Best Sleep Mask

In addition to feeding up your brain with awareness about sleep, you have to realize that darkness in your bed room is also important. This sleep equipment helps you get the true darkness during the night.

Getting the best sleep mask is important to enhance your sleep quality. Even further, this stuff is a necessary thing to carry during travel. You deserve to find the best one for yourself. And surely, you don’t need to spend your money on the wrong choice.

sleep maskYou could end up confused because of realizing there are so many sleep masks on the market today. By means of this content, you could shortcut the way to choose from the options.

On this page, we are going to provide some guides and reviews of these nine sleep masks as the best sleep masks on the market nowadays.

Top 9 Best Sleep Masks

1. Bedtime Bliss Contoured Sleep Mask

This is the top sleep mask that can fulfill every aspect a sleep mask should have. It can keep out the light for you perfectly yet you stay comfortable using it.

It can block the light very properly due to its contoured design. If you are looking for the best contoured sleep mask model, you should prefer to choose Bedtime Bliss. Additionally, supported by its size, it fits with many people, mostly for adults.

It’s very comfortable as well. The strap is adjustable and has appropriate tightness. Your eyes can blink easily due to its cup design. Moreover, your eyelashes will not either touch or brush the mask, and it supports your REM running during sleep properly. Further, it will not smudge your eye cream in the night. So, Bedtime Bliss is recommended for women as well.


  • Keeps your eyes away from the light perfectly
  • It’s comfortable
  • The most fitting contoured sleep mask for most people
  • Suitable for any use: traveling, meditating, and so on.
  • Durable, easy to care
  • Sleep mask for women


  • Not good for pug-nosed users.
  • It may cause a problem for side sleepers if the size is not suitable for them.

2. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

If you pay more attention to the comfort rather than light blocking, this sleeping eye mask is your choice. This is the best sleep mask that provides high comfort with its softness.

Made of 100% 19mm mulberry silk, you don’t need to doubt the softness. The silk material on both of its sides, outer and inner, creates a perfect soft sleep mask for you.

For light blocking, the big and wide size will extremely shade you from the light, then create a darkness. The blackout color blocks the light, prevent the light get through.


  • It’s very soft so it’s absolutely comfortable to use
  • Pretty reliable to keep you out of the light due to its big size
  • Inexpensive, super affordable quality
  • You can choose your own size with different straps
  • Suitable for any sleep position.


  • Cannot seal the gaps and potentially cannot block 100% of the light
  • Your eyes cannot blink easily when it’s on

3. Sleep Master Sleep Mask

This is the best sleep mask that will make you stay comfortable and shut the light off whatever your sleep position.

The design, like a padding blanket, wraps you around from the front to the back of your head, covers your eyes, serves a comfortable feeling like sleeping on a pillow, transmits a great comfort for every side you sleep on. Along with that, the light will be hard to get through your wrapped head.

This ocean blue sleep mask is made with satin and a cotton interior and lacks any latex. It is adjustable with a velcro fastener at the back head. It’s also hypoallergenic and completely hand-washable. Furthermore, this large mask is designed to wrap comfortably around your head.


  • It’s comfortable to use for any sleep position
  • Great thickness to block the light
  • Additional advantage as sound muffling because the mask wraps ears
  • Washable, hygienic
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive compared to the other masks
  • It can be slippery

4. Imak Sleep Mask

This is the nice sleep mask that is not only able to block your eyes from the light but also its soothing compression makes your migraine go away.

For migraine sufferers, they are sensitive to the light so looking for a decent light-blocking sleeping mask which can excellently deliver compression is the right answer. This mask is easy to mold to your face due to its ergoBeads™. When it’s able to mold, it prevents gaps and shields you from the light.

Talking about comfort, it’s extremely comfortable. You also could feel how smooth its cotton Lycra against your face, how the ergoBeads™ puts such a slight glide massage on your face, and how the perfect weight of this mask calms your eyes. You could also chill it in the freezer to use it as a cooling eye mask.


  • Blocks the light
  • Doesn’t put tight pressure on your eyes
  • Relieves headache issues including migraines
  • Comfortable
  • It’s like an eye pillow if you wear it on your stomach sleep position
  • Make it chilled to relieve migraines better


  • The strap is flimsy and tends to stretch out fast
  • It may slide down when you wear it sitting up

5. Dream Essentials Escape Luxury Sleep Mask

This mask comes with made of cotton, eye cavity, and pillowy part at the bottom area. Overall design forms a sleep mask to block light, comfortable to use, durable, breathable, and looks luxurious.

The thickness contributes to shield you from the light. If you think that light that gets through from the bottom mask is your problem, it provides such a blocker like a pillow that will conform your face particularly in the bottom area around your nose. Further, it also helps your eyes to relax and create a soft massage to your bottom eyelids.

The eye cavity places your eyes far away from the light. It also protects your eye cream from distraction. Finally, the big size will cover your face completely to inject its best performance protecting from the light.


  • Blocks light well
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Doesn’t smudge your eye cream
  • Very comfortable at the eye area


  • The eye cavity sometimes doesn’t fit with the user so it is uncomfortable instead

6. Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

If you are looking for a silk and cotton sleep mask, this mask can be a good option. It’s well-known that silk is soft, and therefore the mask provides great softness. And along with this, the cotton makes it breathable and durable.

You would be amazed due to its lavender scent when you use it for the first time. For some people, this is a very wanted mask which is very relaxing to wear while sleeping.

It’s also reliable to block the light. It helps press your eyes smoothly to make it stay closed and some layers of fabric of the mask will block the light from getting through which creates a total manipulated darkroom to bring you to fall asleep.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • It covers your eyes and blocks the light excellently
  • Durable
  • Lavender scented
  • Breathable


  • Not everyone loves scented mask, some people are sensitive to the lavender scent
  • Your eyes cannot blink easily

7. Bucky 40 Blinks Sleep Mask

If you put significant attention to the fashion, you might need a kind of stylish sleep mask which is beautiful looking, but does not compromise with its light-blocking capability or has bad comfort. Bucky 40 Blinks can be a great choice.

You can choose your own style from the 12 variants of the motif. Moreover, this will be very excellent for traveling or just regular use.

Don’t worry if it fails to protect you from the light, the contour will conform your face, prevent gaps, and create nice darkness. It also provides a free eye blinking area to let your eyes move easily.


  • Fashionable and stylish
  • Contoured design to shut the gaps
  • Eyes could blink freely
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible, soft, and easy to conform your face contour


  • The price ranges based on the motif (somewhat pricey)

8. Lewis N. Clark Sleep Mask

This best eye mask comes with a smooth pillowy part at the bottom where your eyes are placed under it. It will relax your tired eyes. It is also exclusively designed to block out the light especially the light that comes through the bottom.

The underside pillowy design also creates room for eyes to move. So when you use it on back position, your eyes never have pressure. Moreover, your eyelashes are secure to blink sufficiently.

Made of cotton, widely-known as a breathable material, makes it appropriate to use when the weather is hot, allows you to never have sweaty experience. It’s also washable and if you take care of it wisely, it can last long.


  • Blocks the light
  • Comfortable, your eyes sleep well too
  • Good for relaxation
  • Breathable
  • Washable
  • Available in several colors and other fabric materials
  • Inexpensive


  • Some experienced stain problem

9. Drift to Sleep Sleep Mask

This is another great contoured sleep mask that is flexible, soft, and durable. If you are looking for the best contoured sleep mask, this should be your next choice behind the previous Bedtime Bliss 40 Blinks.

The flexibility makes it easy to adapt to your face and then shut all the gaps to make your sleep dark. This is surely the first core purpose of a sleep mask. It’s made of high-quality material which is not explained but I’m sure you will love it.

Comes with two earplugs lets you never need to buy the sound blocking attribute again.


  • Blocking light properly and conform to face comfortably
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable
  • Two earplugs
  • U.S. patented material


  • Like other contoured sleep masks, the problem comes for some people when their size and nose shape is not fitting to the mask, then it will fail to block the light

What is A Sleep Mask?

Sleep mask or sleeping mask or eye mask for sleeping or sleeping eye mask has the same meaning. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a blindfold you wear at night when you sleep to help you get total darkness for your sleep.

The blindfold itself could be made with any kind of cloth material, but you will frequently find that sleep masks are made up of Silk, cotton, foam, polyester, and even satin. It’s commonly made with blackout color so it darkens your vision to manipulate your body that you are in a dark area.

The best usage of mostly sleep masks is that it covers both eyes and wrap around your head with a strap then connected with a fastener. Some use only elastic band without fastener or velcro. The straps are specifically designed to make the mask stay in place while sleeping.

Sleep masks are specifically designed to block unwanted light, which helps you fall asleep naturally. So you could find some of them with a contoured shape to prevent gaps which are able to appear failing the main function of the sleep mask. However, not everyone needs a sleep mask that blocks 100% of light. They may seem to have a shade function only and put more attention to comfort.

They can be used at various times and places. Some people use sleep masks purely for sleep, but they can also be used for relaxation and meditation. Some people have trouble falling asleep in unfamiliar locations, so they’ll use one for traveling, at a hospital or hotel, or just staying at a friend’s house. Other people have trouble falling asleep no matter where they are, so they will even use one at home.

How to Use It?

How you use a sleep mask is very simple. The first thing you do is put it on and make sure it fits. Most sleep masks have adjustable straps, so you can modify the straps to ensure a secure fit. Before lying down to sleep, the eye mask should be strapped to your head, with the blindfold portion resting on your forehead. Once you lie down, you close your eyes, pull the mask down, and you’ll soon drift to sleep.

Available Brands on the Market

You would find several sleep masks out there which have been established on the market. We have made a list of the manufacturers below:

  1. Alaska Bear
  2. Bedtime Bliss
  3. Bucky (Bucky 40 Blinks)
  4. Sleep Master
  5. Restoration
  6. Nidra
  7. Purefly
  8. MemorySoft
  9. Earth Therapeutics
  10. Dream Essentials (Escape Luxury)
  11. Imak
  12. Luxveer
  13. Lewis N. Clark
  14. Drift to Sleep

There are still so many companies manufacturing sleep masks. The previous brands are some of the best ones we compiled from the online market. We try to update it frequently to make sure you don’t miss any of them.

What is the Best Sleep Mask?

So, how do you know that 9 sleep masks above are the best ones?

It’s actually confusing to define the best sleep mask. However, it surely should be able to block 100% of the light, but it also should be able to provide comfort to the users. Lack of even one of those two things w decreases the value of the sleep mask.

However, to find a really perfect sleep mask actually depends from person to person. Since the human face is different, there’s not the same perfect sleep mask for everyone. This is the problem with the contoured sleep mask type which is intended to be able to block the light 100% but for some people, it even makes the situation worst.

There are many aspects to consider while deciding which eye mask for sleeping is the best one. But, we want to show our criterion below as the main factors which sleep mask deserves to be the best one.

1. The best one blocks 100% of incoming light

It can be achieved by the design fitting with the face, interlocked padding, and black-out fabric. The appropriate design fitting with the face prevents gap present and surely there’s no light coming inside.

There are many cases of failure of a sleep mask to block light coming from the gap around the nose. Commonly a sleep mask without a nose bridge feature is not able to prevent this gap. That’s why the nose bridge feature is important. Although it depends on your nose type, all you have to do is choosing the nose bridge sleep mask which is appropriate with your nose type.

2. The best one feels comfortable

The best one also features a comfortable strap, removes pressure from your eye sockets, and fits securely yet snugly. The sleep mask material is also crucial to determine how comfortable the sleep mask will be. Many people love to use a sleep mask made of silk due to its softness. But there are many other materials that provide softness and pleasure too.

3. The best one has a durable design and made to last

This is another factor to look out for when choosing the best sleep mask. Of course, it should also be durable. The durability of a sleep mask depends wholly on the material used in designing it. A flimsy strip of cloth is likely to fall apart, so you’re better off investing in the best one.

Best Sleep Masks for Back, Stomach, and Side Sleepers

Everybody has their own particular needs. One of the biggest concerns people have is whether the mask complements their typical sleeping position. What to consider while deciding which sleep mask is suitable for our sleep position?

1. Best Sleep Mask for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers have less to worry about than side and stomach sleepers. Nevertheless, back sleepers still need to watch out for certain characteristics. First, they need a mask that doesn’t put any pressure on their face. The mask also needs to have a strap that won’t be noticeable against the back of their head.

Although any one of the contoured masks discussed previously will work for back sleepers, we especially recommend the Bedtime Bliss sleep mask. The contoured shape of this mask has no pressure on your face, and its velcro strap is indiscernible against the back of your skull.

Sleeping on our back position we usually do when we are traveling (car or plane). So, when talking about the best sleep mask for traveling, it means best for back sleepers as well. It’s recommended to purchase Bedtime Bliss too. Because it doesn’t only provide you comfortable use of your back head but also the best light blocking quality.

2. Best Sleep Mask for Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a mask with a strap that won’t rub uncomfortably against their ear while they’re sleeping. It’s also important that it remains in place, otherwise, light could leak through and disturb your sleep.

The Sleep Master is a well-known sleep mask that supports any sleep position. It will not rub your ears because of no strap, you will lie your ears on the padding comfortably. There also will not cause any gaps when you lay on your side because the characteristic of the fabric material is flexible to seal your face contour from appearing gaps.

3. Best Sleep Mask for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers have an especially difficult time finding a good sleep mask. They not only need a secure mask but one that does not irritate their eyes, leave them overheated or stain their pillow.

The Alaska Bear sleep mask has all those characteristics. The fully adjustable elastic strap ensures a secure fit no matter how you sleep. Furthermore, the silky interior is breathable and comfortable.

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