility and adhesion. Here, you can use it for many surfaces. Even better, it works for damp surfaces. Best of all, you can use it easily.

Anytime you want to stop leakage quickly, try this elastic sealant. It can bond on oily or frozen surfaces. Surely, the compound resists temperature change or joint movement.


  • Perfect for industrial applications with pro-looking results
  • Durable
  • It can deal with the weather that you just have to use a patch on and then glue it down by using this compound if you find any cracks.


  • The excess of the compound is a real pain so you should create the smallest hole as small as possible.

How to Choose The Best Pipe Thread Sealant

Is this your first time to buy the best pipe thread sealant? For sure, it can be challenging to choose our 10 best findings. Since we understand how it feels when you have a lot of choices in front of you, you can check this buying guide to help.

1. Question Yourself

Some questions can help you decide when you are about choosing one or two products:

  • Is the pipe thread sealant worth your money?
  • What are the advantages of the product?
  • Why should you buy it?
  • What factors to consider before buying the top product for yourself?
  • Which are the best products available in the market?

2. Type of Sealants

In today’s market, you have three choices available related to the type of sealant; Teflon tape, pipe dope, and the last choice are anaerobic resin compounds.

Teflon Tape

Featured with white and nonsticking tape design, it is very easy to use. It is not a thread sealant but for a tape that can clog the thread path. Keep in mind that it does not adhere to the surfaces, just like the real sealant can do.

Using this type is easy, that will never leave any mess. However, it does not adhere. It is not enough to offer a secure seal. Also, the tape is fragile and thin, which means the leak path can be a real matter in the future. Make sure that you only use this tape for standard water pipes or fittings. You should not use it to secure high-pressure systems.

Pipe Dope

This type of pipe sealant has been there, in the market, for industrial applications. It works with a solvent carrier that can harden once the solvent evaporated. As a result, it adheres to all metal and plastic pipes effectively. Therefore, it can block any leak path.

Since it comes with solvents, the solvent may dissipate and it is possible to shrink over. Here, the condition can cause the dope to pull away from the cracks or the thread walls. In other words, the leaks will develop. You need a pipe dope to solve threaded components by using a spatula or brush.

The good thing about pipe dopes is that it is easy to use and the cost is inexpensive. The composition is also good for all pipe materials, even for plastic. It can harden quickly but seal the path leaks effectively.

On the other hand, the pipe dopes have a solvent that can lose their power by the time, due to heat aging. Leaks may exist when the seal cracks or shrinks. For this reason, you should use pipe dopes for any condition with no pressure or high temperatures. It only can deal with minimal vibration.

Anaerobic Resin Compounds

Unlike pipe dope that contains a solvent, anaerobic resin compounds do not have it. It is why the cured material will never crack or shrink, but the sealing properties will get better even though it gets heat aging. Once it is cured, the compounds will create a strong seal that can deal with temperature, solvents, pressure, and vibration.

The presence of chemical composition makes you should verify it first before using it for plastic fittings and pipes. Even though the compounds cure allows you to use it for immediate uses, but you should observe it for 24 hours before using it for the high-pressure system. It is because anaerobic resins are not easy to clean from gloves and clothing.

Up to now, this sealant is the strongest and the most effective solution available in the market. Ideally, you can use it for any piping system with temperatures of more than 300 F and more than 10,000 psi of pressure.

Finally, you should consider the best pipe thread sealant by thinking of the pipe material, the temperature, the vibration, and the pressure of the piping system. [Source]


Is it your first time finding the best pipe thread sealant? It does not matter because you can use our buying guide above. If it is still hard to decide, let us make the selection is narrower than before. We only choose three products we think good to try.

1. Mill-Rose 70885 All Purpose Thread Sealant PTFE Blue Monster

This is what you need if you are looking for the best Teflon tape. It does not leak. Additionally, you can use it to seal many things like a showerhead, kitchen sink, filter and faucet, and others. Since it is available in the form of a roll, it offers a long scroll that is tick and it does not make you slip.

2. Dixon Valve, TTB75 PTFE White Tape for Industrial

The next top 3 is this Teflon tape. This is great if you are working related to plumbing. It is also a Teflon tape that you should apply it properly. The tape can deal with temperature from -212 to 500 F. Nevertheless, you should never use it for gas pipes.

3. Rectorseal 23631 Thread Sealant with PTE Synthetic Fiber For Various Uses

With the combination of synthetic fiber and Teflon, it is what you need as a better choice compared to Teflon tape. You can apply it to CPCV to prevent any leaks of your water supply. Finally, it is an important choice for those who want to use it as a non-hardening compound.