Best Sewer Line Root Killer

A sewer line root killer is what you need if you have a huge problem with sewer roots. Sewer roots or tree roots infestation can clog the drains. If you are unaware of their presence, the growing roots could destroy and collapse all the sewer lines. It also means that you have to spend a thousand dollars just to fix everything.

Talking more about root killers, you could categorize them into two types. First, it is using rock salt or copper sulfate. Second, it contains a foaming dichlobenil pesticide. Using copper sulfate could be a little bit difficult because it could not reach the top side of pipes. The case would be different if you use a foaming root killer.

Before spending your money to find the best product, please note the possible impact of using these products. Some products contain chemicals that could kill the entire tree, while others don’t. Some products work effectively but still require proper care. If you are using chemicals, we recommend you let the professionals do it for you.

If you are looking for the best product to kill the growing sewer roots, it is the right time to check out this post. We have collected 10 most-effective products to solve your problem. At the end of this post, you will find the buying guide if you want to buy it online.

Top 10 Best Sewer Line Root Killers

1. Roebic FRK-1LB Root Killer For Severe Problems [Best Overall]

Dealing with severe root problems are frustrating. You need something to clear the roots from pipes. Even more, the product you choose must have a good performance, such as preventing the new growth. That is what you will get if you purchase this root killer.

Additionally, it does not harm the surrounding trees. So, it is safe for all kinds of plumbings. How does it work? As a patented foaming product, the foam contacts with water. It works by filling the pipeline with dichlobenil, a very effective agent to clean growing roots.

However, it is good to underline that some state regulations ban this product. For example, if you live in Florida, you are not allowed to use it in septic systems. Therefore, we suggest you check your state regulation first.


  • Easy to use: This bottle has two compositions, therefore you will see a loose paper as the barrier. Mix the compositions by using a dry disposable container and broken them into small lumps. After that, dump it into your toilet. Flush and repeat flushing to let this stuff down to your pipe to reach the roots.
  • It kills and prevents roots from growing
  • Use it periodically to save your money from plumbing issues.


  • Please note that it is not for a slow toilet since the foaming action can bleach the entire floor of your bathroom permanently. It is better to call a professional plumber for a slow-toilet issue.

2. Roebic K-77 Sewer Line Root Killer

Another product from Roebic, this product is what you need to solve plumbing issues. Also, it is a safe product to use for septic tanks. By using this product, you do not have to spend money on digging or rooting services.

Due to state regulations, you cannot use it in Connecticut, bay counties of California, and Massachusetts. Additionally, homeowners in Florida are not allowed to use this root killer for their Septic Systems.

If you have slow-moving drains, asking help from a professional plumber means you have to spend at $1200 to snake it. On the contrary, spending your money on this single bottle per year can help a lot.


  • Cut the cost to hire a professional plumber snakes the clogged line.
  • Easy application
  • It is a good alternative if you think that foaming root killer can be a daunting task.


  • Please note that it works to kill the existing roots in the septic drain pipes, but the roots will come back if you do not do it regularly.

3. FDC 99% Copper Sulfate Sewer Line Root Killer

This product contains 99% copper sulfate pentahydrate. Also popular as cupric sulfate/ blue copper/ blue vitriol, you will need this product either in agricultural or non-agricultural settings.

It is an effective solution to clean your main line from roots. If you wonder how to use it, it is easy. Simply, prepare less than half a cup of this product. And then, pour it into the toilet, and flush. Keep in mind that during the application, you should keep the bathroom well-ventilated.


  • Reduce any expense of drain problems
  • Good for root growth prevention in your plumbing pipes.
  • Ideal for vine trunk


  • Even though it works to deal with clogged lines, it takes several days or weeks to clear the roots. For a better result, treat the pipes first when you notice the reduced flow.

4. Green Gobbler Foaming Sewer Line Root Killer in Pipes

Spending a lot of money just to call professional plumbers every year? Well, no one has huge patience when it comes to plumbing issues. It just makes your toilet overflows and the sink drains badly. The case would be different if you invest your money in a foaming root killer.

This root killer works by cleaning plant and tree roots that clogged your pipes. Since pipe contains water and heat, it is a great place for roots to grow. Gladly, this product has an effective foaming formula to dehydrate the roots so they become brown and brittle, before breaking away.

The best part of this product is that it does not harm your tree. If you need more than USD 1,000 to call professional plumbers to remove the tree roots, it wouldn’t happen anymore.


  • It works!
  • Perfect choice if you have a big concern on a safe product for the environment


  • If you have a serious aggressive root problem, this stuff could kill the roots but you still have to call a plumber.

5. ROOTX Foaming Root Solution Kit with Funnel

Move onto this product, this foaming root killer can reach the top of your lining pipe. It works to deal with 90% of root intrusions. Moreover, the product could grease and grim on the growing roots, thanks to the formula that contains surfactants.

When you want to buy the best sewing line root killer, make sure that the product is more than just destroying the roots. Some products can prevent the roots from regrowth. This is what you can get from this product. That’s said, choosing this product means you will get an application funnel to apply it.

How does it work? So this is a 4-pound container with the application funnel. There are two dry powder materials. Mix these materials, but don’t stir and don’t add water. Once the components in contact with water, they produce sticky foam to clean the entire pipe. For this reason, it is effective to remove roots and prevent new growth for about 12 months.


  • Easy application
  • It is more affordable than a plumber
  • If you want to flush down your toilet, it is good to read the directions


  • The challenge is you could not use the toilet for up to 8 hours after the application. Therefore, it is good to apply it at night.

6. Sanco Industries Root Killer Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate

Alternatively, this one-pack of root killer is from copper sulfate crystals. It works by killing the invasive sewer pipe roots without killing your tree. It is a root destroyer that will also reduce bacterial action. This is important to make sure there are no more roots inside the leach line. The bacterial growth will go back to normal 15 days after this application.

Is it effective to remove a stump? Even though it is not a stump destroyer, but the copper sulfate is enough to accelerate the decomposition of stump. What you should do is to drill multiple holes in the stump. The ideal holes are 2-inch wide and deep, and fill the holes with this product.


  • Ideal to kill roots in your septic pipes
  • Prevent you from spending $2K for drain pipe replacement
  • Easy application: Pour this product into your toilet closet at night and then flush.


  • Even though it takes a few days to let the dead roots decompose, it is still effective.

7. Zep Sewer Line Root Killer

If you think of another option, well check this out. This product is available to kill the roots inside the pipe. Since it kills the roots, it lets the system flow. With the composition of copper sulfate, it does not harm shrubs and trees.

If you check out the Q&A of this product, you will find that it works for clogged sewer pipe, as long as the clog is not full. Also, it takes a week for the product to start working. It is better to use this product twice per year. Use it immediately after cleaning the rotor router pipe.

It is important to note that it is not a foaming root killer, but this is granular. Additionally, it is easy to use this product. Once you put it in your toilet, flush. You could read the instructions because it is very clear on how to use it.


  • Effective to kill roots in pipes.
  • It can handle the problem that plumber could not even clean
  • Kill roots in the septic tank


  • The price is higher than other stores

8. Rooto Corp Sewing Lines Root Killer

Sometimes, a professional plumber cannot help you clean the clogged pipes after using snakes. Or, this service makes you spend a fantastic cost you couldn’t believe.

It does not mean that you could not find any solution. This product helps you clear roots inside pipes. Once it is complete, it stops the new growing roots. If you are tired of the rapid growth inside pipes that blocks the system, take this product.

What you need to know about this product is the formula. Of course, it is effective to clear sewers and drains of trees and shrubs roots. Even better, you could use it in a septic tank or cesspool.


  • Good for houses or apartments that are full of root problems, including septic systems.
  • Good for septic tank, since it keeps the lateral lines clear of roots
  • It is more than just killing the roots, but decomposing as well. That’s said, the roots are not in the lines anymore.


  • Since it is copper sulfate, it is a chemical, and of course, not all states allow you to use it.

9. Rectorseal 81394 Root Destroyer for Sewer Pipes

With a fast-acting formula, Rectorseal works by dissolving roots, including fungi that clog the sewer pipes. Fortunately, it does not harm shrub or tree roots if they do not enter the pipes. Of course, it is easy to use since it is not necessary to use any mechanical devices.

By using this product, is also a good solution without adding harsh chemicals that damages the pipes. Please note that it is also EPA registered which means that it is harmless for the environment.


  • Use it regularly to save money
  • Good for sewerage


10. Heartland Labs Root Reach for Septic and Sewer Pipes

This is the last option we could find when it comes to the best sewer line root killer. It contains 1.15-lb per bottle and you will get two bottles. When it comes to root intrusions, they enter the pipe from the top, the sides, but not the bottom of the pipe. By the time, the pipe is almost blocked with the organic build-up.

This product is specially designed to transport active cleaning agents. Once this root treatment makes contact with the roots in the top of the pipe, it will kill the roots in this area. To avoid any foaming action on the toilet floor, you will need help from a family member.

Once you are ready to use it, take four gallons of water. After that, dump it into the toilet to flush the products quickly. Note that you should use the dry powder by pouring it into the cleanout. Add water to help the powder fills the toilet pipes with the foam.


  • It is good to complete copper sulfate to reach the entire area of the pipe
  • Effective to clean the sewer lines
  • Take two days to kill roots (If you mix it with 1-lb of copper sulfate


  • This is a foaming agent, don’t expect that it could kill roots without adding another ingredient (Root Gone/ other root killer products to coat the sewer line)

Sewer Line Root Killer Buying Guide

No one wants to find growing roots penetrate their sewer pipe. It is useless to remove the roots by using a knife and other sharp tools. However, when you use the best sewer line root killer, this task is much easier, since these products are available to kill the roots. Here are some considerations to choose the best one.

1. Define the Sewer Issue

It is important to understand the real matter before buying a root killer. Do you think that the roots clog the system? If the roots clogged the system heavily inside the pipe, you must buy a copper sulfate-based product.

Meanwhile, if you want to prevent the roots from growing, the best choice is foaming root killer. This is an effective choice since it can reach all sides of the pipe.

2. Check The Regulation In Your Region

Some regions in the US ban some chemical products. Hence, double-check the product before buying it. This way helps you not to break the law.

3. Impact

Think of the impact once you use the selected product. Some products may kill the tree when you use chemical-based root killers. The best product should only kill the roots in the pipe, not the tree.

4. Safety

Some products are not safe because they contain diquat dibromide or metam sodium. Metam sodium is not allowed to use since 1996, especially for sewer root. It is because the chemicals bring health issues for animals, humans, and the environment.

Final Verdict

Now, the challenging task is to choose the best sewer line root killer from the top ten products above.

Our opinion may be different. After reviewing those ten products, we think we should give more attention to the products below:

1. Roebic FRK-1LB Root Killer For Severe Problems

We could say that it is very easy to use. There are two compositions in this product. Once you mix them without adding water, dump these compositions into the toilet. Flush and then repeat flushing so the stuff down to the pipe and kill the roots.

Best of all, it prevents the roots from regrowth. When you could use it routinely, it helps you a lot from spending expensive plumbing maintenance.

However, the foaming action is the challenge. Follow the direction carefully. Otherwise, the foam will bleach the entire floor of the bathroom permanently.

2. Roebic K-77 Best Sewer Line Root Killer

If you are tired of calling a professional plumber to handle the clogged line, it is good to try this product. It is quite easy to use. Even better, it can be the alternative if you think that you cannot handle a foaming root killer.

Using this product means that you understand that it does not clean the pipes from roots forever. It means you must use it periodically to prevent any clogged lines because of growing roots.

3. FDC 99% Copper Sulfate Best Sewer Line Root Killer

Anytime you want to reduce the cost of drain problems, try this product. You could use it to remove vine trunk, and root growth in the plumbing pipes. However, it is not a magical formula. It means you should wait for several days even weeks after applying it.

Choosing this product means that you should call a professional plumber first. After that, use this product when you notice any reduced flow in the sewer lines.

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