We admit that our content embeds the Amazon affiliate links. Especially when our content is about product reviews. The links function to deliver the readers to Amazon.

That said, when you click on this kind of link, you are immediately taken to the Amazon. And, if you make an order, then receive the product, we get the small commission for that.

However, you don’t need to worry. You will not get charged for our commission. If you buy something for $20, then there is no $21 (additional $1) for our commission.

In addition, the links appear not only in the shape of text but also in buttons, images, and tables.

1. Buttons

If you find the following buttons, then it will be 99% contains Amazon affiliate links.

2. Images

If you find the product description like the following example containing a product image, product title, buttons, star rating, etc, it contains Amazon affiliate links as well.

3. Table

In addition, if you find the product table similar to the following example, this table contains Amazon affiliate links as well.

Some links are natural

It’s worth a mention that not all of the links in this site are Amazon affiliated. Some of them are natural.

Last Touch

Once again, it’s our pleasure to see you trust our reviews. When you purchase through our links, that means you have contributed to run this blog. That said, you also contribute to providing great content to other readers that need information before they decide to buy.