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roof coatingThe roof actively works to protect you and your family. But, it does not mean that roof can last forever. You need to provide the best roof coating to give protection. What is roof coating? Roof coating is adding a layer of protection on the roof.

The topcoat of roofing can be damaged due to the UV rays, especially for the extreme heat. Therefore, a roof coating is what you need to prevent leaks, decrease the growth of mold and moisture that can destroy the roof membranes. There are also other benefits of roof coating. Here are what you will get [Source]:

  • Lower the energy usage
  • Reduce construction debris
  • Increase the longevity of the roof
  • Avoid leaks
  • Makes roof gets impermeable to rain

If you are looking for the best roof coating, you can check out our 10 findings below. We provide you the pros and cons as well. You could also decide your own choice by reading our ultimate buying guide. At the end of the article, get our top 3 recommendations.

10 Best Roof Coating Reviews

1. Heng’s Roof Coating for RV Rubber Roof

Do you have an RV? If you are a true RV-ing, you will invest your money in a nice and comfortable RV. You do not mind to spend a lot of money just to make sure that your RV has a good condition.

One of the best ways to save your money is to provide good care of your RV. For example, you can apply rubber roofs to protect it from UV rays. Even it can solve some problems such as tears and others.

The benefits of having this rubber coating are that it resists cracking. It can stand for quite long with withstand impacts. Also, the composition is safe since it does not contain toxic or pollutions.

As of the color, it is a white coating. If you wonder about how to use it, it is very simple. You will need a roller to start applying it on the roof. It shows a smooth finish and it is durable, no slippery sleek as well. Start by cleaning the rooftop by using a floor top and a water/soap/bleach mix.


  • If you are looking for latex paint with good consistency, it is what you need.
  • Super easy to apply
  • Good for the price


  • If you don’t want to get problems like flake, make sure that the rooftop is clean and there should be no oil.

2. Rust-Oleum 275116 Roof Coating Rubber Clear Finish

Rust-Oleum is quite easy to use. It comes as a rubber coating to cover and seal cracks or leaks. This utility coating provides good protection with a water-tight and flexible seal that prevents rust, moisture penetration, and corrosion.

The advanced formula in this coating is quite promising for you that you can use for both exterior and interior. Also, it is great for various materials such as ductwork, roof, gutter, flashing, concrete, masonry, PVC, and others.

Keep in mind that it is an oil-based formula and it has a flexible coating that will dry to touch within one hour. Since it is very thick, you cannot spray it by using an air sprayer or a pressure sprayer.


  • It is useful for pool/pond sealant
  • Flexible and stick to the surface if you clean the surface first
  • Easy to apply


  • It smells bad but so worth it!

3. Cofair QR625 Roof Coating for Multipurpose Use

This is another great choice for you if you need a waterproof repair. This is a good solution to repair flat roofs, metal roofs, RVs, trucks, trailers, and mobile homes. Other than that, you can use it for skylights, gutters, and flashings.

Additionally, it is easy to use this product. You need to clean the surface first. Make sure that there is no debris, dust, and other foreign things. After that, start patching it and there should be no air trapped under the patch while applying it. In a single roll provides you 25 feet of length and 6 inches of weight.


  • Good for sound deadener
  • Hold great
  • Perfect to repair leaks


  • Does not work for RV roofs.

4. Sashco Roof Coating with Waterproof Design

This roof sealant helps a lot if you have a problem with a roof leak. It adheres to different materials and it helps you keep water out. Even better, it is a waterproof sealant that works no matter how hard the problems to deal with.

Best of all, this roof sealant is great even if you are applying it during rain or a leak. It is because the formula can work on wet surfaces. Try this roof coating and it gives you a permanent and an invisible sealant. You can use it for various surfaces such as asphalt, plastic, metal, concrete, wood, and others.


  • The thick sealant that you need to spread it around
  • Perfect for steel roofs
  • Super easy to use


  • Smells bad so you should apply it outdoors

5. Sashco Roof Coating Clear Finish

Another product from Sashco, it is an elastic roof coating that is designed to resist temperature and wind changes. This ultra-clear coat is also perfect that stays clear. It does not create any stains as well. Even better, this product can deal with UV rays.

Furthermore, this product adheres to various roof patch. You can paint on the top of it. It also can handle mildew and water. With the use of copolymer rubber,  it helps you a lot to create an invisible and permanent seal. You can stick it to various surfaces such as plastic, concrete, wood, asphalt, metal, and more.


  • Perfect for many leaks
  • It can resist flood, heavy rain, and tornado
  • Easy to use


  • The product says last for 20x better than roof cement, so it is not the ideal choice if you expect that it stays flexible forever.

6. Rubberseal Roof Coating White

This white roof coating can be the ideal choice if you want it to provide a protective coating. It is a liquid rubber product with EPA Energy Star Rating. Also, it offers you 5-gallons of low odor waterproof product that can deal with UV exposure.

Thankfully, it contains low VOC, low odor, good elongation, and self-healing properties. If you want to use it on concrete, metal, and brick, it is the perfect choice for you. You will love this product for its good durability.


  • Good for trailer, RV roof, camper rubber roof, shower floor cracks, and others
  • Use thin to let the container works for many areas
  • The best solution for leaks


  • It is a little bit expensive but it works great!

7. Dicor Corporation 95D40-35 Rubber Roof Coating

Anytime you want to add more life to your rubber roof, always remember this product. It has a good role for your roof. First, it has a cleaner or activator system that is good for roof preparation. Second, it contains an acrylic coat that gives good protection for your roof.

Once you apply this product, it dries quickly. The acrylic coating is a good protective material that will extend the life of your roof. The benefits of using this roof coating are that the product has a good ability to deal with weather and UV rays.


  • Easy application
  • Cover cracks and lesions quite well
  • It dries quickly


  • If you think that the paint does not dry to a smooth surface, you need to spray the roof by using a water repellent

8. Liquid Rubber Roof Coating for Indoor and Outdoor

With 5 gallons of this roof coating, it is a good protective finish for many things: roofs, planter box, ponds, foundation, metal, basement, concrete, wood, and others.

The design is also durable and flexible. It comes with more than 1000% elongation that prevents adhesion failure. Also, this coat is UV Stable that stops the sun from degradation.

If you wonder about the safety of this product, it is an eco-friendly choice. The liquid coating is made of rubber and it is waterproof. It contains no harmful odors, VOC, or solvents. Of course, it is safe for pets and humans. That’s said you can use it indoor and outdoor.


  • Perfect rubber coating, concrete floor sealant, fish pond leaks, and others.
  • It has a good consistency
  • Easy application


  • If you want to use it for a cement pond, make sure that you apply a primer

9. KST Roof Coating White and Smooth Application

Buy this product and you will get 4.75 gallons of white roof coating. One of the best things about this product is the elastomeric capability. It also helps you save energy for more than 35%. The UV rays can shorten the life of your roof. For this reason, you need this product to give extra protection.

Even better, if your roof has problems like leaks and cracks, this is what you need as the best aid. It forms a rubber just like a blanket that protects the roof against moisture. Thankfully, it is algae and mildew resistant.


  • Easy application
  • It has a strong bond
  • It dries quickly


10. Jetcoat Roof Coating Acrylic White

Do you need to cool the roof and to lower the energy usage? This is the last option we find when it comes to a roof coating. It is a fortified coating made of acrylic that is quite promising. Even it can protect your roof for 5 years. It means that you do not have to re-apply the coating per year. Once you apply it, it dries white.

If you have a big question like the surfaces it works with, you can use it on polyurethane foam, rubber roof, RV rooftop, modified bitumen, concrete, mobile homes, wood, and others. However, it is not for dead level, gravel, or shingled roof.


  • Easy application
  • Apply two coats and you will get great protection
  • It covers small cracks


  • The company should make the consistency is a little bit thick.

Roof Coating Buying Guide

Here are some key factors to help you choose the best roof coating:

1. Types of Roof Coating You Need to Know

It’s important to recognize that there are several types of roof coating [Source]:

  • Acrylic (Made of acrylic, ideal for sloped roofs and more affordable than other coatings. It can deal with moisture, weather, and more flexible)
  • Silicone (Sealant to deal with water and air penetration. To keep the ideal temperature on the roof, and it is waterproof. The cost is expensive but you don’t need a primer to apply)
  • Asphalt (Good for a roof made of asphalt with the high level of water resistance and it protects the roof from UV rays)
  • Polyurethane (The ideal choice for a rooftop with HVAC. It also works to prevent any abrasive damage on the surface of the roof)

2. Elasticity

The most important thing to consider the best roof coating product is the elasticity. It must have a good elasticity to deal with temperature and cracking. Also, the elasticity should have a good recovery point.

At this point, the coating should not become thin when it is stretched. It should give you the best performance.

3. Tensile Strength

When you are looking for roof coating, it is important to find one with a good-quality tensile strength. Usually, the tensile strength may change by the time due to water and air exposure. The ideal tensile strength is from 400 ASTM to 412 ASTM. Meanwhile, the permeability is 3.5 ASTM. Additionally, the roof coating should be easy to clean by using water and there should be no flashpoints.

A product with good tensile strength, it means the product has good durability. That’s said, it can last longer than others. This tensile strength is important to avoid roof break. Roof coating with good tensile strength is important to deal with extreme weather conditions.

4. Perm Factor

What is the perm factor? It is the resistance of roof coating to moisture the vapor, so it can pass through the coating. With the high level of perm factor, it helps a lot to stand the high humidity, heat, and hurricanes.

You could check out whether the product has been tested or not. Besides, make sure that the product has some cooling effects. This is important to give protection from UV rays.

5. Moisture Gain

For this point, it is about the capability of roof coating to absorb water. Also, it is about how the moisture gain can protect the base of the roof. This feature is important since it can prevent aging by removing the water away from the roof.

Even better, it works as a moisturizer. If possible, you should know that the product is water-based to avoid rust and to make the coating is more elastic.

6. Tear Resistance

A product with tear resistance can deal with foot traffic on the roof movement and other conditions from the environment. If the product has a single component and made of concrete, it should be tear-resistant and powerful enough to deal with the weight.

On the other hand, if you have roofs from rubber, the best coating is polyurethane since it does not necessary to have a high level of pH rinses. Make sure the products come with viscosity from 6000 to 8000 CPS and the density should be 11.2.

7. Adhesion

The next point to consider is peeled adhesion that helps your roof to deal with different adverse conditions. The adhesion should last on the roof in any weather condition, even if hurricanes.

Also, make sure that the product has a good property to reduce internal heat. This is important to protect the roof from any thermal shock.

8. Reflectivity

white roof coating

This allows your roof to stay cool from the interior of your house. It also helps a lot to prevent too much maintenance from the damage because of thermal shocks and UV rays.

9. Waterproof

This is the last important feature to check out when you are buying the best roof coating. A good roof sealant should have gastight and vapor tight. The product should be strong enough to create a good barrier and it should be non-corrosive.

Additionally, it is good to choose an eco-friendly product that is sustainable with no toxic compositions. For instance, products that contain VOC are not recommended.

Final Verdict

1. Heng’s Roof Coating

This latex has a good consistency and it gives you easy application. The price is also great that you should not have any problems with flake if you follow the instructions carefully. Make sure that you clean the rooftop first.

2. Rust-Oleum 275116 Roof Coating Rubber Clear Finish

You can use it for more than just a roof coating. But it is also good for pond and pool sealant so it covers leaks quite well. The product is flexible that can stick to the surface. Keep in mind that you should clean the surface first before using it. If you don’t mind with the smell, this product is what you need!

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