Best Window Soundproofing

Installing soundproofing for the window can be a great solution to deal with noise pollution. Living in a city, close to traffic, planes, and trains means you should shut out all noise. However, to help you get the best result, you have to find the best one.

window soundproofingWhen you are about soundproofing windows, it depends on the type of noise to deal with. Also, it is about finding the window soundproofing based on the type of your current window. Finding the best choice is important to give you the maximum function and look.

To save your time, here are the 10 best findings of soundproofing for windows to check out. We also provide some summaries of the pros cons of each product, based on the real experience of the customers. Even better, the ultimate buying guide helps you decide.

10 Best Window Soundproofing Reviews

There are many ways to block the outside sound to come into your house through your windows. In this post, we only choose best-seller products with hundreds to thousands of reviews from the customers.

1. NICETOWN Curtain Shade for Windows

Made of 100% original polyester, the width of this curtain is 52-inch, and the length is 95-inch. As you know, a thick soundproof curtain can be a solution to reduce the noise. It means that you can use this one to complete other methods of blocking the outside noise.

Additionally, the curtain comes with a silver grommet to add a unique touch. Once you install it to your window, it gives a casual, and elegant look. Best of all, it is easy to install.

Asides from using it for blocking the sunlight, you could use it to reduce the outside noise. These heavyweight blackout curtain panels let you close the window completely to have soundproof.


  • Perfect to block the UV light
  • Ideal to reduce muffle sound
  • Reduce electric bills


  • Do not wash it

2. Holikme Door Draft Stripping Noise Blocker

Use this method to solve the following problems:

When the air conditioner is not enough to keep your room warm or cold.

When there is dust on the surface
You think that your sleep quality is low because of the outside noise
The floor gets soaked after raining

It is more than just to seal the tiny gaps under the door, but also for the window. By using this seal, it is time to say goodbye to those problems. Once you install it on the window, it is very tight so that it keeps the room warm and cozy.

Additionally, it helps a lot to create a comfortable environment by minimizing the outside noise.


  • No noise
  • No winds drafts
  • Very durable, strong adhesive


  • You need to wait 24 hours after applying this strip.

3. DAP 18110 Acrylic Acoustic Latex Caulk

The outside noise goes into your home because they could find tiny gaps between the borders of your windows and the wall. Most people are not aware of this fact. Therefore, you will need acoustic caulk as the best window soundproofing solution.

About this product, you can use it for many things. First, it works as a weather stripping stopper to block the cold and heat from escaping during summer and winter. Therefore, it helps you a lot to reduce the electric bills.
When you install it for your windows seal, it also stops the noise. This way will help you have a cozy and quiet room.

Even better, you could use this stopper to solve any problems related to gaps fitting. This draft blocker has a strong adhesive, and you could use it for interior doors, garage, exterior doors, sofa, bed, basement, and cabinet.
The wide application allows you to use it for different materials such as frameless sliding doors, wooden doors, glass doors, wardrobes, furniture, and others.

Once you measure the width of your window, simply cut it to size. After that, peel the backing off the adhesive. Finalize it by sticking the stopper to the windows.
For a better result, use a hairdryer to preheat the strip.


  • It does not crack, shrink, and it is easy to use
  • It offers a strong seal and long-lasting
  • No stains after application


  • Please check your home settling. If you are not using a backer rod when the size of the gap needs it, it can reduce its durability.

4. KELIIYO Seal Strip for Windows and Doors

Another way to soundproof your window is by using this window weather sealer. This product has good resilience, anti-collision, and reduce noise effectively on your door or window.

Buying this product means that you will get two rolls of window seal strip. Simply, tear it vertically before applying.

It is good to choose this product because it has some benefits.


  • Easy application
  • Add a giant rug, and this stripping tape offers a better result!
  • Strong adhesive


  • Not ideal for door bottom

5. Achim Home Furnishing Mini Blind Windows

Made of vinyl, this window blind is cordless so it would not tangle. It works effectively to minimize dust and outside noise. Additionally, it is easy to operate. You need to push the button and lift it.

Since it is featured with a tilt wand, you could adjust the slats to control the amount of sunlight that goes into your room.


  • Easy to install
  • Cordless, no mess
  • Sturdy design


  • Keep in mind that it is made of vinyl that is heat-sensitive. If you experience bowed shade, it is because you are installing it on a window that gets high sun exposure.

6. Coavas Windows Film Vinyl Glass

One more way to find the best window soundproofing is by using a window film. Of course, with the use of a window insert, you will add an additional layer of glass. Window insert is still an effective solution to reduce the outside noise. However, you will need an extra layer of glass to keep it clean, and this is why you need to buy this product.

It is more than just to create privacy and to block the UV rays. In fact, the vinyl window film lets you peel off its corner and press it directly onto your window.

Even though it does not completely eliminate the outside noise, but it will cover the vibrations and the small cracks in the glass.


  • Easy application
  • You could cut the window film with a razor.
  • Good price


  • If you are disappointed because of bubbles, you could trick it by using an old card to smooth it out.

7. 3M Window Kit Insulator and Soundproofing

This window insulator is quick and easy to install. It is available in various options, including indoor and outdoor sizes. You will need it to help you keep cold drafts away. Eventually, it has the clearest film with Scotch tape technology for its durability.

Reducing the level of outside noise is possible by attaching a piece of glass or acrylic over the window. This is an effective method for the best window soundproofing DIY project.

However, you must apply it carefully. Make sure that the new layer hugs the windows tightly by installing a metal frame on the window. After that, you will need special-designed magnets to hold the glass sheet.

The easier way is to buy a soundproofing window kit designed for this purpose. It means you will also get the included parts (exclude the acrylic and glass) to help you build a DIY soundproof window.


  • Useful to block drafts
  • Block the sun lights
  • Affordable


  • It takes some patience and also care to use.

8. NICETOWN Soundproof Blackout Thermal Curtain

This 100% polyester has an elegant design. It is constructed from matte silver grommets, and the diameter is 1.6-inch for the curtain rod. This way makes you easily install and slides it.

The material is smooth and soft with heavy-duty fabric. It is also featured with three-layer constructions to block 99% of UV light.

Even though it is not soundproofing, but it can help you reduce echos in your home.


  • Reduce sound
  • Soft and flexible curtain
  • Easy to slide


  • The company should improve the quality control of this product.

9. Frost King Indoor/Outdoor Caulk Cord

This product is popular for its versatility and quality. It is an effective solution to seal windows, and you could use it for gasket material. Other than that, it is useful as a sound deadener, insect barrier, and crack filler.

The main reason why you should have this at home is that the product is easy to apply in the winter and then remove it in the spring. The cost is also affordable, but you could use it for many things as you need.

If you are sensitive to drafts, this is what you need to prevent you from feeling cold air when you enter your room.


  • Easy to mold
  • Seal cracks
  • Reduce noise


  • Work a bit to get it to stick

10. Burdurry Acoustic Panels Soundproof for Windows and Walls

This eco-friendly polyurethane foam is what you need to dampen and diffuse sound waves inside your room. This is necessary if you think that you want to remove the window entirely, but you have no time to do so.

This soundproofing panel comes in 24 packs, and each tile has 1 square foot and 1-inch thick. It means, if you get 24 packs, it will cover 12 square feet of a room.


  • Reduce echoes
  • Good quality
  • All pieces are in the same sizes


  • If you are using this for the recording room, this is not the ideal choice

How to Choose The Soundproofing for Windows

Well, when it is impossible to always block the window with your furniture, you can take advantages of these solutions as the best window soundproofing methods:

1. Buy Acoustic Caulk

The tiny gaps between the edges of the windows and the walls can be the entrance for the outside noise. The noise will not force into the home and sometimes, we do not aware of this little fact.

It is why you can use acoustic calk to create a good effect. You do not have to replace it for three to four years. Since it is very durable, it also offers a quick fix. It is more than just to seal the gaps, but it also has a flexible design. That’s said, it will not crack or shrink. The acoustic calk is even more durable compared to the regular caulk.

2. Invest your Money in Soundproof Curtains

Another affordable solution to block the outside sound is by having a soundproof curtain. This thick curtain does not block it entirely, but it is useful to complete other methods.

From the aesthetic look, it offers great home decor to complete your window. But, it is good to know that the thick curtain can reduce echo.

What is more, you will get other benefits such as to block the UV light and to make your home interior look perfect.

3. Weatherstripping Tape for Windows

One more method to find the best window soundproofing is by using weatherstripping tape.
There are many forms of this tape, and it is available in different materials. Some materials are rubber, foam, and silicone.

Well, the list is endless which means that you could determine the best material by considering the weather exposure, and windows friction. All in all, this weather sealer has the same strength as the gap blocker. It only takes 30 minutes or less to cover the windows.

To start using it, clean the surface first and then cut the strip as you need. The last thing to do is to apply the strip to all borders of the window. The benefit of using this method is the affordable cost. It also works to remove dust, noise, water leakage, and cold wind. Even better, you could use it to protect your windows from outside insects.

4. The Best Window Soundproofing – Blankets

One more thing to try is using a soundproof blanket. It offers the same function as the soundproof curtains. These blankets are the perfect choice to reduce the level of noise that comes through the windows. However, you could not expect more since it cannot cancel the outside noise completely.

If you wonder how this blanket could improve the sound? Generally, professional movers apply moving blankets to cover their furniture to protect the furniture during transportation. It is because they are made of cotton, fiberglass, polyester, or other heavy, dense materials.

We would like to recommend you to purchase blankets with grommets. This product lets you easily hang the blankets over your window. Simply, place on a curtain rod. Alternatively, you could add the hooks.

5. Buy Windows Blinds/Shades

One more method to reduce the outside noise in your home is by installing a thick material shade or blind to your windows. Choosing this option will make you very pleased with your purchase.

Window blinds are easy to install because the installation is straightforward. What is more, it helps you reduce the outside noise even though it does not cancel it completely. Once you add this feature to your window and combine it with other methods, you can see the significant change.

6. Window Shutters

One of the most affordable and effective solutions to block outside noise is by having a window shutter. Window shutters offer two panels, and they are affixed. They work just like curtains or blinds to provide you more privacy and security at home.

Interestingly, you could use it to protect the window from any harsh weather conditions. However, not all window shutters could prevent extreme weather from damaging the windows.

The unpredictable weather could potentially damage your home. Therefore, you could use an exterior shutter to give more protection. Still, it improves the entire look of your home from the outside.
When you are looking for the most popular exterior shutters, you may find vinyl shutters. However, the best attempt to deal with the outside noise is the open louvers.

On the contrary, the interior shutter is also available, and they do not need to be constructed of weatherproof materials. If you are concerned about the soundproofing of your home, then it is still sturdy. Again, it will not do to get windows shutters with fixed louvers.


Some of the products above are the best window soundproofing, but others may work for reducing echoes in your room. If you have enough time to read our buying guide, we are sure that these three choices are ideal to pick.

1. NICETOWN Curtain Shade for Windows

Use this polyester curtain to block the outside noise, block the UV light, and reduce the electric bills. However, it is better not to wash this curtain because it will show wrinkles and discoloration.

2. Holikme Door Draft Stripping Noise Blocker

Installing a door draft stripping noise blocker could help. You could use it for windows, as well. The function is to seal the small gaps in your window. Therefore, it keeps your room cozy and warm. However, you need to wait 24 hours after applying this strip.

3. DAP 18110 Acrylic Acoustic Latex Caulk

Acoustic caulk is the best window soundproofing because it covers tiny gaps between the wall and the windows.
The outside noise goes into your home because they could find tiny gaps between the borders of your windows and the wall. Also, it doe snot shrink, crack, and it is easy to apply. The product also gives a strong seal.

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