Best Vinyl Repair Kit

There are many products available made of vinyl. Vinyl is faux leather that lets you have vinyl furniture with the identical feel just like the real leather furniture without bringing any harms or inhuman practices towards animals.

Here, it sounds nice even though there is a big concern to know. Vinyl is less durable when you compare it to real leather. However, you still have the best vinyl repair kit to save your favorite vinyl furniture.

What is it? Since it is a kit, it means you will have specially-designed equipment to fix small and medium damage on your vinyl furniture. These products are available in different combinations of varieties. Some are good for mitigating a single problem, in which you can fix it at home by yourself.

Moreover, the type of equipment bundles is many. For example, you can choose vinyl patches. Simply, just use the additional piece of vinyl and then apply it to the damaged area to hide the imperfect places. Other types are transparent patches, glue, liquid cement with a brush, and the last is like a vinyl dye. [Source]

By investing your money in the best vinyl repair kit, of course, it means that you do not have to buy new vinyl furniture. You do not want to replace vinyl flooring that has scars or small tears because. The case would be different if you use a vinyl repair kit since you can hide the damage and it is easy to apply.

10 Best Vinyl Repair Kit Reviews

We have our time to search for the 10 best products to repair your vinyl items. Also, you can check our ultimate buying guide to help you decide.

1. Sayopin Vinyl Repair Kit Black Patch for Car Seats and Couches

Coming out as a self-adhesive patch, Sayopin released this product to make your life easy. You do not even need any tools to apply it. Simply, peel it off and then stick on the area you want to hide the damage.

Additionally, this vinyl repair kit has 8” x 11” of the size which is more than enough to solve the vinyl items. Even better, you can use it for your car, home furniture, and others. Since it is a scratch repair kit, you can use it for other fabrics like a leather jacket, leather handbags, and many others.


  • Good quality of material, very sticky
  • Ideal for chair, car seat, pet carrier, loveseat, and even for plastic items
  • Even beginners can apply it easily


  • Make sure that you check the color before purchasing so you can find the best one that matches your damaged item.

2. Tear Mender Instant Fabric & Leather Vinyl Repair Kit Adhesive for Indoor & Outdoor

Another way to repair your vinyl item is by using a high-quality adhesive. Here, we are talking about Tear Mender adhesive for fabric and leather. This is all-natural, fabric adhesive and it is non-toxic that can create waterproof, flexible, and a permanent bond. It works for any porous material. Surprisingly, this product is useful for even more than 101 various uses. You can use it for fabric, vinyl, leather repair indoor or outdoor.

Additionally, this product works within three minutes after the application. Let it sit for 15 minutes and wash it. It works because it can seep into the crevices in the fabrics. Therefore, it creates a bond but does not reduce the flexibility of the damaged area.


  • The direction is easy to follow: Shake the bottle, apply on the patch, let it dry 3 minutes, and wash.
  • You can use your hands to make sure that the glue is around all edges and you can rub your fingers right off.
  • Great for holes in jeans, wool jacket, ski pants, leather chair, and others.


  • It is very smooth but you can feel it if you run your hands over the fixed area.

3. Coconix Vinyl Repair Kit for Jacket, Furniture, Sofa, Car Seat

Do you want to restore any rip, scratch, burn hole, tear on your vinyl items? Well, take this one as your choice. This product offers an excellent fix for the best finish that can meet any color of couches, shoes, chair, office, belt, purse, and bag. Coconix completed it with an extra compound which is good to cover large areas. Even better, you don’t even need any heat tools, paints, patches, dye, and glue.

Whether you are using it on old or new faux, leather, synthetic, and premium upholstery, it works!


  • Great for the couch, leather armrest,
  • Tools and colors are included
  • This product is the ideal choice if you are working in small areas.


  • This product is good to use if you have enough time. You should not feel rushed to start using this product so you will get the best result.

4. Mastaplasta Path Vinyl Repair Kit Water-Based Patch

With very strong adhesive, this is a water-based patch that contains no solvent. Here, you are using an eco-friendly product for real leather. Therefore, it does not have any volatile organic compounds or formaldehyde. This water-based path is soft that meets the quality of premium leather.

Other than that, the product has stain-resistant, which means that harsh cleansers are not necessary. Moreover, the product is sun-resistant, breathable, mold-resistant.


  • Good for furniture, car seats, clothing, and luggage
  • Just cut, and then peel, stick it on the desired area
  • Great finish and strong adhesive


  • Not ideal for machine washing

5. Permatex 81786 Clear Vinyl Repair Kit Tape for Luggage & Clothing

Do you want to hide any damages on logos, gear shift logo, car trim, knobs, and car interior? This kit includes clear vinyl filler and sealant to hide rips, and tears to your luggage, clothing, and upholstery.

If you wonder whether it works or not for leather materials, surely it is!


  • Good to hide a small hole
  • This is a waterproof tape which is good so it can last a little bit long


  • Since this is a tape, it means that you cannot use it permanently, it is for a short period.

6. Strongman Tools Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit for Bags Shoes Jacket Couches

Try this product and you will get 2 bottles of glue and a large piece of backing. With this kit, you can repair and use the kit to restore your leather and vinyl items just like new. Whether there are cuts, holes, and tears, scratches, and peeling, this kit works best to cover large areas.

It depends on the damage, but usually, it works within 60 minutes. What makes it different from other products is because you do not have to expose it to heat. It is because the product dries naturally.


  • Follow the instructions are so simple
  • It is simple to use: mix the paint and let the test paint dry first to check the original color.
  • The glue has strong adhesive and it is flexible so it is good to help you repair your items.


  • It is the ideal solution to deal with tears, but it is not for you if you want to fix cracks.

7. Tear-Aid Vinyl Repair Kit Patches Abrasion Resistant

Next, this is a repair patch with an easy and simple way of patching tears and holes. It also has a great protective film to complete this abrasion-resistant. The patch is tough that resists tearing, as well.

It is important to note that the patch will only work for vinyl or vinyl-coated fabrics. Vinyl comes with oils that most adhesive can absorb it. It is why the adhesive will lose its bond and becomes gummy. Another thing you should know is the presence of an inhibitor that can clog the oils in vinyl. For this reason, it is a very easy and long-lasting product.


  • Good for inflatable air mattress, vinyl chiropractic table, sleeping pad, and others.
  • Comes with a long sheet
  • Overlapping the patches for a large tear to solve the vinyl repair


  • A little bit visible

8. Airhead Adhesive Vinyl Repair Kit for Pool & Boats

Composed from Di-n-hexyl Phthalate or DnHP and Vinyl Chloride, it can cause reproductive harm. It also comes with a strong odor, which means you should only use it for outdoor applications. Choosing this product means that you will get an adhesive and 4 vinyl patches with the diameter 2-inch.

This product is also simple to use. You just have to provide enough space around the rim of this patch to make sure that the glue will not get everywhere. Once you apply the glue, work fast.


  • Ideal for pool toys, boats, pool, inflatable boats from PVC and others
  • Applying this repair kit is very easy
  • Affordable


  • It has a strong odor, which means you should not apply it for indoor usage

9. Coconix Leather Vinyl Repair Kit for Couch, Car Seat, & Furniture

It makes your heart hurt when you see your expensive, favorite furniture shows tears, scratches, burn holes, cracks, or rips. But, you would never see the damage anymore. Investing your money in this Coconiz leather repair kit is much better than buying new leather furniture.

Eventually, you can use it to bring a new life to your jacket, chair, sofa, couch, and other faux leather stuff. Simply, follow the instructions and wait for it. Unlike other products, this repair kit is good for various uses. For example, it is possible to hide scratches and other leather problems on a car seat, steering wheel, belt, shoes, purses, leather chair, wallet, clothing, and so on.


  • Use it for so many scratches by rubbing this product on the big, circular motions. You may need a rag to rub it.
  • You can speed up the dry time by using a hairdryer
  • Easy to apply


  • Do it carefully to avoid any mess

10. Masta Pasta Vinyl Repair Kit Eco-Friendly Water-Based Adhesive

With a strong adhesive, Masta Pasta offers this eco-friendly water-based adhesive. Interestingly, it is the alternative to make sure that your real leather will not get worst by the time. It has no formaldehyde and other harmful compounds. What you will get is a stain-resistant adhesive you can apply easily without using harsh cleansers.

Even better, this is a mold-resistant and sun-resistant adhesive that keeps your real leather soft and breathable. Now, you should never let the hole is getting bigger once you have this cost-effective solution at home to fix leather, vinyl, and faux leather.


  • Good quality adhesive


  • Make sure that you prepare everything when you want to install it

Vinyl Repair Kit Buying Guide

Finally, you have checked our reviews about the best vinyl repair kit on the market. What we can suggest is that you should buy carefully to avoid future regrets. For this reason, you can read this consumer’s guide with the consideration tips to help you buy just like a pro.

1. Consider the Type

You can choose cement or patches repair kit. Patched repair kits are available in many options below:

  • Vinyl mends or patches – You will add pieces of vinyl to the damaged area. So, it can hide the damage.
  • See-through patches – Just like other patches but it has a see-through and thinner design. You can use it to hide small holes so the damage would never get bigger.
  • No heating required – It can be the glue that can match your vinyl furniture, you will use the patches under the holes. After that, cover the patches by adding this colored glue, which lets you have a smooth finish
  • Heating required – It means you will use colored glue and then put it on the damaged area by using a heated iron. Here, it is the iron you use for your clothes. This is a perfect way to repair the damage.
  • Cemented Solution – You will use liquid cement and a brush to hold the patch.
  • Dyes and Finishes – it helps you restore the furniture so the color looks new.

2. The Damage

By considering the damage before purchasing any best vinyl repair kit, it helps you decide the vinyl mends you need. Make sure that you get the vinyl mends with no sharp edges. So, it is like ripped off.

3. The Patch Surface

Next, it is important to think of the color matching, but keep in mind that the texture of fabric should be the part of your consideration, as well! Vinyl leather is available in two different finishes; the glossy and the rough finish. For this reason, make sure that you check the furniture first so you can buy the right choice.

4. Color

Also, think of the dyes and match the vinyl patches with the color of your vinyl furniture. You don’t want to make anyone knows that you are trying to hide the imperfection on your favorite furniture.

5. Other Factors

Lastly, make sure that you are using the multipurpose piece. In this case, you should find the best repair kit that can support both leather and vinyl furniture for your upholstery. By doing this, you will never do a similar task for the future.


We would like to make it easier to decide. Here, we think these top-3 choices are good to consider. But, it is okay if you have your own choice.

1. Sayopin Vinyl Repair Kit Black Patch for Car Seats and Couches

This is a good quality self-adhesive patch with a strong adhesive. You can use it for a car seat, chair, loveseat, pet carrier, and even you can apply it on plastic items. Even better, It does not require any experience to apply it. However, you should check the color first before purchasing to make sure that the color does not too light or too dark to repair your current leather items.

2. Instant Fabric and Leather Vinyl Repair Kit Adhesive for Indoor and Outdoor

It is easy to follow the instructions of this vinyl repair kit. Simply, shake the bottle and then apply it on the patch. After letting it dries for 3 minutes, wash it to remove any excess. Moreover, this glue lets you use your hands to rub it off. You can use it to hide small holes in wool jackets, jeans, leather chairs, and ski pants. Applying this glue is useful because it looks smooth, but if you let your hands over the area, you can feel it.

3. Coconix Vinyl Repair Kit for Jacket, Furniture, Sofa, Car Seat

You will get colors and tools to help you fix burn holes, scratches, rips, and tears on any vinyl items. It is good for leather armrest and couch, as well. If you need any kit to hide small damage, this is a good choice. On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to apply this product, so make sure that you are not in a rush.

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