Best Tractor Toys for Toddlers

Giving the best tractor toys for toddlers are not something too much. Well, some people may think that tractor for toddlers is not something important. It is because it is just something for these little creatures to play. However, toys have an essential part to support the growing life of all toddlers. Toys do not relate to ages.

Additionally, there is a lot of toy for toddlers are available to support the development and the capability of toddlers. For example, you can use board games, puzzle games, question-and-answer toys, and something like that. One of the main reasons why you should give them a toy like the best ride-on tractor 50 for toddlers because the toys offer many benefits.

tractor toyWell, your toddlers can ride tractors to learn more about machinery operations. These toys are very safe that can move on any type of terrains because of the traction wheels. Also, for toddlers who love tractors, they can learn about how to enhance their skills. So, let them play and explore their imagination. Even they can use their creativity to have fun.

On the other hand, the biggest challenge for the parents is to find the right tractor toys for their toddlers. Well, with so many designs, sizes, material options, features, and prices you have to choose ones for them. It is not easy because you should do some research to find the best quality.

For this reason, we are here to give you the list of 10 best tractor toys for toddlers. If you are busy because you have many things to do, don’t worry. You can use this list anytime to find the right product because we provide the pros and cons to help you decide.

10 Best Tractor Toys for Toddlers

1. John Deere Green Johnny Tractor With Remote Control

Take it as the best tractor toy for toddlers. It is because the tractor comes with simple remote control. Toddlers will learn how to operate it, to control it by using the remote control. There are two buttons on the controllers.

Additionally, the construction of this tractor is durable to bounce and bump. On the other hand, it will not leave any mark on the walls and furniture because it is soft enough. There are some interesting features in this toy. For example, it has an automatic shut-off to keep battery life. This product is good for toddlers age 18 months and more.


  • The quality is good and the tractor can maneuver like doing circles.
  • It is an ideal gift for toddlers who love electronics
  • You will love both the remote and the tractor’s design


  • It takes time to install the battery because you have to achieve the right heading controller

2. John Deere Activity Tractor

Unlike the first option that comes with remote control and your toddler only can operate the toy, this one is quite different. You can let your toddlers sit and then scoot. Also, this activity tractor is available with fun features. Surely, it will make your toddlers busy. It is because they will play for long hours using their creativity and imagination.

The first thing to know about this product is the design. It allows your toddlers to scoot it along or push it along. Other than that, you can push it along because the tractor has a removable walk. It sounds so much fun when your toddlers push the horn and the tune of Old McDonald will start playing. Other features are flip-out seat works as a playset area. The cutest part is that your toddlers will get 4 farm animals which are horse, sheep, pig, and cow.


  • Sturdy and nice tractor
  • It is the ideal choice for a one-year toddler to helping to walk since the handle has the perfect height
  • The toddler will not flip backward or sideways because of the tilt preventive attachments added to the bottom.


  • You cannot attach a trailer to the back of this tractor

3. Play22 Best Tractor Toys for Toddlers with Music Sound

Next, this toy truck lets your toddlers ride on it. It has 23 x 14 x 12 size that lets your toddlers enjoy learn movement. Also, it helps a lot to support your toddler’s physical skills. With the addition of a manually-controlled digger arm, your toddlers will have fun using their imagination to control the excavator. Even better, this excavator has hidden storage under the seat.

Play22 also completes it with the removable scooter, a safety helmet, two rocks, and music sound. The diggers have a handle to let your toddlers control it up and down. Of course, it the right gift for your toddlers because the toy educates them to build their confidence.


  • It has a sturdy construction
  • The toy also comes with realistic features and sounds
  • It is the ideal gift for little boys and girls who love diggers


  • The sound does not work

4. GoStock Construction Vehicles 4 Sets

Next, this is a perfect choice if you are looking for construction vehicles for toddlers. GoStock made these toys from sturdy and high-quality plastic. There are some good things from these toys. First, it is made of safe materials. The toys are BPA-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free. Therefore, the toys here are safe for toddlers.

The four sets contain farm tractor, dump truck, cement truck, and bulldozer. With different names of construction vehicles, your toddlers will learn that each of them has different functions. Even better, these toys are available with different colors and shapes. It is why you can use it to stimulate a toddler’s development. So, let them explore their ability, help them identify colors and shapes, too.


  • The toys do not come with sharp edges so the toys are safe for their little fingers
  • These toys can move along the floor
  • The toy set is durable that is perfect for the price


  • The toy set is too small

5. John Deere, 2 Pack Sandbox Vehicle

What will you get from this toy set is a dump truck with a functional dump bed and a tractor with a functional front loader. The toy set is perfect for your toddlers because they can play it on their sandbox. These toys are from heavy-duty plastic. So, the quality should not make you regret it. Since this is a small toy set, your toddlers can play the toys easily with their little hands.

Whether your toddlers have their imagination about building farms, sandcastles, and roadways, the dump truck has a moving dump bed. You will need this to educate your kids about constructional vehicles. This set is great for kids ages 18 months and up.


  • The wheels can move in sand or dirt
  • This toy set has parts that can move up and then down, even can hold in position.


  • The toy starts to crack and parts start to fall apart.

6. John Deere Hayride Toy For Toddlers With Animal Sounds

This cute tractor can be your next choice to give something special for your toddlers. So the tractor has farm animals. Your toddlers can remove the animals and match each of the animals. Simply, push it down to let your toddlers learn the sound of the animals.

Besides, each animal is designed to produce realistic sounds once you pushed them down. Push the farmer figure and the toy will play “Old McDonald” nursery rhyme. For this reason, it can be a nice way to educate your toddlers. They will learn the animal sound. Also, they can increase their matching skills.


  • There are little slots for both the driver and animal passengers so the vehicle can fit different figures
  • This is the ideal choice if you are looking for interactive stuff for your toddlers
  • The sound of animals are the best feature your toddlers will love when they push the animals down


  • Stop working after a few months

7. iPlay iLearn Heave Duty Construction Vehicle Set for Toddlers

iPlay, iLearn produces this set of toys to provide toddlers with educative, fun, and safe toys. Well, this toy set is available to support a toddler’s development. Let the toddlers play together to build their skills, especially for teamwork and collaboration. Also, they can use their imagination and creativity. Other good things from playing this toy set are that the toddlers can improve their problem-solving and motor skills.

Unlike others, this toy set comes with a realistic design. The materials are tough that you can use it as the decorative details to complete your office, bedroom, and others. In this set, your toddlers will get a multifunctional dump truck with the addition of a hoist, a tilt action side dump, and moveable hood. Please note that these toys are from Zinc Alloy, not plastics. So, they are safe for toddlers and durable.


  • It is the ideal gift for toddlers who love trucks and cars
  • The vehicles have moving parts so they look real
  • The quality is perfect


  • The toys are too small

8. John Deere Tractor With Trailer

From John Deere, allow your toddlers to enjoy their creativity and imagination. They can explore, have fun, and enjoy their role play as a tractor operator. You can let your toddler play outdoor and ride this tractor. Buy this toy and you will get a tractor that has a full-sized detachable trailer.

The toy is perfect for toddlers ages 2 and up. Even the seat is adjustable and the armrests have a flip-up design. Also, John Deere features it with automatic brakes, tractor wheels, and a gear lockout feature. The gear lockout is helpful for parents to control the speed. Please note that the tractor is battery-operated with 12-volt of rechargeable battery. So, you will also get the charger.


  • Adorable design that makes it so real for toddlers to enjoy their driving experience
  • The steering is good that your toddlers can ride it on the dirt
  • It drives well on the grass


  • The second gear can make the battery drains faster than the first gear, and the battery has a short lifespan.

9. John Deere 26 Vehicle Toys Set for Toddlers

If you think that you need something more than the previous options, we think that this vehicle toy set can be the alternative. With 16 small toys, your toddlers can use their imagination and creativity to build a small farm. Each set has trucks, tractors, implements, and horses in different models.

Additionally, these vehicles have free-rolling wheels and die-cast chassis. It is the right choice if you need a toy set for toddlers ages 5 to 8. The last thing to know is about the material. Some of them are from metal and others from plastic.


  • The toy set comes in different tractors
  • The materials are durable
  • High quality and very detailed vehicle toys


  • The size of each vehicle is too small

10. John Deep Pedal Tractor Toddlers Can Ride

This is a pedal tractor from John Deere. The company features it with an adjustable seat, steering wheel, and easy-to-reach pedals. The working steering wheel allows your toddlers to ride and drive it. Best of all, the adjustable seat supports your toddlers even if they grow.

As of the design, parents will love how it looks stylish. Also, the features we have already mentioned above can be the best way to support your toddlers to develop their imagination, exploration, and creativity. The durable design makes it last for long, as well.


  • The adjustable seat is perfect so you can adjust it backward or forward as your toddlers grow
  • The material of this vehicle toy is durable
  • Plastic, but it can last for years.


  • A little bit tricky to assemble

How To Choose the Tractor Toys for Toddlers

So, you will let your toddlers ride their tractor toys. The main concern is on finding the right quality product that is safe to ride. Here, we give you the complete buying guide for tractor toys:

1. Material and Weight Capacity

Since you want to buy the best tractor toys for toddlers with high durability, make sure that the materials used by the manufacturers have high quality. It is good to choose tractors from durable polypropylene combined with metal. Also, it is great to have a tractor for toddlers with the withstand collisions to increase their performance.

It is also important to consider choosing waterproof material that lets your toddlers clean the tractors easily. If possible, check the substance for the tractors. You do not want to let your toddlers having a tractor contaminated with chemical substances that bring harm to them.

The constructions of the tractors will also determine the weight capacity. Keep in mind that you should find a tractor with the capacity to support more weight so your toddlers still can use it as they grow.

2. Motor and Battery

Most of the tractors for toddlers on the market come with the battery-operated model. Few of the products have a pedal-operated solution. It is why you should check out of the tractor with a powerful motor if you want to give your kids tractors with high performance.

For example, it is good to choose a tractor powered with 6V motors to generate more than 225 mph. If you go with the battery-operated model, think of the battery life and the time that the battery needs to fully charge.

3. Safety Features

As we have already mentioned at the first beginning of this article, it is important to know about the features of the tractor toys to buy. Your toddlers will ride the toys. So, it is a must to check the available features. For example, some tractor toys come with remote control. Parents can use it to control the tractors.

Besides, some tractors for toddlers are also available with high-quality and durable material. So, tractors have a longer life span than the low-end choices. If you worry about the way your toddlers control the tractors, try to choose tractors that can move on different terrains. Typically, these tractors have traction wheels.

4. Durability

Well, in this part you should check the constructions or the structure of the tractor you want to buy. You do not want to buy a tractor that comes with loose parts, easy-to-crack parts, and others. The effective solution to find the durability of a tractor for your toddler is by reading the customer reviews. Some buyers with a good hearts even provide you a deep review. They provide the pros and cons related to the tractor that you are going to buy.

5. Price

There are many available best tractor toys for toddlers with different price options. Some sound very expensive but a little bit vulnerable. On the other hand, you may find an affordable tractor with good constructions. Again, you should check the materials and the features to find the right tractor at the right price.


With the options above, it can be difficult to decide the best tractor toys for toddlers. For this reason, we make it more specific by choosing 3 top choices below:

1. John Deere Activity Tractor – This is a sturdy and nice tractor that parents can control it, thanks to the remote control. It also has some nice features to keep your toddlers busy. If you have a toddler ages 1. If you do not mind that the tractor cannot attach a trailer, it is the right choice for your toddlers.

2. John Deere Tractor With Trailer – Enjoy the incredible design for this best tractor toy for the toddler. The design is so real that toddlers will love driving this tractor. Your toddlers can drive on the grass and the dirt. However, the battery capacity cannot work for quite long. So, if you use the second gear, it will drain the battery faster than the first gear, but your toddlers will love it!

3. John Deep Pedal Tractor Toddlers Can Ride – A pedal tractor that comes with an adjustable seat. You can adjust it backward and forward so your toddlers can use it even though they grow. Even if the product is made of plastic, but the construction is durable that it can last for years. However, it may take several hours to assemble.

If you are looking for another idea of a toy for your kids, perhaps this spinning top and levitating globe may be appropriate for you.

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