Best Smoked Salt

You will need the best smoked salt as the perfect choice to enhance the salinity of your dish. If you wonder what it is, it is sea salt flakes, but without any artificial colors or flavors to add.

We call it smoked because the salt is smoked by using bark-free woods for more than two weeks. The wood then imparts and adds a unique flavor to the salt. For this reason, many people use this kind of product for serving beef BBQ. Even vegetarians use this salt to give flame-grilled taste to any dish.

Since there are many types of smoked salts, it could be confusing to choose one of the best options. It could be a real problem for beginners to choose from. Therefore, we would like to share our findings.

We have collected these top ten smoked salt products. Also, we use the feedback from the customer reviews to summarize the pros and cons. At the end of this post, you could check our buying guide to help you decide the best choice.

10 Best Smoked Salt Product Reviews

1. Maldon Smoked Sea Salt With Natural Flavor [Best Overall]

This salt is produced by The Osborne’s for four generations and the flavor is unchanging. The hand-harvested sea salt comes with a flaky texture and different tastes that will help you serve the best flavorful dish.

You will love the cleanness and the different taste; it is not bitter, but it has a fresh smell for your fine dish. Most chefs choose this salt because of the soft and crunchy flakes with perfect texture and taste. Additionally, the salt shape is their trademark; pyramid crystals. If you wonder about the ingredients, Maldon salt contains smoked sea salt flakes, kosher, and non-GMO.


  • Great flavor and texture
  • Good for finish a nice meal (chicken, fish, vegetables, beef, salmon)
  • Large flakes and complex taste


  • Well, the price is a little bit expensive, but it is very smoked sea salt and very flaky. You pay what you deserve to get.

2. San Fransico Salt Company Alderwood Smoked Salt (100% Natural)

There are some reasons why you should choose this product. It is one of market’s choices for those who need 100% natural smoked pacific sea salt. The company slowly smoked the salt above a fire with Northwest Red Alderwood. Long story short, it is an extraordinary and tasteful salt.

With the smooth and sweet flavor, this product is very popular on poultry, fish, meats, vegetables, and others. This is gluten-free product in a jar. If you have any confusion about whether it is fine or coarse grain, it is a fine grain.


  • Great taste with awesome packaging in a small jar
  • It comes with a cute wooden spoon
  • Good texture


  • Few buyers left their comments by saying that if the spoon is in place, it is impossible to open the lid. Also, it is impossible to open the lid and then pour some salt without using the included spoon.

3. Celtic Sea Salt Nutritious Applewood Gourmet

Another choice to pick, this is a bold and flavorful product for seasoning. It is an organic, delicious, and unique flavored salt full of smoky flavors. The company smoked it by using Applewood for 60 hours.

Take this product anytime you are looking for gourmet salt. For example, use it to rub the meat, add it, and mix with tuna salad or potato. Well, there are many ways to enjoy your dish by adding this product.

Moreover, the main highlight of this product is the herb ingredients. It is more nutritious compared to table salt since the natural balance and the essential minerals are still there. Therefore, it becomes a popular choice among chefs, doctors, and nutritionists.

Here are the ingredients:

Celtic sea salt, certified organic, certified organic applewood, Clemson Unive


  • Ideal for people with thyroid issues
  • 100% contains organic, raw, and wild-harvested ingredients
  • It gives subtle flavor to all dish


  • Few buyers explained that the product is too salty.

4. SaltWorks Store Yakima Zip-Top Pouch Applewood, Sea Salt

The reasons why Applewood becomes the most popular choice for smoking are the aroma and taste. Applewood is popular for its aroma, fragrance, and sweetness.

For these reasons, many artisans use it for lighter meats, including pork and chicken. Additionally, it makes BBQ sauce, bacon, vegan dish, and beef stews more tasteful than ever!

What is more, to highlight is the natural process of smoking. The company uses natural and untreated wood varieties without any liquid smoke as additives. It is the secret why this product has beautiful color, complex aroma, grill flavors, flaky and crisp taste.

If you are looking for iodine-free and certified Kosher.


  • This is a fine grain, so it is not as flaky as kosher salt
  • It is not necessary to use a grinder because the crystals are quite small
  • A good addition to your pantry because its complex flavor


  • Some buyers wrote their reviews that the product is too light for its flavor.

5. SaltWorks El Dorado Smoked Sea Salt

With a straightforward and strong flavor, SaltWorks has been producing this product since 2011. The highlights of their product are the quality and the customer experience.

When it comes to quality, they offer all-natural sea salt. In this case, Mesquite wood is their choice to create an intense and savory flavor for BBQ. They choose natural and untreated wood varieties. They even do not add any additives, including liquid smoke. For this reason, you will get a premium product with flakey textures, crisp, and complex aromas.


  • Perfect flavor
  • It is not necessary to use a grinder
  • Great for meats


  • If you are looking for high quality, flavorful product, choose this one but it is not for soup.

6. Viva Doria Hickory Wood Fine Grain Sea Salt

What is hickory wood sea salt? This is original sea salt and the company has smoked it with hickory wood fire. This is important to produce a strong, original smoky flavor. Even better, it does not contain artificial coloring or flavoring. If you like BBQ, take this product to add more taste to your dish.

This is a 100% product with certified kosher and food grade. That is said, it is safe for you.


  • Good quality and strong smell
  • It comes with a dark color with more smoke flavor
  • Great for any dish; meats, vegetables, and BBQ


  • Several buyers wrote their reviews that the product is too salty. But, that is salt. It is salty because it is salt.

7. Bourbon Barrel All-Natural Salt for All Foods

The company harvested this product from the Pacific Ocean and it is for those who need solar-evaporated pure salt. It comes with large crystals. Then, the company hand-smoked it with a repurposed bourbon barrel. Therefore, it has a wide, smoky, and rich flavor.

There is not enough information available for this product, but we could check out from the customer reviews. Many of them explain that it comes with an amazing smell. It is available with a smoky flavor for vegetables and other dishes.


  • Excellent flavor
  • Good for grill
  • Easy to add to any dish


  • Expensive, but it is okay

8. Viva Doria Alderwood Fine Grain

Just like other certified kosher and food-grade salt, it is a 100% original smoked product without additional flavor or color. The company has smoked it by using a red Alderwood fire. Adding this product to your dish will add more flavor than ever!

If you wonder about the grains, this product is a fine grain. It is not to store in a common salt shaker.


  • Great taste for the price
  • Good for marinades, rubs, and brines (veggies, roasts, steaks, chicken breasts, scrambled eggs)
  • Fine ground and very pungent salt


  • Few buyers wrote their reviews by saying that the product has a great smell, but the smoke flavor is light.

9. San Francisco Salt Co. Hickory Smoked Salt

It is hard to deny the aroma of natural hickory wood. San Fransisco Salt Co. choose original sea salt and then smoked it above the Hickorywood fire. It is why this product has a powerful hickory flavor without bitterness and harshness. It is a perfect addition to BBQ!

Please note that it is coarse grain. That’s said, you must ground it first before consumption. The sea salt is safe, which means there are no harmful additions. It does not contain soy, MSG, dairy, gluten, or anti-caking agents.

Anytime you need a perfect product for gourmet, fish, culinary, meats, poultry, eggs, starches, vegetables, and others, take this!


  • Use it correctly, and you will get the wonderful smoky flavor
  • Clean aroma with no creosote reek in this product
  • Good price


  • The salt is too salty, but if you grind it, the overpowering saltiness will disappear.

10. Chef Milton LLC Smoked Sea Salt Atlantic With Pepper Melange

Last but not least, Chef Milton LCC smoked the sea salt above Pepper Corns fire. As a result, it has a perfect aroma for fish, steaks, pork, chicken, lamb, and vegetables.

Well, there is not enough information available given by the company.  But, you can read the customer reviews to get more clues about this product. What we found is that you could even sprinkle it on your hand and then eat it because the taste is wonderful.


  • Perfect flavor
  • Great mixture
  • The quality is hard to believe!


  • No bad reviews yet!

Smoked Salt Buying Guide for Beginners

Buying the best smoked salt for beginners can be a challenging thing. The options are endless, and the types are quite many. Variant versions and several makers are available in front of your eyes, from the cheapest to the most expensive items. For this reason, we think it could be easier to find the right product by starting to check our buying guide below:

1. Ask Yourself Some Questions About The Product

Make sure that you understand the product that you want to buy. Is it worth for you to buy it? Why should you have it? Why should you choose it among others? If possible, you should find the most favorite option this year.

It is possible to get more information from many websites with buying guides, product reviews, authority, sites, and online forums.

2. Other Things To Consider

You also could check the following things:

  • The product and the manufacturer
  • Features
  • The quality of the product
  • Product ratings and consumer reviews
  • Cost
  • Service and customer support

3. Understand The Types of Smoked Salt

As we have mentioned, there are many types of smoked salt. For beginners, it is good to know which type to meet your needs. Here are the following options:

– Smoked Alderwood Salt

The salt is smoked with red Alderwood to add a natural and tasteful smoked flavor for various dishes.

– Smoke Mesquite Salt

Get the unique sweet flavor of cold-smoked salt from mesquite wood. It is perfect for poultry, red meats, and any dish you cook on the grill.

– Smoked Hickory Salt

Using the hickory wood, the salt is cold-smoked to create a sweet, smoky, and strong taste. It reminds you of the tasteful Southern U.S. dish – Nice for burgers, ribs, turkey, red meats, pork, maple syrup, bacon, ham, honey, and prawns.

– Smoked Chardonnay Oak Salt

By placing sea salt in a small batch, it is then cold-smoked over the chipped old oak. It offers a savory and gentle flavor to the wine. It is the ideal choice for soups, sauces, and seafood.

– Smoked Applewood Salt

Sweet Applewood is used to cold-smoke the sea salt. As a result, you will get the woody, fruity, and sweet flavor. Also, we could say that it is the most delicate option. It sounds perfect to use it for shellfish, poultry, fish, and roast veggies.

– Extra Bold Smoke Salt

Enjoy the hearty smokehouse aroma from this salt. It is naturally smoked by using seven best-selected kinds of wood for more than two weeks. It offers you a rugged and intense taste. Besides, it is good to use in stews, sauces, soups, and marinades.

Other than that, you could sprinkle it on the top of the chicken, pork, steak, salmon, and another dish to give “fresh grilled” flavor.

Final Verdict

It is not easy to choose the best product. If you are a beginner, we think you could learn from the comments given by the previous buyers. But you come up with nothing in mind, then you could check our narrowed 3 choices below. In this case, we think these products get high attention from buyers for its taste:

1. Maldon Smoked Sea Salt With Natural Flavor

With the unchanging flavor for four generations, flaky texture, and cleanliness, Maldon Smoked sea salt is a great choice to pick. It adds a fresh smell to your dish.

Many previous buyers recommended this product because of the complex taste and large flakes. Also, it is ideal for a fine dish. Even though the price is a little bit expensive, this quality will not disappoint you.

2. San Fransico Salt Company Alderwood Smoked Salt (100% Natural)

What makes the previous buyers finally chose this product is because of the test and the texture. It is a jar of tasteful salt, you could add it to fish, poultry, vegetables, meats, and many more.

Additionally, this gluten-free fine-grain could be a great gift because it comes with an included spoon. Although buyers widely accept the quality and the taste, the included spoon is a real matter for a few of them.

The matter is if you let the spoon in its place, you could not open the lid. Also, it is impossible to open the lid and pour some salt without using the included spoon.

3. Celtic Sea Salt Nutritious Applewood Gourmet

The last product with a high rating in this list, it is a seasoning salt with bold and organic ingredients. A buyer wrote a review that it is good for people with thyroid issues since it contains 100% natural, raw, and wild-harvested ingredients.

Therefore, you could choose it to add a subtle flavor to all dishes. Unfortunately, few people wrote that the product is too salty. It is worth to buy this product, and if you like it, you could double the order according to your needs!

There are several names of salt: Himalayan, kosher, truffle, iodized, etc that you can take advantage of for your dish. But smoked salt is unique. It depends on your need. Hopefully, this post could help you. Thank you.