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test rubber cement
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Why do we have to find the best test rubber cement? This adhesive is quite popular for the flexible bond and fluid texture. Once you apply the adhesive to a surface, it starts to dry. Since it is acid-free, it dries and it does not wrinkle.

Therefore, it is perfect for scrapbooks and photos. You can apply it easily by using a brush and then wipe the surfaces to remove the excess before it begins to dry.

The advantage of choosing rubber cement is that it lets you peel the glued item and then reposition it for a change. Of course, it is different from white crafts and other adhesive products. It does not damage the glued item. Not only photos and scrapbooks, but you can also use it for other materials such as plastic, glass, and wood.

By the time, rubber cement is possible to lose the adhesive agents. Once it dries out, it shows you a yellow hard residue. It is why you should not use it for fragile artwork or photographs.

When you are using rubber cement, keep in mind that the ingredients are toxic and hazardous. It contains trichloroethane, heptane, and acetone. You need to use it in a well-ventilated area including an open garage.

If you want to work indoors, you should open the window to provide good circulation. Also, you should not use rubber cement around open flames or high heat because the ingredients may flammable. [Source]

Rubber cement is different from the contact cement. You can remove rubber cement easily, but you will need lots of aggravation to remove contact cement. You use contact cement for construction. For example, when you want to adhere to a countertop to a cupboard, then you will need contact cement. [Source]

10 Best Test Rubber Cement Reviews

1. Slime 1050 Test Rubber Cement for Car Tires

As a popular brand, this is one of the top choices available in the market. Slime is great for repairing or preventing a flat tire. It also offers patches and plug tools. This rubber cement is easy to use and it is very practical.

There is a built-in brush attached to the lid so you can use this canister easily. However, you cannot use it for school crafts and art projects. It is not designed for paper.


  • Ideal for: inner tubes for bikes, tires for cars, door panels, attach the trunk lids for your car, and even for leather.
  • It has a strong adhesive and makes everything is very instant
  • It can last for many years that helps you save your money


  • If you have a problem to open the cap, hold it under the hot water and then tap it for 30 seconds to loosen its grip

2. Zelikovits Test Rubbing Cement for All-Purpose

In this bottle, you will get 4 oz of adhesive that is super strong. You can use it for many things because it comes with an applicator brush located in the lid. Whether you are using it on leather, canvas, rubber, wood, glass, tile, metal, and more, this is what you need.

Simply, use it anytime you want if you need a permanent adhesive that holds materials to bond quickly. Also, the adhesive is quite flexible that if you apply it on leather there will be no brittles or stiff. The adhesive is also waterproof and super easy to use.

Keep in mind that if you are applying this product on porous material, you may need to reapply it for the second coat. To do so, apply a single coat on each surface and wait for five minutes or an hour. After that, bond the surfaces together.


  • Ideal for shoes
  • Good quality

3. Elmer’s Test Rubber Cement for Paper

Tired of wrinkling papers? This rubber cement can be a real solution for you. This is an easy solution to let you bond papers, photographs, and other paper projects. The container comes with a brush so you can apply it easily. Additionally, you just have to clean the excess glue. Once it dries there will be no wrinkles at all.


  • Good quality
  • Ideal for: paper projects, control your plants from bugs


  • A buyer told that the price was too much.

4. Barge Test Rubber Cement No Toluene All Purpose

This bond has a waterproof feature and it is one of the most popular choices as an all-purpose adhesive. The cement dries quickly and it offers a strong bond. Additionally, it works just like the common barge cement.

Once you apply the cement and it can bond with the materials, it will hold strong. Furthermore, once it dries, it dries clear and you just have to use thinner when it begins to thicken up.


  • Ideal for many things, including leather
  • Good to repair shoes

5. Best-Test Rubber Cement for Office

Do you need an economical alternative of paper cement? Try this one for your office or school. It provides you permanent and temporary bonding of paper products. Also, it is the ideal choice for college, for mounting, and for scrapbooking.


  • Great for bathroom floor coating, hallway carpets
  • No stains or residue
  • It dries clear

6. Best-Test Rubber Cement Can One Coat for Fine Arts

Take this if you need the best adhesive for fine art and commercial applications. The adhesive will hold your artwork in place. Anytime that you need to re-position the materials, this adhesive allows you to do so. Even better, you can peel it off and then put it down again for multiple coats. By applying multiple coats, it gives you a strong adhesive application for your arts.

Furthermore, this is a clean, fast, and easy to use. The can contains 8 oz of adhesive bond with safe ingredients. It does not contain acid, as well. If you think that you are looking for a rubber cement with good pressure sensitivity, try it.


  • Ideal for humidor and college project
  • It works best!

7. Best-Test Rubber Cement for Scrapbook

When you are mounting and scrapbooking, you want to make sure that everything bonds perfectly. Choosing the right rubber cement is important as well. You do not want to find any difficulties when you are applying it. For example, it should not wrinkle or shrink your papers when you are adhering to it. It will never make you disappointed since it helps you a lot.

Also, you need the right product that lets you adhere to papers safely. There should be no acid ingredients that can bring harm to you. Besides, it should support you to apply the rubber cement easily, such as adding a brush-in-cap design. There should be no stains once you complete the application. Those things are what you will get from this product.

With the special formula, this paper cement works with a premium white rubber. It is the ideal choice for teachers, students, crafters, and artists. If you wonder about the difference of this glue with other multipurpose choices, this one will not wrinkle or shrink your papers, and it dries clear.


  • Reliable glue to adhere to papers for crafters
  • Strong adhesive, ideal for journaling
  • No clean up you need when you complete your project


  • Even though it is a little bit expensive, but it works great for the price

8. Best-Test Quality Rubber Cement Acid-Free

Another choice to pick, this is the economical alternative for you. It is what you need anytime you are looking for the best paper cement. Whether you are working in an office or studying in a college, this rubber cement is great to bond paper to paper temporary or permanently. Make sure that you have this product to help you complete anything related to paper cement.

Additionally, it is the ideal choice for colleges, mounting, and scrapbooking. If you love arts and crafts, like journaling, you will need it. The best part of this product is that it is acid-free for safe use. It does not shrink or even wrinkle your papers. Even better, it is easy to use since the company also includes the brush to apply.


  • The ideal choice for art uses
  • Easy to clean
  • It saves your money since you don’t have to purchase the adhesive labels for shipping.


  • Plastic container, not can but it works great!

9. Bell Rubber Cement 22-5-08062-M for Universal Use

Choose this product and you will get 1/2 pint of the can that is simple and easy to use. It is a universal product that is ideal for tire repair, patches, and plugs. Thankfully, it has a universal formula which is great for all rubber repairs. You can use it for household projects, as well. For this reason, it is good for you to invest your money in it.


  • Ideal for tire plugs, and the best adhesive for the all-latex product.
  • It also works for cool temperature even though it takes more time to stick
  • Good for pond repair


  • The cost is high but you get it as a useful product for daily matters

10. TORBOT Rubber Cement

TORBOT Bonding cement can be the last choice to consider. This adhesive can offers 4 oz of latex liquid that helps you to adhere safely and securely. Keep in mind that you need uni-solve first to make sure that no residue around the materials to adhere to.

It is easy for you to use it. The company even includes the brush to help you apply the adhesive to the materials you are working with.

This adhesive is also a good choice especially if you have an ileostomy. This skin problem may cause discomfort. Get this product and it is the real lifesaver once you mix it with powered Karaya. After that, apply it over the sore skin and it works by letting the sore areas stay dry to heal.


  • Even though it is an adhesive, but some buyers used it for skin problems
  • It works just like other contact cement!
  • Super easy to use


  • Since it works great, you should also invest in adhesive remover

Beginner’s Guide to Buy Test Rubber Cement

Is it your first time to buy the best test rubber cement? Well, you are landing on the right page! Here, we give you the ultimate buying guide to find the best glue for your needs.

1. Size

If you are dealing with a big project, or you need to use it frequently, it is better to choose a bigger product. On the other hand, if you only need to use it for a small project, you should purchase a small tube.

2. Waterproof

If you are using this adhesive for shoes, or tubes, then you should find the waterproof product. Meanwhile, if it is only for a scrapbook or a craft project, you can ignore this feature.

3. Setting Time

You do not want to wait forever just to watch it dry. Make sure that you know the setting time. Whether or not you want to clamp the things that you are working on, adhesive with longer setting times can last longer.

4. Weatherproof

Next, you should also think of the weatherproof feature. If you are using adhesive for the outdoor project and it is for heavy-duty projects, make sure that it is weatherproofing.

5. Safety

If possible, it is good to avoid toxic-adhesive. You do not want something bad happens to your family, kids, and pets, just because you want to use this adhesive for your projects.

6. Color

When the adhesive starts to dry, it can leave color or stain. Make sure that it does not leave a visible color that looks bad to your applied item. For example, if you use it to repair a pair of black shoes, you do not want to see that visible yellow or white stain.


Not decide everything yet? Alright, the following top 3 choices are our recommended ones.

1. Slime 1050 Test Rubber Cement for Car Tires

You spend some amount of money when you have to deal with flat tires. But, that would never happen anymore because you can use this test rubber cement to prevent or repair it. To start using this product is simple. You can open the lid, and then use the built-in brush attached to its lid to start the application.

Some buyers reported that they got a problem with the cap. It was so hard to open the cap. If it happens to you, simply hold the lid under the hot water. After that, tap for 30 seconds to reduce the grip.

2. Zelikovits Test Rubbing Cement for All-Purpose

Also, this adhesive is quite strong that you can use it with an applicator brush in the lid. The company even explains that you can use their product for various materials; wood, leather, canvas, glass, rubber, tile, metal, and others.

When you want to apply it to the porous material, you should repeat the application. It is great to apply the second coat to increase its adhesive performance.

3. Elmer’s Test Rubber Cement for Paper

The last choice to decide if you want a rubber cement for paper. It is good for papers, photographs. You can use it for kids as well. The solution has a good quality. Simply, use the brush that built-in to the cap. The glue will not make any wrinkles for your papers.

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