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Looking for the best wax melter on the market? You are at the right stop. We here talk about the wax melter for candle making. If you are in the process of candle making, then having this tool is essential in your candle making kit.

However, before we go further, it’s important to define what wax melter is. As we see on the web search, people may get confused between the wax melter and wax warmer because they sound similar. A little bit of description and distinguishment could be very helpful to clear up what they are actually.

Wax melter and wax warmer are actually two different tools. Although both of them function to melt the wax, their purposes are different. Wax melter is used in candle making while the wax warmer is used for room fragrancing. Moreover, wax melter functions to melt the candle wax while wax warmer functions to melt the wax melt.

A wax melter is expected to heat the wax evenly to prevent it from burning. After the wax becomes liquid, it then can be poured into the container. A spout feature on the melter will be very helpful to pour the liquid wax accurately.

In this case, it’s our pleasure to share with you our findings on the market of the top 10 best wax melters. It’s expected to help you gain sufficient wax melter options to choose from. We also cover the size because it’s important to figure out how many waxes it can handle in a single melting process. Enjoy!

Top 10 Best Wax Melters

1. Soylite Candle Wax Melter for Candle Making 6 Qts

The first candle wax melter that we recommend is Soylite 6 Qts Candle Wax Melter. There are many benefits you can get from this melter especially because this one is designed exclusively for candle making.

Firstly, it can handle up to 6 Qts melted wax which means more than 5 L. For this amount of volume, you certainly can fast up the candle making process and able to receive big orders (if they are for sale).

Secondly, instead of using the conventional boiler, this one comes with a nickle coated valve that will be very helpful to pour the melted wax into a container. You don’t need to work hard again just to pour the wax.

Thirdly, the material. It’s made of non-stick coating which means the wax will not bend to the surface. It should be easy to clean, surely last longer.

2. Soylite Candle 8 Qts Wax Melter

If you are looking for an extra larger melter, then the best option we suggest is from the Soylite brand as well. It can handle up to 8 Qts that means suitable for bigger projects. Along with its benefits, candle making becomes so much enjoying and you can increase productivity. If the purpose of the candle making is for sale, then this is the right choice to pick up.

3. DIY Gateway Wax Melter for Candle Making

What makes a wax melter looks different from a conventional boiler is the special feature, valve. It makes the pouring process becomes simpler and easier.

Since there are still not too many options available for this kind of stuff; designed exclusively for candle making, then the next best choice is from DIY Gateway.

By having this melter, you are able to melt the wax faster. It can melt for 17.5 Lb wax in a single boiling. The thermostat is adjustable. You could control the temperature in 4 different states: warm, 200, 250, 300, 350, and 400.

4. DIY Gateway Wax Melter for Candle Making

This is from the same brand as the above product. The benefits are also the same but this one comes with less capacity. It’s only able to handle 10 lbs wax. So when your project scale is not too much or medium, then this can be your consideration.

The temperature control is up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit which means you could switch the temperature to speed up the process of melting. Handling a repeatable melting process can be possible and orders are accomplished.

5. Presto 06006 Kitchen Kettle Multi-Cooker/Steamer

The next melter that we gather from the market is Presto 06006. It’s actually similar to Soylite and DIY Gateway but comes without a valve. This one is actually a multi cooker. When you are looking for the versatile one, we see this is the wise choice to take into account.

As said before as similar, it comes with a temperature controller. You could switch the 4 states: warm, 200, 250, 300, 350, and 400. If you are kind of not really intending to make candles every day, then this is a smart choice.

6. Cocopin Candle Making Kit, Stainless Steel Pouring Pot

There is no going wrong with the conventional one. It’s suitable for a small candle making project. In this case, one that we recommend is Cocopin pouring pot. It’s able to accommodate almost 1 liter, 900 ml to be precise.

Actually, this is actually a candle making kit. We like the melter, therefore we put it on this list. It contains some other stuff for candle making such as cotton wick, bow tie clip, etc. Made from 304 Stainless steel, you benefit from the durability. It can last for a long time.

7. EricX Light Candle Making Pouring Pot

Actually, you could use any kind of boiler pot to melt the candle wax. In this case, we have EricX Light candle making pouring pot as an excellent boiler pot for wax melting for you.

It’s able to accommodate a maximum capacity of 4 pounds of melted candle wax. This number means good to be your equipment for small projects or DIY projects in your house. Designed with a handle that is heat resistant, it benefits to help you pour the liquid melted wax into the container.

This pot is made of Aluminium. It’s definitely lightweight, easy to wash and last longer. Don’t overlook its durability. It’s thick and not easily dent. The aluminum material helps spread the heat faster and also cools down faster as well. You just need to put on the hot water and let the wax melts down.

8. Candle Making Appliance 17 fl oz by Chandler & Me

This is an awesome appliance that is designed exclusively for candle making. It makes your candle making gets faster, simpler, and easier. Even, it’s safe to use around kids.

Unlike other pots that require another boiler to heat up the wax pot evenly. This one is no way anymore. There is no complicated process of melting. Just put the wax and heat it up.

9. Marsheepy 304 Stainless Steel Double Boiler Pot

The options above seem not to suit you due to the large capacity? Take it easy. This one is suitable for smaller projects. It can hold up to 600 ml of melted candle wax. So, when you don’t need too much to make candles, this is great to pick.

In addition, it’s made of stainless steel. That means not easily rust and durable. It comes with a spoon, not really bad. When you consider versatility, this is the best pick because it can be used for other purposes as well.

However, the part that we don’t like is the handle. It could be hot and you need something such as a glove to protect your hand when handling it.

10. Essential Reserve Red Enameled Aluminum Pitcher

The last choice comes from Essential Reserve. This one looks stylish but not leaving its first function, to melt down the wax.

For less than 36 oz estimated melted wax, this one can handle that. With non-stick coating, you don’t need to worry about cleaning it. The spout will help aim the liquid wax gets into the container.

The bigger plastic handle will resist heat and easily control the pouring. Because this is the double boiler, you have to boil the water first in a boiler, then put this boiler on that boiler. This is to melt down the wax evenly and prevent the wax from burning.

How to Choose the Best Wax Melter

It’s no brainer to choose the wax melter. We need to keep in mind these basic things:

1. Capacity

The capacity of the pot to hold the melted wax is important to consider. When you are making candles for sale, you need the larger pot rather than for small projects (for your own use). In this case, you are the one that knows your needs.

2. Valve / Spout

This feature helps to pour the wax accurately to the container. By this feature, you can avoid unnecessarily lost candle wax.

3. Material

You have to consider the material as well. It could be made of stainless steel or aluminum. Both of them have different advantages. Stainless steel is relatively expensive than aluminum. But, it’s more durable than aluminum when dropping.


Candle making is a great hobbyist. Even, it can turn into money, if it’s saleable. If you know how to make a candle properly, even you have the secret recipe, then why not to try to sell it. If there is a good sign, you can prepare the investment for this wax melter. Wax melter hardly helps you to fulfill bulk orders.

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