Best Truffle Salt

There are many types of salt that we can consume: Iodized salt, Himalayan salt, Truffle salt, Kosher salt, and Smoked salt.

But, do you know the differences between truffle salt from other salts?

Truffle Salt
Truffle salt in a white square dish

Truffle salt is salt with the addition of white or black truffle. It is a very expensive ingredient since it is hard to farm or harvest. Truffle grows inside the tree roots. They need a special place to grow.

The benefit of this seasoning salt for your health depends on the quality of the salt in the product you choose.

If you want to have the best truffle salt with a high level of mineral content, make sure that the product contains unrefined sea salt. You will need truffle salt if you like the powerful taste. Also, we need this salt for a finisher. So it works to enhance the flavor in your dish.

Finding a truffle salt can be time-consuming. Because there are so many products available in the market. You may find a lot of brands, from A to Z, and they look similar to each other. Here, we present some truffle salt products with the pros and cons to help you decide.

10 Best Truffle Salt Reviews

1. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Salt [Best Overall]

This is Sicilian sea salt with the addition of black truffle. Take a pinch of this truffle salt on your vegetables, eggs, seafood, and steak. Additionally, it is a non-GMO verified product. It is kosher, vegan, and of course good for vegetarians. Also, it is safe to consume because it does not contain dairy, gluten, soy, and MSG.

Sabatino Tartuffi truffle salt is from sea salt, flavors, and dried truffle. Unfortunately, the company did not add important information: The percentage of truffles in this product. However, you can even see the little black truffles in it and it has a wonderful taste or smell.


  • It has a great flavor, just use it a bit to add big flavor to mushrooms, eggs, vegetables, French fries, and others
  • Perfect taste if you add truffle zest
  • Store it in a small container, make sure it has a tight lid so it does not lose its flavor


2. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Zest for DIY Truffle Salt [Best Second]

Well, okay this is not truffle salt you are looking for. But, this is truffle zest which is different from truffle salt. Also, you can use it to create your truffle salt. As a truffle zest, it has a good versatility so you can sprinkle it on pizza, pasta, egg, potato, salad, and others. Even better, you can even mix it into the dressing, soup, sauce, chip, and other applications.

Additionally, this is what you need to complete your kitchen, especially for seasonings. It is a perfect addition because it is good for all ages: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and of course dairy-free. Well, if you wonder about the ingredients of this product, it contains natural carob powder, black summer truffle, natural truffle flavor, and salt.


  • It is not the real truffles, but it is nice for everyday use
  • Best use; do not cook with it, but sprinkle it on your cooking
  • Good to make DIY truffle salt by adding kosher salt, or Himalayan salt


  • Since it is a little bit salty, it is good to test it first in a small pinch.

3. Jacobsen Salt Co. Sea Salt White Truffle

Coming out with different unique flavors, especially sea salt, this is what you need if you are looking for gourmet spices. So, the salt is harvested manually from the cold Netarts Bay, located on the Orogen coast. Additionally, the company adds a white truffle tincture and Italian white truffle.

It works best to complete popcorn, seared beef, and asparagus. Even better, the company has a good reputation, as well.


  • Good topper salt to any dish
  • It smells great with a nice, rich black garlic aroma
  • Best use: by sprinkling it on your dish.


  • Packaging issue

4. Italian Black Truffle Salt Pouch

Take this as your next choice when you are looking for the best truffle salt. It is earthy, salty sea salt with a rich flavor of black truffles. Also, the truffles are from Bruzzi, Itali to add gourmet dishes, popcorn, French fries, and others. Even better, you can sprinkle it on your food as garnishing or finishing salt.

Additionally, this salt has Kosher certified with non-GMO and no MSG. It is a safe choice because it is also: gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and anti-caking agents. The ingredients are sea salt, Italian truffle, and truffle flavor.


  • The product has a nice texture, and it is good for a variety of foods
  • Good for people on a limited diet
  • Best use: dilute it with pink Himalayan salt or sea salt in a salt shaker.


  • For some people, the taste can be too strong, but others say that the taste is weak. Well, it is all about personal taste.

5. Casina Rossa Truffle Gourmet Sea Salt

The combination of sea salt and Italian black truffles Abruzzo completes your day. This sea salt is what you need to complete your kitchen. Additionally, you can use it by blending it over scrambled eggs, fish, buttered popcorn, pasta dishes, and cooked vegetables. Also, the aroma is natural that it is a must-have addition to an Italian dish.

The ingredients are:

Sea salt and black summer truffles 5%.

If you wonder whether the ingredients are synthetic or pure, the label says summer truffles in 5% which means it is good enough.


  • A courser salt compared to Salt Cellar, with pretty intense flavor but the main ingredient is salt. So, you cannot use it in large quantities
  • Not the best quality, but it is a nice salt with flavor, especially for its price
  • Best use: Sprinkle it on a seared steak or add it to any unsalted dish.


6. Original Italian Black Truffle Salt

Coming out with Kosher certified, this is a safe product that is free of GMO, MSG, gluten, soy, anti-caking agents. It is also a perfect choice if you need any salt seasoning at home. Simply, sprinkle it on your food as garnishing salt or finishing salt. Even better, it works best to complete your French fries and popcorn.

So, if you wonder about this product, it is truffle salt with salty and rich flavor. It is from sea salt with black truffles. Additionally, it contains a truffle flavor. If you read the questions and answers from the customer, the percentage of real truffles is 4%.


  • Very tasty, so just take a small pinch to any food you are cooking and you will love it.
  • The scent is good, the flavor is good because it makes any meal tasteful.
  • You can even feel the aroma of the black truffles.


  • It is a little bit coarse, but it is tasteful to use this flake sea salt for finishing.

7. Oliviers & Co White Truffle Salt

Made of white truffles, 017%, and Salt of Guerande PGI 99%, this product is what you need to complete cheese, omelets, risotto, and French fries. Also, it is easy to add it to your food. Simply, sprinkle the truffle salt on your dish. Olivers and Co offer this product with unique and special aromas.


  • This product is expensive but it has high-quality white truffles from Northern Italia.
  • Flavorful taste that you only need a small pinch to enjoy it.


  • The jar is small, but the taste is worth it.

8. Italian Truffled Sea Salt

Take this offer if you need a truffled sea salt with a delicious taste for roasted chicken, steak, pasta, and others. The truffled salt has a rich flavor and it is good for you who need fine ground choice. With a unique smell and taste, it is good for a finishing salt and it gives a lot of difference to your dish.


  • Very tasty.
  • Perfect for a gift.
  • High quality.


  • It is delicious but it needs more truffles.

9. Selezione Tartufi Black Truffle Salt

Anytime you want to enjoy mashed potatoes, pasta, popcorn, French fries, vegetables, risottos, eggs, grilled meats, or salmon this is what you need. The truffled salt is the combination of black truffles and fines sea salt.

The smell is so aromatic that you will love adding it to your dish. Truffles are rare and luxurious ingredients that grow underground. Additionally, the ingredients of this product are Italian truffles 5%, and sea salt, flavoring.


    • High quality.
    • Strong salt, so uses a small bit.
    • Perfect for meats, eggs, popcorn, salad, vegetables, French fries, and others.


  • No truffle scent

10. Black Truffles Acacia Honey

This is the last option if you are looking for the best truffle salt. Selezione Tartufi, the company offers this truffled salt with the combination of Sicilian Acacia honey and black truffles. The taste is perfect to enjoy with chicken, strong cheeses, and skirt steak. Additionally, the truffle honey feels so smooth that it will make you enjoy your dish.


  • The honey is great that you can also smell the truffles.
  • It has divine taste; tasteful and light honey with a strong truffle.
  • It goes for all plates that you may wonder about the combination of honey with truffles, but the taste is amazing!


  • The taste, the combination, and the smell is great but the jar is not full!

Truffle Salt Buying Guide

Most truffle salt products are in a container to keep their aroma. After reading our reviews about the best truffle salt, it can be confusing to choose the best one. Therefore, we think this buying guide can help you decide the truffle salt to add to your kitchen:

1. Flavor

The first thing to consider is that a real truffle salt has a real piece of truffle. Otherwise, it may use synthetic chemicals. You will need truffle salt for finishing garnish. It should taste much like truffles. However, the flavor depends on the type of truffles added. For example, if you choose white truffle salt, it has more wild flavor. On the other hand, black truffle salts come with a more pungent aroma and flavor.

2. Type of Salt

Additionally, it is important to know that most products on the market contain black truffles. The type of salt is also one thing to consider. Some of them are coarse grain, but others are small grain. Even more, some products are from traditional sea salt, and others may use exotic salt. The best type of salt is a personal choice. [Source]

3. Check the Label First

It is hard to believe that 99% of Italian black truffle sea salt company chooses estivi as the fake truffle to replace the pure ruffles. We also call Estivi a summer truffle. The flavor of this substance can vanish easily when it is added in salt.

For this reason, it is good to check out the label first before buying one. Some brands do not contain pure white or black truffles. By reading the label, you can find out whether the company used estivi, summer truffles, or not.

Additionally, checking the label helps you easily know the right amount of white or black truffle salts. It is better not to buy any product that does not provide you reliable information about the amount of this ingredient. We think the best has a combination of 10% of pure black or white truffles and sea salt.


So, you have been reading the whole information in this article, but still have no idea to choose? Well, after reading the pros and the cons of each product, we think these three options are good to pick:

1. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Salt

This truffled salt has a great flavor and taste. But, the company does not tell detailed information about the percentage of truffles. For some people, this can be a real matter. However, if you think that you like the taste and the flavor; you can accept this. If you like this product, make sure that you use a small container to store it so the flavor will not fade.

2. Sabatino Tartufi Truffle Zest for DIY Truffle Salt

Even though this is not truffle salt, but you can use this zest to create DIY truffle salt at home. It is good for everyday use even though it is not real truffles. Simply, add Himalayan salt or kosher salt to this zest and you will love it. Keep in mind that this zest is a little bit salty so you should only take a little pinch to sprinkle over your dish.

3. Italian Black Truffle Salt Pouch

Coming out with a nice texture and it is a good choice for various foods, this is what you need, especially if you are on a limited diet. Therefore, it can be your choice if you really have a big concern on your diet. Additionally, you can use it by diluting the salt with sea salt or Himalayan salt in a salt shaker.