Best Sun Hat for Travel

The best sun hat for travel is a timeless piece for your wardrobe. Most of them are available to give you the ultimate protection in an outdoor setting. The sun hat for travel works as the shield to protect your face and your neck from the UVA and UVB rays.

When you have to work or to do many activities, on sunny days for long hours, of course, the sun can harm you. There are some potential health problems when you stay for many hours and let the sun then burns your skin. For example, it can cause premature aging and skin cancers. Other than that, sun exposure can cause eye damage, heat rash, and heat exhaustion.

Besides, the best sun hat for travel gives you good protection, ultimate comfort, and keeps you fresh all day long. If you wonder, how does the hat work? It is because of the design. This hat has breathable material with tiny holes to let water vapors. As a result, the body temperature will decrease by time. Therefore, you will feel comfortable and fresh.

Interestingly, the more sweat exist, the fresher you will feel. The hat then makes the sweat evaporates along with the body heat. However, the question is now about how to find the best sun hat for travel. Of course, there are many styles, materials, and sizes available. Here, we give you the best products to review.

10 Best Sun Hat for Travel Reviews

1. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Boney Hat UV Protection

Coming out with eight color options, this cooling hat is made of 100% textured nylon poplin. The closure is adjustable and it comes with advanced technology. It is because the hat works best with sweat-wicking capability. Even better, it offers high sun protection with UPF-50 technology. So, it offers you a good shield from harmful UV rays.

Other interesting features of this fishing hat are the vent that will keep you cool all day long. It also protects you during your outdoor activities. Additionally, this colling hat comes with an adjustable drawcord and toggle located at the back of the hat. This is what you need so you can adjust it anytime and keeps you comfortable.

If you think that you always spend your time mostly in an outdoor setting, it is an essential item you must have. It has a wide cap with a protective brim. The last important feature is the OMNI WICK technology on this hat. It moves moisture from your skin into the hat’s fabric. So, it can evaporate the moisture quickly to keep you cool.


  • This hat keeps the sun off your head, neck, and ears.
  • It is an essential item on hot sunny days at yard work, hiking, or at the beach.
  • Lightweight, cool, and it has good ventilation for your head.


  • Wish the design were more stylish

2. Home Prefer UPF 50+ Sun Protection Fishing Hat For Men

Available with seven color options, this is one of the best sun hats for travel with a pull on closure design. It is made of 1005 polyester with a breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and quick-drying hat to go with. The brim is wide with the mesh vents technology to support the cooling airflow through the back flap and the crown.

Additionally, this hat has a versatile design. It is because of the chinstrap feature you can adjust or remove it anytime you need it. Also, the presence of UPF 50+ gives you high sun protection. This hat is what you need to block about 985 of damaging UV sun rays. Well, if you like fishing, camping, hunting, hiking, cycling, boating, and other outdoor activities, this is it!


  • The brim design is wide and it has a simple design. The crown size is adjustable and it has an adjustable neck strap.
  • It keeps the sun and the insects off your neck and ears because of the non-removable neck flap.


  • The neckstrap has plastic fittings, which may break easily.

3. DPC Outdoors Solarweave Cotton Hat

This cotton hat is available in three color options. This is what you need if you are looking for a hat to hike and safaris. It is more than just to keep your head cool. It is also what you need to keep the sun off your eyes. Additionally, this hat has a 3-inch brim design. Other features are chin cord and mesh sidewall.

So, the product is made of 25% nylon and 75% cotton. These materials are what you need to get high comfort and good durability. Besides, the mesh panel offers high ventilation. You can adjust the chin cord to make sure that the hat is in the right position.

This is what you need if you are looking for a hat to keep you dry during leisure, adventure, and workouts. The sweatband design is there to offer good cooling coverage. Lastly, the lightweight hat gives UPF 50+ protection.


  • This hat has a mesh top that lets air flow, just like a straw hat.
  • The brim design offers plenty of shade
  • You can crush the mesh crown for packing, too


  • The size matters. It is better if the hat has more elasticity, especially for the headband.

4. Stetson Men’s Mesh Covered Hat

This 100% nylon hat is available in seven colors. The closure is adjustable and the design makes you have to hand wash it. Besides, this hat is for safari, and it gives you the best protection. It is because the hat offers a mesh sidewall along with 2 3/4 inch of bound brim. The cord is the chin and the hat works best to keep you cool.

The material of this hat gives you maximum ventilation and protection. With a dry fit design and Coolmax sweatband, it will make you comfortable and cool during your outdoor time.


  • Perfectly shaped and it fits perfectly
  • Great for outdoor


  • Crushed

5. Quicksilver Men’s Bushmaster Sun Protection Hat

This is a 100% hat made of cotton with six colors available. It comes with adjustable closure, 14-inch of width and height, and wide brim. Also, the chin strap is adjustable to make it stay in place. If you don’t mind to hand wash it, then it is the ideal choice to go.


  • This hat offers a comfortable design
  • It has great shade, as well


  • The rim is larger than you may expect

6. KeepSa Sun Hat, Summer Boonie Hat

There are several colors available for this product. This is a cotton hat, which means that it is 100% cotton. Also, it has a stylish and elegant design that makes it perfect for both men and women. The size is also adjustable.

There are many ways to wear this hat. For example, you can wear it for a walking hat, beach hat, wanderer hat, or fishing hat. Of course, there are many outdoor activities to do by wearing this hat.

It also comes with a sun protection design. So, it protects your face, neck, and eyes from the sun rays. The brim is retractable WITH 3.1-3.3 inches in size. Other than that, the hat is breathable and foldable. Therefore, it is easy to carry the hat, and then stash it in the backpack. Or, you can just put it in your pocket.


  • The construction of the hat is good
  • You can fold it up easily and put it in a cargo pant pocket


  • A buyer explained that the hat he got was made of thinner cloth, not cotton.

7. Home Prefer Outdoor UPF50+ Mesh Sun Hat

Unlike the previous options, this hat is made of premium polyester. The fabric is breathable that will dry body moisture quickly. Additionally, the hat is lightweight and it feels so soft to wear.

There are some good things about this hat. First, it has a wide brim with the mesh vent that supports the cooling airflow system to the crown. It also has wicking sweatband and chinstrap with adjustable design.

Additionally, it can be your choice if you are looking for a sun protection hat. It is because the hat has UPF 50+. Well, that is more than enough to block 98% of the sun rays. Also, the neck flap has a long design that can protect your neck from sunburn. Fortunately, you can stow the neck flap just like a bucket hat.


  • When the wind blows, you can feel that it also blows into the mesh top. So, the heat can escape and it makes you feel cooler than wearing other hats.
  • The material is flexible and thin


  • Foldable but a little bit stiff.

8. Connectyle Outdoor Mesh Sun Hat UV Sun Protection

This is a polyester hat with a lightweight design that you can even fold it. Also, the mesh vent has a comfortable design that can keep you cool. Next, the brim is wide with 3-inch in size. The chin strap and the drawcord are adjustable, as well.

So, if you need a lightweight and a breathable hat that has a wide brim to block the sun, this is it. The brim also comes with a rigid design so that it can hold the shape. Anytime you want to wear it, just snap.


  • Great hat with a stiff brim and it is light but cool
  • A perfect hat for the hot weather


  • Mess-up brim

9. Women’s Summer Sun UV Protection Hat

Buy this hat and you will have six colors to choose from. This sun hat has a stylish and casual design for women. It is cozy fit and it snugs perfectly. The brim length is 3 inches in size with the chin drawstring design to make you comfortable when you are wearing it.

Additionally, the hat has a versatile and functional design. It has a large brim that can work as a shade for the forehead. You also can find the mesh layer as the inner material of this hat. For this reason, it offers good cooling and airflow system.


  • This is an adjustable hat with a ponytail hole.
  • You can fold and pack this hat easily at anytime


  • The clip may break.

10. Cooling Ranger Hat, Evaporative PVA, Breathable, Ergodyne

This is the last option. It’s a cooling hat for your outdoor activities. This hat offers four hours to give you long-lasting cooling relief on the single soak. To do so, you need to re-wet it so you can increase the cooling duration. Additionally, the brim of the hat is wide to protect and block the sun from your face.

Now, you can wear this hat to keep you comfortable for long hours. It makes you feel cool, which also can increase your productivity. Even better, it is the right hat to fight fatigue. The interesting fact is that you can resoak it and reuse it anytime you want.


  • It is a great choice if you want to wear a hat for heat relief especially during hot weather
  • The cooling effect works!


  • You should not wear this hat when the evaporative material is still stiff.

Sun Hat for Travel Buying Guide

Here are the things to consider when you are about finding the best sun hat for travel:

1. Material

The cooling hat is available on the market with different materials. Some of them are made of synthetic and natural such as cotton, straw, hemp, raffia, polyester, and nylon. If you want to get ultimate protection from the sun, make sure you choose the hat material that offers UV protection above 50.

2. Color

There are many color options from the lighter to the dark ones. If you choose the darker colors, it can absorb the heat. On the other hand, the cooler colors tend to lose heat quickly so you will feel cool and fresh. Also, make sure that you do not pick colors that can reflect the sun rays to your face.

3. Purpose

Do you need this hat for gardening, hiking, traveling, or something else? What is the weather right now? Hat for windy days and gardening needs a chin strap so it can stay in place. But, if you wear a hat for traveling, it is good to have felt hats.

4. Size

Also, it is important to know the right size of the best sun hat for travel. It is about the size of the hat and the brim so it will determine how well it can protect your face and neck from the sun rays. The ideal size is 3-inches of width for the brim that will protect your face, especially around midday.

Additionally, the hat should not too loose and not too tight. Otherwise, it makes you discomfort or headache. Therefore, it is good to measure the head size first by passing a tape around the head, right above the ears.

5. Style

Style options are available for this hat and even you can find many designs. You may choose the hat style based on the shape of the face. If you have a large, and round face, it is good to choose the hat with a wide brim.


After giving you the complete review of the best sun hat for travel, we have considered three best options along with some reasons as below:

1. Columbia Unisex Bora Bora II Boney Hat UV Protection – You can take this option as your choice because the hats give you maximum protection. It is more than just to protect your head. But, it also works to protect your ears and neck. Therefore, it is a good item to bring on sunny days for outdoor activities. If you don’t mind with the design, this is what you should wear.

2. Women’s Summer Sun UV Protection Hat – For women, we think that it can be your option. This hat as an adjustable design and there is a ponytail hole. You can fold and then pack the hat anytime you want. However, the clip is possible to break. Therefore, make sure you care over it carefully.

3. Home Prefer UPF 50+ Sun Protection Fishing Hat For Men – With the wide brim and simple design, this hat offers the best protection for you. The hat has an adjustable crow and adjustable neck strap. Best of all, it is more than just to keep your neck and ears from the sun rays. But, it also works best to keep insects off your face. Note that the plastic fittings are for the neckstrap. Wear it carefully so it will not break.

Those are all things we can share about the best sun hat for travel that you must-have for any season, especially for the hot weather. When summer comes, you do not want to stay at home and leave all the joy you can find from nature. So, do not sacrifice your skin just because you want to play outside for long hours!

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