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best spinning topThe spinning top is a toy. It has a squat body and it comes with a sharp point at the base. The toy has this design so it can spin on its axis.

The top materials sometimes are different, which can be made of plastic, metal, or wood. To play this toy, you have to set it in motion like using your fingers, pull the rope that you’ve coiled around its body, and others.

Is it a new toy? Well, this is an old toy, and it has been there for millennia. The first was made of clay. Interestingly, the archeological discovery revealed that the toy was found in the Middle East, about 3500 BC.

Now, you will find some modern spinners but most of them are from metal or plastic. Even better, this toy has modern features such as pumps or buttons. But, it does not lose its old principle: the centripetal force to keep the spinning tops stable and then rotate on tips.

Playing a spinning top is so much fun. It makes you feel relax at work or school. Therefore, it is not only a great toy for kids, but it is also the favorite choice for adults. Since the options are quite many on the market (good and bad), well we have found the top-rated spin top on the online market.

If you are a huge fan of a spinning top that even you have large collections of them, this is the time to check out our buying guide on the next section after our top 10 picks.

10 Best Spinning Top Reviews

1. Fat Brain Toys Multicolor Spinning Toy for Toddler [Best Overall]

Looking for a spinning toy for toddlers? Then you should focus on the design and material. Make sure that the material is safe for them. For example, choose 100% spinning toy made of high-quality silicone. Some of them are available in the market with a safe design for teething. Even better, it feels nice to touch and it looks colorful.

Simply, by putting some force the spinner will spin well for quite long. You will love how this safe, ingenious, and amazing spinning toy that becomes a big hit with all of the toddlers. It sticks anywhere to provide fascination for kids, as well.


  • The smooth design for the suction cups makes it work on any smooth surface.
  • Good quality design for teething
  • Nice design for the small hands


  • They didn’t stick quite long

2. Schylling Spinning Toy with Classic Design

This classic spinner is good to spin with a nice humming sound. You will be amazed by the colorful look while it is spinning. It is easy to play this toy. What you should do is to push the handle made of plastic. After that, you can enjoy how it spins and stands upright.

You can play it for kids under 3 years since kids will enjoy it. The design is quite sturdy that any parts will not come off. Also, it is not 100% plastic, but also with the combination of metal. Just pump the handle located on its top and watch it spins.


  • Good performance and balance
  • Spins quite long
  • You will hear that the metal parts clank but it is so much fun for its retro touch


  • Small size

3. Rienar Spinning Toy Gift Silver Vintage

Check this one out! This is a nice spinning toy with vintage design. The zinc alloy has a silver finish and it is from the movie “The Inception”. If you wonder about the toy, it is from a non-porous material. For this reason, it does not show any rust.

You will also get a carrying bag and you can put the spinning top or dice into it. Now, it makes you able to bring it anywhere you need. Also, it can be a special gift for kids, for your best friend and even relatives.


  • Well made with a great balance
  • Affordable design
  • It is so much entertaining for all ages


  • For some people, it can be a little bit small.

4. GoodPlay Gyroscope Toddler Spinning Toy from Wood

This spinning toy is made of wood and the edges have a rounded design. Therefore, it is safe and it comes with a natural look. If you ask for weight, it is only about 0.02 kg which is very lightweight. Even better, the design allows you to hold and spin it easily.

Additionally, the company completes it with bright colors. For the paint, it is eco-friendly so that it would not bring harm to kids, pets, and relatives. The glossy finish is lead-free, as well.

Whether you want to use it for playing alone or playing with friends, it is perfect for all ages! For the kids, this is an educational toy that helps you explain the reason it can spin. Even at the same time, it trains their fingers and eye coordination. You will not get one, but three!


  • Perfect for all ages
  • Can spin for quite long, even for hours!
  • The sound and the movement are perfect for kids to learn


5. Alondra’s Imports Spinning Toy Classic Wood

Take this spinning toy as another choice for you. It is an exclusive collection from Alondra’s Import. You will get two sets of this unique handmade spinner. Even better, you can use it to play the game and pirinola is so much fun!


  • The size is perfect and it contains 2 spinners, so adults and kids can play.
  • Well made and good for decorative pieces
  • Since it is handmade, it looks so authentic


  • It is not easy to spin, which means it is not an ideal choice for kids.

6. Sosanping Spinner Metal with Flip Over

Made in the United Kingdom, this is a good toy that even can spin on the concave glass and concave wood. If you want to see it spins properly, it depends on the level of dexterity. It can spin well if this toy can produce the full effect. This product is the ideal choice for kids age 10 year old.

As of the material, this product is made of aluminum. It does not come in steel because it will be too heavy so it cannot spin fast. If you wonder about how long it can spin, it depends on the effort you give. The harder you spin, the longer it stays.


  • You will love the “Ching” sound
  • Spin quite long that the toy holds their position depends on the twist you do.
  • Compact design and well-engineered.


  • Even though it is aluminum and not steel, you will love this affordable toy to play.

7. ForeverSpin Spinning Toy Titanium

Coming out with an elegant and timeless design, this spinner is great for everyone. The design is well-engineered and it is made of metals and alloys. Spinner is a good choice you must have at your desk because it improves your productivity and supports the thought process.

Moreover, it is a fun toy for everyone at the party. When you are gathering with your family, this toy will challenge everyone. It grabs all attention because it is so much fun to compete with friends. The winner is the who spins better and longer.


  • It is the ideal choice for the big fans of spinning toys
  • Elegant, simple, enchanting, and timeless
  • Spin for a quite long


  • It does spin but for people with large hands, the size is too small.

8. Life Game EDC Spinner Stainless Steel Toy for Adults

Unlike other spinners made of stainless steel or alloy with a common weight of 20 grams, this spinner has a heavier weight. It is 29 grams to increase the rotation time. The design is made of stainless steel and it has a well-engineered, sturdy, and durable performance. The shaft is textured to give you an ideal grip. That’s said, you can spin it quietly, fastly, and easily.

If you wonder about the length of this spinner to spin, the best record reached 9 minutes. To make it spin longer, you should think of the surface. The best surface is the glass leveled surface.


  • A little bit taller compared to other spinners but this is great to handle
  • The quality is its best, especially with the inexpensive cost
  • Well weighted and it is a lot of fun!


9. Shumee Spinning Toy from Wood for Toddlers

Looking for something for fun? Make your toddlers amazed with this spinner. Choose this option and you will get three spin tops with colorful design for kids. Even adults can play it just to relieve stress.

Additionally, it is a good thing for kids. It can train self-discovery, logic building, hand-eye coordination, and many more. This toy is ideal for kids age 3 years old. Since it is for kids, the materials are safe because it is a non-toxic material and it is made of wood.


  • Spin quite well
  • Made of wood, but very soft when you touch it
  • Good quality


  • Even though it is not easy for kids to learn how to spin this wooden spinner, but it grabs their attention.

10.  Kiddo Koo Spinning Top for Adults and Kids

The company has improved its technology in this spinning top. It comes with tornado tops that spin smoother and longer than the old tops. It grabs many people’s attention when you use it for parties. Even, kids will love playing with these tops.

If you work with so many documents and files at your office, try to invest your money in this toy. The spinner helps a lot to reduce and relieve stress. The spinner spins quietly on a smooth surface that will not bother others.


  • Just blow down from its top and it will spin as long as you keep blowing on it
  • Perfect gift
  • Good quality comes with magnets


  • Even though the top is made of plastic and the bottom has a metal ball. But, it would be greater if the whole is made of metal.

Spinning Tops Buying Guide

Without any further ado, here are the key factors to choose the best spinning top for beginners.

1. Size

The size determines the portability of this toy. Also, it will affect the ease of use. It is why you should choose based on the weight and dimension. The maximum dimension should be 10 inches, especially if it comes with a portable design.

If the top of the toy is heavy, it cannot spin well. Otherwise, too light will make it unstable.

Keep in mind that the best spinning top has the ideal weight between 1 ounce and 12 ounces. For kids, you should find it with the low side of the scale. This way will make them easily lift to play.

2. Material

The material will also determine the length of time for the top to last. It is because the weight affects the resilience against impact.

Back in ancient times, most spinners were made of clay and wood. However, in this modern era, you can find more options such as metal, plastic, and wood.

If you choose the most sturdy, it is plastic. But, it depends on the plastic quality and the hardiness level. If you choose a plastic top, sometimes it is not durable enough. It may break after a few weeks, months, or years.

What makes plastic is great is the price. The plastic top is more affordable than metal or wood spinning top. The cost of a metal spinning top can reach more than 30 bucks.

Is it good to buy a wood spinning top? It is sturdier than plastic but more expensive. Choosing wood top means it is good from hardwood. The most durable option is metal spinners. But, the cost is expensive.

Even you should pay more attention to metal spinners since the company offers different metals quality. For example, you can find metal spinners from zinc, stainless steel, titanium, or copper. Copper, stainless steel, and titanium are more robust compared to zinc.

3. Spinning Performance

The length of the spin, the ease of spinning, and the sound made is also important to decide. Some spinners are easy to spin but others need more effort. Also, some have soothing sounds but others are too loud.

Some spinners can work for 20 seconds, and others may offer a longer period, such as 4 minutes because of great craftsmanship and balance.

4. User

If it is your first time buying a spinner, make sure that you know who the user is. If it is your kids, you should choose one with a colorful design and more interesting features. For example, music or flashing lights.

Additionally, avoid buying spinners that are too small since kids may put the spinner in the mouth. The ideal spinner for kids is spinners with buttons located at the top, so it starts spinning.

On the other hand, if you need a spinner for adults, check out the excellent durability and spin. It is about personal taste so you have to check out whether the designs and features can meet individual taste.

5. Spinning Method

Spinners are available in a few methods for their performance. Some spinners work when you twist it by using your fingers. Other products let you pull it with a rope, or pump a plunger. The easiest method is a spinner that lets you press a button to work. For kids, choose the spinner with a button.


If we were you, we would pick these 3 best spinning toys since they are very popular.

1. Fat Brain Toys Multicolor Spinning Toy for Toddler

We are sure that safety is the most important factor to decide when you are looking for the best spinner for toddlers. This toy is made of high-quality silicone with a great design for teething. It feels nice when you touch it, and the design is great because it has a colorful look.

Also, it is easy to use. You just have to give some force to this spinner and it will spin for a quite long. Even better, it can stick on any smooth surface. Since it is for toddlers, the size is perfect for their little hands.

2. Schylling Spinning Toy with Classic Design

A classic spinner always has a good place in the heart of its fans. This spinner has a nice humming sound while spinning. The top looks colorful as well. You just have to push the handle to play this toy. Even though the handle is made of plastic, but it is not 100% from plastic because its part also has metal. It spins and then stands upright.

3. Rienar Spinning Toy Gift Silver Vintage

with a great balance and affordable design, this spinning toy can be your next choice. It is perfect for those who need vintage spinner with a silver finish for the zinc alloy. This design is good enough since it will not rust because of the non-porous material.

Also, you will get a carrying bag and a dice. That’s said, it is easy for you to bring your toy anywhere you want. Since the packaging is nice, it is a perfect gift for all ages, as well!

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